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  1. Peach Bowl runner-up vinyl

  2. Shocker: Census to only count US citizens

    Just FYI - Census data is not used in civil planning. Sewers are designed using the count of single-family homes, multi-family homes, and businesses. Same for drinking water design. Roads are designed using axle counts. The only place I have encountered needing census data is in risk management planing and it is solely to put a number on a worst case scenario that would be inside the affected zone. The area outlined would be evacuated regardless of the count.
  3. I personally feel like Ashley is the right guy to start at right tackle. Big time recruit and talent that we need to have on the field and find out what he is made of considering he looks to be our LT of the future. Tega has the experience at LT for us and is solid - but has his flaws. Maybe some of that gets worked on over the summer - but he needs to take a big ol' step forward because we need Stidham to have elite talent over there come Amen Corner. We need depth and Anderson needs to start. As much as I would like to have the guy I think this is an oval peg in a round hole. Close but no cigar.
  4. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    I hate to say it, but I have yet to watch AU on TV and see a win........sorry guys
  5. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    well this sucks
  6. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    yeah, that one hurts
  7. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    getting grilled on the defensive boards
  8. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    So much for that double digit deficit. We have a ballgame!
  9. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    Well look at watching AU basketball and on a basketball forum. Does this make me bandwagon? Crazy series before the break.
  10. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    Living in Trussville and working out around some of those involved with the team I will confirm from the "chatter" that Quick is not a flip potential.
  11. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    I seriously thought Grimes was about to retire. I am not impressed. I know he can coach but we need the Jimmys and Joes that have the natural abilities. Converting D-lineman to play LT is not going to get us where we all want the team to be.
  12. We’re ranked

    Same record as Villanova and there are 21 spots between us. UCF would not stand for this!
  13. Aranda

    Before Saban got to UAT the top paid coach was Bob Stoops at about 2 million...............
  14. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    I think playing a team like USC gets a team going. I wish we would have played USC, Penn St, ND, or some name brand team. I was not excited for us to play UCF. I doubt that was the team's goal either - and it showed. Did not help our best CB sat out.
  15. Its good to see a couple of large companies doing their part and helping to set a tone. My company has just announced our largest across the board raises in our 23 year history. Granted it is not a "major corporation", but our savings on taxes are trickling down to all employees minus our company owners. It has been a pretty good day so far! Merry Christmas to all!