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  1. I cant disagree and I hope this ends up the case.
  2. To me, they are just the example of how recruiting is going to change which will affect us. If Ryan Day came out and said their QB was making $1MM then that would be the example. The elephant in the room just so happens to live in our backyard.
  3. Im perfectly fine with this. all SEC Schedule and most likely we would join the East.
  4. This is my fear with how it will change college sports - especially football. This is Saban recruiting. Our QB has near $1MM and hasn't started a game - Come play here and you will get the same. It is going to force teams that cant get these deals to rely on free agency for the guys who commit and do not get the big deal. We have some wealthy boosters but it is going to take more than that and the "family" atmosphere to compete for a 5-star. Unfortunately, I think this means Harsin needs to win big quickly or we could get left in the dust. We need some national relevance.
  5. What makes you think they could even compete with Auburn?
  6. Could help this coming cycle but really looking to see who we get to attend from the 23 and 24 class. Are any other schools hosting something the same day?
  7. I think StatTiger posted something on here about the number of career starts being one of the best indicators of future success. I am a lot more worried about the receiver group than I am the O-line.
  8. Make your donations and get access to the Eagles Nest for more on this situation! 😃
  9. Ha! I always felt like 31 was the magical inflection point between youth and being called "sir" by everyone! Was also the point that I noticed more than just a random gray hair.
  10. A little off topic......but does SMU get their wins back now? A another thing, can AU trademark "Pay them boys"?
  11. I recognize 2 names on that list. I would have given my left you know what to be one of those unrecognized names on that list! Free education, part of the team, and likely to land a great career after graduation.....kudos to those young men! I hope we start to see a few more names in the coming years.
  12. But ALdotCom said he flipped his commitment from us..........
  13. As long as we do not have to play him this coming season then I dont really care. Im telling you now - hes going to make some noise with that team and all the transfers this season. By season 4 or 5 the dust will settle and its a better win than Akron. $^*& no to playing at their stadium. Nice place, but a team that wants to run with the big dogs does not travel to a non-power 5 stadium.
  14. I cant wait until the day we worry about our coach retiring.
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