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  1. Is there reason that I am not aware of ?
  2. What’s the hold up ? Looks like a shot in the but in recruiting for sure.
  3. 80s cartoons suck! 70s is the well the stuff.
  4. Was Bigsby not pushed and pulled out? If so doesn’t the clock remains running?
  5. That’s what I meant by the second half debacles .
  6. Yeah if he does this again he will be be gone ! But that’s next year
  7. Look if he has to be told to fire him after that brilliant 3rd down call and the other second half debacles then yea they need to fire him. But I think he is smart enough to do it on his own.
  8. If they could just fire like normal jobs this would fly. But you really think they are going to say that knowing they would have to buy him out for millions to fire him .
  9. Ok shocks someone’s brain for a pic for OC from you?
  10. Where is Florida ranked in recruiting?
  11. Yeah people show anger a lot different now a days!
  12. Ok that’s good I hope he can recruit cause we are doing well not great.
  13. Whatever ! this is what a talking forum is for. So boo hoo !
  14. What are or where They ranked in recruiting this year?
  15. No he and Florida was accused of the bribery right?
  16. Did he imply Auburn in anything?
  17. He has more than enough sec recruiting ties and experience!
  18. Just a feeling about that? But that’s a game ending that would of been right up his alley!
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