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  1. I can just see Gary Danielson stirring from the post-retirement scrap heap to shuffle in front of the nearest camera - TV studio or Ring doorbell - to mutter this
  2. I suck at it but it's going to be the only thing keeping me interested in football.
  3. Sounds like he had some scar tissue or some fraying something.
  4. That's a name, right there. I have no idea if he knows how to recruit, but I guarantee anyone in FL who grew up a UF fan - or (importantly) whose mama was a UF fan - that name will open some doors. He's just gotta come in and slam it behind him.
  5. War Eagle, Kodi, and good luck. I know a lot of people here griped about him as WR Coach, but he must be doing something right.
  6. I don't know if they can or should since there may be an impending personnel action - which could include either a firing or a negotiated buyout. We don't even have a good read on the timeframe, so they may be working on a post-move or simultaneous announcement. More than that - what would they say? Either it would be "the rumors are not true" (which would certainly be a thing) or "yes, we're investigating something" - which would be quite another thing. Even a non-statement statement people will be reading into.
  7. I know next to nothing of coding, but let me know how I can help. I'll bring coffee or make subtle ocean noises to ease the stress or whatever you need.
  8. I tried the dark theme during the donor period. It was OK but I kept feeling like I was on battery saver. I just switched back to the white theme. I would use the blue more but the blue is too...blue?...as in, it is not navy enough. For instance, you can do it and see it doesn't match the banner at the top. But for me, it also looks really bizarre with the stark white background of the posts - doesn't mesh at all. If there was a way to change the white posts in the blue theme to a more grey/less vibrant white or something, I might use that one.
  9. Pessimism: Either You're Always Right, or Pleasantly Surprisedtm.
  10. This made me laugh and then sad.
  11. He has had a LOT of time to build his fan base and reputation.
  12. I think I saw on twitter that Caleb also followed Tank on IG.
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