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  1. kwagoner

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Time will tell, but he’s on track to have a Sumlin type season. I’m not saying he won’t exceed it in the future and prove your point. I’m just not sold. All but 4 of 25 years SEC west representatives were AU, UA, or LSU. If he accomplishes that, it'll be a start. (Yes, only the last 6 years include A&M) Point is, it’s a tough eggs to crack.
  2. kwagoner

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Yep. How many of our fans would melt down with that season 2 years removed from a NC. Feels familiar And some that claim he’s an “Elite” coach. He was brilliant in seeing the implosion and bailing to aTm before the stock dries up. (Meyer too, but sleazier tactics.) Winston is the success of the previous 2 seasons and the NC, much like Cam. Factor in that FSU had one tough game a year, I just don’t give him the elite status.
  3. kwagoner

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    What was his record his last year at FSU?
  4. kwagoner

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    I think that another year should be given. A lot of down aspects hit in perfect storm on offense. I see OL getting better, and RBs are settling in. Stidham still baffles me, and was supposed to be the bright spot. I’m just not ready to set blazes to all the contacts. I felt the same way the year Tommy’s forced OC debacle blew up. Especially considering he wanted to hire his Arkansas buddy, Gus, who did well that next year. Forget that jazz. Committee, maybe. Load it with “AU men/women”? No. Everyone boohoos about the GOB network and this would just keep that alive and thriving. Bama did well to drop the inbreeding (Shula, etc) and step out and grab Saban.... even if he was plan B (maybe C).
  5. kwagoner

    Has a QB ever regressed as bad as Stidham

    I’ve said several times that I think the off season surgery looms in his head. His mechanics, performance, toughness (or lack thereof) all lean toward a playing to not get hurt attitude. An injury is certainly possible, but I think it the past and threat of future ones more so than a current injury.
  6. kwagoner

    Bama D-lineman swings at kidneys

    I didn’t watch the game, and won’t doubt twisting someone’s leg. That should be penalized too. That clip looks like a hands to the face, from that angle at least, and worth 15 yards, not three blows.
  7. kwagoner

    Bama D-lineman swings at kidneys

    *Could* affect playing time 🙄
  8. kwagoner

    Has a QB ever regressed as bad as Stidham

    This is the same Stidham from last year. Except for a couple of games, it was masked by better OL play, better RB production, and White Lightening.
  9. kwagoner

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    If the work environment isn’t positive, you aren’t going to attract those really, really good at their job. Pressure on the field is one thing, pressure knowing the historical drama/pettiness from your employer is another.
  10. kwagoner

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Because that passive aggression will make the job so much appealing for whomever the next target would be. 🙄 If you want him gone, man up and do it. Otherwise, don’t.
  11. kwagoner

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Defining consistency as 10 wins, then saying that’s what the next coach HAS to have or a reason to fire Gus. Basically demanding it.
  12. kwagoner

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    The most recent one I remember is above. Yes, there I’ll be down years.
  13. kwagoner

    The ultimate defender

    Agreed. Sitting in the endzone, the middle opened up where he could have gotten 5-20 yards 4 or 5 times. Only once did he run. It could relieve pressure on OL and keying in on RB.
  14. kwagoner

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    I’ve seen serveal that define consistency as 10 wins yearly. I want 8 to be a down year, with NC being an up year. That is consistency in my mind and my expectation. (More ups than downs wouldn’t be a problem) And no, we are behind where we should be according to talent. I’d think a 15 ranking would be the expectation based only on recruiting.
  15. kwagoner

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Not that he’s a boogey man.... wasn’t my argument. He is the benchmark of all comparisons. He is a great coach, which I noted. Has been a great coach. He gets to UA and all of a sudden can’t lose? The point of the comparison is that he wasn’t winning 10 games a year every year, which is what people are demanding from a HC. And it took more than 6 years to do it. And, the point of Richt is that even if you get that wish, you. can still be very disappointed. Not saying we are UA or UGA, or that I’m 100% satisfied with the product we are seeing. I’m just saying “Fire Fire Fire” isn’t always the best. It may end up being the best but I’m not leading a lynch mob just yet.