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  1. THANK YOU! I've got a BIL working at the Prattville paper mill, less than 20 miles from my home - they are under 12 hr shifts pumping that paper out. And the complete hysteria about hand-sanitizer shortages???? The shelves are full of soap/Clorox/Lysol - wash your hands with soap and water and clean your surfaces. If you don't have access to soap/water then wash your hands before you leave or get in the car, stop at a gas station on your trip/commute and wash them again and wash them when you get home.
  2. Agree - I'd rather get a single swoop of the crap and get it over with. But I'd totally understand the medical facilities wanting this thing to space out over a few months rather than hit them all at once. Local hospitals are prepping as much as possible right now and we only have 1 confirmed case in the State as of today, word is that he's quarantined at home and under his doctor's care.
  3. Well, now that classes have been cancelled for a month i'd think practice's & A-Day games would be cancelled as well.
  4. Well hell no they aren't doing it. The stores are void of hand-sanitizer nationwide but the shelves are stocked full of SOAP, CLOROX, LYSOL, AMMONIA! How many times a day does the average person find themselves in a situation where all they have is hand-santizer to clean their hands but they can't get to a bar of soap and water the actually WASH their hands?
  5. Chad turned in back to back putrid seasons like never before experienced in Arky history, in addition to building a toxic relationship with this players. It's understandable for the Hogs to be pissed and with the crap they've endured since running off Houston Nutt, they are a long suffering bunch. Their Administrator sucks.
  6. I've been thinking this for YEARS.
  7. The NCAA is a voluntary organization made up of member schools, Auburn is a voluntary member of the NCAA. Auburn can certainly and most likely will use the NCAA's appeal process if any more sanctions are handed down, but Auburn will not sue them. If Auburn doesn't like the rules, regulations and procedures that the member schools chose to enact, then they simply pull out of the NCAA and do their own thing in athletics. They won't be able to participate in any NCAA sanctioned sports, but they wont' have to be ruled by the NCAA anymore.
  8. I wasn't aware that he FBI was required to give an independent organization (NCAA) any information or that the FBI handed the NCAA anything on Auburn? You assume the FBI gave info to the NCAA on Auburn, but Chuck Persons made headlines and his negligent actions were plastered nation wide in headlines. Auburn contacted the NCAA and self-reported the issues and the NCAA directed Auburn on how to proceed with self-imposed sanctions. As far as the LSU issue, a Federal Judge ruled that Wade wouldn't have to testify in the criminal trial of Dawkins and the wiretaps could not be admitted by the defense. He ruled that the potential wrong doing by Wade was irrelevant in the criminal case. The trail focused on alleged bribes paid to asst coaches at AZ/OKState/USC in exchange for steering players toward particular agents and financial managers once they reached the NBA. The Judge ruled that the Will Wade FBI tapes could not be used to defend Dawkins and the tapes were sealed. A second federal judge upheld the previous judge's ruling regarding the Wade tapes and sealed them and no one will ever hear them or use them as evidence against Wade or LSU. LSU didn't tell the NCAA to F off, LSU Compliance cooperated 100% with the NCAA and LSU's President Alexander and AD Alleva chose to suspended Wade because he refused to discuss the tapes with LSU or the NCAA for more than a month. The alleged player that Wade was supposed to have paid sat out 1 game and was cleared by an LSU internal investigation and returned to play in the post-season. Once Wade's attorney's cleared him to talk with LSU & the NCAA, the university reinstated him, demoted the AD Alleva, hired Woodward (Mark Emerrt's son-in-law) as Athletic Director while Chris Dawkins was convicted by the fed's. As it turned out, the Wade tapes weren't relevant in the least for the prosecution to win the trial and the judge was correct in his ruling, the tapes weren't relevant.
