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  1. Expense is not an issue for the NFL. They use the piss test because they don't want a more accurate, long term testing tool for these guys,they don't want anything too stringent that could affect their revenue stream with the new crop of players. The NFL chooses to use a weak test that can be easily tampered with, and manipulated. JMO.
  2. Why not do blood testing?
  3. Winning at that level consistently has to still be joyful, why else do it? I'd have to think the winning becomes methodical, but he somehow finds a way of fighting complacency within his program, that can't be an easy task. I imagine he's so anal and OCD that anything that falls out of his plan (a loss or two) must drive the man you said, panic attacks. For a perfectionist/driven person like that it must be a psychological nightmare. It's been a while, but I'm glad Auburn made his list and he'll never forget that L.
  4. I guess when you become accustomed to only dropping a game, maybe two a year, the losses are much tougher to get over. They stand out and you rehash every play and analyze the hell out of 'em.
  5. It's 2 weeks before the Bama matchup, it had to be the REC.
  6. Ummmm, the Corey thread was locked because of speculation/allegations/rumors. But when he was a coach on the national championship runner up team and the heir apparent to take over HC when pops retires out of nowhere resigns to "focus on family", rumors will fly. The Fagan thread was locked when rumors/alleged prior issues about her siblings were brought forth. So I'm sure this thread will be locked down once stuff gets too heated in here. There's no point in airing our dirty laundry on our own forum, that's what our rivals are for.
  7. Good Point! Anything to slow their roll over there and throw up a road block or two will help the whole conference.
  8. Great news! We need him, glad he has stayed academically eligible and will be here for summer works/fall practice. WDE Kyle!
  9. I get where you're coming from, I just wish something would slow down uat's recruiting roll. I'm sure unbiased and cooler heads prevailed within the NCAA, they were able to see the big picture and chose to accept uat's self-imposed corrective action. I'd just like to see a few road blocks thrown in front of that machine over there.
  10. I feel like the public statement/stand made by AU was sufficient enough to cover the entirety of Auburn University including but not limited to the football program. "We strongly deplore his views, which run counter to those of this institution."
  11. Thank you! The last thing I want to hear/see on the news is an Auburn coach from any sport making a public statement about what should have been a low key speech by a radical on our campus. Best just to let this water run under the bridge, folks will forget all about it by the weekend anyway.
  12. Ehh, we must always remember the is still a group above Jacobs that pulls the strings just like it was when Tubs was here, when Chizik was here, and even now when Malzhan is here. Jacobs does not make decisions all by himself, especially the really important decisions about AU's lifeblood sport.
  13. Mere mention of that scenario still makes me cringe......add in Tim Jackson running sh!t and I
  14. Disassociate the "booster", fire the coach, pay $5,000 restitution, restrict the new DL coach for a few weeks from the recruiting trail, pay off the terminated coach to stfu. The NCAA accepts uat's corrective action and they're satisfied to allow the "process" roll on unencumbered. I'm not saying the ncaa should've forced them to pay more money for restitution, or further restricted recruiting visits by their staffers, etc. But the NCAA could've at least banned UAT from recruiting that particular high school for at least 2 yrs, that penalty would've hit them harder than anything else.
  15. Saban's had 'em for years. To be frankly honest, I'm glad someone at Auburn has decided to copy what uat is doing relative to having staff on hand to better prepare our players and game plan for the opponent. At times, I've felt like Gus was deficient in game planning for his opponent - he creates a game plan each week for his offense and doesn't prepare for the team he faces. It's like we've played checkers and the opponent is playing chess, and we just get out schemed with a coach that can't make adjustments during the game, on the field. Bravo for hiring guys that do nothing but sit back and analyze opponents, find their tendencies and relay that info to the HC & Coordinators! Welcome back Al!