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  1. So just gonna put this stat out there Harsin is 7-1 after bye weeks during his Head coaching career, let's hope the winning continues here at Auburn.
  2. I think we hit the portal again this year along with getting recruits I don't think the OL will be bad next year but I don't have facts to back it up just a hunch but we shall see.
  3. I get why you posted this but Im not one that likes to compare coaches especially on first year success because each school is different, not trying to argue with you just telling you my side.
  4. I'm not usually a big fan of Marcello but I do see it so..... What's y'all opinion?
  5. Yeah this thread is pointless. I don't always agree with his calls, can't stand the prevent defense he likes to play but I'll gladly eat crow if the defense keeps doing it's job.
  6. I was about to say the same thing, I'm glad somebody else said it thought I was going crazy for a sec 🤣
  7. Haha Harsin telling Nix to Hurry up and run the clock 🤣
  8. I'll gladly eat crow I just don't like the prevent style but hey we won WDE!
  9. Stupid Prevent defense 😡 c'mon boys let's stop them
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