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  1. A lame duck HC could mean a fast track route to a HC position for a good coordinator if they are paying attention. Our last HCs were not far removed from coordinator positions here. And supposedly the DC was all but hired this last time around. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Just over 24 hrs in….
  3. Where has Berman been? I don’t recall seeing him since maybe the Alabama game. Haven’t even seen him on the bench, so I thought maybe COVID related, but it has been a while. Anyone heard anything on him or have I just missed him?
  4. Doesn’t have to be…. But it’s gonna be.
  5. Auburn is getting one soon........ Bucee's is our recruiting advantage now! Aaaaaand Niffers? #1 Class coming soon
  6. He probably does win 11 in 2020. I just said he had not reached Sumlin’s top, just as you said he’s not reached KS’s low. I’m not trying to argue, nor insinuate that I’m in the minds of their fan base. I said what I’d think, though as you said it really doesn’t matter. It’s obvious expectations are greater than 8 wins, which is where he is. Based on recruiting, his perception, beating Saban, and salary should they stumble, they’d be hoping for LSU to call. As it relates to the topic, Mason has more of a buffer here, but less talent. More talent there, but higher expectations. His decision to weigh the pros/cons.
  7. What else are they saying? Just out of curiosity.
  8. I get what you are saying. Now, I do say given the well known disaster of the current state of the OL, and the problems that have stemmed from it, I a wise man would learn from his mistakes as well as the mistakes of others. With a fresh start, and the selling point of dire need, we have a grand total of 2 OL committed. One of which is the son of the fired OC and will probably not stick. Yes, Harsin needs time. But the clock is ticking loudly and I don’t see much correction happen. I hope that changes though, and am willing to give him a chance.
  9. Yeah, but this is the foundation. Strength is/was the RBs on offense. That who’s leaving… Worm and possibly Tank. And the three year starting QB that was born orange and blue and about as much of a foundation as can be off the field, and often times on the field. Another important phase is the actual rebuild. This all would be lightened if we were blowing the doors off recruiting. And we are not.
  10. You’d best be deciding if you want oak or hickory stake and sharpen your chainsaw.
  11. Fisher has yet to win 11 games, which Sumlin did his first year. Then got stuck at 8 except the final year was 7. Otherwise similar results. He’s had time to recruit and great classes always create buzz and hope. For better recruiting, and the money he makes, I’d think the expectations would be higher and leash shorter.
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