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  1. I would watch it. I watch any college football I can get my eyeballs on. Saturdays in the fall? absolutely. Also later in the season when it is Tuesday or Wednesday MACtion, the thursday game, and Friday... Bowl season? gimme more. There are some great FCS teams out there, with great traditions and stadiums and settings and fanbases. I say lets see them!
  2. I am glad he was at Auburn, but I always got the feeling that, as good as he is, he thought he was naturally better, and his effort and attitude showed that sometimes. This decision was the same - he's good, but not as good as the thought he is.
  3. I think it would depend on the premise of the argument. If you are talking about this from a recruiting standpoint, about him being able to identify talent, it would make sense, but the counterargument would be why is it just a blanket "nobody in the first two years counts"? shouldn't that just whoever he recruited? If we are talking development and showcasing talent, then 2014 *IS* two full seasons in a program. That would be no different than counting a JUCO who finished their final two at Auburn. If Chizik gets to count Cam, it's fair that Gus would claim someone in 2014.
  4. Best of luck. May the surgeons have steady hands and your body quick healing.
  5. I know that it's a little too early for the MMW thread, but...MMW, he will take Bo's job before Bo runs out of eligibility.
  6. I mean...that play was also run in a recent Super Bowl, unless I am mistaken.
  7. That was a TD all the way around...he actually got his feet inside the pylon too.
  8. Good scramble. Not that I really want to listen to them, but are Dave and Stinch having bad audio? Or is that just me?
  9. Aaaand I have nothin on that one. I could have made that same throw.
  10. And that was actually a nice ball to 32, but he cut the route short. That would have hit him in stride.
  11. To his credit, he's had several where he got no help from the receiver. I think three were perfect balls. Then his first completion was a weird throw.
  12. I have never understood why you run a sweep to the short side of the field like that. It never seems to work.
  13. I can't wait to see more of this downhill Worm.
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