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  1. Auburn Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia California Kentucky South Carolina LSU Wisconsin 42
  2. Auburn Georgia Mississippi State Tennessee Alabama Ole Miss Arkansas Florida Texas A&M LSU Missouri 45
  3. My whole family are OU fans. (I’m originally from Oklahoma). Some of them are cool and some act like bama fans. I had a cousin and her fiancé that were in New Orleans for that game and they are a couple of the cool ones.
  4. Can’t be @augolf1716 he doesn’t have a PBR in his hand.
  5. I was already in the QB thread when I hit refresh and nobody mentioned it so I did. When I left that thread and went to the main page then I saw it.
  6. I’m sure this is going to be @augolf1716’s favorite.
  7. Yes sir. Whoever is going to Jerry’s World needs to bring the cherry sauce and red wine. 😁
  8. The Big Yellow Bird has all the street cred needed.
  9. He is coaching at Alma Bryant now. Miss his bruising style.
  10. Just trying to throw Oregon off.
  11. Crazy to think how great we have been at recruiting WRs the past few years and yet here we are with them dropping so many passes. Hope they figure it out soon.
  12. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!