  9. You agree that in light of Persons/Wiley/Purifoy's actions that the NCAA had to get involved, right? Auburn under the direction of the NCAA self-imposed sanctions because the infractions were severe. Auburn paid a heavy price for the actions of a selfish bunch of "Auburn" folks. Auburn's defense has been that Bruce knew nothing. Now we come to the part where the NCAA has to follow the protocol's that were agreed upon by the member institutions (Auburn is a voluntary member institution and helped create those protocol's) where the NCAA has to provide an NOA listing infractions and the level of infractions. Hopefully, Auburn won't get LOIC or HC failure to monitor, but what Persons & his selfish participant's did is a Level I infraction. I believe Auburn paid for their misdeed's and should only get a probation period, and because Auburn was forthcoming and self-imposed (what the NCAA told them to do) I feel like and Level I infractions should be mitigated and reduce to Level II or lower just base on time served. The NCAA (made up of member institutions) may not agree, but I feel like it's fair because I love Auburn and Pearl and basketball. You mentioned LSU's coach caught red-handed. The tapes he was allegedly found making his strong ass offers were sealed by the courts, they will never be heard by the NCAA. Unless there's a money trail from LSU to a player, how can the NCAA levy punishment or sanctions? We want to believe Will Wade is paying players based on comments from a tape (we haven't even heard) and we think Wade should be hammered by the NCAA. At the same time We want to believe Bruce Pearl knew nothing about the actions of his Asst HC + two more staffer + 2 players + 2 sets of parents where there's evidence they accepted $$ and we think the NCAA should leave Pearl alone.
  10. I beg to differ. I've seen mediocre for yrs from the highest paid HC on AU's payroll, and Flo ain't bringing mediocre results >>> they are piss poor. Time to cut bait AD Greene.
  11. I'd have to think this is the angle the Auburn legal and Compliance team intend use in defense if the NOA has sites LOIC or HC's failure to monitor. Hell, I'd venture to say those guys have been working in this defense for years now. If a Compliance Dept does everything in their power to educate the athletic staff and each student-athlete and they put measures in place for continuing education on compliance, then what else are they suppose to do when an Asst HC & alumni parents & active student-athletes choose of their own will to break the rules? There has to be an "out" for a university and a HC who've educated people and can produce executed documents of mutual understanding of compliance issues that later go off on their own and screw up everything. I understand you can not have crap like that going on, but Auburn paid a heavy price to right a wrong IMO.
  12. Saban would rather have a on-field-coach that has good experience recruiting. I can't imagine that wild crazy guy screaming and jumping up and down like a damn fool in a Momma's living room trying to recruit her son to come play for uga. I hope Kirby's risk fails miserably - Cochran the meathead is perfect for uga's on-field-coaching and recruiting.😈
  13. Wild man Cochran coaching on the field? WOW Whoever Kirby has had juicing his players, they started that yrs ago. Pickens bulked up to a hoss in less than a yr in the weight room, so uga already had the secret sauce in the mix to get those players swole.
  14. If student-athletes are allowed to get paid for their likeness then what's to stop Nike/UA/Adidas from paying tons to prospective college basketball players for a shoe endorsement or an apparel signing? What's to stop Oregon from all but guaranteeing a recruit that old Phil with Nike and assure them top dollar for their likeness?
  15. I've thought of that. Cali gave the NCAA ample time to react to the bill they passed in Oct '19 as it doesn't take effect until 1/1/23. Recruiting for 2023 will start in earnest probably by Fall of 2021 and there are close to 2 dozen other States pushing the law forward in their legislature that will likely pass in the 2020 session. What's to prevent Cali/Washington/Oregon/Colorado/Florida/Kentucky/SoCarl/NY/Minnesota/Maryland, etc from offering compensation packages in the form of guaranteed autograph sessions to recruits? Packages where a school like Oregon with a power recruiter like Mario Christobal has the backing of Phil Knight and can make some damn strong offers to HS 5*'s. Recruiting would be awfully tough for other P5 programs that can't offer the same benefits to Momma at her dining room table on an in-house visit.