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  1. I've seen where some have advocated for Jerraud Powers to fill the DB coaching position. I have no opinion either way on the hire or on Auburn alum as coaches but was wondering why Powers would get more mentions than Zac Etheridge who appears to have more experience coaching and recruiting?
  2. WDE, Has AU ever reached out to Willie Anderson about a possible coaching position? Word is he is viewed highly by coaches with the work he does at his lineman academy
  3. Is there a way to view only prospects who did not sign in the early period on any of the sites?
  4. WDE, From a contractual standpoint, if this happened with Asa regarding the handling of the redshirt could that be considered negligence?? Enough to get out of a buyout perhaps?
  5. How many can AU take in this class? According to 247 AU had 24 commitments for 2016. But shows 22 enrolled (Manning and Newkirk not included). Within those 22 it counts Stephen Davis Jr and Bro Hamm and wasn't sure that either of them were put on scholarship at that time given their respective situations. So AU can sign somewhere between 25-30 in this cycle (5 counting back to last year?) Also, what is the # currently. 247 shows 16 commits counting the kicker and the long snapper. Are they counting towards the # THanks and WDE!
  6. This is good. Hopefully it means Twill lands 2 of Britt, Taylor, and Rice
  7. In hindsight, what would the board have thought if Tre Mason had fallen down or taken a knee intentionally around the 5 or 10 yard line on the last big touchdown run?? Would you rather have the touchdown and points? Or would you rather him down it and have the opportunity to take some time off the clock and the chance to score?
  8. After having time to reflect on it, what does the board think the factors were in the UGA and FSU games where AU had a good size lead and weren't able to put the nail in the coffin?? And what in 2014 could/will help in that scenario?
  9. What possible position changes would the board like to see tried or experimented with. I'd like to see Jonathan Wallace, Trovon Reed, and Quan Bray give DB a shot (whether it is at S or CB). They have little to no upward mobility in their current spots and could help more at a thin position.
  10. EDW, Is there a spot for Jovon Robinson in the RB class for 2015??
  11. Randy Fichtner, current Pittsburgh Steelers QB, former Memphis Tigers OC when Deangelo Williams was there. Good combination of NFL pro-style and spread systems. Chizik coached against him when he was at Central Florida. How far off is my logic??