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  1. Would we take Williams and Brooks or just one?
  2. I hope Morris can figure out how to use Shivers effectively, he really only does come in on a couple plays a game for jet sweeps
  3. Irv Smith JR from Alabama is only 6'2, Jordan Reed is only 6'2, Charles Clay is only 6'3. As long as Pegues keeps his athleticism he could definitely have an NFL future without prototypical size. He just needs to drop bad weight and be utilized correctly
  4. MMW: We finally beat LSU at Baton Rouge, holding a double digit lead at halftime and actually holding on to win for once MMW: We put Miss State back in their place and win by 21+ MMW: We are one of TAMU's 5 losses this year MMW: We beat Georgia but lose to Bama MMW: Bama gets destroyed by Clemson again in the Natty 45-17
  5. This kid is going to be scary good. Don't pay too much attention to "pro style" QB
  6. Dee Ford, Carl Lawson and Jeff Holland say hi.
  7. Can't find highlights or a full replay anywhere. Couldn't watch because I was at work
  8. Auburn Football is baaaaaackkkkk ....
  9. Because Willis or Gatewood will probably transfer or move positions if they lose the QB battle this spring
  10. That's what happens when one school's program is in the toilet and the other school crapped the bed with their most loaded roster in recent history
  11. We swap places with Tennessee as an embarrassment to the SEC.