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  1. If half their 5* kids transfer they still have 3 to 4 solid game-changers from this class alone.
  2. YES! Both teams we are talking about right now will be in the hunt come November. aTm could be untouchable in a year or two if they keep repeating the past recruiting cycle.
  3. Sign everyone and hold tryouts for the summer before making cuts. Willing to bet we see this.
  4. I rarely wade into this place anymore, but Ill give a minute of my time. Titan - I'm just going to rearrange a little of your post as it is crazy how close we are on this. Voting Record 99% Republican. I can probably count on one hand how many times I've voted for a Democrat in anything outside a local election. I would like to have someone with Trump's mentality to stand up to and call out the media and other politicians without being a complete you-know-what. Nonscripted speeches and question sessions are great if someone could be coherent. The Issues Conservative Abortion - I hope to see a day where this is viewed as barbaric. I would not mind seeing OTC birth control as part of a compromise. I really wish adoptions were easier and cheaper. Much rather see those funded by the government. I could live with exceptions during the first trimester. 2nd Amendment issues - I'm far from a gun nut but I'll support those yahoos too. Parental rights re: their children's education Lean Conservative Free Trade Agree Marriage and sexuality issues - I don't care who wants to marry who or what. Go get your state license. Just don't force churches to marry you or private businesses to support you. Healthcare - open it up across state lines. Having only a place in Alabama to pick from is insane. I think this should be done before we discuss universal care and let more competition take its course. If that fails - I'm likely to change my mind a little. Mixed (by this I mean, I cherry pick good points I think either side makes to form a new position) Immigration Agree Energy policy Agree Environmental issues Agree Unions - there is a place for unions, but they fight too hard to stay relevant where they are not needed. Lean Progressive/Liberal Legalize marijuana (but not in favor of decriminalizing other harder drugs) Agree Progressive/Liberal Paid parental leave after having a baby (3 months minimum, 6 months preferable) Agree No death penalty - if prison systems were run correctly and we could get minor drug offenders out then you would have room to house those that actually belong. I do not believe in taking a life unless it is in defense of mine or my family where someone has made a choice that they are willing to risk their life. Other/Neither Free speech - it's perhaps our most precious right. People do not have a constitutional right to not be offended or to not have to encounter ideas they don't like or challenge their own. Neither side is really getting it right on this. Agree
  5. Im an engineer and 80% of my job is being a cheap lawyer!
  6. They'll never reach the sixth floor.
  7. What's the over under for non-Hogs fans blowing up AU twitter tonight?
  8. I like the dark but there are a few issues with copied text as noted above. So I use blue.
  9. Im just posting here to check out my badge now. Edit: I am humbled by the Grand Master status. Glad I have finally found somewhere that recognizes greatness.
  10. Guys like this coming back can only be a good thing. Creates good competition. I like it!
  11. AUFamily takes up donations and then gives to NIL AU. Maybe this would give Golf something to do between PBRs.
  12. This is going to take a while. I think it stands because it was called a catch.
  13. Just checking in. One screen with the game - one with AU Family - and somewhere buried in my tabs is work......
  14. AUcivE09


    I have little doubt he committed to the coach more than the school! If the NIL stuff is true then I am sure it didn't hurt.
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