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  1. This! I think we have had 2 competent offensive plans in the past 8 years.
  2. I dont care to comment on UGA fans so I just dropped in to show McElroy some support. He is pretty darn good at what he does.
  3. Their defense is top notch. You dont accidently shut out 2 straight opponents. There offense is good but I dont think its the best by any means. AU has to be able to throw the ball in this game to sniff victory. Obvious passing downs will be ugly.
  4. The thing that stood out to me about Harsin was his demeanor after the crazy scramble TD pass. Everyone is jumping up and down, high-fiving, and then there is Harsin all straight faced walking down the sideline. The focus is real with this guy. I like it and hope this pays off in the coming years. Expectations for this coming week are pretty low, but I am willing to bet this game looks more like the UGA/Clem game than the UGA/Arky game in terms of competitiveness.
  5. 16 and a Junior in HS. I do not remember much about the game but that is hardly surprising. I was a completely different person back then. Since that time I've graduated HS, gone to AU, graduated AU, got married, had 2 kids, 2 jobs, 2 houses, and just celebrated my 10 year anniversary.
  6. LSU leads the SEC in sacks. Gotta roll with Bo at least to start. This is the first time he has really been pressured to step his game up or lose the job. Let's see how he responds. Show me 5*
  7. Both teams seem to be a bit of a hot mess right now, but we expected (or should have) expected to be one. LSU looked pretty good to end last season. I dont believe either fan base, truth be told, is very confident. That should at least make this an interesting game! Above all else - we have one job. Cover your Boutte!
  8. I personally do not believe we are as bad as the last game. I think having a triple option team you are supposed to beat handily sandwiched between the PSU and LSU game was a textbook letdown game case and it spiraled out of control. I think the tunes change after this week. AU - 31 LSU - 20
  9. Literally started to post about the difference in Lloyd Carr / Saban and about how much McClain means to this defense in another thread. It was almost scary to read this but great post that I hope many consider. There is no reason to think CBH cannot be the guy and we need LBs to stay healthy! Imagine if bama fans got their wish after LAMO.....
  10. I expected 10 seconds and him to say "Did you say USC is looking for a coach?"
  11. If this chart shows anything - you cant turn the ball over. PSUvWISC was an ugly game. Wisconsin just played uglier.
  12. Am I seeing this correctly? RT at 250lbs?
  13. Just in case, they made this a noon game. That is 9am for Oregon.
  14. HA - I was about to post something about this! I had a small stomach cramp when I read that.
  15. I logged on this morning just to see if this was posted. I walked outside about 5am and thought to myself "football weather"!
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