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  1. April 2, 2020 9:27am Alabama opens an internal investigation. April 2, 2020 9:28am Alabama closes internal investigation and concludes that no wrong doing was done. The players that received payments practiced in the sun while players that did not receive payments practiced in the indoor facility.
  2. Best thing out of all now we don't have to listen to that stupid commercial with him in it anymore. Good lord is his voice annoying. He sounds like he's been on a week long drinking binge, dude needs to dial down the roids a little.
  3. This really makes me sad. After the kick six my son (who was 11) and I rushed the field. He got his picture with Greg and he still has it. Just not the same feeling now looking at that picture.
  4. Gaming is now a varsity sport for High Schools in some areas. It is in mine.
  5. Looks liker her twitter account now is locked and only approved followers can see her tweets.
  6. This is the type of girl that goes to a guys hotel room or apartment at midnight, spends the night, and then the next day claims she didn't really want to have sex and claims rape. This is the type of girl that you WARN your son about, a one night stand that can cost you your life. What are the odds she sent some boobie pics and baited Danjel? No excuses for Danjel's responses that's for sure and not smart on his side but seems like she was fishing to me and Danjel took the bait. It doesn't take long just scrolling through her twitter feed that she seems to have some agenda about trying to get athletes in trouble.
  7. "Close" only counts in horse shoes, hand grenades, and sloooooowwwww dancin'.
  8. Hawaii to Alabaster Alabama……..yep happens every day. I'm sure the brand new SUV they were driving with dealer plates on it when Thompson played Vestavia a couple of years ago was just a "loaner". I worked the main parking gate at Vestavia for that game and yes I saw it with my own 2 eyes. Along with multiple coaches for Thompson that came through the parking gate with ties to Bama. Sorry just because they may be "good Christian folks" doesn't mean they don't work the system to their advantage and can't be bought. Not saying we don't do it also, buying families that is, it is one of the most sickening things to happen to Highschool athletics. Being in Birmingham in area with Hoover, Hewitt Trussville, Mountain Brook, and Thompson I see it and hear about it every day. While the Highschool my kids go to the football coach Buddy Anderson who has been there for over 40yrs does not recruit. While I have my own reservations and issues with Buddy I will at least give him props in that the kids we put on the field on Friday nights were not bought but earned their right to play.
  9. What was nice is Saban is notorious for wanting to get the "right" personnel on the field for certain situations and that's what cost him that play. It's why he hates the hurry up because he can't substitute unless offense does.
  10. Yeah the scouting report on him even in High School is he doesn't like contact right off the line. My sons High School coach said Pickens gets hit every play when they played him.
  11. Do we know who's officiating the IB? Anyone's child a current or past Bama student? Anyone with ties to Bama? It's gotten where I have a hard time watching the games at all bc it is like everyone is saying, it's when it's called or not called that affects the game.
  12. What I noticed was Bama even though they may get flagged for things now, the refs have now turned it in to crucial calls; either drive killers for the opposing team or drive extensions. I was shocked that Mac didn't need to be carted off the field after that play. The holding call in the redzone when TN ran the wildcat, I rewound 3 times and never saw anyone holding. Of course the refs obviously called it on the wrong guy but also noticed they never went back and tried to figure out who the "hold" was on. That was a drive killer for TN and the unnecessary roughness call was a joke, at least the announcers acknowledged that one.