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  1. Oh I do I was just adding to this topic to add an update.
  2. The NFL has partnered with the XFL which starts next season( don't know if it will allow players to skip college though). Don't know if they will ever partner with the USFL but who knows. 🀷
  3. Wow, Saban crying about something in the off season I'm shocked I tell you shocked. Also poor baby is crying because people are doing what they have been doing for years and he got beat at it lmao.
  4. First off lose the attitude dude, I put the whole season for a reason not just those particular games. He isn't that bad and saying he is is statistically wrong. He also didn't get as many carries in any of those games as Tank did. Also you cant just put those stats out there without pointing out that the whole team did bad in most of those games. 🀷 I'm not running away I'm simply done arguing with somebody who gets this mad because somebody is challenging them in what they say. πŸ˜‰ I go back to what I said earlier he got the yards we needed when he was out there, I remember in quite a few games when we needed like 1 or 2 yards for a first down he would go in a get them. Granted it didn't help in the long run but it did help in those few seconds. He did 7.0 YPC against Penn State so there is one P5 there he didn't do bad against, he did 10.8 against LSU. You can pick the other ones if you want but I'm just pointing out it was the whole team that didn't do very well not Hunter.
  5. Read better what? The stats don't lie bro. It's whatever I'm not gonna keep arguing dude. We have different opinions. Hunter did fine and will do even better this year. ✌️
  6. πŸ€”it looks to me he didn't do as bad as some of y'all are making it out to be.
  7. I already have but you can't really look at last year on his YPC because of the OL, You can only do so much with what he is given. 🀷 Tank didn't do so hot either in a lot of games because of the OL and also his ability not to read holes.
  8. Yes but there was a few times even against SEC teams that when we needed it he got yards. He will get better and definitely has upside. The OL is what hurt the most IMO and will still hurt this year, also being a freshman and learning, he will improve I think he will definitely compete for atleast #2 RB and I think he gets it easily. Just my two cents.
  9. What? Hunter was never nonexistent last year, he carried the load when needed and did a damn good job. I don't understand where your logic is?
  10. So we just forgetting Hunter?πŸ˜‚ Did he not do enough for you last year? bruh! πŸ™„
  11. I know I wish we could have them all dress one more time and play that game but they all old now and it wouldn't be as fun 🀣. I do agree though the 04 team is one of my favorite all time teams but that 10 team was also something special to watch and they actually got the chance to play for it all and accomplished the job. Not saying 04 wouldn't have just saying 2010 made up for 04 for me. Don't get me wrong I'm still a little bitter about my 04 team not getting the chance because I really do believe we would have put up a way better fight then OK did but close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades unfortunately. I still think we should share the 04 title with OK but for some odd reason we havent claimed it and it does hurt that we haven't.
  12. I'm not gonna argue with you brother just pointing out that I think it would be closer then you think. 🀷
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