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  1. AUcivE09

    Mark My Word 2018

    MMW - Clemson, AU, Penn St, FAU for the Playoffs MMW - AU completely destroys UW and MSU MMW - uat fans call for Jalen by halftime of the IB
  2. AUcivE09

    2018 AU Cheerleaders, Tiger Paws, Danceline

    In before Golf!
  3. AUcivE09

    Tagovailoa Family Relocates from Hawaii to Alabama

    No. I don't know that. Maybe they rented in Hawaii. If they were given a home - yeah, that is bad. Same for cars and other things. But I don't know that happened. Hooked up with a job? Ill stand by every school does this. The OP only addressed moving - I just assumed they hooked up with a job while we are all speculating here.
  4. AUcivE09

    Alabama Run-Off Election July 17

    Twinkle - Nothing but a politician always running for something where she thinks she can get elected. I'll vote Ainsworth. Troy King - Let Alabama Power by him a sky box at the Braves....while being responsible for fighting against them. Steve Marshall is the vote for more reasons than Troy King should not be put back into office. Dial made an attack ad claiming Pate beat his then-wife. She came out and defended him while also endorsing him. She had every opportunity to burn him at the stake and didn't. In fact, she did the opposite. To me - says a lot about him and that we do not know the entire story here - only what Dail wants you to know. I'll vote Pate.
  5. AUcivE09

    Tagovailoa Family Relocates from Hawaii to Alabama

    Considering the outrageous cost of living in HA compared to AL and the fact that both of their sons go to uat - I do not think there is a whole lot of fishy business going on to sell a house there and buy one here with $$$$ left over. People get hooked up with jobs all the time and EVERY school. Honestly - good for them.
  6. AUcivE09

    One Time We Should Listen to Obama

    I think what gets lost is that the original intent of the current immigration laws that "separates families" were put in place to allow the US to determine if the kids were there with family or being smuggled. Then after the law was passed it was rarely enforced. It was a well intended law that had one obvious drawback. I would argue the drawback is worth the greater good. One thing I do not get is why hardly anyone supported Ted Cruz's bill that would have really helped mitigate the drawback. It blows my mind that Schumer just wanted an executive order as opposed to actually fixing the law. We had a great chance. Not that I think Trump was channeling his inner Lincoln, but Lincoln once said something to the effect of "if you want to change a bad law - enforce it".
  7. AUcivE09


    Referenced on the lead page - and no where to be found on CNN after searching "South Carolina Steel" or "South Carolina". It's all one big game kids. Get over and read all the news.
  8. Thanks for keeping me posted!! War Eagle!
  9. AUcivE09

    baseball vs. Samford

    This seems like one of those games AU would typically look sloppy playing midweek. Good to see a solid performance carry over from a big sweep last weekend. AU can really get back on track with a series win this weekend. Definitely rolling in with some momentum!
  10. AUcivE09

    Gus is an average coach

    These threads are like a family tree that doesn't fork.
  11. AUcivE09

    Peach Bowl runner-up vinyl

  12. AUcivE09

    Shocker: Census to only count US citizens

    Just FYI - Census data is not used in civil planning. Sewers are designed using the count of single-family homes, multi-family homes, and businesses. Same for drinking water design. Roads are designed using axle counts. The only place I have encountered needing census data is in risk management planing and it is solely to put a number on a worst case scenario that would be inside the affected zone. The area outlined would be evacuated regardless of the count.
  13. I personally feel like Ashley is the right guy to start at right tackle. Big time recruit and talent that we need to have on the field and find out what he is made of considering he looks to be our LT of the future. Tega has the experience at LT for us and is solid - but has his flaws. Maybe some of that gets worked on over the summer - but he needs to take a big ol' step forward because we need Stidham to have elite talent over there come Amen Corner. We need depth and Anderson needs to start. As much as I would like to have the guy I think this is an oval peg in a round hole. Close but no cigar.
  14. AUcivE09

    Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    I hate to say it, but I have yet to watch AU on TV and see a win........sorry guys
  15. AUcivE09

    Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    well this sucks