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  1. YES! Have commemorative trophy's made to put in the trophy case and print the banners for ALL of the NC's - update the media guide and brag like crazy.
  2. My bad - I read he was hospitalized in an Atlanta hospital for kidney problems, tested positive for covid but so far has been asymptomatic. Perhaps I worded my post oddly? I haven't posted on this board on months....I'll make myself scarce a while longer. Good health to everyone and WDE.
  3. Prayers for Coach. His age (80) and pre-existing conditions puts him at serious danger. Thank goodness he has (so far) no covid symptoms, I pray it stays that way.
  4. When he should be appreciative for his new employment in his field of expertise, he chooses to use social media to express his opinions and pisses off the Family of his employer?πŸ™ƒ
  5. The universities planning to re-open will have to relax their own directives regarding students coming back to campus housing and in person classrooms. The current rules won't let a student on campus if they don't have a clean tuberculosis test. Now they have a respiratory virus possibly worse than TB, with no available vaccine or treatment & testing is still limited. This has to be super difficult from an administrative stand point - you want students/faculty/support staff back in full force and you have to make critical decisions that will affect the health of the entire campus population.
  6. Yep, we needed the spring practice in a bad way. But so does every other team in the country as they all have holes to fill and practice reps are valuable. Right now, I'm just hoping the NCAA & schools will allow campus to open up in early to mid-summer so these student-athletes and program personnel can all come back and get an early jump on training & conditioning. These kids need someone to push them with conditioning and nutrition 24/7, they can't let up while they're home.
  7. I had it 2 weeks after I returned from Mardi Gras in Nola. Fever for 48 hrs, aches, slept non-stop for 4 days, had what felt like bronchitis for 2 weeks. Tested negative for flu & strep - Doc prescribed inhaler, Zpac, strong anti-biotic, cough syrup, steroid, got 2 shots and Tylenol/Motrin for fever and aches. My son followed my symptoms a week later the Auburn Doc-in-box treated him with the same exact meds, wife had much lesser symptoms with fever 2 days and aches but no respiratory at all - hers were more like really bad allergies. So by the time I had it, passed it to son and then it filtered down to the wife it had weakened in its strength greatly. Now I'm doing as I please, working at the office 3 days a week then straight to Lake for turkey hunting & fishing 3-4 times a week, night fishing once a week. Oh and the yard looks FABULOUS!
  8. I believe it's going to take a vaccine to get students back on campus and athletes back in the gym, on buses & planes, back in the cafeteria sitting at the table and in meeting rooms together. They will be transferring blood, sweat, snot, everyday on the field/court and it will be a huge risk to everyone if there's no ironclad treatment or a vaccine for this virus. New incoming freshmen have to present a clear Tuberculosis test before they are allowed to come to AU campus. If colleges require a clean TB test for new students then there will have to be a vaccine for Covid19 and ALL students will have to present a clear test record before they are allowed back on campus. JMHO
  9. THANK YOU! I've got a BIL working at the Prattville paper mill, less than 20 miles from my home - they are under 12 hr shifts pumping that paper out. And the complete hysteria about hand-sanitizer shortages???? The shelves are full of soap/Clorox/Lysol - wash your hands with soap and water and clean your surfaces. If you don't have access to soap/water then wash your hands before you leave or get in the car, stop at a gas station on your trip/commute and wash them again and wash them when you get home.
  10. Agree - I'd rather get a single swoop of the crap and get it over with. But I'd totally understand the medical facilities wanting this thing to space out over a few months rather than hit them all at once. Local hospitals are prepping as much as possible right now and we only have 1 confirmed case in the State as of today, word is that he's quarantined at home and under his doctor's care.
  11. Well, now that classes have been cancelled for a month i'd think practice's & A-Day games would be cancelled as well.
  12. Well hell no they aren't doing it. The stores are void of hand-sanitizer nationwide but the shelves are stocked full of SOAP, CLOROX, LYSOL, AMMONIA! How many times a day does the average person find themselves in a situation where all they have is hand-santizer to clean their hands but they can't get to a bar of soap and water the actually WASH their hands?
  13. Chad turned in back to back putrid seasons like never before experienced in Arky history, in addition to building a toxic relationship with this players. It's understandable for the Hogs to be pissed and with the crap they've endured since running off Houston Nutt, they are a long suffering bunch. Their Administrator sucks.
  14. I've been thinking this for YEARS.
  15. The NCAA is a voluntary organization made up of member schools, Auburn is a voluntary member of the NCAA. Auburn can certainly and most likely will use the NCAA's appeal process if any more sanctions are handed down, but Auburn will not sue them. If Auburn doesn't like the rules, regulations and procedures that the member schools chose to enact, then they simply pull out of the NCAA and do their own thing in athletics. They won't be able to participate in any NCAA sanctioned sports, but they wont' have to be ruled by the NCAA anymore.