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  1. Most drinking water supplies have traces of arsenic. This is along the same line as saying you should avoid all tap-water. As for the round-up deal - keep in mind the current "findings" are all based on an inconclusive WHO report. It is a very interesting case given what just recently happened in California of all places. I cannot think of the judges name, but you should read his remarks to the plaintiff and his legal team.
  2. I think the argument here would be that the vast majority who pay attention to their withholdings to get it "just right" are those like us who knew what to do and made sure to understand what was happening. Those that are "surprised" are probably those who fill out a W-4, never think about it again, and consider the refund "free money". These people are unhappy because no one held their hand. If anything this is a great lesson in why balancing a checkbook (online account?), budgeting, and taxes should be a required course for graduating seniors in high school.
  3. This is about the same thing I was thinking. If you have to find a way to get people upset - then here you go. Sorry you are not getting back more of the money you already earned and loaned to the feds for a year. I am actually getting more back thanks to the standard deduction and child/child care deductions. I have adjusted accordingly for this year already so that im not loaning out so much free of interest. Next year I hope to get less back.
  4. Soooooo.......about that QB guy who just went there..... OK OK OK - he doesnt care about the bowl game anyway.
  5. I do not follow AU basketball to the same extent I do football, but listening to Rod last night they kept talking about the same thing - Chuma needs to be the guy. Honestly, this hardly seems to be the problem. We are night and day on the road vs at home. Also, the sky is blue. Mizzou - much like SC - is someone we should absolutely beat at home and you would figure could beat on the road too.
  6. The last post I read. This is exactly what I came here to be a smart@!s about!
  7. Kodi, T-Will, Garner, and now Caddy. Interesting strategy.
  8. I see very little here that even remotely addresses my comment (Did you miss it?). You do not always have to go out of your way to be so abrasive.
  9. 0.0998% This is the percentage of the total budget shutting down the government. My boss said it was like having a $100k household budget and completely freezing every account you have while not paying any bills because your wife wants to install a new $100 lock on the front door. This is not what Pelosi should be picking her fight over - especially considering the past support by her and others. It is a shame she is not loosing her pay.
  10. Not sure - just the biggest decision I am waiting on - at least from my perspective.
  11. Im honestly not as surprised by this after hearing the news of his brother getting an offer, but this is still the 2nd biggest decision I have been waiting on. Tega being the 1st due to O-line depth. So happy this guy is coming back!
  12. Im fully expecting some WTF moments but I would be shocked if we cant overcome those unless Oregon has some major improvement. Even with their NFL QB they still look like a PAC 12 team.
  13. I would still take our offense over MSU's. The key will be the playcalling.
  14. Even with a new QB to break in we should run these guys over if they do not play better than they did today against MSU. Defensively - we are much better than MSU.
  15. Is Sherwood Blount still available? He put together some VERY impressive teams that had top notch recruiting.
  16. Ill take a back row seat and keep my head low. I just cannot wish for AU to fail. I just do not have much hope either.
  17. Maybe it is just me but I kind of hope Stidham doesn't play the bowl game so that we are forced to play a potential starter for next season. Given the lack of significant playing time for any backup and even less significant throws - it would do us wonders from an experience standpoint.
  18. I hope this guy knows what he is doing. This sounds like the most pointless hire in the history of football to me. I just hope he can recruit to keep something in the cupboards for the next coach. As I am sure must have been stated by now - it's not like Gus is about to "start calling plays again". Not to mention the O-line has a LONG way to go.
  19. Everybody on the *&#$#(#$^* board should know we are going to win a NC next year. The writing is on the wall. GM gets an extension and then we can reopen this thread when we are preseason #5. JABA
  20. Well, Mike McCarthy is looking for work. Is it too late???? 😃
  21. I was really hoping for the Texas Bowl vs TCU. This is another game where we are literally playing for nothing and against a team that can beat you who is going to want it. I had much rather play another disappointed team who doesn't get to travel.
  22. bama wins another championship, aTm about to become a powerhouse. UGA probably isnt going anywhere, and LSU will always be a factor. We are MissSt. Once in a blue moon we will beat those other 4 teams and typically the MissSt game will decide what kind of bowl game we go to and what side of 7.5 wins we fall on.