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  1. CTsaysWDE

    Rankings tomorrow

    Agreed, if Wisconsin loses and AU wins out, AU and Bama are #3 & #4. Could face each other in the championship. I think the governor would have to declare martial law...
  2. CTsaysWDE

    Chip Lindsey new OC

    It seems to me that this hire could go either way: The good: QB Development - Has there been any bigger complaint over the past few years than our staff's ability to develop QBs? Passing - He will bring a focus on passing that we have not had in the previous few seasons. Worked with Gus - Gus may be more likely to trust someone who he has worked with in the past, more easily accepting their new ideas. The bad: Not a "wow" hire - We hoped that there would be a big name hire with deeper experience. Worked with Gus - Is he actually going to bring new views to the table, or just go along with whatever Gus wants... aka, a "yes" man Ideal Scenario: Gus is ready to turn over the reigns more fully to his O-staff. Herb Hand is very familiar with what Gus wants to do in the running game, so Gus made a hire that rounds out the skillset of our staff. We improve our QB development, and our WRs mature in their second year. We have a lethal passing game to augment our running capabilities. Not only do we use Stidham to his full capabilities, we also effectively develop those who come behind him. Combining that with the D, we make a very strong run in the SEC. 9-10 regular season wins (sucks that we have to play both of the teams from this year's national championship) is a floor. Worst Scenario: Gus does not want to make any changes, and we don't leverage any of the skills our new OC brings to the table. The coaching staff falls apart and the O does not improve from where it was at the end of the season. We are looking for a new AD and staff at the end of the season. In summary: Gus, though he is a smart coach that did some revolutionary things on offense, has to learn to evolve and leverage the skills of his staff. If he is capable of doing that, then this is a good hire that will complement the skills of the current staff. If he is not capable of doing that, then he is not the right coach for us long term, and this hire will clearly reveal that to be the case.
  3. CTsaysWDE

    Daniel Carlson Appreciation Thread

    I wanted to pull some stats on other kickers so that we could see just how likely DC is to win the Groza. I'd put him in a solid second place. Except for one guy, nobody else in the country has DCs combination of volume/consistency/distance. Zane Gonzalez from ASU is having one hell of a season though. He is 6-of-7 from 50+ and 20-of-21 overall. Those are just crazy numbers, especially when you consider that no other kicker has more than 2 FGs from 50+.
  4. CTsaysWDE

    Players leaving

    Jeremy? Not that I've heard. Agreed. I think many assumed he would transfer since we were bringing new QB talent, but then he said he was sticking at Auburn to fight for the job.
  5. I assume you guys already knew this, but the iTunes subscription from last year doesn't automatically pick up this years. I had to subscribe again to the new version. Can't wait to listen!
  6. CTsaysWDE

    Louisville Game Podcast

    Perfect thing to listen to on my commute home!
  7. CTsaysWDE

    Auburn Mount Rushmore

    Does anyone not have Bo in their group of 4? I love that guy.
  8. CTsaysWDE

    Jeremy Johnson named starting QB for 2015

    I agree. Just thought I would stir the pot I imagine that it was hard for the coaches to know who gave us the best chance of winning between the two. Since they had very different strengths, but were both very talented. It's hard to predict which QB will be better, when both of them are capable of putting up 30+ points against any D in the country. At some point, you've just got to pick one and tailor the offense to their style of play. Personally, I'd probably pick the senior that carried me to the BCS Championship game the year before, as opposed to the one who had only started one game, given that they are both studs on the practice field.
  9. CTsaysWDE

    Extra Money for Auburn Players

    Would be hard, if not impossible, to do. $2,000 goes a lot further in Auburn/Athens/East Lansing than it does in Los Angeles, Austin, Atlanta, Seattle, or any other major city where a big college program is located. Not hard at all. "Standardized" does not necessarily mean "uniform". Auburn/Athens/East Lansing ought to at least be on equal footing, and right now they're not. The government already publishes per diem rates for various cities. That would be a good starting point, but I would like to see the NCAA customize it to what college students typically buy. So calculating for beer, late night Willie's Wings order, dates, beer, snacks, cover charges at the club, did I mention beer? Just thought I'd note: Football players in college towns are almost certainly not paying cover. Or many drinks while they are there.
  10. CTsaysWDE

    Pulling for bammer this weekend

    I just wish we already knew the outcome of the Ole Miss v. Miss St. game. I'd hate to pull for bama just to have Miss St. end up winning the egg bowl. I'll just try to look at this weekend as a win-win. Either our chances stay alive or bama loses.
  11. CTsaysWDE

    Joey Harrington comments on Auburn and Alabama

    Your odds seem about right. The only situation where I get worried is if we win out but so does Miss St, Fla St, Oregon, and the Big 12 champ (TCU/Baylor/K St). I don't know what would happen, but the committee might struggle with the decision on who gets left out. But the chances of having all of those teams win out is pretty slim.
  12. CTsaysWDE

    Spotlight on the cross-buck action

    I wonder how we handle this linebacker if we want to include the pass option. Because if we take the pass option, couldn't we be flagged for having an ineligible man downfield? LOS is ~37 the receiver is at or behind the 40, the pass is behind the LOS so we are good if Nick forgets this and passed past the 37 then yes we would incur a penalty. So either Shon shouldn't have gone down-field or we only pass to the receiver behind the line Thanks! I forgot about the exception when throwing behind the line of scrimmage. I'm assuming it was a read option on the fake to Roc, since we left the DE unblocked. These are really tough plays to defend!
  13. CTsaysWDE

    Spotlight on the cross-buck action

    I wonder how we handle this linebacker if we want to include the pass option. Because if we take the pass option, couldn't we be flagged for having an ineligible man downfield?
  14. CTsaysWDE

    Nov. 8 SEC Schedule Announced

    I'm a little disappointed by this. This is the only game I'm traveling back from Houston to see. I was hoping to get a night game.
  15. Agreed, it would be in Auburn's best interest for Ole Miss to win every game they play, except against us.