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  1. keesler

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Still no word on this drop? That's pretty drastic even for summer.
  2. keesler

    could be easiest home slate in years

    It's all on CGM to change the narrative, remove the doubt, and prove he can be a great HC at this level. Where you state that he has been compared to Saban for his approach to the game is a little fuzzy to me. IMO, there is very little similarity between CGM & CNS and how they operate their programs, develop their talent, develop and prepare their Coordinators and Asst coaches, and how they game-plan and approach their opponents each week. I've witnessed too many of Gus' teams get on the field and look lost/unprepared, I've seen poor communication from sideline to the field on many occasions as well. Numerous times I've felt there were opportunities for "in-game" adjustments on both offense and/or defense and none were made, some of those adjustments really hinged on a W or L. At the end of the day CGM is a good coach. The problem is we fans see some of our most hated rivals hoist the hardware over and over and over and over again, and we realize Auburn needs a great coach to reach those goals.
  3. keesler

    10 wins this year?

    It irritates the hell outta me that in the world of 12 regular season games in college ball, it's been 30 decades since Auburn has found a way to win 10 back to back. Just like with some of CGM's tendencies, I'm going to have to see it with my own eyes to believe it will happen. Back to back 10 wins is not some herculean task, yet it seems insurmountable for Auburn.
  4. keesler

    could be easiest home slate in years

    Averaging 4 losses a year and zero bowl wins while pulling in an elite salary will not go far, even at a place like Auburn. His tendencies to crap the bed a couple of games a year, his stubborn as a goat ways of managing his dang roster rotation, and his bone-headed play-calling coupled with a piss poor ability to make crucial in-game adjustments will only be tolerated at his current pay scale for so long before it's off with his head. Now I personally don't feel at this time that AU can do any better at the HC position That may not always be the case though, especially with old Goober gone from the AD position. Once other coaches see the talent level, recruiting ability, facility upgrades, fan support, and financial backing this program has with a top shelf AD in charge who has a bright and innovative personality, Auburn could finally be an attractive destination for a top flight HC. Bottom line, Gus has the necessary tools, resources, and weapons to put Auburn in the CFP this year. GET IT DONE because the excuses are wearing thin.
  5. keesler

    could be easiest home slate in years

    I wonder if the Alabama folks use the injury excuse for their bad game vs Auburn in last year's Iron Bowl? Injuries to their lb corps hit them pretty hard by the end of the regular season.
  6. It's weird how at the time AU schedules these marque OOC games, the teams are middling.....but by the time we actually play them they're championship contenders. Clemson is the first opponent .....then we got killed by Oklahoma in a bowl game and they proceeded to make the CFP following season and now we get to open with a Washington team who made the '16 playoffs. For years Auburn has been head-to-head and in the national spotlight in prime time games with some of the best teams in football today - it's high time AU wins these big time match-ups and make it to the CFP!
  7. keesler

    could be easiest home slate in years

    There is a disconnect somewhere, as my response to AU64's post had very little to do with the losses of other teams. AU64 posted, "the folks that like to thump on Gus need to get a better story line than his "bad losses." He then proceeded to list a group of teams with losses during the '17 season as examples of "bad losses." My response was simple, only Gus can change the story line and when he finds a way to stop averaging 4 losses a year he may be able to have his team in the playoffs like CU/UAT/UGA/OK/OSU have done during the playoff era. People won't feel the need to thump on Gus if he'll pick up the pace, stop the idiotic/head scratching game plans and in-game decisions that result in inexplicable losses every year, and just win a dang bowl game for crying out loud.
  8. It's crap like this that sent the whole saga into a tailspin. The kid was short more than just one class credit, HE didn't to take care of business in the classroom resulting in no clearance from the NCAA or AU. Auburn had no choice but to part ways with him, yet the statement above makes it appear AU made the call.
  9. Just out of curiosity, what are AU's academic requirements relative to the NCAA's? And even more importantly, what are AU's academic levels compared to our immediate recruiting rivals? i.e. Clemson/FSU/Miami, etc?
  10. I thought the same thing WT! But apparently (according to WDE's post above) AU Compliance provides help, guidance, and access to programs to prospective students who haven't already done their academic due diligence on their own in advance, and wait till the last dang minute to acquire enough credit hours to obtain entrance in to Auburn. I suppose this kid was an academic risk early on, but with the limitations (25) already in place I hate like hell to see a spot rendered null/void.
  11. keesler

    could be easiest home slate in years

    Get a better story line? Last year Bama sustained 1 loss and won top prize when it was all said and done, UGA 2 losses and still played for the NC, Clemson 2 losses and made the playoff, Oklahoma had 2 losses and made the playoff, OSU had 2 bad losses and were left out of the playoff. Folks will stop thumping on Gus when he finds a way to stop averaging 4 losses a dang year. It's on Gus to change the story line, he has the tools and weapons to do it this season - no excuses!
  12. keesler

    bama Reports Minor Violations

    Every program should report up to a dozen of these middling infractions annually just to show the ncaa they're monitoring things.
  13. keesler

    VanDarius Cowan dismissed from Alabama

    A kid that couldn't stay out of trouble, all the way back to getting kicked off his HS team. He was in a position of need for uat, they are thin at ILB - he is/was a 4* player with a .966 rating and would've seen PT this season on ST & at LB. Just couldn't get his head in line with what's expected of him.
  14. keesler

    SEC records since expansion

    This conference will always be in a constant flux - with 14 teams it's inevitable. It's hard to remember in the last 2 dozen yrs how many seasons the entire conference retained the same HC's in back to back years?
  15. keesler

    2019 5* OG Clay Webb

    Which program will offer the best coaching? Which will offer the best opportunity to get him in the pro's? This kid, with the help of his parents will weigh all options when the final decision is made.