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  1. I'm not sure how easy it is to vet a coaching candidate? I don't know that OU would've divulged any information about Sunny a prick. We were all so elated about getting Persons back in the fold and he was great on the recruiting trail, hell he was Asst HC so who would've known he was running a scheme with an agent and getting paid? He told those parents (one a former AU athlete) how the system worked, he told them it was against NCAA rules and they all participated anyway. Clint Myers was a great hire, I don't know how AU could've vetted his son or how they could've known things would get out of hand between his son & the girls? I think it's all just a crap shoot and you never know how things will turn out.
  2. He knows a whole lot more than anyone could imagine. He came in when Sunny Golloway's lawsuit was wrapping up, when the softball sex scandal hit the news feed, the track/field discrimination allegations, and then got slapped in the face with the basketball fiasco that made national headlines. It was never smooth sailing from the moment he stepped on campus.
  3. That problem has been addressed and the remedy is that in 2020 the UGA will be moved to earlier in the year to alleviate playing both within a 2 week period.
  4. Aw now, it isn't any worse than Auburn Fast/13 Seconds Better/Tough 'n Together/All In/Earn It/Count on Me?
  5. I'm still too chick $h!t to cut the cable. Spectrum just jacked up my monthly bill an additional $17/mo for no reason. I'm forking out $207/mo for internet, basic cable, house phone. While I also pay for Netflix/Amazon prime which we watch both of those more than the regular cable channels. One of these days I'll grow a pair and tell Spectrum to shove it.....I've been saying this for years.
  6. We we have an AD making 10% across the board cuts in his dept while the BOT pays double salary to the Prez to keep him quiet. You cant make this stuff up folks.😜
  7. Coaches have the power to nip that in the bud, and they should. IMO
  8. I agree. Considering how the team/locker room took a nose dive after the LSU loss last yr, the same exact scenario could easily happen this season with a loss to aTm. Claims were made this week that there was no leadership from the players or the coaches after that LSU loss, then all the rumors and crap stirred up about firing CGM with the offense & defense at odds with each other, etc. If AU falls to aTm, this season could spiral out of control just like '18.
  9. OleMiss/Luke is sending a frosh QB? 😄
  10. Gus is bringing the MUSCLE!
  11. I agree. And Gus must feel the same way because he pressured the AU Admin to provide him with serious job security with that guaranteed 2017 extension/raise. Auburn acquiesced and gave him what he said he needed and damned if he didn't turn around AFTER the contract was inked and has lost 7 games since then. There will be no pressure like this staff will find starting in only 51 days, Gus hits the ground running in a pressure cooker.
  12. I think the bottom line is that the coaching staff as a whole were deficient in providing leadership, guidance and some tough love if they lost the locker room before mid-season. WDE stated the locker room issues started after the dang LSU game on September 15th! Is this coaching staff and roster so weak that they lose their s#!t after the 3rd game of the season? WTH
  13. I don't doubt you one bit WDE, but that right there ^^ pisses me off. AU had a veteran coaching staff and for those clowns to lose the locker room and provide no leadership or direction for those players is flat out unacceptable with a HC in his 6th year.
  14. It has to get better, the defense will face several veteran Qb/RB/WR's this year in some hostile environments. While we trot out a green QB and a running game that wasn't to CGM's standards last season. There's a LOT of work to be done on both sides of the ball when facing the toughest schedule in the conference.