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  1. They won’t even get a stern look from the NCAA. It’s like the Chappelle Show episode where he’s at jury selection for the R. Kelly trial.
  2. Like they say, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.
  3. We were out last night, and this guy next to us says while the highlights are rolling “I’m an Alabama fan, but that guy is great for Auburn as a whole and great for college basketball. By far the best coach in the SEC.”
  4. What happened then? For some reason I have a memory gap from around the end of August to early December. Could be selective though 🤷‍♂️
  5. Jamal Johnson has impressed me, and is the only player that I feel confident in his scoring every time he shoots. Flanigan is progressing, as well. I’m not as negative. Bruce has done much more with less talent. The bunch of true freshmen and subs that aren’t impressive are at the start of their career and have a higher floor (as a unit), and consequently higher ceiling.
  6. Well..... his track record so for this year doesn’t exactly disprove a doubt of character and/or being a team player. Had he signed with us, he’d probably end up another Duke Williams. Phenomenal talent, but an attitude earning him a ticket out the door.
  7. The goal could be a turnover or forced timeout with the opposition being unable to inbound in time. Put more pressure on those 5 seconds versus the risk of pressure on the court.
  8. As many commercials as they run, I’d hate to see how many breaks there were if their $55 mil went to $300 mil. I would also think there would be a significant dollar value to the clause “remove Danielson from anything SEC related.”
  9. I like the mention of their GPAs, and the fact they are worthy of conversation. I would hope that means they are dedicated and hardworking on top of freakish athletes.
  10. Agreed. I think Nix’s internal drive to win and fight with all he’s got is what makes him what he is. And that often will overcome fundamental shortcomings. Nick Marshall, Manziel, first come to mind. My only grief with Stid was his seeming lack of give a crap and only looking to advance / protect self. (I may, and want to, be 100% wrong in that.) I feel like his end of the comparison would be much higher if he has the heart of Bo. If Nix develops fundamentally and keeps the same beast inside of him, there is no ceiling.
  11. If I remember correctly I think Gus mentioned something about subbing and personnel driving the costly time outs. But being out one and two others spotty the whole game made it harder. Gotta put the extra emphasis on it and that was probably tasked to Kodi.