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  1. Derrick Ansley started right here in Alabama. Was a good friend and asst coach with one of my buddies. The guy sacrificed a lot to get started and actually turned down Saban and Kirby once to stay at Huntingdon before finally accepting a job with them in 2010. He lived apart from his wife for over year before moving on, but that was his big break. I think he was with Raiders for a season before going to TN. Anywho - outstanding guy that is one heck of a recruiter. TN may have been a joke on the field for a while - except when the clowned AU - but if Pruitt is going to succeed he has the staff to do it.
  2. Hopkins, Watkins, Allen............... I forgot they were all on the same team.
  3. Its nice to see that ALdotcom is willing to wait on facts before making accusations.
  4. So far - things are going better here than I thought!
  5. I was really just being a little sarcastic. But, to your point, I really did not know that so I will consider myself learned. šŸ˜ƒ
  6. So we have more room for an OT?
  7. Im not sure I would leave DBU for anywhere right now if I were him. Especially for the same position.
  8. I have zero respect for that show and wish I didn't know this. I hope she can win a husband on a game show. I would be INCREDIBLY disappointed in my daughter.
  9. He is a senior?!?! Seems like just yesterday he was handling some kid an enormous Hersey bar.
  10. IMO - this is the biggest need for the entire cycle. I do not think it is any secret we lack elite talent at OT. My gut says not to get too excited over this guy.
  11. *opens door and peeks head in* What about if he pairs with Shivers? *slams door and runs*
  12. Im actually in favor of playing Minnesota. Let Gus play Fleck!
  13. Thanks to the portal this will be the time of year to see mass exits of both coaches and players.
  14. LSU is the only team that can beat OSU. My in-laws are big buck nuts and trying to convince my son to root for them. I just plain do not care about LSU so they are my obvious choice to win it all. I hope they beat UGA bad even though it sends us to a lower bowl game.
  15. Yeah - you have to be a member to read any of it. Sad šŸ˜ƒ
  16. Thanks! As it turned out there were not many people there at all and we parked for free in front of the the freewheeler. The icing on the cake for the day is that a nice older gentleman stopped us and gave us 3 tickets for free to the Nelson club. Football is forever ruined now. My 5 yr thinks it will always be that way!
  17. I havent been to AU in a couple of years now and I am finally getting back to a game. I need to know a good place to consider parking taking into consideration I will have a 5yr old in tow. Ill be coming in from 85 South. Thanks and War Eagle!
  18. Bradley Byrne - Not just from the term limits perspective but from the standpoint of he isn't 73 years old and likely to leave congress near the same time as Shelby. This would leave AL without a senior senator. I prefer him over Tubbs for many reasons - mostly because I do not want someone who says I will blindly support/oppose a president. If Sessions wins then I would hope Byrne would take Shelby's seat when it comes available. If Moore would hop on his pony and ride into the deep end of a pool then Byrne might stand a chance.
  19. Ohio St and Clemson are in. No one will beat them (not even Penn St). LSU is almost assured in if they win. If they lose then we have to hope a 2 loss AU jumps a 1 loss team we lost against. Best bet is LSU throttles UA, we win out, and then it is a battle for the 4th spot. 1 loss teams are potentially - Oregon/Utah/PSU (who i think OSU thumps hard)/and Oklahoma 2 loss teams would be AU/uat/FL/uga (who may have 3 losses). No doubt we would have the best schedule, but I still think Oklahoma (even with the KSU loss) would get that spot even if we win out. If uat/lsu is a close game then we can shut down this conversation no matter who wins.
  20. If someone wants him bad enough this is only a slight discouragement.
  21. speaking of RB commit Tank Bigsby.......... Oh, what the heck - ME TOO! šŸ˜ƒ
  22. I agree, just now USC wont have to hide it!
  23. Thanks to the transfer portal, these teams will seek out the cream of the crop. After a year or two of Free Agency it wont matter if someone has to sit a year.