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  1. I may have just missed DD but this past saturday against State I did not see him warm up before the game or when they come back out to warm up after halftime. I thought it was weird but never really thought anything about it.
  2. Does this affect Scoot with auburn and his chances of reclassifying to 2021?
  3. Preciate it, and I’m happy to be here. I’ve recently just gotten into bourbon this past November, and I have been hooked ever since. I never thought about looking in the forum to see if any of y’all were into bourbon.
  4. What’s yalls thoughts on ECBP A120. Once I opened it up for about a week, it really opened up the flavors a little!
  5. So is there any chance at a flip, or is all of this just a front?
  6. Ok, just checking. I saw his stats and noticed he didn't throw the ball but had receptions and rushing yards.
  7. Haven't heard much on Paul James III. Anybody know how he has been doing?
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