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  1. That’s any coach, though. And honestly I doubt many could handle the moment quite the way Bo did. I know I couldn’t today.
  2. As a kid my granddaddy took me to basketball and football games. We were down for a basketball game, early as always, and walking toward us was Patrick Nix. He must have saw the glow and excitement of this 11 year old kid, stopped us, talked about football, my grades, and how I’d never forget my granddaddy taking me to all the games. Those memories, particularly the 5 minutes he chatted with us, are some of the best of my childhood. If you’ve never seen the DVD series “Auburn Football Legends,” it is worth it just to listen to Nix. He was the most heartfelt and emotional speaker on the series (though I may be a bit biased). You'll well up when he talks about him and his dad walking down the ramp after breaking the losing streak to Bama.
  3. Agreed. I think Chemistry is what has been the backbone of our teams under Bruce and his teams at UT. Sprinkle in some premier talent here and there and it is ideal. Too many one-and-done mindsets makes the opportunity for me ball and tension more likely. And with all the stink in NCAA basketball, if you are signing those left and right I’d be willing to bet some serious funny business is going on. And, I think the fan love is part of the selling point here. Bruce has perfectly pulled the athletes, fans, alumni (coaches, players, university), media, and administration together expanding that chemistry much further than just the locker room. Now, if only the refs could get on board with that group. 😂
  4. Sorrels. Psh! Anfernee could have given a lecture on the subject, not just read a script. Its awesome our team got to have some fun. And that Bruce didn’t have a stick up his butt and say no like someone.....
  5. Yep, by the derailment of 90% of football and recruiting conversations that result in this discussion....
  6. Being undersized, we get called for a lot on anticipation, not actual fouling. Flip the court, and they don’t get called because they look flashy and strong.
  7. Ha... just hit me. Caddy and Ronnie will be on the sidelines together at Auburn, again.
  8. I said that. Knew they would call the contact.... ya know, on whomever was was closest to Silva.
  9. Stop trying to get a lot of attention and just announce you’re transferring. Boohoo. AU coulda given up on him several times over his career, but we stuck with him.
  10. It doesn’t have the cloud of doom over head. All AU posts/pictures must include this now.
  11. “The Tigers hired their current head coach, Gus Malzahn, as the offensive coordinator under Gene Chizik in 2009. Under Malzahn’s offensive guidance, Auburn has produced a Heisman Trophy winner, a national title, a BCS runner-up and nine consecutive seasons with a 1,000-yard rusher.” Frankly, if that’s happening I give 0 craps about how many OL we have in the NFL. It isn’t Gus’s (or any coach’s) reponsibility to turn out NFL players. Rather, be successful at the college level.
  12. Like Gwill said, double techs. A lot of eyes being cut throughout the game, and the post game handshake. I think he was following mamma’s advice and not saying anything since he couldn’t say anything nice.
  13. He was even quiet on the post game interview, other than the “maybe they’d win more” jab. If you PO Bruce enough that he is quiet, you’ve done something. The “Dapper Dan” man did just that.