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  1. I would use the dark theme more but the kinks need to be worked out it's sometimes hard to read certain things.
  2. https://atozsports.com/nashville/tigers-bryan-harsin-trending-wrong-direction-at-auburn/
  3. According to WDE it's not looking good at all.
  4. Nope most wanted him gone, go back and look at the game threads.
  5. Why is it that most of this board is unhappy with Mason leaving when most of the board wanted him gone during the season? Honest question not trying to argue.
  6. Mmmm yes Gus did he was here in 2020 and got us that far when he was fired but you can choose what you wanna see. I mean at this point you would argue with a wall and try to win so.....🀷 Why are you even an Auburn fan when everything to you is doom and gloom? 🀷 I'm not arguing with you about any of this you choose what you wanna believe and go from there.
  7. Umm? You do realize that Gus had us ranked in the 40s with this last recruiting class? Harsin and his πŸ‘ˆ got us to 13 or we just not gonna admit that so we can have a I hate Harsin moment?🀷 Guess what? we aren't finished February signing class is still coming and I think we end up in the top ten. 😁 I will admit I didn't like the way the season ended..........butttttttttt the way he finished off this class with him having been hamstrung due to covid and starting late really impressed me. Just wait till the 2023 class it will be even more impressive. In other words we are getting better and it will be better in the long run but you gotta practice patience young grasshopper.
  8. So does anybody remember this match? It was one of the best ones I've ever watched.
  9. We are always doom and gloom. 🀣 Don't you know that by now?
  10. Because you don't joke, you pretty much doom and gloom everything that happens with Auburn so..... Why would anybody think you're joking?🀷
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