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  1. Gus is most definitely an A+ hire for UCF and their level of football. UT under normal circumstances should've been able to pull better than Heupel, he's not A material but he's the best that program can do right now.
  2. You shouldn't stay home because you're not vaccinated, others have to choose whether they want to take the risk of sitting an unvaccinated fans or not. It's a simple choice every fan will have to make. Sounds like Auburn will sell the full allotment of seats, people can decide if they want to put their butt's in them or not.
  3. I admit you're better translating Mikey saying than I am. Frankly, I just don't see an issue with potential portal players communicating with potential programs before they officially entre the portal. The portal is overflowing this year and back channel communications are a necessity.
  4. Jeremiah 5:21 ‘Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not’.
  5. My goodness Mike. Are you trying to compare Bruce's Asst HC working behind his back paying (Auburn alum parents) $$ to sign with an agent once the player leaves Auburn to some random portal player having communication about a potential roster spot?
  6. Good! It's about dadgum time Auburn operates like the rest of the league in recruiting. It's cut throat and if we have to push the envelope to get our fair share of the talent then so be it. Highly rated players would be fools to enter the portal without guarantees they have a landing spot on another team. Communication behind the scenes are a necessity IMO.
  7. NS makes the expectations crystal clear to every person involved with that program. Lays out a plan and a detailed process for achieving excellence. They aren't perfect, but everyone knows where they stand and and they all have a choice to make the minute they enter that program. "Keep the main thing the main thing." Dr. Kevin Elko
  8. Yes, but I don't fully blame the coaching staff for the rumored mishap in changing recruiting due to Covid. They obviously shared part of the blame, but Auburn employs a large recruiting and player management staff that could've/should've rolled with the times and not gotten caught off guard when they couldn't have prospects on campus. (I'm vaguely remembering someone on this board mentioning that our staff was not prepared for the covid changes to recruiting.) Maybe things have changed and improved in that respect. I'd still like to see AU publicize their NIL plan for the student-athle
  9. YES, they absolutely should. Either have a full staff assigned to NIL or hire a third party. To not address this immediately would be idiotic IMO.
  10. I think back to something I think BigBird?? mentioned about Auburn not having a plan to recruit and connect with prospects when they weren't allowed on-campus visits due to Covid. I felt like it was utterly ridiculous that an Athletic Department as well staffed and pulling in +$100mm/yr weren't able to adjust the recruiting processes to acclimate for Covid. Hopefully a lesson was learned and they've got a program to educate the athletes on NIL.
  11. AND MSU releases their plan: quote: Per MSU Media Relations Mississippi State Athletics announced Monday it will be the first university in the country to implement the COMPASS NIL platform to aid its student-athletes in maximizing and monetizing name, image, and likeness opportunities. COMPASS will provide all MSU student-athletes with NIL education, deal disclosure, and compliance monitoring tools in one easy-to-use platform. “We’re looking forward to this partnership with CLC and Game Plan,” MSU Director of Athletics John Cohen said. “This will be an incredible resource to
  12. Back to your original question, I have no idea what Auburn has in the works as it relates to NIL. I feel like AU would have enough forward thinking people in the Administration that they've most certainly have a program similar to UA/UGA are doing.
  13. From April 22nd Smart coaches and schools will get out in front of this thing now that many states have signed NIL bills recently. It would allow schools to educate their athletes and help them understand what constitutes a payment for NIL, helps them canvas agents and educate them on marketing themselves while also teaching them about personal finances. Maybe it will offset the craziness that will likely follow when the NCAA decides how to treat NIL in the future. It's always best to plan for what's inevitably coming and do it better than everyone else.
  14. Gus is a good coach. Being good isn't good enough in today's SEC where an SEC team or two make the CFP every single year. Auburn gave him a lucrative one-sided contract which ultimately resulted in zero accountability. As a result of that contract Gus became apathetic which is the worst trait to acquire as a HC in the toughest division of the strongest conference in the nation.
  15. Harsin got here at the end of the season. How the hell was conditioning an issue at the end to the year when players had already played 10 games and were going through bowl game practice/prep? Every year we'd see videos of the gym rats and power lifters on this board. Many folks bragged about the hype video's, now the new HC basically says they were slow and weak?
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