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  1. LOL
  2. Well that's rich! Les Miles had his ass on the chopping block at the end of the '15 season because he couldn't do crap with his QBs year over year. He finally got the ax mid-season of '16 because his offense was predictable, stale and failed miserably to produce at a level that resulted in enough Win's to meet expectations. People/fans/Admins lose patience with a HC that turns in top 10 ranked recruiting classes year after year and then proceeds to go consecutive yrs ('14 8-4, '15 8-3, '16 8-4) with that amount of talent . I don't doubt that LSU tried to negative recruit against AU, but it was 'pot-meet-kettle' of epic proportions. Now here we are in '17 and Gus is coaching for his job at AU, and if he can't see how things transpired with Les Miles and check himself then he will end up just like ole Leslie. Just like LSU, Auburn pulls in top 10 talent and it is unacceptable for AU to go ('14 8-4, '15 6-6, '16 8-4) with that amount of talent.
  3. He's still got summer session to catch up on his course load and get back on track academically, and if things smooth out in his personal life he may be able to carve out time for football.
  4. Are you talking about this thread? Because there hasn't been one ounce of negativity or people throwing crap against the wall relative to the kids circumstances. Folks are mainly giving support, offering prayers to he and his family and hoping he gets things cleared up and back on campus to complete his education and possibly get back on the field.
  5. Gus would have been better served to load his platoon with those OC "recommendations" he was offering Dabo. Maybe then Gus wouldn't find himself in a desperate position going into yr 5 of his AU HC career trying to save his own job while Dabo polishes his NC trophy.
  6. Asking for a friend?
  7. True, but if he can bring something to the table to at least stop the on-going bleeding of finances that's been spent on the half dozen replacements AU seems to encounter annually then that's a plus in my book. I mean, a man that has published nearly 100 scientific articles in plant disease resistance, plant pathology, plant breeding, etc. may be able to contribute some valuable knowledge on how to get a couple of massive oaks to flourish and grow in the South. (fingers crossed)
  8. All but just a couple of SEC teams are laughing at that so-called accomplishment warranting recognition in the "graveyard."
  9. Glad to see that one of the top initiatives at ISU was to increase diversity in all areas. With his PhD in plant pathology, he may be able to provide serious input on our tree situation too.
  10. Wins over top 25 ranked teams away from home is the only qualifier to throw up a tombstone? LOL ~ I needed a good belly laugh today.
  11. Malik
  12. There goes the coffee & croissant.
  13. UPDATE: For the record, the 2nd NOA specifically nailed Hugh Freeze with Failure to Monitor and tagged Ole Miss with Lack of Institutional Control. The 1st NOA didn't scratch the surface or cover the acreage that the 2nd widespread investigation exposed.
  14. Even ole Dabo is "showing interest" in the kid.
  15. A mind is a terrible thing to waste! It's shocking how many brain cells Chris Low expended on that crap.