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  1. Arkansas Game Report Card

    I think this horse has been beaten! Last night we had at least 3 - maybe 4 - pass plays (that I saw) where we had no check down. Only 3 deep routes and everyone else blocking. Even the SECN announcers picked up on this. I wish we would at least run one 10-15 yard in-route out of those 3. Maybe this is why I am not coaching. We have already seen what happens when you play 50/50 on every pass play with talented DBs. I do not expect anything more against Armani Watts and the bama DBs. Probably uga, but I just do not know enough about them yet.
  2. I have said it elsewhere and I will say it here - we did what we should have to a horrible team. The game plan we took to arky last night would have beaten LSU and have us going into bye week around #7 in the nation. I simply do not trust Gus not to have another brain fart moment - forgetting what works - and lay eggs against aTm, uga, and bama......assuming we get a lead. He is going to need to have a great showing the rest of the season and through the bowl game for me to set foot near the bus again.
  3. Arkansas Game Report Card

    We did what we should have done. Had this been the coaching mentality last week we would be heading into the bye week undefeated in the SEC and at least #7 in the nation. To credit the play calling this week it seemed we ran off tackle on first down as opposed to always straight up the gut.
  4. Last Chance

    Unfortunately, I think he stays barring a Chiz type meltdown. I think it would take losing to aTm, uga, and bama to set up a "win your bowl game or you're gone" type of scenario. Even then it is iffy.
  5. A Look at the Current Coaching Staff

    Russell, Hand, Gus, and Burns all need to go. Saddens me for Burns but he needs to get his training elsewhere.
  6. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    a little sarcasm. you should have read my next post.
  7. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    In all seriousness - I am another who finally got off the bus this past weekend. It is time to move on.
  8. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    Gus is AUsome. We need him at AU. Who could do better. Cant wait till next year. =)
  9. Oregon State coach out

    20 minutes - and no one cares =)
  10. Chip calling games like this...

    I dont even know if this is the best place to post this, but we have to find our killer instinct to be a playoff team. Maybe it was just being an early game? We should have been calling plays to score before half and the second half was just pathetic. It was like the coaches and players were ready to get to the locker room once we had 35 pts on the board. To top it off we missed a huge opportunity to get Willis some great PT while accomplishing nothing keeping Stidham in the game. We should be a Top 10 team this week - I hope we start playing like a Top 5 beginning with LSU! BTW - anyone catch that great SLANT Ole Miss ran against us for a first down? Nice to be able to complain about the details!
  11. Ole Miss voting on replacing mascot....again

    My 3 year old son calls us the War Eagles..... "Daddy, is War Eagle on? I want to watch War Eagle."
  12. So how do you feel about this? =)
  13. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    Last I heard he can break ankles. Too soon? In all serious I hope he has a quick recovery.
  14. Chuck Person

    my point is that it will not matter.
  15. Chuck Person

    Great - so now we do not only have to watch AU get handled each game, but now we get to listen to the announcers go on about AU paying players the entire time. And to think I was just starting to watch AU basketball.