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  1. I noticed all the green space also. It's one of the nicest campuses you will find.
  2. I asked the same question on the tour. They said it is up in the athletic dept because the locker room was remodeled before Cam won the Heisman, and they only built two cases. When cam won, Sullivan got moved out.
  3. BSCE96


    Think it was arky game that JJ hit Duke in stride and Duke got caught from behind. JJ joked that duke was pretty slow...needs to lose some weight.
  4. I believe the record of east division opponents would be used to eliminate one team -- probably ole miss (vandy and tenn). Then the other two would be decided on head to head matchup
  5. I'm nervous too. This is a game we can lose if we don't bring our best. I don't see Garrett at Star being any sort of improvement over Therezie. Maybe he'll be as good as RT was at the beginning of last season, maybe not, but he certainly won't be as good as RT was at the end of last year. He doesn't have the experience. Lawson, Kozan, Holsey, Therezie are known to be out and who knows how many others? Yes, this could be a blowout in Auburn's favor but it could also be a loss. Is Holsey definitely out for this game?
  6. I already have the Sports Tier One package (or whatever they call it) She said it would be on that package and there would be no additional fee's to the customer. What do they consider to be the Tier One Sports package? Is that the package with all the ESPN channels? I hope they include the sec network with that package. I just assumed they would try and charge additional fees for the sec network.
  7. We take our girls who are 9 and 5. If you go to one of the early season games, be ready because it will be HOT (especially ARK at 3 pm). We like to go to tiger walk (will be less crowded at smaller games), then to kids area outside stadium. They have bounce houses, games, face painting, etc. Then inside the stadium, they look forward to getting pizza, watching Aubie and seeing the eagle. Then on to roll Toomers after the win. Im sure you'll have a great time.
  8. Great find! It sounds good to me, but I didn't spent loads of time trying to pick holes in it. Anyone that didn't check out Britt's link, go look. This maintains all the big rivalries and each team plays every other team at least every other year. I can't imagine how many hours that guy put in, but this should be brought up at the next SEC meeting. Agree...very interesting....anyone interested in the subject should read that link. True, it does away with the hallowed East and West Divisions.....but those are just old concepts that developed when the conference had fewer members and there is no real reason IMO for them to consider them as sacred. JMO but as long as the objectives are met to get more frequent match-ups of ALL teams (as the writer suggested) what difference does it make whether there are two fixed divisions or a "pod" system? That seems like a concept the SEC office should consider. It maintains all the traditional rivalries while rotating so that teams meet on a more frequent basis. I think the biggest problem with the current format is the length of time between meetings and visits to other schools. The current east and west divisions are gone, but I don't think that is important. Hopefully this type of concept can gain some traction with the schedule makers
  9. Saw the SEC standings today and we are last in the west. How does SEC tournament work now with 14 teams? Do all teams go now, or are worst records left out like previously?
  10. That was a great class! Everybody should take organic gardening if it is still offered. I actually worked for the horticulture dept for a couple of years under Dr. Goff helping with research projects on campus and at EV Smith center. Lots of good people in that dept. Good times.
  11. Yes, the existing BCS bowl sites will rotate hosting them. Chickfila and Cotton are also in the rotation It's my understanding that the games will be: 1 vs 4 2 vs 3 and #1 and #2 get to choose location from the BCS locations + Cotton and Atlanta. Can anyone confirm? I understand that semifinals will be played in a rotation of BCS bowls plus cotton and atlanta. The sugar and rose will host first following 2014 season. The committee will take into account the seeded teams when assigning locations. For example, if we had played FSU in a semifinal this.year, it would likely have been in sugar rather than rose. Semifinals will be played on new years day. The final game will be bid out like the super bowl. Will be in Arlington TX in 2015, Glendale in 2016, Tampa in 2017. Will be played approx a week after semis (around same time as this year). A city cannot host the final game the same year it hosts a semi. Seems to me that this will drive the final to be a more corporate event, and most fans will attend the semifinal games. They will allow more tome for planning, travel, etc.
  12. Scheduled to go thru midway Sunday also. Not looking good. Hopefully will be able to find an alternate route. Good luck to everyone! War eagle!
  13. I think I'd add to the defense...... Takeo and Carlos Dansby