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  1. Agreed. I think Nix’s internal drive to win and fight with all he’s got is what makes him what he is. And that often will overcome fundamental shortcomings. Nick Marshall, Manziel, first come to mind. My only grief with Stid was his seeming lack of give a crap and only looking to advance / protect self. (I may, and want to, be 100% wrong in that.) I feel like his end of the comparison would be much higher if he has the heart of Bo. If Nix develops fundamentally and keeps the same beast inside of him, there is no ceiling.
  2. If I remember correctly I think Gus mentioned something about subbing and personnel driving the costly time outs. But being out one and two others spotty the whole game made it harder. Gotta put the extra emphasis on it and that was probably tasked to Kodi.
  3. Was it just me, or were there very few UA fans there? Even their corner and upper sections had a lot of Orange and Blue. The 3 around us were very well behaved and the younger guy and I talked realistically about our own flaws etc. I ALMOST felt bad for them when they turned away for every single PAT and FG attempt.
  4. Not disputing your opinion at all, but the way this reads it was written prior to that 1 win. It says 2 wins vs Saban like Swinney and Meyer. He’s now got 3 wins, matching only Miles. edit: I don’t see a date either.
  5. “They” meaning both with the best views. It looked like the plan was to get it so a standing call was not in our favor.
  6. I don’t have the guts to say it. Ain’t gonna lie.
  7. Boobee will have a fumble this game.
  8. You don’t want to see players get hurt, but “oh well”..... so sayeth Saban.
  9. No practice on Tuesdays. It’d conflict with his show on Comedy Central.
  10. Yep. And look at how he’s viewed personally and professionally versus Hugh Freeze. Winning allows too many eyes to close and backs to turn. It isn’t worth it, in my mind. I’m anti-Meyer.
  11. They were told to “quit asking” questions he doesn’t like. So, no.
  12. Saban is going to get him killed. He barely got up after every play last week. Has been hobbling again this week. Modern medicine is great, but the human body still has to have time of its own.
  13. AU - 16 Pups - 14 Im along the same line of thinking as @Brad_ATX,but I think the only offense UGA musters is a few big plays. That’ll give them to 2 TD and no FG. On the other hand, we move consistently and stall settling for FG.
  14. For me, that’s like asking the first time you saw the sun set. I don’t remember the first one, or even when I first noticed it, rather it just being a part of life. I was fortunate to grow up in a family of Auburn people. My granddaddy caught crap from his friends, but a the ripe age of 2 I went to my first game, and pretty much every home game from then on. Growing up in Jordan Hare and Beard Eaves, there was never any doubt.