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  1. Bo will either show he is the starter next week versus Texas a@m but if he has a bad game, I say open the QB competition up.
  2. And they know he is going to run, imagine if he sprinkled in a few passes, might be a unstoppable offense
  3. So far I like Bo nix and I think he will be good but i am not sure I would qualify him as dual threat. He is faster then stidham but not much of a threat if Gus doesn't run him some. I think he needs to stay in the pocket alittle longer to. He definitely panics like a freshman
  4. Amen, why can't we try this with gatewood
  5. Whitlow is the only back we have who can do anything. Without him we have no running game. Where is a big bruiser to get a few yards. Martin comes in every game and after two plays he is limping around. If mazlhahn believes we must run to win then gatewood is the answer or run nix more. Once nix leaves the pocket he should just run because he can't throw on the run
  6. That's bull, boobie can run with this online, but not one other can make a play. We have had a couple 4 star receivers a year for a while and your telling me Seth and a walk on are the only ones that can get open. Their either way over rated or can't run a route.
  7. They even knew he was going to run and couldn't stop him. Imagine if he mixed in a couple simple pass plays.
  8. Were all are all the these 4 star receivers and rbs, step up!
  9. We don't stand a chance against Lsu or Alabama or Texas a@m. With this offense. I think the gatewood offense is our only hope. Mazlhahn has to have a runner for his plays to work. They couldn't stop gatewood and they new what he was going to do. Imagine if he threw it
  10. Auburn sucks, they have a long way to go. I am extremely dissapointed with the offense and half of it is play calling
  11. Is nix a dual threat qb or what? Run it if nothing is open, he just throws it away. He can't throw on the run either so if he is flushed out he should just run, quit throwing bad passes
  12. Your right and he fumbled and cost us the game. Thank God the ball broke the goal line
  13. Gus has us in the running every year. Its not his fault our schedules are the toughest in the country every year. As long as Saban is at Alabama and smart is at Georgia it going to be tough. You fire Gus and we will go through a coach every 2or 3 years with no better result. I don't see anyone who is available to compete with Saban. Will see how Texas a&m experiment with Jimbo works out for the millions they spent. My guess is they won't be any better then auburn
  14. Oregon is much better team then most of us expected, including the players. Are defense won this game, hopefully we can build off that last drive and find some offensive identity. Why can't we copy Oregon's offense it was really hard to stop but simple to run
  15. That's bull crap, hand it to Whitlow. Stupid play calling