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  1. There he goes, 116 overall to the Bengals.
  2. Ha! Suck, though, we just used up some fumble luck on that play. Why cant the ball bounce like that against Bama?
  3. NCM showing out today.
  4. Wasn't me. I've always thought he was a Hunter Renfroe type. From what I remember people were mad that we had a WR haul in recruiting and they were not on the field. But you gotta play the guys that want it more.
  5. KJ is just snakebit.
  6. I wish they would let the QBs run. Malik is a beast. I like Stidham but I also can't wait to see Malik in a real game. The future looks exciting.
  7. Wow. There is that explosive offense.
  8. I don't know about you guys, but I'm a big Hastings fan. He's got quicks and hands.
  9. Hell, I just want them to get in someone's way. Jarrett Stidham was blocking on that TD rub like he was defending the paint. It was pretty.
  10. That rushing graphic - wow, JF3 averaged about 10 YPC. Did not remember that
  11. I love seeing QBs out blocking. It's the little things in life.
  12. I see a bit of Hunter Renfroe in him, from Clemson. Same build, the quicks, the hands. I think he's underestimated.
  13. I'm not one normally to engage in schadenfreude (I think it's bad luck), nor wish ill will on other people (particularly after they've left Bama), and recognize that people are products of upbringing and its laudable to break out of that cycle... But I hope this kid blows it. He might be the only player I can ever remember saying that about. Small vices, I guess.
  14. Yes they do. From what I have seen it's a current Miss State player.
  15. " February 2015, Former Staff Member A initiated and facilitated two boosters having impermissible contact with Prospective Student-Athlete B (who enrolled at another institution). It is further alleged that these two boosters provided Prospective Student-Athlete B (who enrolled at another institution) with impermissible cash payments during that timeframe and that Former Staff Member A knew about the cash payments. The value of the alleged inducements according to the NCAA is between $13,000 and $15,600. This is charged as a Level I violation. " Wow...thats a good deal of cash.