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  1. I really feel this team is a player away from a top 25 program or improved play from these freshmen. They were too inconsistent but when they were hot they were as good as anyone in the country.
  2. They didnt have a chance at the ncaa tournament. Their not even above 500 in the sec. They will have to win sec tournament
  3. Auburn lost because of their defense. Layup after layup. They didnt make ole miss hardly take a hard shot in the second half
  4. High school players that played against him said their were games he was the best player on the field.
  5. auburns performance on offense was way worse then florida. we could even pass or run
  6. you may find some stats to make white look ok but he isnt close to the best qb in the sec. i dont know what you been smoking!
  7. isnt georgia qb a freshman too. malzahn doesn t have enough guts to play a freshman
  8. gus hasnt developed a qb in 4 years. his play calling is erratic. if it wasnt for the defense this season it would be a complete bust. i will give him one more year.
  9. i hope white isnt our qb next year. we have to find someone. i cant take another 4-6 lose season. the sec west is only getting harder.
  10. whites always hurt. i am tired of that excuse with him. pettway won alot of games for us this year. anyone can hand it off.
  11. their were receivers open many times white never even saw them. he looked a lot like he played last year. mediocre. if we just had a running qb we would have beat georgia.
  12. to get him ready for the alabama game if white is still hurt. so far white has alot more crappy games under his belt but when he plays a bad game the excuse is he not 100%. jf3 has one half under his belt.
  13. his pick 6 lost the game. if we would have just ran the ball we would have won the game.
  14. what happened with jason smith? he was practicing at qb. lets give him a shot. cant be worse then whites performance
  15. jf3 needs to start vs alabama a&m to see what he can do. white only hurts the team when he's not 100%