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  1. You are comparing volcanoes to every last source on earth. I was replying to a question of individual sources. You are absolutely correct when taking into account everything humans do - as suggested by the above - that it is dwarfed.
  2. Volcanoes followed by a distant second cars. A distant 3rd (from cars) is then coal fired power plants.
  3. Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: 1.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 1.08 Seems about right.
  4. Oh but he will........
  5. Pretty much how I have felt about SW. The kid makes good choices and I never had to hold my breath when he was throwing the ball. He has 2 knocks that, unfortunately, are not good qualities for an SEC QB - injury prone and trouble with throws over 20-25 yards. There are a lot of "what ifs" had he been given the opportunity to throw to a more diverse set of routes and kept out of obvious pass situations.
  6. It will get absorbed somewhere. They are almost private as it is considering the consulting they use.
  7. ADEM Air inspections are back to twice a year. The lawsuits are from activist groups who want the EPA to take over and they will not go anywhere because there have been no violations on ADEM's part - these were going on during my entire tenure there. ADEM has the numbers, but much like the CSB they are having issues keeping good employees. They still have a good core of senior staff, but in 5 to 10 years there will be a large turnover as many are set to retire (Water and Air). As a first responder you are most likely familiar with the Tier II inventory of max/avg quantities, location, and type of storage. Those are specifically generated each year for your safety. You should check out the RMP's (Risk Management Plans) that have done more good for the prevention of major accidents than ANY CSB investigation. I cannot argue that they provide a service (when it isnt being mismanaged) that is helpful, but it is redundant and all of "their findings" are provided by others in the first place. They are one of 3 groups that provide little more than oversight.
  8. CSB does not deal with illicit discharges. Curious, as a first responder - what is your relationship to the CSB? BTW - ADEM is already back to twice a year inspections of Major sources. The squeeze is not affecting them as much as we are led to believe by some.
  9. I kind of figured this was coming. Wish him the best.
  10. It is also worth noting that the head of the agency was forced to resign due to mismanagement. Even during the short history of this agency you can debate their actual effectiveness. Not that one guy and 5 years of delayed investigation and high attrition (mean less skilled workers) should define their place, but it does not help promote a positive image of necessary agency. I honestly just found out about this and it helps explain why they relied so heavily on contractors given the high attrition.
  11. To respond to both of you - that is also the job of the EPA and OSHA. They even say as much on their page. CSB never shows up alone. There is some value, but it is minimal. These companies are never left to investigate themselves, however, they usually provide all the data and the responses. Now instead of 3 agencies and consultants reviewing the data there will only be 2 agencies and the consultants. CSB agency has only been around since 1998.
  12. Accidents happen. Even to the best of people/facilities. Major chemical facilities have a lot going on where small variations could cause issues. I have many places I walk around with emergency respirator just for this reason. It is not that you expect something to happen - but understanding something could happen. Places with EHS's (extrememly hazardous substances) already have plans in place to protect workers and to notify the community/authorities. To understand what led to the event you first have to understand the process. This is why the CSB leans heavily on others to provide them data. Not to mention they do not work independently of the EPA and OSHA. By the time they figure out the process, most facilities would already have the reasons the "event" occurred and the solution to prevent it from re-occurring. Many times the CSB will even contract consultants to handle the work for them. In short - better qualified does not mean there will be no event.
  13. I have seen the work and had to participate in conjunction with them before. There are already many safeguards in place that make them a bit redundant - TierII reporting, RMP's for hazardous chemicals, OSHA, NRC, EPA, along with the facilities themselves.Typically they come in after an event has occurred and rely on data provided by others to make their assessments. They would be most useful at smaller facilities with little resources, but are typically just more red tape and hold up larger companies who are better qualified to make there own assessments and corrections. The threat of lawsuits are much greater to them than the threat of the CSB. Their mission statement: "The principal role of the new chemical safety board is to investigate accidents to determine the conditions and circumstances which led up to the event and to identify the cause or causes so that similar events might be prevented." This is SOP for all accidents at every facility. It is typically written into every plan they keep on site with much greater detail! While the CSB has a federal platform to get findings and information out to others - there is no way this information will not find its way to other agencies and be passed along to other facilities. They are similar to the NTSB, however, I would be much more alarmed if it was the NTSB going away. Transportation disaster typically bring in many different parties who could be at fault. In the event of a chemical accident everything rides on the facility. I know there are a lot of letters thrown around above if anyone is interested in what they are or how they tie in to the function of the CSB. My opinion - the CSB is a bit of a feel good agency that can provide value - but it is a lot like adding lightweight rims to a sports car (sorry - best I could do).
  14. Maybe Top 10 on the road, which would include championships - but top 25? Beating a Top 25 on the road is good and all - but far from memorable most of the time.