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  1. Saban or Bear

    Good Lord! This sounds like some of the crap that goes on in our own damn Athletic Department.....Praying about everything, invoking God into decision making and giving all the glory to the Almighty.
  2. Saban or Bear

    They've been in the CFP every freaking year with 4 teams, expanding to 8 would only make the next poor guy that replaces NS have an easier road every year.
  3. Saban or Bear

    +1 How the hell could the media totally avoid a solid football program? How can they NOT report a team that wins consistently. Hell, we were the media darlings the moment the Iron Bowl clock ticked down. Auburn football, Gus Malzhan, Stidham, our entire defense and oline's were the toast of ESPN and the SECNetwork. The media can't ignore dominating teams, they can't deny winning coaches their time in the spotlight. IMHO, Auburn just needs to WIN more!
  4. Hugh Freeze

    I've just had no use for Freeze once the NCAA allegations came out in detail. Many folks on here were behind him, and blamed vehemently blamed Bama and Saban for turning him in to the NCAA because he beat them twice. Why in the world would the man take a position on the staff of the very man that blew the whistle on him? Ole Miss was Hugh's dream job, why would he work, and plan and scheme to help the man that ultimately ruined his dream job?
  5. Hugh Freeze

    Well, that's a big difference then.
  6. Hugh Freeze

    The NCAA is completely impotent if they didn't ban him from recruiting as part of his sanctions. WTH does it teach a former HC who watched that Booster/Recruit/Player scheme unfold right before his eyes if he can jump right back on the recruiting trail with a different colored shirt with another team's logo on the pocket?
  7. Hugh Freeze

    They're running a freak Rehab Center for wayward coaches over there. This is a huge black eye on their program, why take on this guy when they don't have to? The stuff HF allowed to happen right under his nose in his own program, and his stupidity for carelessly using a company phone to call hookers is a serious character flaw IMO.
  8. #48 for bammer

    You're right. Meanwhile, daddy just paid the tuition for that summer class because my "little Miss" doesn't want to take Micro Biology at Auburn next Fall, it's too hard and time consuming........ She'd rather knock it out in 5 weeks as an online class this summer so that it won't interfere with the Fall activities on the Plains.
  9. #48 for bammer

    I'm not sure how NCAA student-athletes are treated, but my child is a full time student at AU who has applied, been accepted, enrolled and is registered for classes with another college for a summer class. All it took was a transient letter from Auburn which showed that AU would allow the kid to take the class and would accept the credits from the course. I don't know why student-athletes would be treated any differently, but the NCAA is so weird, who knows?
  10. #48 for bammer

    I'm sure it'll be chalked up to the price the midget is willing to pay for success.
  11. #48 for bammer

  12. Bama looking for another offensive coordinator

    It mus be nice to "regress" to their level.
  13. The most difficult schedule in 2018

    My bad... Hey, lionheartkc throws some off the wall stuff out on this board. There have been way too many times that I thought he was joking only to find out he was serious as hell. Some of his defenses of CGM over the last 3-4 years have really blurred the line between witticism and seriousness.
  14. Football policy changes

    That's a thought....But now folks are clamoring to expand the CFP which theoretically "could" have a team playing 16 freaking games a year if they somehow make to the NC game. There are teams that would push for more than a 52 game cap, although those teams are usually playing at an elite level where their players are gone before those 5 yrs are up anyway.
  15. Saban or Bear

    I don't understand your assertion. One team can back up their claims as the best football power in the SEC, the other has never won anything worth a s#!t in football in their entire existence.