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  1. Hey, on the bright side, if he's still here in 2035 that means he's not had a season bad enough to get him fired outright...and given the heat of his seat, it probably means he's been above his historical average. Just sayin'.
  2. I've always thought being a Falcons fan and an Auburn fan were very similar in terms of the roller coasters. I still haven't watched a Super Bowl since the 2016 season.
  3. Yup, and since every college athlete is from California, the entire proposal is just nonsense and doesn't matter to the students in ::checks notes:: wow, forty-four other states that don't vote solely by mail! (Interesting that you picked California, and not, say Utah or Colorado...) Your post is, frankly, beyond dumb. A national organization trying to promote civic engagement among youth should be celebrated, no matter the circumstances. Beyond that, people grumble all the time about the NCAA not listening to the student-athletes or not having their best interest at heart, and here we have a case that is exactly the opposite. Kudos to the NCAA for clearing the practice calendar so students can go exercise a constitutional right and perform the primary civic duty of an American citizen. Civic engagement in youth leads to a more engaged and informed American citizen throughout life. And remember, these are kids. This is probably the first time ANY of them have had a chance to vote in a presidential election. That's a big freakin' deal.
  4. No way, I don't want Rocker showing up at my door and telling me what he thinks of my decision.
  5. Saw this in a Rivals article on the three latest commits "Auburn hasn't signed 3 offensive tackles in the same recruiting class since it signed 7 (!) in 2012 (Avery Young, Jordan Diamond, Patrick Miller, Shane Callahan, Alex Kozan, Will Adams, Robert Leff)."
  6. I thought I was clear in my post that I don't know much about today's youth or why it matters. I literally said "I do not know, please explain." Which is why I made my post. There was no "pretending" - I literally did not know. But I do appreciate the automatically going into attack mode as though my ignorance was somehow personally insulting to you or was me taking a position. This is why we can't have nice things.
  7. I'm not being snide: can someone explain why we should? Why it matters? Why it hurts (or helps) recruiting? I am not being a jerk, I really don't understand why the uniform contract matters at all to anyone. What am I missing?
  8. It's been a wild ride the last few weeks on the COVID response. I feel like I should do an AMA thread on the outbreak - I'm anonymous enough here I'd probably not get in trouble. Whether or not I do so: take this seriously. I think the seriousness is finally sinking in with people, but I don't think the public has a good grasp of how long this is going to be until it gets back to normal.
  9. Wouldn't even need a drug dog - I can smell it from here.
  10. Between the D having to play back to protect against a 4th down attempt and that the QB isn't taking a 4 step runup to kick the ball, it just gets off his foot too quickly for any defender to really get close enough to hit him. Which, of course, means that any hit on the QB in that case is probably going to be so late that it's gonna be hard to swallow the flag. I would actually love to see us run the QB quick kick more often on 4th and 4 or so...Nix has the speed and the arm that we could steal some possessions.
  11. That's reasonable, and I think our run concepts need some work - I can't stand watching a RB run right into the back of the Center. I think that there's a lot in that last sentence - While I was a fan during the 2000s with Tuberville and that pro-style, I really started WATCHING college football right around the same time the spread offenses were just starting to come into vogue. Personal taste matters, to be sure.
  12. 1. I do not profess to be an expert, but there's a reason that recruiting services classify players as pocket passers and dual threat. I do not know of ANY DT QBs that operate from under center, and there's a reason that you recruit the way you recruit. 2. I'm OK trying something new, but I just want to be clear that you're asking to be the 2.0 version of Arkansas under Bielema. We don't have that personnel at QB or OL, it would take time and would be miserable. There's a huge difference between a 9-win season and a disaster. We won 9 games, beat our biggest rival, didn't have major injuries at key positions, didn't have an embarrssing loss (in the sense of UT or MSST from last year) and have a metric crap ton of draft prospects that are going to make us look good. We easily won the ones we were "supposed to" and lost most of the ones that were toss-ups. There have been Gus disaster seasons, and this wasn't one of them. Didn't end how we wanted, wish we'd done better, but 9 wins vs the toughest schedule in the country with a TF QB is...pretty good. Just okay. Not a disaster, and to say so diminishes the efforts of the players. This is Auburn. We've seen **** shows, like 2012 and 3-2 and Doug Barfield. A 10-win season would have had everyone exulting, you can't go from success to abject failure in the span of 1 win. Be realistic.
  13. 1. Yeah, but which QB? The sophomore who has never run anything but a shotgun look? Cord Sandberg? Incoming freshman Chayil Garnett, who's a Nick Marshall-type? 2. Has no other shotgun team figured out run blocking? Or are you advocating it to cover up our specific weaknesses in it? Either way, we laughed and laughed at Bret Bielema for trying to run that kind of offense with the wrong personnel. You guys have been doing a lot of complaining about non-disaster're talking about a total offensive rebuild.You don't like 9-win seasons? It'd be years until you saw another one.
  14. No offense to anyone here who's said it...but why in the world do you want to see the QB back under center? What am I missing where that's going to solve any problems? Everyone always moans about AU not developing QBs for the NFL, but even the NFL has got to the point where it's a 2:1 shotgun to under-center split on average. Aside from that, how many of the best HS QBs in the country run an offense under center? Would make it harder to recruit, and you'd likely have to entirely retrain the QB anyway.