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  1. I remember back in the 90s there was no Tiger talk on Thursday night and that was why they were up to something I think he resigned not fired Terry Bowden was ?
  2. Is this what we have went back to for a head coach if anyone can remember?
  3. For the man that holds the position as head coach to make a change ? It was apparent a change was needed around halftime of the Florida game! Can the AD make such a request being that the head coach is to blind to see this is something that is so clear?
  4. I was in Panama City on a family vacation with a younger Alabama friend of mine in the summer a few years ago . We noticed a big bunch of LSU fans that had arrived. They were in a large group that stayed close together and stayed mostly to there self. They were drinking plenty of beer and playing music that sounded like Hank Williams sr jambalaya but it wasn’t. I told my younger Alabama friend to go walk by them and say it smells like corn dogs over here ! He said what ? I said you don’t know the story do you . Had to s tell him the best I could remember but if anyone has a copy link please post for the younger people.
  5. How cool it would be to imitate that movie scene !
  6. O I’m with you there I’m close to your age but auburn wouldn’t be as ridiculous as them ! I would hate to see us miss out in recruiting in not looking as up to date as the rest because you know the younger players are liking this stuff.
  7. Is there any talk of us having LED lights? I know it can be said it would be copying are two biggest rivals but it is very cool looking and a current trend but I would hate to see us look further behind the time than we already are with the north end zone!
  8. Yeah I have only seen it replayed once on a classic replay tv program . But I have never forgot that game! I was definitely on the edge of my seat when watching it live !
  9. I remember that pass to Tray G on fourth down I believe it was ?Against Alabama in 86 that had to be one of the most clutch pass play I have ever seen a Auburn QB make!
  10. Anybody have any idea if AU would be an option if he did transfer? Ohio State has been mentioned but that’s all I have read.
  11. Yeah I wished they could haves saved room in the box just for the radio and worked around them for luxury seating.
  12. What is the thinking of moving it to the south west corner? I listen to Ron and Stan on the radio broadcast and they are having a difficult time seeing the spot of the ball . Isn’t this a waste of space for fan seating or am I wrong?
  13. I would vote to hire him now !
  14. Muschamp all day !! If anybody remembers the last head coach hire came down to Gus or Kirby ! Well which one would you hire now? Now Muschamp is a similar style and would turn things around .