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  1. Metalsinger418

    2019 4* WR George Pickens commits to Auburn!!!

    I think we hold on to him. Pickens and Nix are really tight
  2. Metalsinger418

    2019 4* DE Nathan Pickering (Miss St.)

    I'm perfectly happy with that too
  3. Metalsinger418

    2019 4* DE Nathan Pickering (Miss St.)

    If we get Gordon, Handy, and Pickering 🤤
  4. Metalsinger418

    2019 3* SDE/DT Jamond Gordon Commits to AU!!!

    Love his film. Really does look like Marlon Davidson without the star rating
  5. Metalsinger418

    2019 4* SDE/DT Jaren Handy Commits to AU!!!

    Wilfong & KN just CB'd Handy to AU
  6. Anyone else getting excited?
  7. Or they think he will commit to us and then sign with them on signing day
  8. I just relish their suffering when I can.
  9. They are melting down on DawgNation as well
  10. Metalsinger418

    Mods - Sub-forum request

    Wasn't trying to start an argument, but ok.
  11. Metalsinger418

    Mods - Sub-forum request

    Please don't stop posting the articles on here. This board is entering the slow season where we will have almost no content on the football forum. I really don't know why anyone is complaining.
  12. Metalsinger418

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    This is huge for us
  13. Metalsinger418

    ***Sounds like a commitment is coming today***

    So the consensus is Nix?
  14. Metalsinger418

    Stidham Returning

    Fair enough
  15. Metalsinger418

    Stidham Returning

    Willis had 13.8 yards a carry... Jury is still out on his passing but he can run the ball very well.