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  1. @AU80cruiser That's awful, man. My thoughts are with your family and your community. Let us know what you need.
  2. "Fire-Making" and "Wheel - How do it Work?" was gonna be my guess. /trope
  3. Particularly off a year where we go 8-5, losing to a couple of basement dweller SEC teams, and then pull out a bowl win vs an upstart Big 10 team.
  4. Concur - that would add an interesting wrinkle and would probably shorten games. Also, eliminating PATs in OT. Keep FGs. There's strategy involved there too (even if there's generally only 1 right answer, the decision still has to be made to do it). But @AU64 also is right that most OTs end after the 2nd time through.In fact, there have only been 11 FBS games since 2001 that went more than 5. You only see about 35-45 OT games a year as it is, but since the new OT rules came into effect in 1997 (which had the have to go for 2 after the 3rd OT requirement put in), that's only 11 times out of around 950 OTs. @IronMan70 is also right that any OT that involves sudden death is a non-starter (as well as that the NFL rule is stupid). The current OT rules, in part, exist (as a modified version of the Kansas Playoff, which had teams start at the 10 yard line) to make sure both sides got a chance - particularly since there isn't as much parity in HS and CFB as there is in the NFL. (The other reason it exists, of course, is ties are stupid). The reason that the NFL rules still exist, however, is more probably tied to the tight broadcast windows and collective bargaining agreements. I don't know a ton about it but I bet it would be an interesting thing to dig into.
  5. You da man, Jeff. Thanks for the thread since E is trying to become immortal or whatever and is abandoning us to the mercies of the crootin world.
  6. Report: ESPN Fires Host Adnan Virk Over Leaks On Friday, ESPN fired studio host Adnan Virk, who hosted Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter and filled in for various roles across the network. The New York Post’s Andrew Marchand broke the firing about an hour before the Super Bowl’s kickoff. Virk was reportedly given the boot because he leaked company info to the media, and when the Worldwide Leader investigated the source of those leaked secrets, he didn’t “fully cooperate.” Per Marchand’s follow-up report, which is essentially acting as a conduit for both ESPN and Virk to tell their sides, ESPN’s suspicions were raised by a Jan. 28 Awful Announcing article about the future of Baseball Tonight—Virk’s main role—as well as the state of ESPN’s daily baseball programming. Ben Koo’s post supposedly contained information that very few people would’ve had access to: ESPN had a conference call about “Sunday Night Baseball” that the network believes Virk tipped off to Awful Announcing. Sources said the “premeditated nature” of the outreach alarmed ESPN. When the conference call took place, Virk was not on the whole time, and the specific information about the future schedule for baseball was actually not discussed. Virk followed up right after the call with Phil Orlins, the senior coordinating producer, asking specific questions about the direction of baseball at ESPN in regards to its scheduling. The questions matched what appeared later that day in the Awful Announcing article. Koo did not comment to Marchand on his sources. An ESPN flack wouldn’t tell me anything beyond, “Adnan Virk no longer works at ESPN,” although they did direct me to Marchand’s article from today. Virk is reportedly in the process of lawyering up, as he had recently signed a four-year deal with the network and now isn’t receiving any severance: Know any more on what the hell happened? Drop a line, and make sure to use your non-work account. .
  7. Reports are that he is staying. (Sorry, on phone, can't copy and paste it in)
  8. Well, at least he wouldn't have to make the "am I going to sit out the bowl game for my draft stock" decision.
  9. QFT. Dude called as many baffling play calls as I've seen from AU over the past few years. Granted, this year wasn't entirely his fault, someone in NO clearly had pulled out the Falcons voodoo dolls.
  10. Thinking of you, and her, AUMASTERS.May you both find peace and comfort, for you and your family.
  11. In b4 "good we do better when we aren't ranked"
  12. I think it gets easier when you can point to last night (metaphorically) and say "look what happens when everyone comes back!"