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  1. Okeke injures knee at Team USA tryouts

    Kyle Tucker, a UK beat writer who was in CO, said they took him out if a brace and he didn't need ice. Seems to believe it is similar to Kevib Knox situation where playing it ultra safe is the right call
  2. Purifoy position change

    I posted this awhile back pointing out just how big of an effect that ankle injury had on Purifoy shot selection Assuming 2FT= a 2FG attempt, Purofy went from 5+ 2FG attempts to <1 2FG attempts per game Average Purifoy 2FG Attempts Per Game Pre Inj : 4 Att/Game "6WK Recovery Period 8 Games": 0.75 Att/Game Last 5 Games : 5 Att/Game FT/game First 7 games back : 0.7FT/gm Last 6 games : 3.2FT/gm
  3. Shun Williams Tweet guy runs "On the Radar Hoops"
  4. Not sure why people think players that stay for only 1-2 years won't develop a connection and/or affinity for Auburn. We had a one year hired gun in football and ended up putting him in our national commercial. Any one and done player at Auburn who leads us to tournament success will be remembered and cherished. Likely that he revels in that glory and comes back if we love him enough
  5. Steven Pearl promoted to assistant coach

    1) Tony Jones is almost for sure not coming back to AU. His departure wasn't on great terms 2) You can't compare this to Lashlee, Lashlee was at least a solid to good recruiter with a track record of success at other stops Steven may end up being good, but on paper this is a huge downgrade. Dollar had extensive connections to our #1 recruiting area (ATL), was a good recruiter and had experience as a major level coach
  6. Chad Dollar to South Florida

    First, Porter Sr is a natural fit at Mizzou as he coached there already (women's) and daughter plays there. It isn't quite like Simmons as Porter Jr has a younger elite brother which gives Mizz at least 2 years of top talent. Worth the trade for sure As for Dollar, keep in mind a few things 1) It is his alma mater 2) He was a longtime assistant of the new coach 3) He likely got more money/path to being AHC while AU that doesn't exist
  7. Tired of watching basketball

    Hopefully the new coach can recruit, Dollar has been a big part of our ATL success with his connections Wouldn't mind bringing someone in with NYC/Norrh East connections or someone with INTL connections
  8. -Coaches can force players to shoot Rick Barry style if they suck so bad at the Ft line -Coaches are responsible for allowing players to play if lazy/lacking energy on defense -Coaches are responsible for ensuring players are aware of the clock situation and what to do It was a team that lost this game and blew the lead. Players and coaches deserve blame for their contributions to the loss. Both parties definitely made it possible
  9. DeSean Murray. How good is he?

    So Purifoys lack of driving/defensive effort was almost certainly related to playing very injured. Typical recovery from high ankle sprains are 4-6 weeks for athletes Seems to fit nicely with the stats on Purifoy's inside offensive game Average Purifoy 2FG Attempts Per Game Pre Inj - 4 Att/Game "6WK Recovery Period 8 Games"- 0.75 Att/Game Last 5 Games - 5 Att/Game FT/game First 7 games back -0.7FT/gm Last 6 games - 3.2FT/gm
  10. New Williams

    That wasn't me speculating. I've heard it twice now from people who work with basketball Just pay attention to the video you posted, everything New does is straight line vertical stuff while his fellow dunker is spinning all over. New is having trouble moving side to side not jumping. One person made the comment he is having trouble keeping Keim in front of him on defense for example He can jump all day but that is no indication of his knee health
  11. New Williams

    That wasn't me speculating. I've heard it twice now from people who work with basketball New is having problems with lateral movement/mobility. He can dunk all day because that doesn't put the same demands as say playing defense on his knee. From the videos I've seen of him dunking or practicing, he rarely if ever demonstrates high stress on his knee from a lateral movement
  12. New Williams

    On the New Williams note, his knee isn't fully recovered. His lateral movement is severely diminished right now and whether it improves is a question mark He is technically healthy enough to play basketball, his actual quality of play clearly shows lingering knee issues. If his knee knee ever gets 100% , he will easily be in the rotation. Kid is an absolute stud even in his skills as well as athleticism
  13. End of the first quarter, where we stand

    To add Massey prediction has us win% v* Boston College 72% v* Oklahoma 17% @ UCOnn 32% @TCU 23% To to add to the UCOnn game though, this should be less home court advantage/crowd being a game near Christmas with students on break during a down year
  14. End of the first quarter, where we stand

    Don't know if you weren't including TCU since it is mid SEC slate but as of now, we won't be favored @TCU They are ranked higher by a healthy margin in the following rankings -KenPom -Massey Composite -Sagarin While TCU did just lose big to @SMU, they have a number of other solid wins so far and Jamie Dixon has done a great job thus far
  15. Pearls offense historically has heavy usage of a stretch 4. There is some great info out there about Bruce's mod flex offense that explains why Heard from two places that Wiley may be available for OOC games coming up but should be on trac for conference at least. As one said "hedge bets" on super early arrival. I don't believe he starts for quite awhile though. Would be expecting a lot. Also, Elliott why'd you block me on twitter? Legit confused since I can't think of anything that merited that