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  1. I’m gassing up the torches out back right now.
  2. They may let baby Tua get in to run it out. That last drive went for +8minutes. Oh well this one turned out like they usually do, but the Cocks tried to spur ‘em for a while.
  3. They will be lost if they have to rely on Mack Jones.
  4. I’m not stupid ma’am. He can make an attempt to settle this behind the scenes but we all know that will go nowhere. He made a poor decision when his guys scored a TD, now he will stand on the sideline and watch his guys be relegated to settling for FGs as he tries to find a way to navigate one of the toughest schedules in the country.
  5. The oline is gelling better than the first half. They’re going to the TE some and mixing things up and moving down the field.
  6. I don’t see it, I’ve seen their oline get pushed around, their kicking game is sketchy and their defense has given up tons of yarda. Now they will do what they do and wear them down. But I dint think Bama is that good.
  7. He’s just been vanilla man, he’s going to blow this offense out any day now.
  8. And they don’t have an elite oline and they are still able to execute. Their passing routes make me envious, because we have the WR talent to do the same.
  9. Ok man I can’t help it, it irritates me. I want to see a HC fight just as hard as he expects his players to fight.
  10. Well damn! That quick drive mixing the run and the pass to score a TD.
  11. You should be pissed dude. He failed to request a review before the half, he didn’t even call a TO, unsteady he kept his team in the hurry up offense, yet he’s irate at the refs? He could’ve at least made them do their job.
  12. I’m well aware of how sec officiating operates. At minimum Muschamp should’ve had it reviewed.
  13. They have no running game, period. And Tua still pushes things and tries to do too much, but that oline can’t open up holes for the RBs. Heck, they aren’t protecting the QB well either.
  14. His offense was wearing down that defense, they were driving and he owes it to his players to ask for a review rather than lay down to uat and those crappy refs. JMHO if you’re asking your players to fight, then you should for fight for them on the sidelines.