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  1. Who cares now that he's gone. His own descion. Move on to players that want to be at Auburn.
  2. So can he get rid of Chip.and any others or same staff? Sorry if I misse that part.
  3. Wish Jacobs, Leaf, Gus and Chip paid on Merit Performance System. Auburn would be in great shape money wise! Hopefully things don't get worse. War Eagle forever
  4. Will we still have the same offensive Coaches next year? Will Gus continue to call the plays? Who will Coach Bo Nix if he still comes? Any guesses how this effects our recruiting? One good thing I had rather be in Music City Bowl if that's all that comes out of all this. It's all Leafs to own whatever happens!
  5. U Thanks for link. Interesting opinions and other SEC teams love all this.
  6. Thanks for honest opinions. Helps me try to make some logic out of this mess.
  7. Am I wrong to assume at this point Gus is staying at least thru next year and does any of our more informed -experienced posters have a quess as when we the fan base might be told something?
  8. I love Auburn for all my life. Been up and down. I have relatives who are Banners and friends also. We try not to do anything except congratulate the winner each year. My nephew played very successful Baseball at Auburn and was drafted and played Pro. Thee are some very smart and informative people on this site. I don't post much at all.but I read as much as I can. I have to say this is the first time Im at a loss of words or even any hope the way this is all playing out at this particular time. It's taken entirely too long for the President who did this deal with Gus to publicly respond. Does anyone see an end to all this soon and I am wrong by saying Auburn, our recruiting and our program have lost no matter what happens at this point. I think the fan base just wants some type of closure. As I said I respect and think we have some good thinkers on this site, but I have honestly never been at this point with my disappointment with our school ad President. I hate that our AD inherited all this and is in a catch 22. Please tell me if I'm looking at this wrong. Usually don't post and may not again for a log time. Thanks to all who really Love Auburn and War Eagle forever!
  9. Someone needs fired tonoight not all of them! Going down hill sat ad wI'll be years trying to get media attention again.
  10. I honestle have to saiy. They should stay home if birmingham oly choise
  11. Get rid of them Get red of them all! Or you wont have a fan base mxh less a team!
  12. Never will happen but if the fans stop showing up something has to change his mind.