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  1. keesler

    National Championships

    TAG - You're IT!
  2. keesler

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    NS is OCD. People like that have very little emotional attachment and won't allow their feelings to get in the way of their regimented way of doing things. Oh, and he brainwashes the whole team too.....literally brainwashed to the point of them being institutionalized. When they get out and away from that structure, its a huge culture shock. Some of their former players have said the NFL is a breeze compared to their day to day work habits and the schedule they had at uat.
  3. keesler

    National Championships

    Yep, the proofs in the puddin. And he doesn't even have to sell his own NC's anymore, just point to the NFL and you've got a studs attention.
  4. keesler

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    Are you serious? Averaging 4 losses a season (20 losses from 2014-2017), somebody better learn to treat every game with the same preparation, focus, and attention to detail. Truly circling a few games here and there resulting in 4 L's a year won't cut it at $7mm/yr.
  5. keesler

    Kam Martin would start today

    I'm not going to worry about the RB position as long as CGM is here, he will have a solid run game and the RB's will be productive. I think the oline got a shot in the arm in overall development and preparation. I don't think we will see the lack of communication between the oline & sideline, the players will know their job and they won't look lost out there in the blocking schemes. We needed an oline drill sergeant to get the troops ready for the trenches, that's why Grimes is back in O&B.
  6. keesler

    Could ua have a down year? I can dream!

    They need a decent QB to run that offense, NS refuses to put the success or failure of his team in the shoulders of his QB or even one solitary RB. He makes sure defense & special teams are developed and trained to score points too. A couple of seasons ago their defense scored a TD in like 6-8 games that season - I don't remember the exact #, but is was a surprising stat. IMO, Tua will have growing pains - he will make mistakes when he faces a smart and disciplined defense. Hurts is not a prolific passer, but he is elite in ball protection and that's what NS values more than anything on offense. He will bench any player that becomes a liability to the production and execution of the game plan. Screw ups, turnovers, missed tackles, playing out of position and lack of effort will get you sidelined with the quickness, I've seen it in the cupcake games and in the national championship games.
  7. keesler

    Michigan State in deep trouble

    And this creep was allowed to practice his profession for years and years while the victims pile up? And no one raised a hand, called authorities, no parent tried to put a stop to it in all that time? It's almost unbelievable. But I recently watched "The Keepers" on NetFlix and the horrible things that took and were covered up at the highest level were truly unbelievable. Even the police & law enforcement officers abused and raped those girls at the instigation of the Priest in that school, and a teacher/Nun was murdered because she knew what was going on. The Priest operated a brothel behind the guise of a Catholic girls school - none of those girls spoke up until many years later.
  8. Damn! That's Saban type #'s right there.
  9. keesler

    2018-19 Bama GT C Brandon Kennedy

    This. But when Eddie Jackson was injured, Saban ended up needing Smith to fill the position after all.
  10. keesler

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    Absolutely! The SEC upgraded the coaching stock with the exception of the shrimp boat captain in Baton Rouge, and we still couldn't kick his ass last year with the most talented team we've had in yrs.
  11. keesler

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    I totally understand where you're coming from and I don't blame CGM for seeking out any advantage necessary to help his team reach their goals. What I'd love to know, and no one on this board was able to answer me yesterday is what the Auburn Administration has done to insure the topic is on the table for discussion and a vote in the SEC meeting that will commence in 2 weeks? Gus can beat that drum till the cows come home, but if his superiors haven't stepped up within the last 6 months and put the wheels in motion, prepared a plan to present to the conference for a schedule change and implemented a strategic plan to sway our conference brothers, then the drum beating is a futile endeavor. If our Administration hasn't made direct contact with the SEC office and Sankey specifically, then nothing will be accomplished and we'll all continue to be behind the eight ball in scheduling. This issue needs to be put on the table at the meetings if there is any chance of getting it passed in the next 2 yrs.
  12. keesler

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    This is the only time I can remember the subject getting this much mileage. I don't know why we weren't discussing the hell out of it in '14/'15/'16 when we lost to both all 3 of those years? It's a hot topic after last season and you can be assured the media & talking heads will pick it up this summer when they have nothing else to push out for consumption.
  13. keesler

    Gus sending ‘em to the League!!

    Good post. Putting them in the pro's is a huge selling point in recruiting, it also means you better have a top shelf development program in place to replace studs with studs and still consistently compete at a high level. I think AU's getting there, slowly but surely we're getting there.
  14. keesler

    Gus sending ‘em to the League!!

    Good on Gus, I hope this is really getting pushed on the recruiting trail. We know our biggest rivals have a lot to crow about in this area and they're pumping out the "NFL pipeline" showing the # of 1st rounders like crazy to the high school studs.