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  1. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Auburn 23 - Carlton Davis 7- LSU 7.
  2. Clemson vs Syracuse

    I will defend Dabo this once...if you read his lips after the clock went 0:00, he grabbed Dino Babers and told him "I am so, so happy for you," and then kept saying something else, took about 15 seconds. No curt good game and perfunctory handshake, but what looked to be heartfelt congratulations. He may win like an goon, but he apparently can lose with some class.
  3. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Alabama Texas A&M Georgia Vanderbilt Mississippi State South Carolina Georgia Tech Utah Texas Tech North Carolina State 55
  4. Winning Attitude

    Counterpoint - and I don't disagree with your premise - Couldn't this be seen as just another facet of the offense, one that we can't really run well with JS? I seem to remember a lot of complaining about Gus not molding the offense to the QB, so doesn't that go both ways?
  5. Winning Attitude

    So, why did it stop, do you think? Is it lack of confidence in your players to not make mistakes? Fear of blame? I'm trying to think back to the 2009-2011 years, was there a time Gus got burned by piling on? I agree that he used to have that instinct to go for the throat, but it seems a weird thing to lose in just a couple of years...
  6. Winning Attitude

    Not entirely sure you'd recognize wit if you saw it, considering you seem to only have a passing familiarity with wits in general.
  7. Winning Attitude

    He says, self-righteously.
  8. FINAL: Auburn 44 Ole Miss 23

    Then why did we play the second half? Seems like Ole Miss was eating our lunch, so bringing in the backups is a terrible coaching decision. The second half was difficult to watch, but it was because of execution and having heads in the game, and bringing in the second string to "practice" isn't going to help that. In fact, it would likely hurt.
  9. FINAL: Auburn 44 Ole Miss 23

    Also - you can't on one hand want us to use these games as practice and work on things, and on the other get mad when we leave the starting QB in and work on our offense. Some of you are ridiculous.
  10. FINAL: Auburn 44 Ole Miss 23

    So...Ole Miss eating up the field and making a game of it, our offense sputtering in the 2nd half, and people care more about getting the backup QB reps than making sure we win the game. So, basically, just another Saturday with the AU Family. This wasn't even ugly...this was a very good SEC win. I'm convinced some of you just enjoy being miserable.
  11. Iowa st vs oklahoma

    I'll be damned. Great win!
  12. Mississippi State Assessment from the Stadium

    I thought it looked great on TV!
  13. A question in terms of the switch to zone run blocking... I am reminded of an entirely random anecdote about Rush drummer Neil Peart, where during a hiatus he went and studied under the great jazz drummer Buddy Rich. When he came back to the band, it messed up the rest of the group something awful because all the timing and anticipation they'd worked on for 30 years had changed. Took them some time to get it back. That being said...does that happen to running backs too? I mean, I imagine KP and KJ have been seeing holes open up one way for a long time with the old road grading OL style. Is there anything in the zone blocking schemes that make holes and cutback lanes look so different they may be unfamiliar or hard to recognize? The run game doesn't look like it's getting shut down, it just looks...slow. Plodding. I seem to see a lot of RBs running into the back of linemen. Just wondering!
  14. Will Hastings

    Yes. Because we don't know how to handle having nice things.
  15. Well, instead of running the entire offense, would you accept him running the entire field instead?