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  1. Wiley could be such a dominate force on O if he would only grow fingers on those huge mass of knuckles and skin
  2. Funny thing is they took off the link to contact them when it’s down. It like 65%. Like the elevator and play clock at JHS
  3. Anyone notice AU app that broadcast games is always down?
  4. This is not his first fumble. Not even close
  5. So boobie will now be regulated to Mario fanin role
  6. Chik fil a commercials the worst on radio and tv
  7. Went to this game with the family, first one for 4 year old. Bad idea. Made it to half. I was not upset leaving. I have no feelings for this team. I wanted CGM gone a year after he was here. I really don’t care what happens from here out. I used to be a huge AU fan. Graduated 1996. Still loving the basketball program and exited about it. Hopefully CGM will be gone after next year, and I can get back into the football team. It’s just stale and Malzahn sucks
  8. He just got the score wrong. I’m listening to the tv
  9. Guess I got to get use to Andy B calling plays. He’s a little Eli gold in that you don’t really know what’s happening until the play is over
  10. CBS already has the AU vsUGA score up. I like it. Betting huge.
  11. So Renfrow made the raiders. He’s about 7-8 lbs heavier than Hastings. He always gets open, apparently is tough as hell. It doesn’t have to be the patriots anymore, as other teams are picking up on guys like him.
  12. Those guys are complimentary RBs. We need to start training up an new lead horse.
  13. I though prior to the 2 fumbles that Boobie isn’t elite. He’s a try hard guy that is a great athlete. We need to try DJ soon and then wait on recruits.
  14. Could not be less enthused. This is not what we wanted. We have a game now. Wow, can’t stand CGM
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