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  1. My thoughts exactly! The ability to adjust, evolve, change, and create a scheme that fits the players you recruited is paramount in the continued success of any sport. What Gus was able to do his first year at AU with Todd and then the way he tweaked the offense with Cam as the season progressed and the same with Nick Marshall made me believe that QB and play calling wouldn't ever been a serious issue as long as he was here. I felt like he could put anybody back there and create a scheme that was productive and kept us competitive. The last 3 yrs the whole offensive package including player selection, roster management, play calling, scheme, and the head scratching predictability of the offense has sent my former good opinions of Gus' offensive attributes to the toilet.
  2. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    You like to allude to, then speculate and have no idea.
  3. JMHO, Gus has had trust issues the whole time he's been here. How can he fully trust an OC that has never been in control of an SEC caliber offense? How can he trust his OC to make the right call in critical points during live game action? Neither Gus nor any HC in the business should be expected to step away from the area that his career was built on......Meyer wouldn't step a way from offense, Saban wouldn't step away from defense, Richt offense, Muschamp defense, McElwain offense, etc. And Gus isn't going to back off the offense and totally turn it over to a relatively unknown OC until that OC has proven he can be trusted to manage his side of the ball and be productive. These mediocre 7-8 win seasons won't cut it at Auburn, not when the program is consistently pulling top 10 ranked recruiting classes. Gus has to be able to balance both and field teams that are in contention for championships. He's got loads of talent, a deep and experienced roster, and he has HIS men on staff running the show - it's time show out! WDE
  4. Byron Cowart

    Quick question....Since classes haven't started for AU or any JuCo's at this time, why would he have to request a waiver from the NCAA to play the 2018 year if he transfers to a JuCo immediately? In other words, he'd sit out the 2017 year and would be eligible to play in 2018 at a D1 school, right?
  5. Florida suspends 7 for opener

    Maybe I read the article wrong, but how were they able to make purchases if the cards had no funds on them? They aren't used as credit cards, they are used like a pre-loaded charge card right?
  6. LSU closes practices off from media

    It's a game of inches.
  7. LSU closes practices off from media

    As long as Auburn isn't choking and sputtering like we have the last 3 yrs, then I'll be happy to see another program take to the outhouse.
  8. Ex-Bama QB Opines

    It was a dirty thing to do to lead those guys on like he did and then trash one of them when he bolts mid-season, not professional at all on NS's part. What's wrong with publicly wishing them the best in their future and keeping your personal opinions to yourself? Relative to the quality and production of both QB's.....they had their shot and they let a 17 yr old green horn kid who'd only been on campus a few months come in and beat them for the starting role. What head coach coming off a championship season puts his trust in a totally inexperienced QB and lets him lead his offense? The kid turned out to be the SEC offensive POY as a true-freshman with a 14-1 record. In hindsight it looks like the decision to go with Hurts was the correct choice, but it was a highly unusual strategy.
  9. LSU closes practices off from media

    I'd have no problem if Gus chose to shut down his practices completely. Screw the media, let 'em starve for pre-season information and force them to turn their attention to other programs for their weekly print quota.
  10. USA Today Coaches Poll 2017

    Auburn has consistently pulled in top 10 ranked talent for years ~ but for a myriad of reasons/excuses that have been beaten to death over the last 3 years, they can't seem to punch through and land a top 10 ranked team at the end of the season when it counts the most. This year sets up nicely in Gus' 5th year, he has loads of talent and experienced depth, he his coaching staff and support staff (Borges.) Get it DONE Gus!
  11. Texas Locker Room

    Yeah, young teenage recruits are going to love that flashy stuff.
  12. Texas Locker Room

    I wouldn't want to be the grunt polishing all that stainless steel and TV monitors. But it does look nice.
  13. How about that Jim Harbaugh/Nick $aban guy?

    And they guaranteed income to pay for the new housing because it's now mandatory that all Freshmen live in student housing.
  14. How about that Jim Harbaugh/Nick $aban guy?

    I ran out of "likes" for your posts, so I'm gonna call it a day and head to the nearest brew pub to kick off happy hour.
  15. Hugh Freeze Resigns

    I'm not sure what it takes to get you frustrated man. We're sittin at 23-16 in the last 3 years and 1-2 in bowl games with the one bowl win vs Memphis in the B'ham bowl. We've watch Gus operate a coaching carousel with his staffers, we've witnessed mind numbing play calling, roster management, poor preparation and decision making skills from the man in charge. He's put himself in a position where he's pulling damn near $5mm/yr , yet some say he's coaching for his job. As fans, we're stuck with him. He either changes his spots and steps out of his own skin allowing others to take over his specialty or AU football continues on the same path for a few more years. Because replacing Gus with someone better, more experienced, and a proven winning track record is highly unlikely.