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  1. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    The answer here is NO. Just look at how hated he was by OSU prior to them hiring him. My father-in-law is a huge buckeyes fan and he LOATHED Urban after that "unethical dirty coach let some defensive back play in the NC game after rape accusations and then proceeded to run the score up showing how classless he really is." Ask him what he thinks now. He still will not answer me! =)
  2. Four years later and I'm still mad

    Any and every call Mack Brown made against Oklahoma in 2003.
  3. Jay Bilas top 50 players - Bruce responds

    Get 'em Bruce!
  4. Hugh Freeze Resigns

    Just saw it pop up on, but I have been thinking for a while that Mr. Freeze would make a GREAT off the field coach. As long as there is no show cause - what do you guys think?
  5. Hugh Freeze Resigns

    Why would Chad Morris do this to himself??? The guy could land just about any gig he wants at the moment. Why take this job when aTm could very well be open next year?
  6. Hugh Freeze Resigns

    Les is the best possibly option for Ole Miss at the moment and Ole Miss is the best Les could hope for even with sanctions. This would keep both the coach and school relevant with ZERO expectations. Pulling off a win against any team outside of Miss St in the SEC West would make a huge splash - and Les is the man to do just that to someone. If anything it would be EXTREMELY entertaining to watch! As crazy as the guy could be with calls at LSU - could you imagine what he would do with free reign he would be sure to get at Ole Miss?!
  7. ***SECMD17 - Auburn Day***

    Well when you haven't seen a team in 2 years..........
  8. saban smart to omit auburn

    He never mentions AU and for good reason. We will always be the biggest thorn in their side (on the field and in-state recruiting) and the less he does to promote AU in any way - the better for him. Not to mention the fan base reaction.
  9. 2018 4* WR Matthew Hill commits to AU!!!!

    lol - I just did the same thing. I should have kept reading till I got to this post!
  10. Nostalgia with Nick

    People forget how many passes were DROPPED by his receivers. Sammy and Ricardo were not exactly known for their hands. NM was a better passer than he will ever get credit for simply for this fact. Not saying he was ever a great passer, but he still commanded respect from the secondary. You never saw both safeties walking down to the box....(cough JF3 cough). Only mistake I think he ever made was the decision to pull it from CAP against aTm.
  11. Marlon Davidson uh-oh

    Yup, Thanks for the scare.
  12. Legal Pot Sales Begin in Nevada

    I think everyone's view is well known by this point. I agree with Homer's comment that the laws in AL are ridiculous - and this comes from someone that doesn't just hate all things the other side. I understand where much of the old school thinking comes from - such as Sessions - and the War on Drugs era folk. Most in their 40's - 50's do not have the "gateway drug" mentality but come from the "pure of mind" mindset spoken of in the Bible. Now, while smoking it is not a ticket to Hell - most of the people I know that are against it for religious purposes do not drink in public either, but will still justify having A beer or A glass of wine. The difference comes that you cannot smoke just a little and be sober of mind. I get that. With where I am now I struggle trying to justify ever smoking again - but I would never vote against legalization. I've done pretty well considering the copious amounts I smoked growing up - and the biggest danger I EVER faced was getting arrested driving to buy. My big questions is why the Obama admin never tried to push federal legalization - and I am talking about more than just looking the other way. They had at least his first 2 years and could have at least brought it to task the other 6. Hillary never even used it as a campaign position and it is not like she even cared about the Christian vote - and you could even throw in Bernie. Lord knows this will not happen for at least the next 4 year. It really seems like only the Libertarian Party is willing to even approach this topic from a federal level.
  13. This has been almost exactly like what we went through with Cam. Something didn't smell right (Flynn/DNC hacks vs. Daddy/MsSt) but in the end there was never a shred of evidence that AU paid Cam. Just a lot of ticked off people from uat and media (liberals/media) trying to push a story to discredit what they don't like. Now that it is pretty clear nothing happened some just cant let it go. Just sharing thoughts - no real point to this.
  14. Unfortunately this does not make for the story many want to see. I may never vote Democrat again, but I hope they can get themselves together because it will be better for us all in the long run by forcing the GOP to actually hold to the conservative principles many of us expect and have not seen. Pitching fits and blaming others is not going to win over enough votes to scare the current administration. I would hope that if that server were turned over it would chase enough of the old farts still running the DNC out and force some new blood in. Nancy, Chuck, and their people need to go. I cannot name a single relevant Dem congress person under 60. I am not a huge fan of Paul Ryan - but at least John McCain is becoming background noise. Maybe he will ride off into the sunset and take the spineless McConnell with him.
  15. I follow the idea behind this and I would like to see affordable coverage for all. Keep in mind that comparing 2007 to 2012 is like comparing apples and oranges considering what took place in 2009. Currently - the government has driven prices up thanks to their ineptness now from both sides. When the ACA was first put forward we were told that the 10% increase in premiums over the past decade is unsustainable......and here we are. The federal government will have a hand in our healthcare from now on - like it or not. I would prefer to see them have as limited a role as possible and at least try opening up coverage across state lines - something the GOP is failing to do at the moment. What we had before kept people from coverage and what we have now is beyond expensive to the point many who could not afford coverage, or could barely afford coverage now cannot afford to use their coverage. The vast majority of people with a pre-existing condition will never pay for what they use. That money has to come from somewhere. Wherever that money comes from (premiums or taxes or both) I prefer it not be funneled through another broken system (Repubs and Dems).