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  1. keesler

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    Yep! And to further that sentiment, it allows losers to drag up excuses like "youth" and "depth" and "lack of talent" issues to extend the excuses and try to gloss over what is basically a crappy product. Then is extends on to the people in charge promising they'll "turn this thing around", and they'll "fix things" NEXT YEAR regardless of who's playing the most important position on the field. Folks have allowed their mouths to write checks their asses can't cash and it's been going on at AU for a while now. Obviously promises were made this time last year that gave the PTB at AU a real hard-on because they inked an astronomical contract that they aren't willing cut bait on now when the promises weren't fulfilled.
  2. keesler


    He's going to turn things around when He's the one that has this bus turned in the direction it's in now. Is there anyone in the AU Administration that can see how stupid this sounds? ANYONE?
  3. keesler

    If Malzahn returns

    This is what many have thought all along. At the end of the day, all those millions of $$ that's "no issue" still has someone holding those purse strings very tightly.
  4. keesler

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    Gus once flipped to the CEO head coach role, then he flipped back to be a "coach" that's involved with the game planning and the day to day details. He's flipped flopped a time or two.
  5. keesler

    Can't make this up

    AMEN! Screw the high school route at any coaching position at a P5, SEC program. Why settle for a HS background when other programs are stock piling a staff full of former pro assistants or college HC's?
  6. keesler

    Malzahn Presser 11-13-2018

    Guster has no clue yet he promises no matter who's at QB next year, the offense will be better. Hell, it's at rock bottom today Gus!
  7. keesler

    Malzahn Presser 11-13-2018

    Oh, don't get me wrong here. Gus' bread 'n butter has been transfer QBs since he's been here and he's done well with them. I only quoted another poster because of the statement that our QB was laughing it up on the sidelines while the team was getting their asses handed to them by one of our biggest rivals. If Stidham doesn't appear to put a lot of heart and soul into winning or losing then is he really to blame? He's was a hired gun/mercenary, he did well last year and saw his stock rise as a result. This year he's obviously regressed, much like the rest of this team. I'm not against getting band-aids (JUCO/Transfers/players from other teams with character flaws) if they're able to stop the bleeding even for a short spell.
  8. keesler

    Malzahn Presser 11-13-2018

    I saw a post somewhere Saturday night where someone said, "If you have a policy of continually bringing in mercenaries (in Gus' case transfer QBs), eventually you're going to have one that actually behaves and feels like a mercenary." You gotta think if we the fans are done with this mess by now, then so is the mercenary QB.
  9. keesler

    Malzahn Presser 11-13-2018

    Gus sounds very Shula'ish with comments like that. We're sooooo close, with a play here or a completion there we're having a different discussion, we have a lot of youth but these guys will get better and better, we're only a couple of plays away from where we want to be, etc. I knew Gus pulled the "youth" card on Greene the moment he mentioned it in his "Coach of the Future" comments last Tuesday. If the AU Administration (Greene included) are gullible enough to believe anything that comes out of his mouth then they all deserve the same bashing Gus is getting from the media and fan base.
  10. keesler

    Petrino fired

    Petrino had an ineffective oline for 2 yrs, zero running game and an offensive scheme that was inept due to no oline/running attack.
  11. keesler

    Zach Smith twitter war with Hermann

    IIRC, when Zach Smith lost his job at OSU and Urban was drug into the mess Herman denied any knowledge of the domestic violence in Smith's past while they were both coaching under Urban at OSU. Herman refused to comment when asked specifically about the Smith's family issues. Zach Smith's coaching career is ruined forever, he's only adding fuel to the fire with his public rants and he's trying to tarnish others while he continues to sink himself. Let me put it this way, Tom Herman knew the Smith's skeletons and Tom has a few of his own dancing nekked in the closet too.
  12. keesler

    SEC reviewing officiating in bama-Mississippi State game

    Doesn't the SEC office review every SEC game where the SEC officiates? Is this one different than any of the other's?
  13. keesler

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    I'm not sure what "one more year" will do to make Auburn football better? It would be delaying the inevitable, it would prolong the "re-build" process for another year while dividing the fan base even more. Recruiting will suffer the worst because CGM's status will still be hanging by a weak thread. How will Gus & his staff sell Auburn and the future of this program? How will they sell parents and promise them the AU staff will be in place to watch over and protect their 4-5* recruit? It would be nothing more than lip service bordering on lies on the recruiting trail. Gus & Co are no longer a commodity, a sure thing - there's uncertainty at ever corner right now.
  14. keesler

    Can't make this up

    Yep - those uat stars come pre-packaged, pre-developed, they don't have to build anything over there because they pay high dolla for ready-made pro prospects. No coaching/training/developing/strategizing/learning's needed.
  15. keesler

    Can't make this up

    Oh, people are laughing their butts off right now.