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  1. This is why....

    I'm so over Gus today sealed the deal your up 20-0 and then find a way to lose 27-23 in 3 quarters of play. That speaks volumes to me, terrible coaching. We were out couched by coch O I mean come on man....
  2. Roll call Mizzou

    down to 8 now.
  3. Roll call Mizzou

    I just checked StubHub again this morning and you can get tickets for $12 plus fee. That must mean that their crowd will be thin?
  4. Roll call Mizzou

    The wife and I are going to make to trip from KC over. We still have not bought tickets yet (Waiting for them to keep dropping on stubhub). I agree with @WDEKC on their fan base. I work with a lot of MU grads and they have mailed it in for the season....
  5. ***Auburn vs. Georgia - Game Thread***

    I am not going to say what I am thinking but what the hell is this 28 yards in the second half? We did better in the 3 QB rotations than this stupid crap!
  6. ***Auburn vs. Georgia - Game Thread***

    Shake it off O, let get our heads out of our A** and make these dogs hassle.....
  7. ***Auburn vs. Georgia - Game Thread***

    Man that was a terrible throw
  8. ***Auburn vs. Georgia - Game Thread***

    I am ready to Stevens get more involved again, he seems to really help SW open things up.
  9. **LSU at Auburn - Game Thread**

    Can we target Davis more?
  10. **LSU at Auburn - Game Thread**

    I can feel the energy from Jordan Hare all the way in Kansas City after that defensive stand. Let's go offinse!
  11. **LSU at Auburn - Game Thread**

    Lawson! Nice sack
  12. **LSU at Auburn - Game Thread**

    Could of been......
  13. I didn't see Q39's brisket mentioned, they have the best in town in my opinion
  14. Biggest comeback in World Series history? I think so!