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  1. Metalsinger418

    2019 4* DE Nathan Pickering (Miss St.)

    I'm perfectly happy with that too
  2. Metalsinger418

    2019 4* DE Nathan Pickering (Miss St.)

    If we get Gordon, Handy, and Pickering 🤤
  3. Metalsinger418

    2019 3* SDE/DT Jamond Gordon Commits to AU!!!

    Love his film. Really does look like Marlon Davidson without the star rating
  4. Metalsinger418

    2019 4* SDE/DT Jaren Handy Commits to AU!!!

    Wilfong & KN just CB'd Handy to AU
  5. Anyone else getting excited?
  6. Or they think he will commit to us and then sign with them on signing day
  7. I just relish their suffering when I can.
  8. They are melting down on DawgNation as well
  9. Metalsinger418

    Mods - Sub-forum request

    Wasn't trying to start an argument, but ok.
  10. Metalsinger418

    Mods - Sub-forum request

    Please don't stop posting the articles on here. This board is entering the slow season where we will have almost no content on the football forum. I really don't know why anyone is complaining.
  11. Metalsinger418

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    This is huge for us
  12. Metalsinger418

    ***Sounds like a commitment is coming today***

    So the consensus is Nix?
  13. Metalsinger418

    Stidham Returning

    Fair enough
  14. Metalsinger418

    Stidham Returning

    Willis had 13.8 yards a carry... Jury is still out on his passing but he can run the ball very well.
  15. Metalsinger418

    Stidham Returning

    Glad he's coming back. Needs to work on finding open receivers and getting rid of the ball more effectively. Also Ryan "Screen Machine" Davis must me happy!