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  1. Bruce Pearl is my favorite Auburn coach out of all Auburn sports. Tonight, when asked by Cole Cubelic at the Ambush Tour in Mobile what he thought of the Auburn basketball program’s state when he was first hire as Auburn’s coach, Bruce stated, “ I inherited a s***show.” That by far is the most candid answer I have heard in a long time.
  2. I agree with Barry McKnight coming to Auburn. Another option I haven’t seen mentioned is Chuck Oliver. Would he step off his throne as the King of College Football and come back to his alma mater to take over play-by-play duties? I do not know Chuck’s salary but I do listen to his show regularly and I heard him say Auburn was his top 3 in priorities, sometimes two depending on how his kids are acting. What do you think? Please see the below video to see him make Mark Richt angry.
  3. The 662 number is a Starkville and Oxford area code. That is what makes the joke funny as well! War Eagle always!
  4. I think it is crazy to have to play so many great teams in that amount of time. I hope scheduling is changed soon.
  5. I have a request for two tickets for the JSU game. Please PM me if you have any for sale.
  6. I took organic gardening and vegetable production. He would always call Junior Rosegreen MR. Gold tooth man!
  7. I think the reasons for waiting until halftime to make adjustments are 1) To see what their tendencies are for downs and distances, and 2)Ellis Johnson is in the booth and cannot draw up a new scheme from the booth.
  8. Rico Forbes Michael Clarke Duncan in Green Mile
  9. Michael Fields Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air