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  1. Gus: Football Research Scientist

    That tells me the man is in over his head for a job of this caliber, and that's alright. The pressure, and stress of hold a HC position at a big time SEC football program with sky high expectations doesn't suit some men. It's just too much for Gus, it's time to make a change. It's nothing personal, strictly business.
  2. The silence is deafening.

    Yep, he was workin' the phones like a mad man.
  3. Alabama Receiver Arrested, Kicked Off Team

    Every coach runs their program the way they choose. Saban is soft on discipline - water is wet.
  4. Indeed, and time is not on our (fans) side. We have a brand new President on campus. An Athletic Department under serious investigation into multiple sports programs all lead by an Athletic Director who refuses to bow out gracefully for the good of his alma mater.
  5. Where is lionheartkc?

    About this exact same time in October 2012 when AU was sitting at 1-5, during a radio interview Pat Dye said there was no chance Gene Chizik would be fired even if he went winless the rest of the 2012 season......because "Gene Chizik is a better man than Nick Saban." That solidified my notions that Dye was intimately involved with AU football, with that statement I knew right away the old Coach was out of the loop and had no clue what was going on in AU Athletics. But he was "All In" the "Family" till the bitter end of Chizik's tenure.
  6. Auburn coaches distraught

    Well yeah, but I don't see Alabama using twirly bird or 3 headed QB tactics or formulating a game plan where you run straight up the middle on 1st down 80% of the time. They've always had a balanced offensive attack, they don't put the lions share of the load on the back of their QB and they will always have a top shelf defense to take the pressure off the offense to win games. Just a different management style over there. Saban asked the question back in 2010/2011, "Is this what we want football to become?" a fast paced, HUNH, constant motion and movement type of game. He must have thought the answer was yes, because damned if he didn't start rebuilding his troops for battle. Now he has a defense built to better defense a DT QB and an RPO offense and he has a QB of this own that has more rushing yards than his RBs.
  7. Something UGA did right

    Not to be a devil's advocate, but I really don't want Jay Jacobs and his cronies sending out "feelers" on behalf of Auburn. Makes me nauseous to think of him heading up a coaching search while his neck's on the chopping block as we type. It would be bad optics to have Jacobs involved in the future of Auburn football, it could very well turn some quality candidates away. Auburn is in rough spot right now, with the turmoil within the AD and Lightfoot/Franklin investigating, and a brand new President that doesn't know who he depend on or trust.
  8. Where is lionheartkc?

    I beg to differ. abw0004 did an admirable job in his "Now that we have all calmed down" thread that is currently locked. Heat 100 degrees for AU vs 80 degrees for LSU. LSU wouldn't allow AU to bring our cooled benches. Injuries Cramps due to heat Communication mishaps No block in the back penalty called on Eli Stove in LSU's kick return for a TD Aubie trolling LSU in Troy Trojan gear
  9. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    I know, right? A guy that's been coaching for a long time and has a masters degree should know what to do.
  10. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    His actual football intelligence has been called into question for several seasons now. He's been coaching football long enough to recognize his own inadequacies, yet his refusal to deviate from his own stubborn system calls his intelligence further into question.
  11. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    You nailed it dude! He is simply not a smart guy, and it has been proven over '(15) and over ('16) and over (mid-season '17.) Auburn's experimental project for the past 5 yrs code name >>> "Head Coach in Training" has been exhausted. CGM has been measured and tested, adjustments have been made staffers have been replaced. Once Gus had his staff and his players, the variables were measured and tested again. He has been found deficient in numerous areas that fall under the umbrella of a HC's responsibilities. Gus is in over his head! Evidence shows that the experimental project receives a solid C-. Auburn expects better - Auburn deserves better.
  12. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Feels like we are in a re-run of 2014-2015-2016-2017?
  13. Something UGA did right

    Another notch in UGA's favor is they weren't operating with a brand new President (Leath), they started with a pretty firm foundation with a reliable/seasoned AD & President. IMHO, they planned and organized to set themselves up early on with a clear plan in place to replace Richt and scoot Smart right into the job. We have a President who's been on the job less than 6 months, and has already had his plate full with a Title IX complaint, with letters sent to the Alabama Governor for sexual harassment where he had to force the resignation of the head softball coach due to his skivvy son's inability to keep his pecker in his pants. He's watched 3 football players leave the program, 2 kicked off the team due to drugs of some sort and another choose to leave mid-season of this own volition. Add to that a Federal Investigation leading to the arrest of the Assoc HC of Basketball on 6 Federal counts of fraud, conspiracy, bribery, solicitation, corruption, etc. Then the media digs up some crap about academic fraud with a former player. AND he's had to spend hundreds of thousands to retain Lightfoot, Franklin, White for months on end to investigate the Auburn Athletic Department. WOW - talk about being thrown to the freaking wolves! I bet ole Jay Gogue feels like a champ averting this disaster.
  14. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Look in the thread, I challenged him on his comment because I felt sure our coaches and staff were communicating during a 4 game win streak while carrying the top ranked offense & QB ratings in the conference. But he reiterated his stance that things were quiet and there was very communication.