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  1. If purifoy and Wiley lived up to hype we would be winning a nc. Wiley couldn't be one and done on a high school team. They have been a big disappointment on the court. McCormick is going to be a stud
  2. We have been playing street ball most of the year and Everytime we play a team that Knows how to run a offense and move the ball we lose. We also are just screwed against taller teams.
  3. We got beat by a more talented team plain and simple. The sec is loaded this year and we are just to inconsistent with our play and have a lot of talented guys that have not elevated their game. Brown and Harper can't do it all. We will be lucky to make tournament
  4. Except alot of times the refs are not calling fouls and then their bigs block our undersized guys shot. We are just outmatched on size against many teams, so when the threes aren't falling we are at a huge disavantage.
  5. Purifoy has showed me nothing that shows he deserves to start. His play has been below average so far and a big disapointment for all the hype and time I have waited to see him on the court.
  6. Brown and Harper can't do it all. We need 3 other players to step up their play with them.
  7. Mcormick is no Harper either. He makes to many mistakes.
  8. Street ball can be entertaining at times but taking bad shots and passes is not. We just have no bigs under the basket and it's killing us.
  9. Watching were Tennessee is now and we are now is hard to stomach.
  10. Samir showed promise in the first few games but has been worthless ever since. Dunbar has gave us solid minutes .
  11. Auburn is a street team. Their play is so unorganized compared to other top programs
  12. Can't find a lineup that works and the players don't seem to be able to gel
  13. Doughtry hasn't played worth a crap in conference play. He showed some promise at beginning of year
  14. I am glad I didn't buy any high dollar tickets this year
  15. To many sloppy offensive possessions where we don't even get a shot off or take terrible ones. This team won't be a tournament team if they don't clean it up.