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  1. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    I seriously thought Grimes was about to retire. I am not impressed. I know he can coach but we need the Jimmys and Joes that have the natural abilities. Converting D-lineman to play LT is not going to get us where we all want the team to be.
  2. We’re ranked

    Same record as Villanova and there are 21 spots between us. UCF would not stand for this!
  3. Aranda

    Before Saban got to UAT the top paid coach was Bob Stoops at about 2 million...............
  4. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    I think playing a team like USC gets a team going. I wish we would have played USC, Penn St, ND, or some name brand team. I was not excited for us to play UCF. I doubt that was the team's goal either - and it showed. Did not help our best CB sat out.
  5. Its good to see a couple of large companies doing their part and helping to set a tone. My company has just announced our largest across the board raises in our 23 year history. Granted it is not a "major corporation", but our savings on taxes are trickling down to all employees minus our company owners. It has been a pretty good day so far! Merry Christmas to all!
  6. Moore or Jones?

    Yes, and I know it may not even be worth responding. The most critical need is the corporate rate reduction. Most people on think of the large companies and forget about smaller companies. My company has about 26MM in revenue with a 10% margin. We have about 105 employees. We all will benefit as a result given our structure. I know many others will as well. I have seen the claims of companies paying 15-18% and it isn't us. The increased standard deduction alone is a huge windfall for the lower and middle class, but I do not know if I would call it reform - just needed. The "pass through" is another win for small non-incorporated businesses. It seems there could be room for people to take advantage, but considering this will most likely affect only mom&pop businesses I do not think you will have major issues. It appears this will get through without either of these guys so I suppose my only concern now is having a "yes" vote for court appointments as opposed to a "no".
  7. Ole Miss Hires Luke as Head Coach

    I cant argue this and they will absolutely state that this is their goal. I just do not see him pulling in the talent over the next few years to compete with AU, Bama, LSU, and maybe even aTm (depending on who they hire). I guess my statement is more of a realistic goal - beat MS St and win at least 6 with 8 being a huge success. Maybe he will surprise - I just hope its not us!
  8. Ole Miss Hires Luke as Head Coach

    Hardly surprising. They can pay him less than anyone else they could possibly bring in and get about the same results. Their goal is to simply compete against MS St.
  9. Moore or Jones?

    I'm not voting for him based on that. This makes my 4th post stating as much. Moore, or whoever replaces him, would vote how I would vote. Jones will not. Simple priority. I want tax reform and conservative appointments to courts. Only one person I can vote for to accomplish those priorities is the guy who chased around 17 yr olds 40 years ago. Even if you are voting for Jones I hope it is for more than just because of what Moore is accused of doing or because of what might happen when it comes to the senate confirming him.
  10. Bammer Excuse Thread

    I think Hurts is good until he is under pressure in the pocket. He gets a little rattled when that happens. He is obviously at his best outside the pocket and can absolutely find the open reciever. Kudos to our guys keeping him locked in and under pressure.
  11. Moore or Jones?

    I do not see what you are getting at with this statement. It just says I want a guy that will vote the way I want as opposed to a guy who will vote against everything I want. It says I am looking at the issues no one is talking about instead of voting on feelings. I could not care less what the senate thinks. They are suppose to listen to me - not the other way around.
  12. Moore or Jones?

    Even if the people forget, his opponents wont. Neither will the senate with their money if I had to guess.
  13. Where’s Flex

    Coach mentioned the Bubble Screen =) We have run some flats and curls, but I have not seen much else from those patterns.
  14. Moore or Jones?

    Im the last one at my office, bored, and making my 3rd post of the day on the Political forum.........what has my life come to?!?! Happy Thanksgiving and War Eagle Y'all!
  15. Moore or Jones?

    FWIW - the last part of your statement is what has the sides clashing. There are some liberals I have a great deal of respect for and make some valid points - even on message boards. Take DKW - I love reading his posts. I don't necessarily agree with everything, but I could have a great sit down with him. Titan probably falls more in line with my preferences, but has the tact of Metafour sometimes - still he makes good points =). Even BigBen and USN are guys I can respect and take the time to read. Don't let people like Homer/Raptor/WarTiger make you bitter (or people like them in real life). Some are just hell bent in their ways and only looking to make people mad. It doesn't make me happy to vote for Moore - but people have lost sight of the fact we are voting for someone to be our vote on the senate floor. People can tell me differently all they want - and I will listen, but I will not vote on feelings and emotion. Let alone be bullied in to something. It is a great strategy for college kids and the likes, but for adults with a mind of their own it is laughable. Moore's social/political life are over after Dec 12 whether he wins or not. The guy will wear this badge the rest of his life. Losing this election does nothing more for the accusers.