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  1. Great post @bigbird now do QBs 1. Biggest surprise: This has to be Tre Mason for me. I thought he would be a good RB for us but not a great one like he turned out to be. 2. The biggest bust: Roc Who was a 5* coming in turned out to be a 2* going out. ☹️ 3. The biggest disappointment: this has to be Dyer. He wasn’t a bust since he helped us get to the promise land, but was a very big disappointment with how he turned out. 4. The most underrated: There are so many of our backs that don’t get the love they deserve and that makes it hard to choose just one. If I’m made to pick one it would have to be Kenny Irons. He was a beast and doesn’t get the love he deserves. 5. The most underutilized: Unless something changes this year, this will be Shaun “Worm” Shivers. I don’t remembering getting so angry about a player not being used as I get when we see flashes of how great he can be then gets yanked back to the sidelines. 😠 6. The one you could have one more year: All of them Seriously though Brandon Jacobs having to run behind 2 of the best backs to ever put on the AU Jersey was unfortunate. Would be nice to have him be RB1 even for just 1 year. KJ is a close 2nd. I love his running style and his smile and personality are infectious.
  2. I think the biggest knock on him isn’t his speed but his knack for letting the ball slip out of his hands. IMO him being able to spend a year with KJ helped him with his vision and patience. He is a very good RB and I don’t think anyone would say anything negative about him if he could hold on to the football.
  3. I’m thinking that maybe he realized that Auburn was where is wants to be after watching the UF-FSU game. 🤞🏻
  4. Need to add the SNL buh bye one to this.
  5. Praying for him and your family.
  6. Me too. I hope he picks UF today.
  7. I doubt they will get rid of the championship game for one reason and one reason only..... 💰
  8. Not sure that FU (like it better than FL) will be able to score that many points on our defense. The only way I see them getting that many points is if their defense scores points. AU: 35 FU: 17 (garbage TD against our 3rd string)
  9. I hope Bo and him connect for a few TDs this week. Would be nice to see him catch more than 1 TD a game. Hoping we get a fast start like we have the past 2 games.
  10. it's probably time for some of Rodney Garner's "special love." Yesssssss. love it when CRG gives the line that Special Love.
  11. We played Tennessee last year and that didn’t go so well. We should beat Florida and expose them if we keep playing like we have been.
  12. That is the exact score I was thinking. Of course my mind don’t go in-depth as yours on how we get there.
  13. My whole family are OU fans. (I’m originally from Oklahoma). Some of them are cool and some act like bama fans. I had a cousin and her fiancé that were in New Orleans for that game and they are a couple of the cool ones.