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  1. This maybe a day late and already put to rest but in no way would I ever want/desire the likes of Lane Kiffin! proven poor character!! Don't know him personally but everything in my being screams we might as well hire Terry Bowden back. I've witnessed 1st hand a self serving coach and it sucks to see our responsibility to develope young boys into True AU Men be cast to the wayside so the HC can get more attention to himself our only discipline in those days came from our assistant coaches while I watched the head coach perform commercials for no tobacco ads during practice then throw a dip in.(just one of a million examples I saw personally) What does those kinda action that I feel a Lane Kiffin persona would also do say to our young men? Please remember what we stand for! Yes wins are very important but not at risk of turning into thug central. The kinda Players we want came to programs that Lane Kiffin coached for other reasons than him sorry just venting and sure y'all can find some arguments with this but I'm just warning that hiring a coach on what looks good in only considering short term success will end up hurting the program in long haul.
  2. Now it's time for him to come home and be a bigger part of the program! I'd love to see him involved in any form or fashion with our football team. His energy on and off the field to excel is unmatched and saw him coach up Willie Whitehead in the 90's. I believe Willie would say his relationship with Kevin allowed him to reach another gear in preparation to play for sure! God Bless Auburn!
  3. The article is talking specifically about OFF field coaches and support staff. NOT assistants on the field.
  4. That's not who I'm talking about.
  5. I pray Kevin Greene gets the hall of fame then joins our off field coaching staff! Any chance of him coming?
  6. Gods Grace and providence over TSD! I can't tell you how honored I am to see AU MEN tepresent the AU SPIRIT so well! WDE!
  7. " you like movies about gladiators?" I'd go with Doc or Ausoldiergrad or both I personally like the wartime history stories.
  8. Seriously? Who is getting hurt by having Chette being there? Just the world we live in. It's hard to pray for our enemies. I would want to ask anyone in that crappy organization if they truly think their grandparents would be proud of them for standing for such a foolish cause. God Bless US and War Eagle!
  9. Where do we sit as far as SEC tourney or NCAA?
  10. I just wanna throw up! How can these guys not see what is available to them as a potential future? I was not that brilliant as an 18 - 20 year old while I was in AU but damn! Just look at the headlines over the past 20 years and learn from other people's mistakes instead of creating your own headline. What does that get you but a giant bucket of piss? What's sad is he could be lost forever! I pray Our Maker can reach him in a way that inspires him to redeem his situation. Look at Brogher Chet and what he has brought to the program. Hope Hope Hope! As Coach Dye said, we will all wrestle with those Angels. I hope he listens! GOD BLESS AUBURN
  11. Rules are rules We follow these rules no matter what to not distract from our Programs progress. Whether we think they are viable or not does not matter at this point. I know I'm not a teenager anymore and am guilty myself of falling to less temptation. My problem is that we are not acknowledging the seriousness of this issue. We need to proceed cautiously if the Program is truly going to change our culture. We need to look toward how this is handled so future AU Men can learn how to make decisions based on a sound foundation. Don't get me wrong, I believe in second chances (Otis Mounds) but this should never happen at Auburn with the resources we have in our compliance department. These guys have been told what is allowed. Seriously, once you put on Orange and Blue there should never be a question of being shady and that has to be instilled NOW! God Bless Auburn
  12. Yeah but believe me that these guys have been told the rules and retold. Auburn didn't hire ex NCAA officials and other compliance officers to sit on their thumbs. If true, Bowers made a selfish decision and could potentially put a black eye on the weekend. I know these guys are young but please don't give any reason for the NCAA to rout around. Im confident we don't have anything to hide but come on! This is the first time in a long time to build something significant and we don't need dumb decisions like this. God Bless Auburn!
  13. I'm so appreciative of how our AU Men fought hard on the court! Total effort at all times! Bruce is taking us in the right direction and will have a solid front coming into next year! Pray all is well with Bowers and that all our guys learned from Granger incident. We are going up! God Bless Auburn!