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  1. Why is deshaun davis on the 2nd string offensive line? Typo?
  2. Im really pulling for Cowart. With his athleticism he could be a real terror inside
  3. Well, national signing day is officially over! Which new signee do you think will have the biggest impact over this next season? Stidham is the obvious choice but who else?
  4. Sooo anything new here?
  5. so uhhh... Chip Kelly?
  6. Me too
  7. Soooo.... UGA won.
  8. Only ones I can think of are Julius Peppers and Calais Campbell
  9. at least 9 wins and we have to beat uga. kinda hard to demand a win against bama honestly.
  10. Well, we lost crimedog. Who do you think we get to replace him? What impact will this have with our current commits in the secondary?
  11. Sounds like a great idea. We could also put Cox back there in the wildcat to really spice things up
  12. Im ready for a complete replacement of our offensive staff.
  13. Wow. Well there goes our usual 3rd quarter slumps lol
  14. Its textbook targeting. What are you talking about? Led with the crown of his helmet and hit williams in the chin
  15. Nice cheap shot douche. Enjoy the ejection