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  1. Does the Saban Coaching Rehabilitation Clinic extend to basketball?
  2. I just wish we would acknowledge and address the easy issue. China. The entire country is an environmental black hole. The Earth is warming. I will only argue that it is not "12 years till doomsday". The thing is - it is a GLOBAL issue. Even applying simple good management practices in China would do more good than anything we could do here short of completely shutting down power plants. Real life example: Pipe making (Steel/Iron) We all hear about China dumping pipe in America. They make lots of it and cheap. Pipe making is a "dirty" process that takes a lot of heat (melting/casting/annealing). Approximately speaking, China produces 130 standard lengths of pipe for every 100 good pieces. That is a scrap rate of 30%. Those 30 pieces have to shredded, remelted, and recast. A place here in America that I know very well has a scrap rate of just under 3%. The difference comes down to quality over quantity based on management practices. The overwhelming majority of pipe produced in China is without control. Even if you did not apply control and only reduced the scrap rate - imagine the CO2 savings. Not to mention the other byproducts. This was my biggest beef with the Paris agreement. China (and others) have not even reached "peak" CO2 and do not plan to until 2030something. We have already reduced ours and the recent "increase" is due to more manufacturing here which is happening with better control than if these products were made elsewhere. We are still leading by example and now we do not have to send billions of dollars to an unelected bureaucracy for reasons unclear (somewhat).
  3. Unfortunately, you are right on the money in some respect. Anyone outside of a white male is a protected class and you are not allowed to disagree. Everyone conveniently leaves off the part of DJT's quote where he said, and I paraphrase, 'then come back and tell us how it is done'. He wasn't saying "get out people of color", he was obviously telling them to take their ideas back to their ancestral lands and try to make it work there where socialism has already failed then come back and tell us how it works. But, he said it to people of color and to a party with a single platform. Personally, I think it was a well crafted remark to force Nancy into taking their side. One of my favorite posters here (not being sarcastic), who I could not disagree more with, said that republicans have lied about cutting spending for 20 years. He is absolutely right. And it is going to take a strong, grounded, policy driven democratic party to force them to keep a promise of that magnitude because right now the RNC does not have to keep that promise.
  4. I had a lot of road time today and was listening the PF and he had a couple of guys who were close to him on the show. He had his demons and issues with confidence (especially at the NFL level) but may have been one of the most impressive athletes of his time. One thing that always bothered him, though he learned to deal with it, was people could not talk to him or about him without mentioning his weight. In the end he tried to make his weight loss battle public to help others and dropped about 80 lbs. He had, however, gained some of it back towards the end. Even with his struggles with over eating and other health issues, his death apparently still came as a shock. Just sad to hear. I will always remember that 7 overtime game with Arky and the dude he trucked to start his NFL career.
  5. FWIW - I heard a guy on the radio say that they take a blood sample after the accident and then take samples over the course of a week. If there is a significant drop in the metabolites then it can be inferred that he was high at the time of the accident. I am not sure what qualifications "guy" has but it seems reasonable and why it took so long to determine if he was intoxicated. That aside - I still feel bad for everyone. Even if this kid pleads out of major jail time - he is going to be psychologically messed up. For all we know he could have been a good kid who did something dumb that resulted in a death. Im not even going to say I was never as dumb as this kid - i am just lucky i never got caught or killed someone.
  6. Haha - i didnt think it was as horrible as I had heard (my wife and I where starting Season 7 when it aired), but it did disappoint compared to the rest of the series. I am not exactly sure how I would want it to end though. My tag line is just a jab at those who had a complete come apart.
  7. I knew - just had to do a double take when I was first reading it!
  8. 130 D1 schools and we are number 72?? Maybe AU needs to up its benchpress.
  9. FWIW - I do not believe FL to be a top 10 team. Being in the East will get them some wins and hopefully pad our resume! I doubt they beat LSU or UGA or AU.
  10. I like the idea and agree on the principle - but then it becomes a matter of where an athlete can go and make the most money. Even if you cap it or apply some kind of limitation you know a handful of schools will take up the southwest conference model. I do not know if there is a good answer to this topic.
  11. I read that and this is all I can think of now.....
  12. His real name is Clarence?
  13. I came here expecting to see something about the hurry up no batting glove check offense.