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  1. I also live in KC. My wife and I along with another Auburn alumni will be attending the game today. Our seats are in section 120. As mentioned above the power and light district will be the place to be before and after the game.
  2. Yes, but I prefer the Panthers though.... I went to the game Saturday, man the Cheifs love to choke in the playoffs.
  3. 32 Male From Dothan, AL, but I live in Kansas City now. Went to AU from 05-10 Civil Eng.
  4. I'm so over Gus today sealed the deal your up 20-0 and then find a way to lose 27-23 in 3 quarters of play. That speaks volumes to me, terrible coaching. We were out couched by coch O I mean come on man....
  5. I just checked StubHub again this morning and you can get tickets for $12 plus fee. That must mean that their crowd will be thin?
  6. The wife and I are going to make to trip from KC over. We still have not bought tickets yet (Waiting for them to keep dropping on stubhub). I agree with @WDEKC on their fan base. I work with a lot of MU grads and they have mailed it in for the season....
  7. I am not going to say what I am thinking but what the hell is this 28 yards in the second half? We did better in the 3 QB rotations than this stupid crap!
  8. Shake it off O, let get our heads out of our A** and make these dogs hassle.....
  9. I am ready to Stevens get more involved again, he seems to really help SW open things up.
  10. I can feel the energy from Jordan Hare all the way in Kansas City after that defensive stand. Let's go offinse!
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