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  1. I have a hard time throwing shade on the OL for that Clemson game. My God, they probabaly didn't know who they were blocking for half the time with that QB carousel Gus trotted in the field.
  2. The trend Gus has been on from 2014-2016 won't cut it and Gus knows it. You can't keep losing to your two biggest rivals while also managing to go 1-3 in bowl games. This is the year for a huge up tick, Gus supposedly has all the pieces in place to make a solid run. He's got the opportunity to really show the nation he's got this bus back on track with a solid wins at BOTH Death Valleys in week 2 vs CU and in week 7 vs LSU. A battle of 3 Tiger teams!
  3. This had to be in the works if they've already name the OC Riley as HC. Strange timing.
  4. Strictly looking at the W-L record it wasn't a complete disaster. From a coaching/roster management/play calling/preparedness standpoint, it was inept. And a coach pulling +$4mm/yr shouldn't look inept on the sidelines in his 4th year at the helm of a big time SEC program. Here's to a better showing this year!
  5. It's ridiculous to see comments from the Ole Miss fan base about Cam Newton while they are getting racked over the coals by the NCAA.
  6. Auburn/GUS needs to make a solid statement in BOTH Death Valley's early in the season. If we come out of Clemson & Baton Rouge with losses in Sept & Oct. then the games with our two biggest rivals in November will be an up hill battle as we haven't had a mentally tough team in a long time. Winning in both Death Valley's would be huge confidence boosters for the players AND the coaches. Get It Done GUS!
  7. Wait, I thought the wish/dream for AU to move East was to renew our old rivals and had nothing to do with uat's/Saban's dominance in the West?
  8. My how times have changed. I distinctly remember in yrs past threads popping up every off-season about Saban leaving for another shot at the NFL.....Was it Cleveland that was willing to give him a cut of the franchise to get him, or was it Cincinnati? Then there were a few threads with Saban to Texas, the oil barons were going to assume his bad real estate investments AND pay him $10mm/yr to take over the Longhorns. Folks said he hated the turds and would bolt at the first chance - he was selfish and would never coach anywhere for more than 5 yrs, he'd never be able to recruit at the LSU level, he'd never win a championship. Now here we are a decade later projecting the man's retirement. :rofl:
  9. Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida do not want Auburn in the East - they made their wishes known to the previous commish years ago. Alabama/Tennessee won't be persuaded to give up their annual rivalry game. Why would South Carolina agree to make their schedule tougher? Why would Mizzou want to move West after they've already won their division twice since they've been in the SEC? Really and truly, the media needs to get out in front of this and do some leg work. They need to actually ask the AD's of every team in the conference how they feel about Auburn going East. Then everyone would know how much pull Auburn has in this conference.
  10. JMO, the NCAA will not be negotiating in the least with OleMiss. They are dealing with Academic Fraud in addition to improprieties in multiple sports, spanning multiple coaching regimes and multiple AD's. The NCAA doesn't have to make concessions in this case - they spent 4+ years investigating that mess and they have enough on them that if only 1/4 of the allegations stick as Level 1 then OM is screwed to the wall.
  11. A bunch of folks with too much time on their hands. Sensitive snowflakes.
  12. And there we have it, discussion OVER! Till this time next year when the message boards and bored media members stir that old moldy pot again and start pressing fossils like Pat Dye for his "opinion" on the matter.
  13. My personal opinion on the allegations during Freeze's tenure are that I have no doubt he is a good man, a good family man, and a good coach. I don't doubt that he preached non-stop to his staff to do things the "right way", he lectured his coaches and players on the importance of staying within the rules and regulations of compliance. He drove home the message all day about operating within the NCAA rules. At the end of the day, it's very apparent Freeze failed to monitor his staff, his own players (Tunsil), and the recruiting practices of his coaches. There was a system in place within the program at the highest level (Athletic Dept) where Barney Farrar was facilitating interaction between boosters and recruits. The Asst AD (Farrar) orchestrated certain boosters and organized meetings and methods for the booster to provide impermissible benefits to active players as well as potential recruits. It was done multiple times and never ceased even while the NCAA was all up in their business. More than a few OM people lied to the NCAA investigators and withheld information relative to the investigation. We all know the NCAA will hammer you harder for lying than for the actual deed. Rumor has it, OM plans to release the names of the boosters very soon....that should be interesting.
  14. Thanks for posting this. It's nothing more than off-season fodder that gets regurgitated every single off season. Auburn doesn't have the backing to even put the proposal on the table for serious discussion among the rest of the conference. UGA/UT/UF doesn't want Auburn in the East. Why would Mizzou want to move West when they've won the East twice since they joined the SEC? Why would USCe would want have to play a team annually that has killed them every chance they get?
  15. Freeze is on the brink of combustion. The NCAA has pinned OleMiss with Lack of Institutional Control and tagged Freeze with Failure to Monitor his staff/players/program. Now, OM attorney's will put up a defense in front of the COI, but Academic Fraud coupled with OM staffers & players lying to the NCAA, in addition to the Asst Athletic Director orchestrating payments in broad daylight (via cell phone/texts) coupled with actively coordinating boosters and recruit interaction with the boosters making payments to recruits will torch that program and ALL involved.