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  1. Ohio St and Clemson are in. No one will beat them (not even Penn St). LSU is almost assured in if they win. If they lose then we have to hope a 2 loss AU jumps a 1 loss team we lost against. Best bet is LSU throttles UA, we win out, and then it is a battle for the 4th spot. 1 loss teams are potentially - Oregon/Utah/PSU (who i think OSU thumps hard)/and Oklahoma 2 loss teams would be AU/uat/FL/uga (who may have 3 losses). No doubt we would have the best schedule, but I still think Oklahoma (even with the KSU loss) would get that spot even if we win out. If uat/lsu is a close game then we can shut down this conversation no matter who wins.
  2. If someone wants him bad enough this is only a slight discouragement.
  3. speaking of RB commit Tank Bigsby.......... Oh, what the heck - ME TOO! 😃
  4. I agree, just now USC wont have to hide it!
  5. Thanks to the transfer portal, these teams will seek out the cream of the crop. After a year or two of Free Agency it wont matter if someone has to sit a year.
  6. I seriously hope CGM means he is going to let them MMA style fight for the job. We need some mean on that line!
  7. USC, Notre Dame, LSU, Ohio St. I give you the 4 playoff teams from now till eternity. First out for eternity will be some TX team.
  8. There are only about 3 coaches that would unify this base. 1 is Saban, 2 is Lincoln Riley, 3 is the Bear. We all compare ourselves to that team across the state. Those who are adamant about firing Gus have pushed everyone else into a corner creating 2 factions. Flex said it best already. It is almost exactly like politics at the moment - the extremes have taken over and everyone in the middle has been forced to choose a side or get mocked by everyone. Me personally - I do not believe Gus will get us to the top, let alone keep us there. We will be a perennial pain in the buttocks for the cream of the crop. I have seen too much now to believe that he will adequately develop a QB (or maybe it is more about the passing schemes?). I just worry that we could very well end up like TN. If you fire an 8-9 win coach then you better have a 10-11 win coach lined up or we are right back here. The worst are the people that are staunch fire Gus guys that "just want anyone else". I would be real careful what you wish for in this case. I had rather at least have a chance.
  9. Our LBs better eat their Wheaties and get ready to cover slants and seams. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but LSU had one play they ran over and over against Ms St. PA where TE blocks for one second then rolls out to the flats coupled with a double move on the outside. Play worked 3 times that I saw.
  10. I never like to hear "back to basics". Especially with a senior line. The quote above about all the third and shorts we failed to convert just goes back to what Bird has said.....our offensive line is the sweetest in the nation. It is like they said "excuse me, can we run the ball?". We don't need basics - we need a team psychologist.
  11. Drink every time you here "1999". On second thought, I love you all, please don't.
  12. I wonder if he is referring to the Cox pirouette?