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  1. Not the Highschool thing... I mean it does show a pattern but not the point.
  2. The point is more stuff will come out that was and has been buried simply because he will be the HC at Auburn... We don't need that headache.
  3. That was not my point... Also please don't bring politics into this.
  4. Nope. I'm not gonna argue I said my peace, if Auburn hires him it will lose fans it's that simple no need to bring faith into this, that is not the reason he is getting skull dragged through the mud.
  5. Lol I have had the same stance since the beginning not no but hell no. He is up there with UM we don't need him here.
  6. Nah we won't... Auburn will just lose a whole bunch of fans... Bro you can be happy but please explain why we are the only P5 program that has even remotely sniffed his way? Make it make sense? There is a reason no other school went after him. All those skeletons that have been buried are gonna come out if he ends up with the Job. The black eye this institution already has when it comes to recruiting is going to be even worse with him you can believe it if you want to or not. Also sidenote I don't understand all this love for him like he did one 10 win season at Ole Piss and the rest was what Ole Miss already does? Is it because he beat bame twice? oh wow if that's our only measuring stick let's just get Gus back he did it more. What he has done at Liberty for one season was great but again he hasn't shown consistency with sustaining success. We will have 8-5 seasons or even worse with him because again IMO recruiting is going to take a big hit with him. Again IMO.
  7. This Game is probably gonna get ugly but War Damn anyways!
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