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  1. Gary Danielson

    I wish they would just have 2 teams do TV commentary, one for team A and one for team B. Then we at home can listen to the slant we want. The commentators today are obviously biased toward one team, except for Gruden he's about the only one that calls things as he sees it. Doesn't matter if it's Tom Brady, if someone makes a bone headed play he calls them on it. I'm probably going to be looking at sync'ing up radio with the TV as I'm about done with hearing commentators and their slant toward one team over another. Luckily I was at the Iron Bowl.😁
  2. Bielema officially fired

    Someone tell Jen that I heard the Beau Rivage in Biloxi is hiring.
  3. Bammer Excuse Thread

    You should put a whole bunch of 17's on paper in the trash.
  4. Bammer Excuse Thread

    What's funny was all the love fest over Hurts after the MSU game drive where he "grew up so much" ( heard many sports talking heads say those exact words) but yet a couple of weeks later the Bama Nation is blaming him and saying he's really not that good of a QB. So I'm confused is he good or not?
  5. Is it possible?

  6. Favorite play of the night

    The screen pass to KJ, but not because we scored. This was my favorite play bc: 1. Was a great play call. Showed nice in game coaching ability. 2. Was awesome to see the "Big Boys" running all the way down field.
  7. Aaron Murray's mom takes to FB

    So no mention of the skirmish on the UGA sideline and Mark clearly telling the refs "That's what you get".
  8. Excuse I don’t want to hear

    Gus had a play sheet in his hands and head set on. If we lose because we let our coaches coach, our players play, and Gus doesn't have to have his hands in everything then at least we lost because they were just better then us. Not bc we got out coached and we have a head coach that doesn't know how to be a head coach.
  9. Kirby Smart, The Auburn Coach who wasn't

    Exactly. For him to ask for what he did considering where he was coming from is either 1 of 2 things. 1. He's just that stupid and didn't think it mattered him coming from Bama and knowing certain "secrets" and potential he not take the job. 2. He was sent to find out what he could. I tend to think KS is NOT that stupid.
  10. Kirby Smart, The Auburn Coach who wasn't

    I still will never believe that KS was actually ever interested in the job. I think he was sent on a fishing expedition. When needing things reveled before he would take the job seems awfully fishy to me considering where he was coming from.
  11. Favorite game day superstition

    I do have a superstition that I like to do with my wife when we lose. It really helps get my mind off the least for a good 30 to 45 secs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  12. Tweet from Jeff Holland

    I was wondering the samething.
  13. Gary Patterson

    I think Gary if given the resources like most major SEC schools have could make several runs at the title and probably win a few. But I don't think he's leaving TCU anytime soon.
  14. Tuberville on next AD

    Tubbs is part of the problem not part of the solution imo. We have to get rid of the good ole boy club and all Tubbs would do is bring that back even worse then it is now. We have sloooooowly been getting rid of it and the light is at the end of the tunnel let's keep moving forward not backwards. I do appreiate what Tubbs did for Auburn but I think his time should remain done at Auburn.
  15. Favorite game day superstition