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  1. I am shocked our O-line is being whipped like this.
  2. Tony87

    Report: Malzhan staying

    Well now that he's staying, perhaps he can convince some of our NFL talents to stay one more year, too. His best recruiting job could be keeping Stidham, Johnson, Holland, and Davis for one more year.
  3. Weather the storm. I think too many people were expecting Auburn to roll UGA a 2nd time. Get a stop and score. UGA will eventually make mistakes.
  4. UGA knows they are outclassed across the lines. Doing anything they can to stay in this game. Dirty bunch.
  5. NCM is such a redzone mismatch. TD!
  6. Tony87

    Stidham is a damn man

    Made some big time plays tonight all night long
  7. Tony87

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    What a game. Way to go players and coaches. I love you all! This is so sweet!
  8. Tony87

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    Hell, I'm gassed just watching this
  9. Tony87

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    Bama self destructing! Wow! Put the dagger in right here!
  10. Tony87

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    Stidham decided he'd be the guy to take this game over and I have no problem with that!
  11. Tony87

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    They're reeling. Knock them out!
  12. Tony87

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    Kerryon Johnson is a grown man. Nothing but respect.
  13. Tony87

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    I have a good feeling right now guys. Auburn is the more physical team right now.
  14. Tony87

    ***Auburn vs. La-Monroe -- Game Thread***

    Mercer all over again