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  1. mayor4522

    Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    I have been an Auburn fan all my life. I have never posted before, but if they don't go ahead and get rid of Jacobs now and replace Gus at the end of the year, we are doomed for mediocrity. This was the typical Gus play calling which was so obvious. I tried to not say anything before and wanted him to succeed but he's got some ego problems and Jacobs has the University in a very bad position and public perception. I will always love Auburn University.
  2. mayor4522

    It's Gus...

    I love Auburn and will support Gus. I think this was the safe choice and maybe not the best but time will tell. I think he really cares for Auburn and I know he will do his best. Hope we can get some good assistant coaches to bring our team back to prominence. We need to come together and move on.
  3. mayor4522

    4 Year Scholarships

    Never posted before. Been following a long time. Been a Auburn fan my entire life. Can't ever remember feeling this way even after an Iron Bowl loss. BOT Chairman nailed the problem in short order.