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  1. Wild man Cochran coaching on the field? WOW Whoever Kirby has had juicing his players, they started that yrs ago. Pickens bulked up to a hoss in less than a yr in the weight room, so uga already had the secret sauce in the mix to get those players swole.
  2. If student-athletes are allowed to get paid for their likeness then what's to stop Nike/UA/Adidas from paying tons to prospective college basketball players for a shoe endorsement or an apparel signing? What's to stop Oregon from all but guaranteeing a recruit that old Phil with Nike and assure them top dollar for their likeness?
  3. I've thought of that. Cali gave the NCAA ample time to react to the bill they passed in Oct '19 as it doesn't take effect until 1/1/23. Recruiting for 2023 will start in earnest probably by Fall of 2021 and there are close to 2 dozen other States pushing the law forward in their legislature that will likely pass in the 2020 session. What's to prevent Cali/Washington/Oregon/Colorado/Florida/Kentucky/SoCarl/NY/Minnesota/Maryland, etc from offering compensation packages in the form of guaranteed autograph sessions to recruits? Packages where a school like Oregon with a power recruiter like Mario Christobal has the backing of Phil Knight and can make some damn strong offers to HS 5*'s. Recruiting would be awfully tough for other P5 programs that can't offer the same benefits to Momma at her dining room table on an in-house visit.
  4. Auburn chooses to take $6MM from academics to subsidize AU athletics and they continue to increase student fees yearly. Other SEC schools never charge the students or touch tuition AND they find a way to make substantial contributions to the Academic side annually. It's a choice that each school makes, and if other SEC programs can get by without bleeding the students in fees, then I fail to see why Auburn can't do the same?
  5. Why can't we pull a former CFB HC or NFL Asst coach to staff the analyst spots when needed? A couple of our biggest rivals are doing it, why can't we?
  6. "If you don't go to church the Devil will get you!" Not too far up I65N on the left you'll find an enormous confederate flag up on a hill waving in a spotlight officially representing the Sons of the Confederate Soldiers memorial site. Crazy people abound in this State.
  7. Who smokes Mexican weed anymore? We have some find home grown bud right here in the good old US of A. Buy American people!
  8. The NCAA has been on notice since Cali passed their bill in Nov '19. The law gave ample time (2 yrs) for the NCAA to respond and enact rules and regulations to address the new State laws that will be in full force. I think the NCAA could be dealing with over 2 dozen State laws within the next 2 recruiting cycles and I hope an pray Alabama is one of them.
  9. Add the hired authenticator to certify the autograph is the real deal .....aka Johnny Manziel's autograph sessions arranged in hotel rooms where a registered individual authenticated each and every item of memorabilia "JFF" signed till his hand nearly fell off. Don't forget the trunks full of items stacked on the dinning room table so little Johnny had something to occupy his time when he was home for the HoliDazzzze.
  10. This takes me back to the movie Blue Chips in a way. The African-American single mom of 4 wanted a house in a safe neighborhood, a 3BR/2BA with a walk-in closet, she would've been the first in her family to actually own a home. She wanted a job where she could go to work, do a job and in return she could make a decent living and provide for her family so she wouldn't have to struggle to make a living.
  11. Get ready for Agents to feast like piranha. Momma will need an agent to manage the numerous autograph sessions, commercials & photo shoots and help them broker the strong ass offers from the highest paying schools. Every program will have equal opportunity to put the best compensation package on the table.🤑
  12. keesler


    Bob had to be tired of the constant grind and pressure from the alum/fan base. They want a NC in Norman and he always came close but could deliver enough. Looks like Lincoln is still stuck in the same mold over there....sooooo close but can't deliver the big trophy.
  13. He's been doing this for a decade and now LSU is finally catching up. At one in time he had over half a dozen former HC's/NFL coaches working as coordinators/position coaches than any other program. He's had the likes of Mario Christobal/Mel Tucker/Lane Kiffin and now Butch Jones/Charlie Strong and numerous others are plugging away at schemes and game planning. The man annually brings in Super Bowl winning HC's & Assts for his summer camps and big time professionally recognized athletes (rip Kobe) to speak to his team.
  14. THAT's the one he's referring to! The one that everybody (including myself) swore was a cancer and would sink uat's program. Yep that's over-hyped Lame Kitten. 😂
  15. It won't affect them one bit. The local merchant's i.e. bars/eateries/pubs are booming on game day and after the games to the point where the lines and wait list are up to 1-2hrs just get in the place. A patron or fan from the game having a few stadium beers won't decrease the foot traffic or sales of the local merchant's. I just fail to see anything but a win-win for AU from a revenue standpoint. AD Greene has been squeezing ever dime in the AD and making broad cuts to the athletic budget, he's a penny-pincher surely he see the windfall this type of income will generate.