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  1. I'm totally adverse to paying a high priced Head Coach who turns in mediocre to poor results. Any Administration that chooses to over pay for a middling product and then continues to do so are idiots.
  2. His team gave up on him and from the looks of that game the other night, the entire fan base gave up on him too. Less than 2,500 fans in the stands on the opening night of a post season game shows the Administration that the fans were DONE and wanted a change. They over paid AJ, he failed to produce at a high enough level for the salary he was getting, and he didn't show any signs he could do better.
  3. The highlighted part is why CGM will use abundant caution and go with the guy he trusts the most who has experience, a long relationship with his teammates and who knows the ropes. He's not about to let the last straw break his back with a green, inexperienced QB behind the wheel. JMO
  4. In think, Wade's public statement kinda sealed his fate with LSU, it would be hard to harbor any goodwill after that firm stance. He manned up to them, and basically pointed out that LSU was over reacting to unsubstantiated media reports and should put him back on the court and allow him to exercise his constitutional rights. Its was a bold move on Wade's part. In reality, this isn't a constitutional issue. The university has the right to suspend him or terminate his contract, they haven't discriminated against him - they've suspended him with pay. His actions were unethical, as head of the program and it's his responsibility to uphold the rules & regulations of LSU/SEC/NCAA while fostering a culture of compliance. He was found having direct involvement with at least one street agents, discussing "offers" and the in's & out's of a recruit getting a better deal than the "rookie minimum" over the phone >> unethical on so many levels.
  5. The key is to CLEAN the $$$ through non-profits and then get people in place to redistribute the $$ to the poor people in need of "help", the "Black Belt" and the South in general provide a perfect set up of ultra-religious people that are just waiting for Blessings to befall them. A tiny portion of the charade is about to come to the surface in another blessed area, south-bond of Alabama.
  6. The state of Alabama produces a big crop of top talent in basketball, sometimes kids stay in-state and many times they leave to go elsewhere. But the under-the-table negotiations are so blatant in this state that it is a hot bed for shady dealings. Attend a local AAU game and walk around the parking lot and keep your eyes & ears open and watch the $$ change hands between parents & runners. It happens right here in Montgomery. I've seen practices held in local church rec centers where everyone bowed their heads and prayed before & after a practice while runners were steady working deals in the stands and in the foyer of the dang church. A lot of $$ has a way of getting "cleansed" through the churches before it gets distributed to the blessed parents of kids with God given talent around these parts. Ugly business.
  7. I absolutely agree, few HC's choose to get directly involved with the agents/bag men and discuss it on the damn phone, i.e. Will Wade/Sean Miller. But the antics of guys like Wade show just how prevalent and dirty the system really is, and how HCs are indeed knowledgeable about the system works. LSU has a KGB'ish Compliance Dept just like ours, they take extraordinary precaution to levels AU's Compliance takes - and the stuff Wade was discussing exposed LSU in a big way.
  8. There you go! Auburn hired a HC with questionable character, who hired people with questionable character (Persons/VerHulst/Sullivan/Bowman) who recruited a couple of kids with parents with questionable character (Wiley/Purifoy.) Honestly, I don't think the entirety of high school basketball has a ounce of character left in it The parents selling their kids, the HS coaches & specifically AAU coaches work the channels with the shoe companies, they have their hands out, the street agent pimps are the middle men and want a's a vicious cycle and it's become the only way colleges can recruit decent talent right now.
  9. First, it is indeed too pervasive to avoid these days especially in the basketball recruiting environment that's been established for a decades now. Second, and I sincerely mean no ill will or harm in what I'm about to type...[I LOVE BRUCE] .................BUT, Auburn chose to hire a head basketball coach who was finishing out a 3 yr show cause when he hit campus. Now, folks will make apologies for Bruce's run in with the NCAA (it was only a BBQ) - but he chose to lie to the NCAA investigators and he chose to urge others to lie as well which landed deep dodo and in unemployment line while he served his 3 yr show cause. Had he chosen to be truthful, the punishment would've been minor likely a secondary violation in the eyes of the NCAA with UT serving nothing more than some reduced recruiting visits or reduced evaluation period. BUT things turned out poorly because of BP's dishonesty. Third, this is the second "issue" of impropriety that has hit our Basketball program since the new coaching regime was hired. Auburn is recruiting better than ever before, AU's "brand" is more widespread and has gained the attention highly talented recruits like never before. Auburn is a heavy hitter on the recruiting trail. And Bruce may have hired Ira Bowman because of his relationship with a top recruit. Four, Since BP was brought in AU has terminated an Asst HC (Persons), 2 asst's (Jordan VerHulst/Frankie Sullivan), benched 2 Players (Wiley/Purifoy) for an entire season, and now has suspended ANOTHER Asst Coach (Bowman).... SO, when media people make what we consider off color/snarky comments like "Is anyone surprised this is happening to Auburn?" the snarky comments are justified. Alright, y'all are welcome to bash me I can take it, because this is JMHO.
  10. Err'body got they hand out for a piece of the pie. Cut corners, take a little action on the side, help a brother advance to bigger and better things.
  11. The IGNORE option is one of the most wonderful attractions of this site. USE IT PEOPLE!
  12. He had knowledge of a bribery and he willingly accepted a credit card with access to an account where bribery $$ was held while employed at Penn. Can he be trusted to walk the straight an narrow while at AU if he was on the take at Penn? Let's also remember the only reason he is at AU because of his relationship with a highly sought recruit. At face value, based solely on the little snippet in the article AU Compliance will be working through spring break.
  13. Yep - far tooooooo many State players have not come to AU/UA.
  14. That's the only way to fire him & not have to pay that buyout. And it's not like Collin Sexton wasn't paid $$ - so Avery is not clean at all. The fans are just so pissed and frustrated that they have a very mediocre coach pulling a top SEC salary and he's shown no evidence that he has what it takes to get better results from his team. They lack consistency on offense, Avery makes very poor half-time adjustments and they go into long slumps in scoring points in every game they play.