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  1. The 662 number is a Starkville and Oxford area code. That is what makes the joke funny as well! War Eagle always!
  2. I think it is crazy to have to play so many great teams in that amount of time. I hope scheduling is changed soon.
  3. I have a request for two tickets for the JSU game. Please PM me if you have any for sale.
  4. I took organic gardening and vegetable production. He would always call Junior Rosegreen MR. Gold tooth man!
  5. I think the reasons for waiting until halftime to make adjustments are 1) To see what their tendencies are for downs and distances, and 2)Ellis Johnson is in the booth and cannot draw up a new scheme from the booth.
  6. Rico Forbes Michael Clarke Duncan in Green Mile
  7. Michael Fields Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  8. John Fullington Taylor Hawkins, drummer of the Foo Fighters
  9. I am glad that Harris gaston is back!He will be an experienced addition to the linebacking corps!
  10. I think that ST knows what he is talking about if you read his posts on here. He said not to get down on Reuben if he picks Alabama because it is far from over. I think that his mom will fax in his LOI on Wednesday!
  11. I am praying for the child in Dothan as well. Thank you everyone for your support. His family will be very pleased with all of the prayers and support.
  12. Thank you for all of the support and prayers. Thank you for the info, dp4au and duder. He was a student at Auburn also; I think that in a few weeks a few of my friends are going to have a benefit for him in Mobile, or at least start planning it then. He has Blue Cross Blue but it doesn't cover anything catastrophic. I will post more details in the near future. Thank you again everyone!
  13. A childhood friend of mine and a lifelong Auburn fan needs your prayers more than ever at this time. He is only 30 years old and he has an inoperable brain tumor at stage 3 in development. Please pray for a miracle and pray for his family. They are going through a very hard time right now. Thank you for your support and WAR EAGLE!!! P.S. Where is the best place for brain tumor chemotherapy?
  14. Yeah its the new thing! Kids deciding on NSD on LSD. Timothy Leary would have been proud.
  15. This is the first game I have been able to watch on TV. Chubb gives a really great effort on the hardwood but it seemed like he was off on his shooting tonight. It also seemed as if putting Chubb in killed our runs in the game a few times. Am i just seeing things or does everyone else see that also? WDE!!! I am not trying to bash Chubb at all by the way.
  16. Is the 100 post rule to start a thread still in effect? If it is, then I think that might be why there is so much clutter. People may be trying to get their post counts up to 100 to start a thread.
  17. I would think that the JUCOs coming into the program would be motivation enough to work hard and get the desired results out of our current players.