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  1. No matter who you hire, it's gonna be a fight to ever out recruit Alabama, Georgia, Lsu. They just always for years get the cream of the crop in recruiting . So we have to find someone who can coach up players on offense. Steele has done a hell of a job on defense.
  2. Gus is so cocky he thinks he can win without a true dual threat QB. Now Auburn is scat back u, we need powerbacks, receivers that can run routes. Wait till we lose are defense will be lucky to make bowl games.
  3. Kody Burns has no business coaching receivers. He played one year and didn't do much. It was a bad hire and it shows.
  4. Kirby will be a dud I think. Wait till he loses his QB. He had NC caliber talent already their. We need somebody more hungry then saban or we will get more of the same
  5. Now is the time. We have a QB for three more years probably. Let's not wait till all talent is gone, then fire him
  6. Gus has lost the magic. He has to go. If we had any offense at all we would be undefeated. His recruiting at rb, receiver, and offensive line has been sub par but worst of all, he can't coach them up.
  7. I don't watch NBA or the NFL because money has ruined the game and every game doesn't matter. They have all ready ruined going to the games because tickets, rooms, and food cost a outrageous amount.
  8. His brother at Kentucky is hungry and done a amazing job their. I think he is a great hire. How do we know Bob stoops isn't burned out
  9. So far I like Bo nix and I think he will be good but i am not sure I would qualify him as dual threat. He is faster then stidham but not much of a threat if Gus doesn't run him some. I think he needs to stay in the pocket alittle longer to. He definitely panics like a freshman
  10. Amen, why can't we try this with gatewood
  11. Whitlow is the only back we have who can do anything. Without him we have no running game. Where is a big bruiser to get a few yards. Martin comes in every game and after two plays he is limping around. If mazlhahn believes we must run to win then gatewood is the answer or run nix more. Once nix leaves the pocket he should just run because he can't throw on the run
  12. That's bull, boobie can run with this online, but not one other can make a play. We have had a couple 4 star receivers a year for a while and your telling me Seth and a walk on are the only ones that can get open. Their either way over rated or can't run a route.
  13. They even knew he was going to run and couldn't stop him. Imagine if he mixed in a couple simple pass plays.
  14. Were all are all the these 4 star receivers and rbs, step up!
  15. We don't stand a chance against Lsu or Alabama or Texas a@m. With this offense. I think the gatewood offense is our only hope. Mazlhahn has to have a runner for his plays to work. They couldn't stop gatewood and they new what he was going to do. Imagine if he threw it