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  1. Who was Gus trying to please, Jay Jacobs, the BOT, Prez Gogue, Boosters? Seriously, who put Gus in a state of desperation at the time? As to your last paragraph, most folks believe Gus just doesn't have time to slowly to get this thing back on track and correct the deficiencies (that he's caused), he's got to deliver the goods this season, this is IT.
  2. By the time a kid enters the portal, it's a mutual decision that's been discussed thoroughly with the coaching staff, players and their parents. It's likely the same at every program. With the new red-shirt rule and the transfer portal, players have more control of their college career than ever before and honestly I'm so happy to see it. They aren't tied to a scholarship with no way out if things don't turn out like they or the coaching staff had hoped.
  3. A flight from ATL to DFW is +/-2.5 hrs A flight from EUG to DFW is +/- 6 hrs ?
  4. Few coaches have the willingness, ability and creativity to tailor an offense to the talent he has on his roster like Kiffin. If anyone can create a scheme or a special play to showcase Malik's talent, it's him.
  5. I'm interested to see if Lane can find a spot for Malik on his roster?
  6. Good luck to Malik, I hope he finds a landing spot quick.
  7. I'm no more worried about Oregon than I was about Washington last year. Auburn will out physical them on the lines and go toe to toe with them at the skill positions. They've never seen a defense like AU with have coming at them relentlessly, we should be able to run at will on their defense which is right up Gus' alley.
  8. What year are y'all talking about? 2013 opener vs WashState won 31-24 2014 opener vs Arkansas won 45-21 2015 opener vs Louisville won 31-24 2016 opener vs Clemson lost 13-19 2017 opener vs Ga Southern won 41-7 2018 opener vs Washington won 21-16 That's 5-1 in openers and Gus will not screw it up this year vs Oregon.
  9. Gus is 5-1 in season openers, he will have his team ready to pounce on the Ducks. The D will disrupt any rhythm Oregon tries to establish, and the offense should be able to run on that defense easily.
  10. No one EVER thinks Auburn will be less than a 9-10 win team because honestly, Auburn should rarely if ever fall below that threshold. A 9 win regular season's not too much to ask for from a program of AU's caliber. Especially with the constant coaching carousel the SEC has been on the last 5 yrs. My Lord, when I look back after the wake of the 2013 championship game don't know why Auburn couldn't put their foot on the throat every SEC opponent not named Bama since that '13 season? Many teams were ripe for the picking, UGA/LSU/MSU specifically, instead it's felt like Auburn's been spinning their wheels and not gaining a lot of traction with a ton of quality talent.
  11. I've obviously said too much on the board today and I've apparently annoyed some of you like a pesky fly at the picnic. So this old crowd member will pack up and take a nice vacation for a while, I promise to work on cleaning up the negativity next time around. Later guys.
  12. He is a good representative of Auburn and the brand - Gus will never embarrass Auburn University "off the field", that's a good thing. Although I'm not sure that attribute is a real big deal anymore? I just know we don't want a Hugh Freeze/Bobby Petrino/Sarkisian/Art Briles type running the show here. He's a good recruiter and he has consistently landed top 10 classes here. After some trial and error he learned (via Muschamp) to place a high priority on defense and he allows his DC to run that side of the ball, that's good. He is an average 8 win/season coach in a very tough conference, that's good but it's mediocre now that we have a 12 game regular season. Historically speaking, Auburn is an average 8 win team, but for the salary this crew is pulling AU should be able to take it up a notch or two and change the future to an upward trajectory and I don't have faith that Gus has it in him to get it done.
  13. He failed to take the opportunity to defend HIS offense, HIS scheme or even rebut the accusation that HE can't train a damn QB. He failed to defend his QB development and training plan. Instead he deflects and says the offense has been "pretty successful" and last year was a tough year with some growing pains? When someone like Michael Lombardi takes a stab at you, your program, the system YOU are known for (offense) then you STAND up and fight back at the first opportunity.
  14. Exactly! You can't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. It's plain and simple, Auburn should be reloading at this point. We get the "inexperienced" excuse? What's next, injuries & youth?
  15. Agree. Honestly, I just wonder if Gus has what it takes to make us ALL eat our words? I used to have faith in him and believe with some experience he could really do well and be a consistent competitor in this league....that was 2-3 yrs ago. I've been waiting for him to change the narrative for a while now and as long as he manages to average 3-4 losses a year, the same old topics will surface until there are better things to discuss.