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  1. I have to agree this is how it should work with Guarantano. BKB going to UF is an example of its downfall. I honestly do not know how I feel about the portal. I get with the coaching changes that the kids should have the same opportunity. Have to take the good with the bad I guess.
  2. At the very least he was able to develop a QB or 2 at UGA. Just think of who he coached - Stafford/Greene/Murray. Those are about as a diverse group of QBs as you could imagine as well.
  3. Won a bowl game and finished 3 games under .500. I do not even care - give me football games!
  4. Maybe this HarsinVOL is for real, but everything posted so far is public knowledge or randomly drawn from instagram. Of course he needed Kes on board. My wife would kick my a$% if I moved us half way across the nation without her blessing. I am about to create the account HarsinBuckeye and give this person a run for their money! I am sure CBH and I have Adam and Eve in common.
  5. It would be worth hiring Kiffin just to watch him tweet out a pine box to OM moments before putting on the AU hat. Not that I hold some grudge against OM or that they deserve it....but it would be momentary comic relief.
  6. I oddly enough feel a little sad about this. I honestly like Gus and man did he ever have some brilliant games.....but man did he ever have some head scratchers! I agree with the post above - I wish Gus was the answer, but he just wasn't. Would have been great if a man like him was though!
  7. Mario apparently had a presser scheduled for Oregon and canceled........
  8. Found this posted over the the Asylum thread - $1 to Bird Looks like SC has a better coach than we do now! Posted May 21, 2019 So hypothetically, if Gus is replaced who would your top choices be to replace him and what criteria would you want satisfied in your new coach? To me, pedigree is #1 followed by track record. My list Bob Stoops Josh Heupel - UCF Dave Aranda - LSU Jeff Scott - Clemson Bre
  9. Honestly, the best and most refreshing post I have read on here in a long while! While I doubt CGM is reading this and going to pick it up next season, its at least fun to dream......
  10. Hi, welcome to the internet. Allow me to introduce our all new message board feature where people post useful, feel good messages. People will never use it to complain, hate, antagonize, or try to draw attention to themselves as these kinds of post are not what will get people to read and react. Instead they will be ok with finding a related thread and making a post on page 214 in place of creating a new thread all while remaining on topic.
  11. I would feel much better about anger/meanness issues if the guy was an OL. That could actually be good for the team at the moment. I hate to see an obviously talented guy getting kicked to the curb. Considering I do not know the context of the "red flag" maybe this is beyond repair. Hopefully we are not talking felony issues. I can think of a couple of guys who went to some other school we all know that were not exactly saints.....worked out pretty well there. That said - I do get it that this is not in character for Gus. Maybe that is a good thing? 🤷‍♂️
  12. Let's just say this our chance for the largest upset in Iron Bowl history and second largest upset of a No.1 team all-time. I think I heard the largest upset ever was against No.1 Ohio State who was a 27.5 point favorite over Mich State...........who was led by Saban.
  13. Shivers shows up to play against bama. He has had some great runs the past 2 seasons against them. Granted one was called back for an illegal block or something that we still haven't found.
  14. I think it would be less painful just picking who gets ejected first for looking at DeVonte wrong.
  15. Only shot to keep this entertaining is go all out 2014 style and just keep launching the ball down the field. If they have any weakness - it is giving up the big play in the secondary. We best have a few shallow crossing routes mixed in to keep the LBs honest or Bo will not have time to throw the ball.
  16. The problem is the federal loan system. It is a system that hands colleges as much money as they ask for without any understanding of the person receiving the loan. Colleges raise tuition, feds hand over more loan money without any acknowledgement to the students standing or career path. Nice student activity center and dorms though...… If students had to go to a private lender each year, hand over grades and desired degree you would see a whole lot less debt and an increase in the trades/2-yr degrees. Not to mention I am willing to bet you would see student success rates increase when th
  17. If we looked like we knew what we were doing against UGA and hadnt found a way to lose to USC then I would feel better about the big LSU win. It was a great game yesterday and we did what we should to a struggling team if we consider ourselves a good team. Really, it is just going to be annoying if this team finds a way to win out and we end up playing Penn St in some non-playoff game all because we lost to USC. Its going to be a taste of what UGA must have felt like under Mark Richt. In any case, I enjoy watching a well prepared AU team and I hope to see more of it for the rest of the se
  18. The last drive of the 1st half is something I just cant unsee. 3 mins to go and I felt like Gus was playing for the FG.
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