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  1. Gonna need to do at least a half a dozen feasibility studies and bring on a committee or two in the process. Then canvas the fan base again to see if they are willing to open those wallets and pay for what they "say" they want to enhance the "Game Day Experience." After all of that's done, we'll have to crunch the numbers from the final feasibility study and then hope like hell it will fly when we take it before the BOT for presentation and God willing it'll get final approval. This all takes time...and studies....and plans .... and survey's ...and committee's. The last thing we need to do is fly off the handle and jump out and actually sling brick 'n mortar like Clemson/Miami/Louisville/Tennessee/MSU/OleMiss/UGA/LSU/aTm.
  2. Whether I'm correct/incorrect about the details of the case, does it really matter? I still fail to see how Auburn can recoup expenses from a mentally challenged senior citizen with health problems. The poster that I was replying to mentioned forcing him to work off the debt with a job at $10/hr for 1000 hrs......The man is missing a chromosome, he is now elderly and would likely stroke out on the streets of Auburn if forced to do a days work. If you can't take the $$ out of his physical labor and he is indigent, then how else can AU seek recompense?
  3. The judge ordered payment/restitution of +$800,000 of which includes court and legal fees to be paid with minimum monthly payments of $100/month. He served his 6 month jail sentence, and as of Sept '16 was current in his minimum payments of $100/mo. Not sure how much "work" a city can squeeze out of a senior citizen aged man that's mentally handicapped and has age related health conditions? The whole situation is disappointing and irritating for the Auburn Family. I just see no possible way for Auburn to recoup the expenses that have been and continue to be spent on the multiple (upto 6 mature trees) transplants that we keep hoping and praying will flourish for our time honored tradition on Toomer's Corner. At least the German was financially able to pay for his idiotic actions. But did the +/-$25,000 he paid even cover the transportation and planting costs for the two new adult trees that will be going in the ground?
  4. Considering what our offense has looked like the last few years, I don't blame him. Play calling was pitiful at times, tempo has been nonexistent, red-zone production hovering around the bottom for about 2 1/2 seasons. Tons of talent at AU, but the offense has sputtered around like a flooded carburetor.
  5. They have a dang good offensive scheme and they recruit the players to execute it very well.
  6. Sure, but only if Coach Fester will agree to "help recruit" for us. Otherwise, we're on our own trying to recruit his players.
  7. This is interesting. Louisiana HS coaches are a testy bunch. Just last week a group of NOLA coaches met to discuss possibly boycotting LSU coaches from coming on campus all because they were pissed that Ed Orgeron had fired one of their former co-workers. In the end cooler heads prevailed and they decided that blocking/boycotting one of the top SEC programs in the country probably wasn't a good idea.
  8. Indeed +1 to the coaching staff for cleaning things up. Kudo's to Steele and his staff for putting a very good and very disciplined D on the field.
  9. He was held accountable and the consequences were jail time, of which the idiot served. You can't get blood from a turnip, he is a mental case with zero assets, no job, no income. How do you suggest AU get compensation?
  10. It's a battle folks! AU better get the BIG Guns out now.
  11. I understand where you are coming from mcgufcm. My main point was that while the 1st NOA did not charge Freeze with specific violations, he was still involved with a booster that was later disassociated from OM, and Freeze was well aware that the booster provided what the NCAA labels as impermissible benefits to a number of recruits and their families. Freeze and his staff (Harris/Kiffin) organized transportation, lodging and meals for multiple recruits with a booster. Now, OM will appeal to the NCAA and say the Memphis guy wasn't a "booster", but all they had to do was get the man vetted through their Compliance and get him cleared with the NCAA. The guy even paid for tutoring and clothing for at least one recruit.....How could OM/Freeze think that was allowable? JMHO, when allegations cover multiple sports, multiple Athletic Directors, and multiple coaching staffs then Ole Miss (the Institution) failed to control their programs. When academic fraud occurred and when improprieties continued to occur while the school is under NCAA investigation (Tunsil), then the Ole Miss failed to monitor their programs. I don't see how OM can avoid getting Lack of Institutional Control and Failure to Monitor. They dang sure didn't strive to provide an atmosphere of Compliance.
  12. What? AU has had 3 HC's in the last decade and we are 3-7 vs uat. Hell, we're 3-7 vs LSU and 2-8 vs the stinking Dawgs Back to the Trees......I hope the new guys flourish!
  13. What have they done with the half dozen adult transplants that haven't flourished in the last few years? Are they transplanted elsewhere in hopes of survival or do they end up in the chipper?
  14. A second stringer smokin weed? Ehhh - run a few laps
  15. It's high time our HC takes these multiple top 10 recruiting classes and turns them into top 10 ranked teams at the end of the year when it actually matters. Screw all this preseason rankings crap and kowtowing to the underdog mentality, just field a consistent top 10 team with the talent at AU's disposal.