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  1. Carlson and Ike Powell going to SR Bowl

    I agree that there isn't an Auburn bias. However IMO I do think they take some bama players that shouldn't go just because of Phil.
  2. Injuries from Sat

    I agree with this. They set out to hurt our top players with late hits.
  3. Injuries from Sat

    Is it my imagination or did JS miss every throw after getting hit in the head in the 2nd half?
  4. rushing the field

    If you read a few posts up you will see them talking about if the fans were to storm the field in a single file line then the school would not be fined. I made a joke about putting a bubble in their mouths. In elementary school when the teacher would line the kids up to go anywhere they would make them put a bubble in their mouth. That would mean for them to blow their cheeks up so that they wouldn't talk in line. It was a shot at kids humor. lol
  5. Chip Lindsey

    Hopefully they hire a different company to build it then they had building the indoor practice facility. lol
  6. rushing the field

    Do they have to put a bubble in their mouth as well? lol
  7. Im so durn mad.

    I'm from Oklahoma too, but live in Alabama now. Yes the sooner fans are like the turds. They think OU will beat every team they play every time. Nobody had the history they do, oh and the big time coaches. Just like in Alabama, the further you get from the big city the worse it gets. If you have another teams gear on don't stop and get gas in the country.
  8. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    The grass is always greener over the septic tank.
  9. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Does anybody really believe he has good sources?
  10. Playoff Chaos

    What part of Oklahoma do you live in? I'm from there and my brother (die hard OU fan) lives in Yukon.
  11. Path to a National Title

    Would love for this to be the final 4. A rematch with Clemson being #1 would be a great way to start the playoffs and for Auburn to prove that the first game was not who this team is now. Then a chance to avenge the loss to OU from last year would be a great way to end the year. War Eagle!!!
  12. Path to a National Title

    No way a 2 lose OSU jumps us if we win out. We are by far the best 2 lose team and appear to be playing better than any team at the moment. In your scenario we would probably be the #2 seed and OSU the #3 seed. IMHO
  13. Get better this week

    This is very true. Plenty of Auburn fans who cannot afford to pay for tickets for their family plus travel and food. It's always good to give the tickets away if they aren't going to be used.
  14. 2018 4* OT William Barnes

    The crystal balls say he is going to Florida not Florida St. or Georgia.
  15. Georgia Southern lookalike thread

    Uncanny how close this one is.