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  1. I have an even harder time seeing AG going behind Gus' back before the season is over to even gauge interest from one of Gus' coaches. I may very well be wrong here!
  2. When a little over 12 months ago folks on here and in the media floated Bob Stoops caliber out to us please forgive some of us if Kevin Steele doesn't get us all excited. I'm not going to shoot this latest candidate down like I have a missile, but I'd personally hoped if Auburn makes a change that it would be a few notches above this. Hell, I have given Mikey, AU64, and my own father hell for years for saying "be careful what you wish for", but DAMN if those old geezers may be right.
  3. Sure, and Phil Fulmer. I guess I just had a different impression of Kevin Steele, that's all.
  4. This whole thing with Steele feels like a knife in the back of your boss, "if" the new BOT is already on board with this then Prez Gouge is too and that means discussions have been underway and things are in motion to have his boss kicked to the curb and him take over. I'll honestly say I never thought KS would go that route, but it appears that's exactly what has happened.
  5. Thanks for giving some insight about Harbert that I didn't know WDE. Glad to hear the former BOT has been changed out like a dirty diaper since 12 months ago. Who specifically views Steele as a huge improvement? That can make an impact and get this offense up off the floor?
  6. They aren't cutting that check unless they have a guaranteed improvement waiting to take this thing over. Auburn football isn't up s#!t creek like we were in the aftermath of 2012, Gus has put in a solid foundation he's just hit his ceiling for this level of coaching. The men footing the bill for this asinine buyout are the same men that signed off on it to begin with. The only thing that has changed in the hiring process is Allen Greene, the BOT/PTB and the school President are all the same folks. It's not encouraging when it gets down to it - not encouraging at all.
  7. No Kevin Steele - No Bill Clark Damn, why does Auburn have to settle for test cases at freaking HC?
  8. We aren't demanding championship or bust every season. We want a 50/50 shot against the likes of LSU/UAT/UGA and no losses to MSU or a pitiful UT.
  9. No thanks on Steele. If Auburn has to resort to that, then leave everything as is until they can. I could slap CGM up side the head for putting our fan base in a situation where Keven Steele gets serious consideration for the HC position.
  10. Truth ^^ He will finish this season better than last, and face Bama with no QB/2 defensive players out/a WR out due to injures, he'll beat the brakes off them and the fan base will celebrate and love him again and all will be well. He will may promises again, look to a bright future and leverage the upcoming recruiting class to get to stay where he is.....we've all seen this play out so many times.
  11. This Administration better be in tune with what's going on in this fan base and not feed more pablum to the media like they did last year. This "Gus is our HC for the future" won't sit well with the majority this go 'round. Going the silent approach while rumors swirl around like a tornado then the AD giving an empowered speech about the high standards and expectations at Auburn won't ease the tensions right now. Promises and assurances that the HC would get this thing turned around were made to the fan base knowing that the schedule would be brutal. The Admin saw the same games we saw and they have watched these close losses become a problem where the offense can not get the job done. All the high praise, goodwill and celebrations from kicking Purdue's ass faded like a fart in the wind.
  12. Steele ain't the kind of guy that would go over his boss' head to any Auburn power broker and give them an ultimatum like that. The last thing Steele needs to do is take a chance on pissing off Gus like that and losing that hefty +$2MM/yr salary he's drawing right now. Every coach on this staff knows this is a gravy train, they won't rock the boat.
  13. One wrong play at the end and Auburn ties UGA, right?
  14. Apparently a year or so ago he said he'd jump at the Auburn HC job in a heartbeat, maybe that's the source of it?
  15. We know the interim Prez Gouge could care less about Auburn athletics, and that's fine because academics should be his priority. We have an AD who is learning how things are done at a P5 school in the strongest conference in the toughest division. Does Greene really know what the standard at Auburn should be relative to the football program? Does he have any idea of our rivals and how important it is to stand toe to toe with them in facilities, and on the field? For all we know, the Administration may be perfectly fine with the current situation with this staff and their performance. I'd hope that the big money boosters and the wealthy men pulling the strings (the old Bobby Lowder types) would expect more than what than what they've seen, but who really knows?