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  1. I joined up on this board because I was tired of espn,cbs,fox....... do you really expect respect. usc,osu,uat have much larger fan bases.....therefore more money and viewers. If AU can rattle off 2 or 3 more bscnc in the next 10 years then we may get a large enough base to find good stories about us. OR, if actually started over recruiting/greyshiritng/med hardship, lying, and paying players maybe we could get some good press like all these schools people are jealous of as media darlings. Id rather do it right and watch the mud fly as I laugh. WDE
  2. What does SIAP stand for? Figure I may as well ask now. Love this post!
  3. 10-9 28-27 ------ I think its sufficient to say comes up short!
  4. You realize we will lose any voting contest right now. If we werent the BCSNC then we would have a shot but we are the team the world wants to see crumble right now......and let them have it! We all know the Eagle Flight and rolling Toomers are the best out there! To me the only other real traditions are the buffalo at Colorado; Ohio Script; Boomer Sooner; and simply because it is shoved down our throats - Play like a Champion Today. FLSt kinda has one with the Seminole on horseback. Mascots are not traditions. WDE
  5. I want to see him in O&B! Number be damned! And as far as retiring numbers....keep in mind there are only so many between 1 and 19. With all these great QB's coming in we cant retire every heisman winner! =) WDE
  6. If Shaun hadnt decided to ruin his life.......could you imagine those two opposite each other? 6-4 200+ each!!
  7. #2827 ---- NCAA, under intense fire from the use of the "hurry up" offense, establishes a rule the teams are only allowed to run the ND Box - No motion. After all players are set on offense, the D has an opportunity to line up and make sure they are prepared. Play begins once the D team captain says "Hike". We enter the IB with a 5-6 record and have to forfeit after a reverse for a TD was called back as an "illegal gimick play". Chiz punches WeeMan.
  8. 1) Overall talent level and depth - Just can't see the D being worse in the first half than they were this year. 2) Coaching - We just won a NC with these guys (Will miss CTR) 3) T.O.P. - Can't beleive no one has mentioned the fact Gus will be a big help for our D - more time to rest than a 3 and out and I dont think anyone expects BT to take off for a 75yrd TD run =) 4) LB play - Not many flashy names but I really think between Bates, Evans, Holland, and Freeman and all these incoming young talents.......we are going to find at least 2 great players in the crop. Plus if the secondary is as we hope and the D-line clamps down and attacks - lots of chances to make a play on the dump off pass and all these guys can cover. 1 great play in a big game is all it will usually take to win. You know we can light up the scoreboard! WDE
  9. I know we needed to provide depth for our team during the first 2 years of the Chiz reign. Now I feel confident that we have pretty good depth across the board outside of just a few areas. When mentioning Ricky Parks I began wondering with Fulse and Lutz already on the what point do we go after the best talent - position be damned? I feel like we have great depth at QB, RB (thanks Blakely), TE, OL, LB, DE. CB and S are looking pretty good....would like to see us get another great lockdown CB (Geno?)......WR is coming around (Jaquay?) and DT isnt exactly soft but I know we could use 1 or 2 more. Thoughts? WDE
  10. Any way you look at it - this is good news! He was a top target by the coaches and I am happy to see him on the roster and to know that the "burned bridges" are still structurally sound! Dyer, O'mac, Mason, Blakely and an O-line with that talent and 1 year under the belt ----- yeah, I cant wait either! WDE
  11. I still beleive we have a few GREAT option on our current roster BUT if made to choose between Wilson and Forcier, it is Wilson by an AU mile! Forcier was a basket case......I HATE HIS FAMILY WEBSITE! (It would be embarrasing to the program and they should be forced to remove it if he does transfer) but I support any decision our coaches make - pretty sure they know what they are doing! WDE
  12. If you dont beleive Moseley is the guy and you dont want to start a true freshman then you are left with Trotter and Wilson. Wilson brings that other dimension that the coaches are looking for in a QB. I beleive in Trotter and his ability but there is no comparing the scrambling skills - and with a young OL it may be a needed ability. I wont be sad if he doesnt come to AU but he is an interesting talent. With either him or Trotter you are looking at a 1 year QB and I trust the coaches to make the right decision IF he ends up at AU. Plus its a a Joe Sham report so I need to hear this somewhere else first. WDE
  13. Honestly I didnt beleive that we were really all that fast paced. More so than in years past or in "traditional" football, but this nonsense about a team not getting set only comes into play with Oregon. Sure we lined up quick.....but then took 10-15 seconds to adjust the play on most occasions. If you cant line up in 10-15 seconds you dont need to be on the field against us...or anyone in D1. WDE
  14. Why would we want Russell anyways??? I watched a few games last season and he was just as irradic at times as he was good. Kinda reminded me of Burns under center during the CTT year. And this was against ACC competition. I agree Gus could make him better but he is far from worth stalling the progress of our current QB's. Trotter or Moseley will get it done and I think we are looking at a 9-10 win season. LSU (talent level and away game) and Georgia (due to the cheap shots you KNOW they will take after this past season) are the teams I worry about the most; and Wilson wouldnt help any. USCe will bust - mark it down..........and forget Wilson. There is more talent across the board than ever before at AU and that includes 4 stud QB's on our roster already. WDE
  15. I really Hope and Pray that he goes to the Titans with CTR! Then we get to hear about how 8 or 9 other teams passed on this guy and we will here about the good ole days at Auburn when the two are talked about! A little free publicity for Auburn and the Auburn men! WDE
  16. I just really dont care about the media much anymore. That is why I joined this site. A buddy at work showed it to me and, for the most part, you can have a great conversation involving Auburn......which is all I really care about! If we did something wrong then we will get penalized - If we lost everything that made us good then we will lose. Personally, I think we are a clean program so we will not be forefiting a D#$% thing, and we STILL have a great team. Was there another point in time when we has so much potential talent on a team from recruiting? I say we give the coaches and boys a chance to prove Auburn is still a powerhouse and merely had 1 bad season since 1998. Look what these coaches had to work with in 2008...and still came with in a drive against uat and uga of being 10-2. This season I think we have the talent to win the two games that team didnt. The media will NEVER determine what happens on the field and all we gotta do is win! WDE
  17. Any publicity is good publicity for us. Even with all the negatives that will come with talking about Cam and Fairley......some kid will take notice that a couple of great athletes came from Auburn and were top picks. Many of the best recruits have NFL dreams, and if we are lucky, maybe we will get a little air-time for the 2004 team and all of the pros. A nice dose of the best of Auburn from the recent past for all the potential stars out there! I beleive this time of the year is just as important as any other when it comes to recruiting. You KNOW they are watching! WDE
  18. All I care about is who I would want to coach Auburn.......and we have him. Give it till the clock strikes 0:00 at JHW in 2012 then revist this topic.
  19. I really didn't want my first to post to have anything to do with uat but oh well. FOR THE LOVE OF AUBURN DO NOT CALL IN TO THIS SHOW!!! Can you smell the trap? Updyke just got cracked on the head in Auburn. How many AU crazies do you thing are going to call in with death threats to this guy telling him to get out of town or they wish he got hit harder? PF will spend the entire show saying "see there are crazies on both sides". I know its impossible to stop stupid but lets not add to the fire. WDE