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  1. I was just being sarcastic FYI - I just kind of figured what you said is generally implied here.
  2. What is wrong with a shot at a natty once every 5 years and fighting to avoid the Birmingham Bowl the other 4??? At least we can win the Birmingham Bowl.
  3. So the big question... did we settle what JABA means? I can only assume we are not referring to a fat women playing xbox.
  4. This would be a monumental disaster. Basically tank recruiting and next season. I love AU, but the football program is embarrassing.
  5. The only 2 coaches not leaving the current job are Saban and Myer. Dabo is a toss-up but doubtful.
  6. Just to be clear - I was trying to inject a bit of humor. I figure this is much more about what generates clicks.
  7. With early signing period right around the corner I am thinking this is a troll job to torpedo our recruiting. Tin foil hat is on tight.
  8. If you did not write in Bill Belichick........You are doing this wrong. So how many pages before the new coach commits?
  9. Buggs is a space eater - Williams is the guy to worry about - and I dont know much about Davis. I doubt it, but I will hope.
  10. Marshall absolutely had a better line that season - and bama had a better D-line that season IMO. Our game-plan was basically to launch the ball to Sammy and cross our fingers. The question is whether AS, SW, or DS can play the Sammy role. I bet we see a lot of max protect with 2 - maybe 3 routes. No way I would bet on a 500yard game but we sure as heck are not going to run the ball....successfully at least. If we see the largest upset in IB history it will come via the air.
  11. This game is going to go a lot like the 2014 matchup. I see us abandoning everything that got us to this point and going air raid. 500 yrds passing?
  12. Yeah - between AU and VT it has been a rough season! At least my fantasy football team is tearing it up!
  13. Virginia Tech for me. I typically will tune in to watch Texas Tech or Oklahoma State.
  14. I am no longer in the camp of thinking he is the right guy to lead the team. He could beat uat by 35 in 2 weeks and I will still point to the TN game. You do not lose at home to a team like TN if you are really worth $50 million. I dont care what your offensive line is doing. But then we are back to the same ole questions - who do you hire to beat Saban and Smart on a consistent basis? Because we all know that is why we are REALLY mad. Please note that being able to beat those guys probably infers you are not losing to TN and MissSt. I will slap the first person that says Kiffin!! lol
  15. THIS - all freaking day long!!! Anything outside the top 4 is just extra practice for a team and good entertainment through the holidays. I would LOVE to see Joiner and one of the 3 QB's mentioned get a lot of quality PT.
  16. I dont know what the heck I have stumbled into here, but I am team Cole after what I read on page 2.........
  17. Hurry to the line and run it up the gut IF we get a first down. That is the key. Dont forget the deep pass down the sideline on 2nd down if we get a short gain on 1st down.
  18. Yes, I watched last year. I watched Stidham do a great job with a pretty dang good O-line and a certain guy lighting it up in the NFL right now on a bad team. And let's be honest - a passing record at AU is not exactly a high bar. For Gus to be consistent - I think he needs an RPO guy. When KJ got hurt - we got rocked. Not that it was on JS that we got rocked but due to the stubborn coach we have not changing the plan. The only way to combat the stubbornness is to have the mobile QB. This is what I fear for Bo is that he is in the mold of JS, but I dont think he is suited to start for 3 years without a really good O-line. KB is at least a 1 or 2 year answer to get us through what may be another rough year in the trenches for our O-line.
  19. Well, kind of hate to hear that is the case, but I imagine it has to be frustrating and he is set for life in any matter!
  20. I figure he is more likely to leave than stay, but not sure if he feels he can improve his draft stock from what has been a pretty disappointing season. The O-line has to get better, right? I would feel worlds better about Bryant right now. I use to try and kid myself into believing Gus could use any QB and develop a QB. Now it seems pretty clear he needs a mobile QB who can execute the RPO. Just have to hope Bryant has it between the ears like Marshall because Gus isnt going anywhere after this year and it appears Bryant is our next QB.
  21. In considering Bo's future and not throwing him to the wolves - any chance Stidham is back? I just have a gut feeling we are looking at a Sean/Jeremy kind of year again if he leaves.
  22. Unfortunately - that record was set during a loss. Man I hope we sling the ball all over the field. I ALMOST dont even care if it results in multiple picks. I just want to see us try.
  23. We will get executed alright. Unless we figure out real quick how to play more than 8 mins of offense AND stop a powerful run game we will be lucky to cover the spread. If UGA plays anything like they did against UK we will have a tough uphill battle. Their run game was incredible.
  24. C'mon guys - lighten up a little. Of coarse this is all BRUCE! I would like to see our school more along the lines of a FL or LSU where all 3 big sports are competitive - and we are fairly close to that. I was hoping after the seasons all 3 had last year that this year would be tremendous. Barring injury, Bruce has the team and coaching ability to get it done.