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  1. I can't believe the game I've watched. War Eagle and I love all of you
  2. I'm a believer in Hugh Freeze as a coach. His off the field issues speak for themselves but strictly as coach? Freeze is very good. He beat Saban in back to back years (with a different QB each time)and knows offense. Would it be a long time hire? No. The absolute longest I could see him staying would be three seasons and that may be a stretch. But, the offensive foundation he could build in that time period would be noticeable. Muschamp was only here one season and left a foundation that Kevin Steele built on without whole sale changes. I'm all for Freeze as OC.
  3. Out of the above list, Venables has the pedigree and background to be the next big time coordinator that becomes a good HC.
  4. This freshman receiving group is other worldly. Just wow!
  5. Seems like we're at a rough time to really be looking to hire a new coach. A lot of the up and comers have already landed at major programs (Kirby to Georgia and Tom Herman to Texas) and a lot of the name recognition head coaches seem to be settled in at solid situations. I know a lot of people are still Bobby Petrino fans (the joker wins everywhere, and does it with player development) but he never once beat Saban, even when he had Arkansas running at full tilt. I guess right now if I had to take a shot on a coach that doesn't have any type of baggage attached to his name, it would have
  6. Taking away his ethical decisions and off the field drama and judging him solely on his coaching expertise, he's just a great coach overall.
  7. I saw the Briles boys mentioned. IIRC Hugh Freeze is sitting around by the phone.
  8. Davis is just so shifty. He needs to touch the ball 10 times a game, minimum.
  9. LSU using 7 in protection to neutralize our rush.
  10. Defense looks dominating at times. Clean up the penalties and clean up the run blocking. Really pleased with pass protection. Stidham is the GOAT. War Eagle
  11. Sometimes you just gotta survive. Great game guys. WDE!
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