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  1. I think I have eligibility. So long as they let me have blowdarts full of tranquilizers to shoot at bullrushing DTs, put me in coach. Edit: Ptoo! Ptoo! Ptoo!
  2. Hang on, let me go back in time and make the 2010 team better so we can be 1st best. Seriously. Yes, it's a clickbait article. But it's also a list of national champions. Being on a list of those is just fine, no matter where you are on it because they are independent variables. Not every team every year can be the best team ever in college football and setting that as an unrealistic goal just makes you an angry person who...well, writes that kind of post.
  3. Hey @stattiger, just for clarification - your ratio, is that career for each? Or, each by "sophomore" (i.e., comparable point in experience)?
  4. I can't help but smile when I read his words. There's a refreshing openness to them. You can tell the reporter asked a question and it was off to the races.
  5. Island of Dr. MoreAU, amirite?
  6. If it helps, I'm not even watching or paying attention to it. Just refreshing this thread every so often.
  7. Welcome. Sorry that this was what brought about the first post, but look forward to more, in better circumstances.
  8. I just watched the Chuma injury, hadn't seen it yet. I have zero inside info, but that's an MCL tear. Maybe an ACL with it. That's a shame. But what we just saw tonight showed the kind of heart and threat that every man on that floor is. Chuma going down will hurt, but I have no doubt that having to overcome that adversity will light a fire in the team. I've never seen a NCAAM team that was less about 1 guy than this one. It's going to make it tougher, but if there's any team in the tourney that could take that blow and come back swinging, it's this one.
  9. I was deliberately staying away from watching, and kept peeking here. I wish I had watched. What a performance. What a game.
  10. @ellitorE, have I told you how I admire your abilities, integrity, uncanny ability to understand sarcasm, good looks, and intelligence? Just wanted to remind you for no reason whatsoever.
  11. Congratulations E! War eagle!
  12. @AU80cruiser That's awful, man. My thoughts are with your family and your community. Let us know what you need.
  13. "Fire-Making" and "Wheel - How do it Work?" was gonna be my guess. /trope
  14. Particularly off a year where we go 8-5, losing to a couple of basement dweller SEC teams, and then pull out a bowl win vs an upstart Big 10 team.