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  1. Am I reading this right? If CGM managed the media better the football team would have a better shot at winning?
  2. That’s why I prefer to talk to kids instead of adults. My wife says it’s creepy but kids just like to have fun and adults are.........well adults.
  3. I was talking about R***** (MF) E*****.
  4. What about that AHS player who’s name we agree not to mention again? He has to be on that list too.
  5. Could it be possible for him to go to Auburn and sign the papers in person? Is that even allowed?
  6. Didn’t Matt Leinhart’s backup at USC get drafted?
  7. My boy Swartz with a TD in the bowl game
  8. My man crush had the game of his life. WDE to Shwartz for the terrific game he played, especially as a true freshman.
  9. Glad to hear you are doing well. My wife is an Oncology nurse in Mobile and I hate seeing her look at the obituaries almost daily to see if her patients have passed. On the other hand I Love Love Love hearing her tell me how a patient got to #ringthebell. I know it is the slogan for our team this year, and I love it, but it has a very different and life changing meaning for cancer survivors. Praying that both of you (and anyone else reading this post who has cancer) get to #ringthebelltosurvivecancer. War Eagle and God Speed.
  10. I was sitting in section 38 (visitors section) and I loved the Takeo hype video. My only problem was the ASU band was playing very loud during the video. They made a point to play at the worst time for us AU fans. Very disrespectful in my eyes. I didn’t mind how loud the Jumbotron was, but they did cut it close on some of the plays.
  11. I guess we can assume that free PBR is not a secondary violation.
  12. This should probably be in the football thread and not the recruiting one. ?
  13. My favorite!!! She seems to stand out in all of the pictures. ?