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  1. Tiger Scout

    Men Vs. Duke

    They said after game and once during game. They also picked auburn to win sec and were impressed with their players.
  2. Tiger Scout

    Men Vs. Duke

    Auburn has a ton of bad shots and some missed free throws. To many unecessary fouls on defense. If they can improve in shot selection and having rebounder in place for second chance shots. They can play with anyone in the country. They needed this game to see what they need to play with big boys.
  3. Tiger Scout

    Coach Ryan Russell

    I have wondered the same thing for a few years now. Why are our guys so under size compared to alabama. Their guys are ripped and ours still look like a high school kid and they have been their 2 or 3 years.
  4. Tiger Scout

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    Well that's not good enough in the sec. We're not happy with 2-4 losses a year. As long as Saban is around you have to win them all to win West or go to playoffs. I do think he is a better coach then Gus though.
  5. Tiger Scout

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    He also left Florida state in shambles after winning a national championship their.
  6. Tiger Scout

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    The sec is so tough. Look at jimbo Fisher at ta@m. They went all out for him and he is struggling to win. I think we need a proven coach from a power conference but who can compete with saban.
  7. Tiger Scout

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    What about Matt Cambell from Iowa st. Stoops Kentucky. Who knows if we can get any one who can win. Scott frost looked like a great choice last year not so good this year. We need a guy that can recruit and develop qbs
  8. Tiger Scout

    POST GAME THREAD: AU 24 Tennessee 30 (merged threads)

    Our receiver talent is below average. They don't make plays. Seth Williams and Davis are our best but the rest suck.
  9. Tiger Scout

    Need more cameras!

    No excuses in todays world to not have every call right. It's time for tech to be implemented. I also think call on field should always be called same on field. Offense should get benefit of doubt and let replay change it.
  10. Tiger Scout

    Offensive issues

    It seems in college football today not having a dual threat qb puts you at a disadvantage. Stidham hasn't had a great year but he is still the best qb we have had since newton and Marshall. Every year I hear how the new qb commit is going to be answer and year after year they never see the field. Their is a real problem evaluating talent at qb.
  11. Tiger Scout

    Offensive issues

    So, besides alabama st every team we have played has a better defensive line then are offensive line. That's hard to stomach because it seem like every other teams offensive line has handled are top rated defensive line quite well.
  12. Tiger Scout

    Calling Cord Sandberg

    Willis only gets a running play so why do it. The whole country knows it's a run. Classic Gus. At least Saban has the guts to try a different qb or different offensive plan or maybe he has it's called the oh crap offense. Auburn fast off the field in three plays.
  13. Tiger Scout

    Offensive issues

    Is playing calling only half of the issue. Is the other half Sub par offensive recruiting and no development of players? We know he can't recruit a high school quarterback and it seems we miss on most of the top offensive players. The ones we get seem to not pan out or leave program or end up just being average. So if we are recruiting in top 10 every year why is their so much difference between alabama and Auburn? Why can't we get a top qb and receivers? Why is Kody burns teaching our receivers who only played receiver 1 year and wasn't even good? What are your thoughts?
  14. Tiger Scout

    The REAL issue

    If you jam them at the line and miss and he gets by the db it's a touchdown playing man to man. The idea is to cover long enough The rush gets the qb. Got to get pressure on qb period or he will pick you apart.
  15. Tiger Scout

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    If Gus is a offensive guru how come newton and Marshall were his only good offensive years.. every year it's a constant offensive struggle. I am starting to believe he is only a offensive guru in high school or Sun belt school.