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  1. Probably Matthews.. more current at least
  2. Same here. I’ll never forget that time he sold 500,000 brake pads.
  3. 247 Cleared for tomorrow.
  4. With your coaching experience and perspective..... Do you think that if the practices are as soft as rumored it didn’t allow him to be in a game like situation, when it takes much more discipline, it set him up to fail? Perhaps it looks like he’s practicing correctly, and coaches feel like he’s progressing but game situations prove differently? If so, at that point, it’s mostly on coaches for not providing him the situation he needed to improve.
  5. I’m betting NFL. I hate to see him go, but Canion appears to be able and willing to step in with a similar game.
  6. Any news on his injury from yesterday? I saw him hit the deck and kinda lay there a minute but didn’t think much of it after he came back in. Hoping he’ll just be in concussion protocol and no major issues/injuries.
  7. Good point. I scrolled past him and then saw Kodi and though “wow.” McGriff makes makes even less with SEC experience, so who knows.
  8. But they were spot on as fashion and dance critics...
  9. I’m wondering if he got hurt... hit the deck kinda hard.
  10. He literally cut off his ball handler in the first had to keep him from pushing it in transition. 🙄
  11. Agree. My point is, you can’t hire based on long term expectations, rather maximizing the short time you have them. Then keep a list of potential replacements.
  12. Who is these days? I think 2-3 years is about all you can expect.
  13. If well timed and executed, I like it. It’s fun to watch and I’m sure the players love the excitement and change of pace. It just can’t be the offensive philosophy.
  14. I gotcha. I’d just seen a couple other similar statements and yours was most recent.
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