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  1. Men vs. Clemson

    they had to give them a 4 seed but at the end of the year they have played like a nit team. their is really no offense just throw up a 3 while clemson gets layups
  2. Men vs. Clemson

    they looked bad the other night. iits been a downward spiral since mclemore got hurt
  3. Men's basketball Fri 6:30 PM

    we are not even close to a elite 8 team. you are headed for a big let down. did you even watch these conference tournaments last weekend. their are a lot of teams we cant match up against. were out matched inside. unless were on fire shooting were screwed. i hope we make a run but the odds are against us
  4. Men's basketball Fri 6:30 PM

    auburn will be lucky to go to sweet 16 the way they been playing. they need to find the magic they had at beginning of year
  5. If we share the title

    we still have to win sat and we have not been the same since mclemore got hurt. we better get hot shooting the ball and clean up are sloppy plays or we wont go far in tournament
  6. Men vs. uat

    the game had no flow. refs didnt call fouls and it threw off auburn offense. when their not shooting well they drive to basket and make it or go to free throw line. refs allowed way to much physical contact by alabama defenders. nothing went auburns way.
  7. upside and downside of 2 QB system

    amen. gus used johnson up all year and when we got to sec championship and bowl game he had nothing left in the tank. cost us a sec championship and trip to playoffs
  8. Auburn moving forward

    after watching alabama and georgia in playoffs you wonder how the hell we beat them. we got lucky. gus ran our rb in to the ground and when we needed him the most in sec championship and peach bowl he couldnt deliver and we had nobody else ready
  9. Auburn moving forward

    after watching bama in second half of nc were screwed. their is a big difference between a #1 class and #10. alabama will dominate college football till saban retires. are recruiting sucks half the guys from each class never see the field. gus better get serious about recruiting and developement. our strength and conditioning needs to improve as well. alabama players are always bigger and stronger. it was depressing to see their freshman were better then the starters.
  10. Kerryon Johnson to Enter NFL Draft

    time to see what the worm can do
  11. Kerryon Johnson to Enter NFL Draft

    great college running back. doesnt stand a chance in nfl
  12. Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    the schools and coachs make millions while the fans go broke
  13. Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    our offensive line has had several terrible games and been flat out dominated at times. they arent near as good as people thought at the begining of the year. we need to get alot better
  14. Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    amen. i am sick of 4 and 5 stars that dont pan out. we seem to get alot of them in every class or they finally play as a senior.
  15. Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    play calling, no identity on offense, to predictable, cant develope qbs, cant develope recruits. we just got beat by a 2 star qb.