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  1. I feel great! Vegas agreed with me and has us as an 18.5 point fav against another SEC foe. The refs screwed us last night.
  2. The refs screwed is out of a bunch of points. Obviously you don’t know what you are watching.
  3. You seem jealous. You think it’s easy to coach kids to a championship? It’s harder to coach 10 year olds than it is 15/16/17 year olds. I’m also the president of the QB club at my sons high school. I know what I am talking about!
  4. I’ve coached 70lbs, 80lbs, 90lbs, 100lbs and 110lbs football teams. Two of my teams made it to the “toys for tots” bowl. I’ve coached numerous kids who went on to make All County in high school. If I didn’t know anything about football, then I wouldn’t have the accolades that come with success as a coach now would I? Save this post.....Auburn will put up over 35 on Saturday.
  5. I’ve never coached PE and I’m not a school teacher. Your trying to insult someone by calling them a PE coach? LMAO! Did you come up with that all by yourself or did you have help?
  6. You don’t coach, but you sit around studying the game? Interesting! Did you read “football for dummies”? Do you DVR games and rewatch them? Exactly how do you study the game? I can’t wait to read this BS.
  7. I know what I am talking about. I’ve actually coached football before. Have you?
  8. I’m just pointing out the amateurism in his schtick. Please, don’t shoot the messenger.
  9. Look everyone, it’s amateur hour over here.
  10. Google: L I G E R JB Grimes Nice to see you come from a James Madison board. Are you new to trolling? Lol! What an amateur.
  11. You are very clever and witty. We are very blessed to have pulled you from a mid major as well.