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  1. So Greene’s not happy or satisfied here (looking for a new job) and the coaches aren’t happy with their boss? Sounds like it’s past time for a separation, which is troublesome considering the Harsin is a new and has a ton to prove this year. Pray tell, who will be our AD next year? What does the short list look like?
  2. I guess the days of showing loyalty to your employer are over? Personally I feel Greene has done a good job considering what he inherited from Jacobs where 3-4 programs were floundering or in hot water. I.e. Sunny Galloway baseball lawsuit, Persons basketball fiasco, softball and the Meyer’s Title 9 embarrassment, some kind of racial discrimination allegation case with an asst coach, Steven Leath directing Greene to cut athletics budget…. Total craziness and disarray. I commend Greene for navigating through that mess and getting the FOF built.
  3. How do you know we can do better? Are the last 2 AU AD’s prior to Greene proof that we can do better?
  4. If Greene has been canvassing other jobs while he’s at AU, and some think that’s the normal thing for him to do, then why don’t we hear about other program’s AD’s doing the same? I can’t believe that’s “normal” business for an active AD…. It’s frankly disrespectful to Auburn. Auburn pays his salary, act loyal while you’re drawing that paycheck. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of another AD actively interviewing numerous other schools and then him publicly stating how much he loves his job. The whole thing has been strange and out of the ordinary, especially the insinuation that Auburn has been finding him interviews. Lol
  5. Agreed, neither Yella Fella or Tim Cook are funding NIL Auburn and that needs to change.
  6. You are right, Jimbo doesn’t have to kiss the ring but he needs desperately to win a ring. At aTm. Averaging 8-4 seasons gets awful tiresome for fan bases and wont cut it much longer.
  7. Absolutely! A program has to be willing to push the envelope in the new era of transfer portal and NIL. Look at USC, aTm, Miami, uat/uga, Texas. And it even looks like Arkansas and Ole Miss are tearing up the portal this year.
  8. Who are these College Leaders?
  9. The new HC of Auburn chooses to pretty much ignore the top HS in this state in a year when the state loaded with talent? . Swinney, Huepel, Smart and even Kiffin all find time to visit the very high schools that are within a hour radius of Auburn but Harsin dosent? The Troy HC vows to visit every HS in the state but one of the HC’s of one of the biggest schools in the state hasn’t even made time to go meet the states top HS coaches that’s mind boggling. This article tried to be balanced but damned if it didn’t irritate me because this proves that a lot of this boards insiders were correct. 🤬
  10. It’s doubtful Bruce Pearl would even be here had it not been for Greene defending him in the wake of the Chuck Persons fiasco when Leath wanted to fire him during the investigation. I fail to understand why Bruce would now be pissy towards AG, who saved his job and just helped get him a well deserved raise recently.
  11. The very mention of Tim Jackson as “heir apparent” makes me want to puke up that experimental casserole my wife just served for dinner. Lord, Auburn couldn’t be so hard up that they’d have to put him over athletics, ever.
  12. So the Boosters didn’t pay the buyout, the AD had to foot that bill? We were told by insiders on here that the buyout money was raised by boosters well before the ax fell on the previous staff.
  13. He may have gone about it the wrong way, but Tubs was a man of vision and saw what offense was close to becoming.
  14. It’s legal now, I don’t see why Auburn wouldn’t pay in tandem with aTm, uat, lsu, uga and every other program dealing out huge NIL packages. What's stopping us from doing exactly what those teams are doing?
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