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  1. One thing I'm surprised I've not seen: He doesn't coach. Watch Saban or Smart or Dabo or Mullen or Jimbo or Matt Campbell or Steve Addazio or Josh Heupel or on and on and on. When someone screws up on the field, as soon as they come off the coach is up next to them first to chew them out, and then to fix the problem. I don't see ANY of that on our sidelines. Instead, I see Stidham wander to the sidelines while watching the jumbotron. If it were me, he wouldn't have that opportunity. He'd be scared to look anywhere except for where I was on the sidelines.
  2. Auctoritas

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    But the question keeps coming back to "Who is, then?" I don't think Gus is the long term answer, but I don't think he needs to be axed yet. It's halfway a business decision, and not just for the buyout. And that's not even including the personnel and recruiting losses for this year. Anyone who is calling for his head may be objectively saying it after watching, but they're still making an emotional decision, and that has more than an even-odds chance of making the situation worse. Who will replace him? Not pie in the sky wish list - who will come for not a lot of money (since we're gonna be 50M in the hole with his buyout and other coaches buyouts) to take over for a coach who was fired 1 year into a 7 year deal? Who is going to be better? Do we have an actual chance with someone better, or are we going to take a flyer on a mid-major coach? If we don't have a plan, we are rolling the dice hoping that whoever is next is better - and we are making a terrible decision. Auburn has a reputation for fickleness. Firing him now does as much harm in that as it does potential good in getting rid of him. So, all that to say: Just because there are people who don't want him fired doesn't mean that we haven't been watching, or think he's the right coach. It's that we don't want an emotional, shoot from the hip decision.
  3. I actually felt OK about this game and how it was going. Until Stidham missed a wide-open Whitlow on the checkdown. If he hits that, we drive and score before halftime, and UGA probably doesn't. Then it's either 17-13 at half, or maybe 20-17. It's an entirely different game if he makes that simple throw. For a team with shaky confidence, you have to be perfect. There were too many little mistakes last night, and while I won't blame the loss on Stidham, as soon as it happened I turned to someone and said "That's ballgame. That will ruin the mojo, and we will not score again." And I was right. I honestly think that if he makes that throw, we win the game in the end. Or, at least, we're playing for the win a the end. It's the little things. In almost everything, it's the little things. And this team does not do the little things well. On the bright side, I think that they don't do the little things well because they're trying too hard (probably because they're desperate). There's a HUGE difference between D being out of position because they're lost, and because they're trying to do too much individually. Bad angles? same thing. It's frustrating, but at least it is a sign of not quitting. I will also say: we lost by 17. And while I don't like losing, I certainly thought that - after the games with UT, MooState, and A&M, that we were going to lose by 40 or more. Those boys showed fight yesterday. There were lots of things to be angry about, but that wasn't a bad game, really. Take away those two long TDs and its a dogfight. I hate that we lost, and there's blame to spread around and work to do to fix a faulty football team. But after yesterday, for some reason, I am not despondent like I was after Mississippi State or Tennessee. That was a game that we should have lost, and did, but that team fought until the end, and was a few plays away from a different outcome. We've got to do better, but better isn't as far away as some here want to be convinced it is.
  4. Auctoritas

    **Georgia Game thread***

    We are not good enough to recover from stupid mistakes.
  5. Auctoritas

    Fun Fact

    War eagle to THAT! Best of luck to you, him, and Mom! Keep us posted!
  6. Auctoritas


    War eagle! I, for one, am going to approach this day like Tigerpro has - with a good feeling. I have no premonitions, no real hopes...and for some reason, that's awfully freeing. Why be nervous or dread anything? It's game day! This is a beautiful morning. And this is one of the best rivalries in CFB. There's a bunch of great games today. And, it's freaking Saturday in the Fall. War eagle, war eagle, and war damn eagle.
  7. Auctoritas

    Auburn at 24 in CFP Rankings

    Honest question: what teams do you think should be ranked in front of us?
  8. Auctoritas

    Auburn at 24 in CFP Rankings

    You know, if I had time or inclination, I bet it would be an interesting project to go back and look at the preseason polls each year and see how long it takes for them to "shake out" - by that I mean, how long it takes for the poll to get as close as it gets to that year's final ranking. I mean, each year there are darlings that fall out/are overranked, but I wonder if those preseasons really have the staying power/influence that we think we do.
  9. Auctoritas

    Auburn at 24 in CFP Rankings

    It's weird, it's like they make everyone play the games each season and THEN decide who is better based on results and appearance, rather than just ranking everyone because they have a history.
  10. Auctoritas

    Auburn at 24 in CFP Rankings
  11. Auctoritas

    The Hospitality Bowl

    back know...the topic at hand... I like it. Also because aTm is like Auburn West both in history and attitude. Every person I've ever talked to that has gone there for a game day raves at the politeness, openness, and sharing they have there - and every time someone from aTm comes here, they say the same thing. As much as I despise Jimbo, I will always have a small soft spot for that school.
  12. Auctoritas

    Georgia kickoff 6 p.m.

  13. Auctoritas

    Texas A&M postgame thread

    That breaks the curse now, doesn't it? Isn't this the first time the home team won the game?
  14. Auctoritas

    Texas A&M postgame thread

    Your loss. Must suck to be such a miserable person that you can't take 5 minutes to enjoy a win.
  15. Auctoritas

    Texas A&M postgame thread

    War eagle, bud.