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  1. Absolutely! And Sankey's not-so-glowing remarks he made in a presser at SEC Media Days this week. He's pretty much done with the NCAA and said a massive overhaul was needed.
  2. A coaching staff maintains rules and expectations for their team. Student-athletes will abide by the team rules OR suffer the consequences, like always.
  3. Are you aware that Auburn was one of the first schools to announce that they have a program (Spirit) in place to educate and guide our student-athletes with NIL? The Supreme Court decision relative to NIL rendered the NCAA completely impotent and any rules they ever had regarding NIL are now non-existent. Athletes now operate in a free market and they can seek and accept as much $$ and compensation as their likeness will bring them.
  4. It just ratchets up the competition a few more rungs on the ladder. Auburn could get lost in the shuffle and become a solid mid-tier SEC program OR they can pony up millions more and stand firmly toe to toe with those programs you mentioned.
  5. This should make a coach's jobs easier, one less thing to worry about. An 85% vaccination level removes the need to test everyone multiple times a week, leaves more time for folks to focus and concentrate their time and energies on football.
  6. I'm just glad there's now equal opportunity for every athlete to step up to the swill bucket and feast on the groceries. It's wide open now, nothing's holding them back or preventing every athlete from enjoying the fruits of their labor, commitment and sacrifices. They can all enjoy a piece of the pie.
  7. Kinda like the same thing that happens to the pro's with endorsement deals.
  8. NCAA regulate NIL money and endorsements? Bo Nix has the exact same opportunities as Bryce Young (even more because Bo is a proven QB) to pull the same money.
  9. I'd think Harsin is too damn busy doing his job, getting acclimated to this conference, the cut-throat recruiting wars and the pcoming season to even give the behind-the-scenes workings of AU AD a second thought. One hates to hear things that have been leaked out and I believe we all had/have high hopes for AG and the future at athletics. I commend Gogue for placing the General in the AD. Now when the inevitable change of the guard takes place it should be a smooth seamless transition.
  10. It looks like Gogue (sp) has every intention of changing course. Greene cut expenses a couple of yrs ago and it appears put a freeze on spending. I'm sure he was directed to go to such drastic measures. But when promises were made and coaches expect their superiors to live up the those promises, the AD has to honor them even if he has to get creative with the books to make things work financially. Greene stepped into a mess left by Jacobs with lawsuits that probably cost a ton then a 10% across the board budget cut - the next year Covid hits to world and massive loss in revenue.
  11. So Greene is toast? I mean IF Gouge has already stated or made innuendo's that he wants the new president to choose a new AD, then Greene is gone. Dang, I hate that.
  12. I heard that show as well and the morning show with McNight/Longshore and they all are pretty much saying the same things. All this time I thought Gouge didn't GAS about AU Athletics, turns out he's very involved his second time around. When coaches are going straight up to the president, well um...... One of the hosts specifically asked the guest if did he think Greene would still be at Auburn at the end of the year? The guest said NO. Of course that's just a couple of radio guys opinion, no one knows what will end up happening.
  13. I'm curious what other boards you view? I'm rarely online with any consistency (life's hectic), but when I am I always come here and that's about it for my viewing all things AU.
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