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  1. Players work their arses off since spring, get through the grueling regular season only get to travel for a bowl game up the flipping road. Depressing.
  2. Coming off 4 straight losses and end up in freaking Birmingham is depressing and sad.
  3. This was his 2nd worse team at uat no doubt. And in a bad year they still won another SEC title, are back atop the CFP and are still playing for another NC. Many programs would give their left arm for a “bad” team like that.
  4. They’ll get a big old banner for winning the East. Do they get rings too?
  5. It’s been entirely too long considering AU was known as RBU yrs ago.
  6. I hate like hell to see Uga win a NC, they are already nauseating and if they win a NC they will be insufferable. Bama winning NC’s is the norm, the dogs will be disgusting.
  7. Good, clean things up and get the guys CBH wants and move forward. There were entirely too many hiccups in games this season due to poor coaching.
  8. Where are you seeing player a entering the portal left and right?
  9. The decision to limit the rotation on defense had to piss off a lot of players this year. Someone (Harsin) should’ve seen that at some point. On offense,I could see players like Worm wanting a lot more PT.
  10. Next yrs oline is going to provide a challenge for any QB, and Bo & Pat may be seeing that right now. If Bo wants a future in football at the professional level, then he's got 2 yrs left to show his stuff. Whether it's here or elsewhere he has a decision to make for himself and his future wife/family. Surely Pat knows enough folks to get some good feelers out and see where Bo stands if he choses to move on.
  11. That's why Auburn Admin/Compliance/Athletics should have already set up contract deals for our current players. Pay them with men's clothing contracts, tire & rim contracts, food joints, cellphone companies, etc. Pay them NOW so that recruits know Auburn pays their players well and they will get the same deals if they sign with us.
  12. The thread got sidetracked with Saban and what was done in at THAT time. CURRENTLY this new coaching staff has the benefit of a HUGE advantage with NIL their first year recruiting for Auburn. IF Auburn Admin & Athletics has done their job and taken care of business with NIL, then this staff will have an advantage over any former staff we've had. NIL is a game changer and our supporters need to be paying out players. Every men's clothing store in Auburn should be signing our players to NIL contracts, every tire & rim store, every hamburger & rib joint, every stereo & so
  13. Bo played like crap that day and we'd have lost to flipping GaState had he not been benched. Should his student section have given him a pass when he stunk it up vs a nobody team like that for 3 1/2 quarters? Fans see crap performance and they call it out with the swiftness, it's what they do. Personally, I think that was the best thing that could've happened to him because he made huge strides after that game. He came back from it like a champ, got his head straight and manned up and made better decisions on the field. He got better and became an asset rather than a liability to thi
  14. That's all history. It's a New Day for college players and NIL opened the doors for program supporters to pour $$ to college players. Auburn has had ample time to organize and educate everyone involved including our boosters and financial supporters on NIL. Pay our current players through NIL, fill their wallets and highly rated prospects will wake up and take notice.
  15. Then the Auburn Admin & supporting cast (boosters) needs to be delivering DINNER to our players in the form of lucrative NIL contracts. Pay the current players now & recruits will take notice quickly. Prospects will know that they will be next in line for a big payday once they sign with Auburn, and they want a seat at the dinner table.
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