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  1. keesler

    Not liking this new 4 game rule

    Yep - Scholarship $$ was applied to the first semester tuition over a month ago.
  2. keesler

    Not liking this new 4 game rule

    Dang corch, you sure you want to try to make a case of Saban not using his talent with OJ Howard as the example?
  3. keesler

    Jalen, Nate And JM gone now.

    Well, thank goodness Arkansas is so putrid right now that even if our players show up in uniform with a semblance of a pulse they should handle the Hogs easily. I feel for Morris, he had to take the leftovers from Burt and now he has to start all over from scratch with a fan base that's been on suicide watch for the past 3 yrs.
  4. keesler

    Bama trolls

    Stale, lackluster, uneventful and the dang thing always ends around 10:00pm - it's just not a Rockin' scene or "the place to be" for you to really show your moves/get attention, or get into the head banging, super energy vibe.
  5. keesler

    Bama trolls

    Well, the party's low-key, even stale sometimes, the music's just ok - it has a nice beat at times and folks can dance to it, but the host (CGM/CCL) seriously limit the vibe and the ability to be creative.
  6. keesler

    Bama trolls

    👋Alright! Keep 'em moving folks.
  7. keesler

    Bama trolls

    +1 Kodi's been learning on the job and done well so far, he's nothing exceptional....but how exceptional can a WR coach be in an offense that implements a very limited passing game? Honestly, all recruits and more importantly their parent's should have their eyes open. They need to do even more research and acquaint themselves with the nuts 'n bolts of how the offenses/defenses operate, look at the history of the HC, look at how he funnels his players to the NFL, etc. before they jump on that scholarship. I also think there will be a rash of announced transfers from upperclassmen at lot of other programs in the coming weeks, which will lessen the negativity in the air right now. Hopefully AU won't be the lone kid on the block with players choosing to go elsewhere.
  8. keesler

    Bama trolls

    Oh, I'm not necessarily saying they are all Bama trolls. They could just as easily be UGA/LSU trolls or even a few Arkansas fans that feel spurned and pissed because the Hogs are at the rock bottom of the pig sty right now. My point was that there are a suspicious number of newbies that only grace the presence of this board after a game like Saturday. And then there are some regulars on here that post with an almost narcissistic personality and tunnel vision for an unmitigated hatred of all things uat/saban/uga/smart. IMHO, This is the best true Auburn board available. We all have our opinions and share them freely, and while there are often differing opinions, for the most part this place remains civil. A good solid discussion can be achieved on this board, and in today's world that's a rarity.
  9. keesler

    Bama trolls

    I question the validity of any poster on this board with an exceptionally low post count, and who only shows their face on the board after a day like last Saturday. I'm super suspicious of people that only post with one solitary agenda, those that to pile on the negativity after a loss, those that choose to only post about uat's cheating, those that continuously crap on the AU coaches & program and provide zero substance to back up their claims. Honestly, if you're a true AU fan, then you'd have had your ass in here all summer long getting through the dog days of summer with the rest of us. You'd be involved in the other AU sports forums. You'd have more input and participation in conversations during the off-season because this is the best AU board available and it's FREE!
  10. keesler

    Nate Craig-Myers

    They worked their asses off for Auburn, represented the school in a classy way, no trouble off the field, and some have already earned their degree AND done graduate work. They did what was ask of them from the coaching, compliance, and academic aspect. They are "Auburn Men" and they lived the "Creed", and you want to know if they are reimbursing their tuition all because they've chosen to continue to follow the NCAA rules and they've decided to take their talents elsewhere? WTH?
  11. keesler

    Not liking this new 4 game rule

    The new rule is there to help both the student-athlete and the coaching staff. It can't and shouldn't be all one-sided, the player should benefit more than the program. JMHO
  12. keesler

    Alabama is averaging 56.7 PPG

    He's had some crappy ass QBs to work with over the years (Wilson/Sims/Coker.) Now that he's got a couple of real weapons, the offense looks ok and they'll need it because that defense is not up to snuff by their standards.
  13. keesler

    Alabama is averaging 56.7 PPG

    Ain't that the truth! Some ladies & gents on this board (and a few other boards) never post a damn thing about Auburn football, they offer little to no insight or opinion on the actual game that takes place on the field. They have no opinion on our players, overall team production, or how our coaches have prepared and executed - nothing relative to the team at all. They never waste time posting about the schedule, the upcoming opponent, or even their experiences at the games. But look at their post history and it's one long and extensive list complaining, pointing fingers, juvenile name calling, blaming the REC/turds/Mean ole nickster for cheating. Some can write journals about the uat cheating machine and yet offer absolutely NOTHING about Auburn Football.
  14. keesler

    Question about Gus and play design

    He's doing a damn fine job as an analyst in SECN, I'd rather hear his commentary over anyone in the business today. He's comes prepared, he's well spoken, unbiased, intelligent, experienced, and knowledgeable about any topic relative to the game.
  15. keesler

    Nate Craig-Myers

    With the new 4 game red-shirt rule, players have more options and I think we'll start seeing a lot more transfers. Good for the player, IMO.