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  1. I hope your right and Harsin can do what other AU coaches haven't done in the past. Auburn could've and should've taken the spots of LSU/UGA/UF when those programs went through multiple coaching changes. We should've jumped LSU when they fired Les Miles AND jumped again when UGA fired Richt. But JABA we stayed on the roller coaster. Harsin knows he has to bring in the top talent with those guys if we want to contend with them. Build for the future and be prepared when the time comes.
  2. Well, now the season is officially over the NCAA needs make a final decision with this measure. I hate to think a lot of our players entered the portal thinking this things was already finalized.
  3. Because after Bo had struggled greatly, the offense was in Joey's play zone. Joey starts to run out on the field and Gus yanked him back on national TV and proceeded to let Bo continue to struggle. IF any freshman needed his butt on the bench it was the UF game. There have been other where I thought if Bo was benched for a series or two, he'd have been able to settle down, see the field and manage the defense better when he went back in. But Mr. Stubborn was trying to prove a point, I guess? IDK
  4. Loser talk just like our former HC's statements made prior to the '20 IB game. When the leader makes statements like that, He's lost the game mentally before it even started.
  5. The FBI's busy investigating the rednecks and skinheads that stormed the Capital instigated by and un-hinged President. Sorry to bring politics to this. UAT is consistent, and due to the path they've laid out for more than a decade now there are few ups and downs in their program. They prepare for adversity, they don't allow the success or failure of a season lay on one players shoulders. i.e. The lead WR goes down, another steps in and produces. The AA center goes down, another steps in and produces. We see their Freshman litter the field constantly even on the largest stage in the
  6. Can the guy play the 2021 season? It's important to get a QB that can compete immediately, like in Spring camp and push the competition up a few notches. If he's coming and has to sit a year due to transfer, then that helps in the future but not now.
  7. I'm glad you posted this Swamp. Like others said, there's a huge culture change taking place right now and we see it with players leaving for various reasons. We aren't brining in a top recruiting class, we're losing some depth and experience. These players have to learn the new staff, new schemes. new language and philosophy and balance school with football while we're still in a pandemic. To say "at worst we should win 8 games and it should be nine" seems premature IMO. The next 7-8 months will be tough for the coaches and players.
  8. Well hell, it looks like a new QB would have to be a graduate transfer to even make a difference in our situation for 2021 season. I understood any and all transfers got waivers and could play immediately in 2021 and not have to sit out a season. Now that's apparently not the case, what a crappy way for the NCAA to treat the players.
  9. I'm wondering if the Auburn players that hit the portal recently know they can't play for an entire year? Seems that if they knew that, maybe they'd have been willing to give the new staff a chance.
  10. Buffers McL, It's called Buffers.
  11. The good thing is that there's a fat staff to perform back-ground checks at AU and Rich McGlynn is a known hard-ass on compliance. Whether Friend was fully vetted, and AU received an all-clear from the UT investigator's is yet to be known?
  12. You may be right, I just have a hard time believing McGlynn/Greene and the dozens of other AD & Compliance folks at USC & Auburn completely overlooked the UT investigation and chose to hire the guy? IDK
  13. That poster sounds irked that Auburn fired a HC with "winning records every year", like our fanbase shouldn't have expected better than the consistent 4-5 loss seasons from a staff that was pulling one of the nation's top 5 salaries.
  14. No one knows what's going on in the dysfunctional cesspool at UT. But we ALL know Philip Fulmer can not be trusted, we saw what he did to Johnny Majors back in the day.
  15. It's a risk. And after the Chuck Persons fiasco we know things happen that AU Compliance may not be able to monitor. Auburn is protected from the NCAA for any actions Friend may have incurred while he was at UT though. What he does during is employment with AU falls on Auburn, just like any other coach on our staff.
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