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  1. Crap - we are going to become a basketball school. Gus's ultimate achievement.
  2. You are correct. I just thought of that after posting......
  3. I know it has been posted here before (Stat maybe) about the number of combined starts on the offensive line being attributed to W-L record. We are about on par with our total starts - especially without Driscoll at RT. FWIW I agree with another poster that we should be starting Ashley and Troxell at this point in time to build for the future. Even if we run the table we are playing for some mid-tier bowl game. With the departure of our current RG and RT at seasons end - we are doing ourselves no favors. If only I were the coach our problems would be RT/RG/Gatewood at QB/slants to AS and SW/and Asa at RB. 😃
  4. So many comments but I refuse to say anything even seemingly derogatory about a current players play on the field. Let's just get the ball to Flash.
  5. Write the scores of the 3 games on the hat and place on top of your burn pit. If we win you light the fire and drink a beer over it. If we lose you continue writing scores until we win an SEC game or bowl game.
  6. Its pull for LSU or watch uat win it. I will take LSU everyday and twice on Saturday.
  7. I have been typing for 30 minutes and......well......this is all I have to post. Here's to finishing 9-3 and winning the Citrus bowl over Wisconsin for 10 wins.
  8. If you did not write in Bill Belichick........You are doing this wrong.
  9. 7-5 but we win the B'ham bowl. Edit - 6-6
  10. This is just bad. Even if we win this team is going to get smoked by aTm, uga, and uat.
  11. Cant believe we have not discussed this somewhere else.
  12. Gotcha - i guess I just did not remember being as prevalent until the 2000s. I was only 11 in '94 so that could have something to do with it ?
  13. Absolutely. It is a scam to try and give them a home field advantage. So far it works.
  14. Im interested to see if our Defense outscores the Offense. This scenario could very well happen! I seriously do not think they get more than 10 points. What concerns me the most is the noise. They may have one of the smallest stadiums but because of the "tradition" that began sometime in the late 2000's I can foresee many many many false starts or someone coming out of their stance late and getting beat. Seriously cannot believe the cowbells ever became a thing. Could you imagine a real stadium with 90% of the fans ringing cowbells?
  15. So off topic - I have been trying to figure out for some time now what a "bois" is........ bo-is-number-1.......gotcha. On another note this is not good for AU. Never good to lose guys like this. I like Seth as much as the next guy but you hate to HAVE to rely on freshmen.
  16. Cant blame him. Get your degree and then go somewhere that uses TEs.
  17. If we do not score a 2 digit number that starts, at least, with a 5 I will be disappointed. 52-7
  18. I would say to just remember what kind of teams they have played so far, but LSU and us are the only 2 real defenses they have to play and they get us at home. They still have Ark/TN/Mizzou along with LALA and Citadel. $10 we roast Ark and TN just as bad. Its a great offense and the only way to beat it is to make Tua pay for some of his wild throws. When he gets under pressure - he is not going to just throw the ball away. Their O-line isnt the greatest either and have left him under pressure. Juedy (or however it is spelled) has bailed Tua's tail out a number of times.
  19. Well - there goes my choice score. Ill go 27-10 I guess.
  20. Agreed - I just hope with a double move we can create the space needed. If the safeties are not careful we will take one to the house quick.