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  1. Pessimism: Either You're Always Right, or Pleasantly Surprisedtm.
  2. This made me laugh and then sad.
  3. He has had a LOT of time to build his fan base and reputation.
  4. I think I saw on twitter that Caleb also followed Tank on IG.
  5. Not relevant to the thread, but this is not embarrassing in the slightest, this is wonderful. You're teaching them that accountability is important no matter the power dynamic, and that strength includes the flexibility of being able to bend neck when it is warranted. Good on ya.
  6. 1. What actually happened in the Bo/Pat Nix meeting? What was said, specifically, how did you respond, and how did they take it in the moment? 2. What was going through your mind, really, during the first 4 weeks of the season that led you to fire Coach Corn? 3. Speaking of the first 4 weeks of the season - what was your inner monologue really like during the Ga State and Alabama State games?
  7. Sometimes, I get right irritated at some of you here, but times like this remind me that this is one hell of a place. Happy to help.
  8. Ball game. Defense did enough to win, offense continued to crap the bed.
  9. Both things can be true, you know. 31 came off his man on that play and it led to a huge conversion. It's his job to cover the RB, and he tried to be the hero. It was a blown assignment.
  10. I know we don't like antics on the sidelines but I want Harsin to be getting an unsportsmanlike conduct call there. I'd be climbing up a ref so far he'd be seeing my shoes from behind his eyeballs.
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