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  1. Can't find highlights or a full replay anywhere. Couldn't watch because I was at work
  2. Auburn Football is baaaaaackkkkk ....
  3. He's on the offered list and the most likely list
  4. Because Willis or Gatewood will probably transfer or move positions if they lose the QB battle this spring
  5. That's what happens when one school's program is in the toilet and the other school crapped the bed with their most loaded roster in recent history
  6. We swap places with Tennessee as an embarrassment to the SEC.
  7. What did we honestly expect? We didn’t deserve the #8 ranking, seriously. We have THE WORST offensive line in the SEC, our defense is good, not great, Stidham is playing scared and wants to be in the NFL, and our coach couldn’t call his way out of a wet paper bag. I’m sorry to be all doom and gloom but we are going 8-5 if we are lucky this year. We need an entirely new offense for next year and we have to hope we don’t lose too much defensive talent
  8. Oh did we get a decent gain? Immediately hurry up and run up the gut
  9. It would help if Stidham would hit wide open receivers. I guess he just isn't seeing the field at all?
  10. Whatever our offense is supposed to be, just wad it up and throw it in the trash. As of now, we have one of the worst offenses in the sec Good job defense and special teams.