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  1. I don’t care for the serial killer psyche stuff, but I love to delve into various religions and cults, etc.
  2. Then you suck all the juice out of him while he’s here and IF he bolts you arent paying millions along with the other guys to not coach at Auburn. How many football coaches have left Auburn for what they think is a better job?
  3. I heard that, IMO Dad should’ve never said a word and Zack is an ass for even bringing him on the show. Dad sounded like he was blaming the coaches for crappy playcalling, the olinemen for their crappy execution, etc. He admitted his son could’ve made better decisions, but never addressed TJs INT’s. Just a bad interview from an aggravated parent of a player and neither helps TJ or AUBURN right now.
  4. Good Lord! High school locker rooms at 6A schools in Alabama are 10 times nicer than that.
  5. His team played Bama yesterday.
  6. Help all you can man, this place is overrun with discussion after that circus yesterday. I’m sure the Rant is ripe too.
  7. Auburn needs to take their AD AND HC - get it done Prez Roberts!
  8. He was a full fledged Evangelical when he made his Redemption Tour. He can turn on the sobbing tears like no other.
  9. Have Tim Jackson bird dog him like he had to do for some of our players under Chiz. Lol
  10. https://thecomeback.com/ncaa/hugh-freeze-liberty-dm-sexual-assault.html
  11. https://thecomeback.com/ncaa/hugh-freeze-liberty-dm-sexual-assault.html Hugh can’t help himself, he’d have to be monitored 24/7 on his cellphone usage. And he’d need a “handler” when he’s out of town working.
  12. Freeze went on a Redemption Tour while he served his time away from football. Urban has no shame and makes no apologies.
  13. Urban at Auburn? He bailed on this conference when things got tough for him. He’s an angina attack waiting to happen with the pressure he’d be under here. Y’all saw the pic of him a a bar recently with his hands all up in some random girls cooch?
  14. There isn’t even one coach on this team that has the chops to act as interim for an SEC level program today. Not even one.
  15. What do you think after watching that game yesterday? Auburn got blown off the ball all day leaving QBs running for their lives. Our defense gave up 245 yds on the ground and refused to tackle. Even Tank wouldn’t step up and block when needed. Seriously, did that look like a jacked up bunch of strong players that could impose their will on the opponent?
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