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  1. Well they are really doing well right now right! Ok I will explain because this is what’s going on . They haven’t played Georgia and Alabama back to back like they did during the amen corner like years ago . They had a easy game between the two. And look what the game last week did to LSU they are looking tired to !
  2. I don’t think this was a good idea at all ! They really need to move Georgia back to early November? That’s just to much really for any team.
  3. This is Auburns house! The coach said I don’t think Harsin is going to let the team think your way.
  4. I know is early and I not for sure if true freshman are eligible? But the way he is playing I don’t see why he wouldn’t be soon!
  5. I want to congratulate coach Harsin for a giant first sec win! I have backed him way back in the summer for all the vaccine negative news he was getting. He deserved this one.
  6. I’ve been saying this for a while !
  7. You know I might be wrong but it looks to me that they showed their coach during the game about 80 percent of the game? So I can’t really tell how Harsin is doing.
  8. Yeah Al Borges ! If I’m mistaking he has never lost to Alabama when coaching at Auburn! He has been back once that I know of and was a analyst the second time.
  9. Who did Franklin replace when he was hired ? That was a really crazy hire ! Our offense then was far from broke.
  10. Really besides Head coach terry bowden . who was fired from auburn during his season?
  11. You don’t realize how a coach that doesn’t play around anymore ! And then wait until it’s the end of the season and it becomes a pressure to fire a coach like the last one would do .
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