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  1. AU vs. LSU - Weekly Presser

    Agreed. He's coming in with 0.5 sacks on the year.
  2. Score Prediction- LSU (merged threads)

    I'm thinking something in the neighborhood of AU 42-7. But, it's LSU, so who knows...
  3. Score Prediction- LSU (merged threads)

    Barring a special teams or defensive score, I don't see LSU putting up more than 10 points.
  4. World Cup 2018

    Pathetic. The US talent seems to be deepening but a corresponding improvement in results isn't. The inconsistency with this team is unreal. For those who know a great deal more than me about soccer: What will the USMNT schedule look like between now and the close of the World Cup? I suppose there's no NIT-ish consolation tournament for teams that missed on the World Cup, right? What kind of changes should we expect to the USMNT?
  5. Ok, but was it Stidham or White who threw the INTs in the pre-season scrimmage?
  6. Last time AU beat LSU in Baton Rouge...'s been a bit. Looking at the schedule, it appears this game will either be the 2:30 CBS game or one of the two evening ESPN/2 slots. My hope is that a pretty average Florida team trounces LSU this week so their fans don't get too worked up for an afternoon or night game the next week against AU.
  7. Mercer Assessment from the Stadium

    Thanks for the perspective. I'm especially encouraged to hear Gus was making a point to clearly not interfere with the play calling.
  8. Chip admits to calling all plays

    That's insulting to be told Chip was calling the plays when everyone could literally see Malzahn was the only one actually speaking into his headset.
  9. KJ injury update?

    I know @passthebiscuits gave a little update on Tuesday, but any new update? Anyone other than KJ expected to be limited or out?
  10. OL Play

    I noticed James getting beat quite a few times as well. If that persists, I wouldn't be shocked if Braden Smith bumps out to tackle and Wilson Bell gets plugged in at guard.
  11. Hurricane Irma - Clemson game

    It should still be a clear night for the game, but the winds preceding the storm may make it a little windy, which could affect things. Looks like they're calling for about 15mph winds increasing throughout the day.
  12. Rule Change

    Yeah I share your feelings on this one. I saw Dana Holgorsen get popped with a penalty on Monday and while he gets pretty fired up, that's nothing compared to some coaches (Saban, Harbaugh, Brian Kelly, etc.). I'll be very interested to see how this new emphasis is applied to Saban.
  13. Rule Change

    You're right--standing over the ball to hold up play briefly presents a few challenges (I was digging there). The bottom line though, in my opinion, is that if a play cannot be reviewed once the ball is snapped on the subsequent play, then the initiation of a review needs to be made transparent for both teams and fans.
  14. Rule Change

    You and lionheart make fair points about sportsmanship, but there is also a degree of gamesmanship to it. We see defensive lineman flail their arms to draw holding calls and WRs ham up contact to draw pass interference calls. I'm not always crazy about that, but I think the line gets a little fuzzy sometimes. Anyway, fair point. I suppose I would have less of an issue if the officials would simply stand over the ball for an extra three or four seconds on an iffy call rather than blowing the play dead after it begins.
  15. Pettway vs. Clemson

    Pettway is the kind of back that can make a big difference in a game like this by turning 3 yard gains into 5 yard gains, etc. The flip side of that for a big back though, is that penetration by the DL takes away their strength (more so than a smaller, quicker back). If we keep Clemson at the LOS or beyond, Pettway should roll.