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  1. From KB? Or about KB?
  2. You misspelled "waaaaah" again.
  3. I am hereby changing my tag from Oblong Spheroid to Exceedingly Deferential.
  4. I swear, if some of you don't knock it off, so help me I am going to turn this forum around and take us right back to Lashlee and NOBODY is going to get any Spavital to make them feel better.
  5. Have you SEEN the posters here? I would think that a heavy dose of an antidepressant would work wonders.
  6. My wife kept having me come in there and look at the bad calls and how lucky they were. I'm like "Baby, I've watched this s%*# for 35 years, believe you me that I know about it."
  7. Helps that my wife and her family are huge Clemson fans. It's no AU championship, but I think a mixture of her tears of joy and a go-to-hell-Alabama isn't that bad a drink at all.
  8. Like a dagger into a crimson heart! 1 second comes back to haunt them again!
  9. Clemson is just standing around. Bama is just cleaning clocks and Clemson is standing there looking stunned and taking it. Bama knows that the refs aren't going to toss anyone tonight, not in the NCG. They should be down two defensive starters by now for late shots.
  10. Make us proud!
  11. Trying to decide whether he was tight end or not.
  12. I've seen a lot of beatdowns, but I don't think I've ever seen a team that was supposedly that "so good" get so manhandled up and down the field.
  13. This is one of the weirdest stories I've heard in a while. So back in November, after Wake Forest lost to Louisville, a staff member of Wake Forest found some plays/film prints in the Louisville locker room area - whatever, right? Maybe it was just good film study. Except Wake Forest had never, ever run those plays. Ever. Somehow Louisville had gotten their hands on internal Wake Forest documents and were studying up on those plays before the games. Turns out, it was an inside job. " Wake Forest has concluded that team radio announcer Tommy Elrod -- a former player and assistant coach -- provided or attempted to provide confidential game preparations to opponents several times starting in 2014, the school said in a statement Tuesday. The school began a program-wide investigation last month after an equipment manager discovered documents inside Papa John's Cardinal Stadium -- one day before a game in Louisville -- that showed specific Demon Deacons plays. Elrod has been fired from IMG and will no longer broadcast Wake Forest football games. In addition, he has been banned from Wake Forest athletics and its facilities. Tommy Elrod played for Wake Forest from 1993-1997 and was a graduate assistant under Jim Grobe for 11 seasons. He moved to radio when Dave Clawson was hired as coach. Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images Elrod played for Wake Forest from 1993-1997 and was later hired as a graduate assistant under Jim Grobe for 11 seasons. He was not retained by current head coach Dave Clawson. He joined the Wake Forest IMG Radio Network in 2014 as a football analyst after Clawson took over. ""It's incomprehensible that a former Wake Forest student-athlete, graduate-assistant, full-time football coach, and current radio analyst for the school would betray his alma mater," Clawson said Tuesday. Athletic director Ron Wellman said he has known Elrod since his days as a player on Wake's football team. "I'm deeply disappointed that he would act against Wake Forest, our football team and our fans in such a harmful manner," Wellman said in a statement, "by compromising confidential game preparation information." After the Wake Forest play sheet was brought to Clawson's attention, the coach turned the documents over to Wellman and the investigation began. Wake Forest alerted Louisville and the ACC that it was investigating a potential internal breach of confidentiality. In announcing the results of the investigation Tuesday, the school cited emails, text messages and phone records in concluding that Elrod had tried to give out the confidential information. Wake Forest says it has taken steps to enhance security of game preparation activities moving forward. "I am extremely disappointed that our confidential and proprietary game preparation was compromised," Clawson said. "We allowed [Elrod] to have full access to our players, team functions, film room, and practices. He violated our trust which negatively impacted our entire program. I am glad we have taken steps to ensure it will not happen in the future." Reached Tuesday by ESPN, Louisville had no comment."
  14. I said Spring. Weird things can happen, and that's that weird zone where SWs experience may make him look better in comparison (especially if SW thrives on competition as so many have said). I also said "all that surprising" not that it wouldn't be a surprise at all. I expect Stidham to win the job but if it doesn't happen that way I think we would all be able to look back and find logic in the situation.