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  1. I was just meaning the beginning of colleges cancelling football. But based on your post....... Kidding. I do agree with you though. The repercussions from this will be felt for a long long time Im afraid.
  2. I agree with the bolded for sure. The suppression of blacks did help create the poverty that a lot have to live in today. So the question is how do we eliminate that and thus having a society where everyone feels as equal.......this will take work from both blacks and whites and a whole lot of time.
  3. Interesting you mention Nigeria. I have worked with 2 guys from Nigeria, still work with one of them and the other calls me and my company on occasion for some business, both obviously black, and both super intelligent and their mindset and from what I know about them and their beliefs are like what you have stated. The guy I still work with speaks 7 languages, 5 fluently, has multiple degrees and plans on going back for more. I work with people of all different races and backgrounds and I would agree with your statements. It is a difference in feeling that you are owed something or not.
  4. Having had to work for a black woman who was awarded her position over a middle aged white male when at Motorola in Austin TX, I have seen a black persons skin color play to their advantage. The white male had more experience and was more knowledgeable. I had no issues with working for her and enjoyed working for her, but it was clearly obvious she was awarded the position because of the statement it made. I ended up leaving Motorola after I was moved to a different manager (a middle aged white male) and probably would have stayed if I was still working for her, like I said I had no issues with working for her. Also while at my current job I have had to train a black woman for a company I am contracted for, who had lied on her resume. I found out the company I was contracted through was not allowed to ask her any technical questions during her interview and had to take her at her word, and yes her being a black gay woman was a big reason she was hired. I will state what I see, a black female in the technology industry can easily get a job no matter her credentials. Also a good friends' son who had near perfect ACT score, multiple AP classes, over 4.0 GPA was denied at UGA and was told "if you had been a minority you would have been a shoe in". So I have seen a black persons skin color play to their advantage. Yes I am obviously a white middle aged male who worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs at a time through college. Did I have to, no my parents would have paid for what I wanted it was my choice to help put myself through college. My issue is with using "privilege" which means having special rights or advantages. I just have a hard time seeing any advantages or privileges I received solely because I was white. The black kids I went to elementary/JrHigh/HS school with had the same access to teachers, tutors, clubs, sports, etc.... as I did. The ones that chose to take advantage of the same opportunities as I did have gone on to be very successful. I do get what the meaning is when they say "White Privileged" I just think there could have been a better term used to get their point across. Similar to Kap's kneeling for the anthem. I do not disagree with his statement for what it represents however I do find it disrespectful to kneel. I feel there could have been a different platform to have done his statement. Yes these are obviously my experiences and everyone has different experiences. There is all the comments about discussion being needed and I feel there is room for improvement from both sides; blacks and whites. Racism will never completely go away, there will always be whites that teach their kids to hate blacks and blacks that teach their kids to hate whites. It's the majority of us (blacks and whites) in the middle that could careless what a person's skin color is that can make the difference. I think it should be obvious with the number of whites that are protesting, supporting Black Lives Matter, demanding change, the time that a persons skin color dictates their fate has come and gone. I mean the confederate flag can no longer be at NASCAR, the age old "white man redneck sport", should speak volumes. When I hear that I am "White Privileged" it hits me that I am viewed as part of the problem rather than part of the solution, solely because I am white, grew up with a father in my house, my parents emphasized school rather than sports, neither of my parents have been to prison, my parents were able to provide food and clothing for me, etc.... (all the things that are circulating to demonstrate what White Privilege is)
  5. "White Privileged" can be offensive/cruel/hurtful as well depending on who you ask...........just sayin. icanthearyou I assume the face palm is bc you took my comment as I am talking about people that are "white supremacy" / confederate flag flying / kkk type?
  6. Do we know if the solider was a Confederate or Union Soldier? Do we know if the soldier was black or white? Do we know if the soldier was a racist? While obviously the odds are the soldier was a Confederate soldier and probably white, isn't assuming that he was and profiling him as a racist because of this kind of what we are fighting against?
  7. Same for me. I have started hearing rumblings of this as well in my industry, controls and automation. There's an easier way to get rid of it, just get rid of Modbus all together.
  8. Hundreds of years ago white hunters would use black babies to lure alligators, which is obviously a racist action/disgusting/disturbing/inhumane/heartbreaking/etc..... The chant Gator Bait started in 1995 by a black linebacker at Florida, if you ain't a Gator you must be Gator Bait, obviously a player just loving who he's playing for and what college football is about. The two are obviously completely unrelated. I had to look up how Gator Bait was something that is even racist. Since it was the UF President that is having it removed and he is white, this could be him trying to appease the black community by saying "hey look what I did for you....". Wonder how long he has been there and if he's on the hot seat for anything?
  9. The Kick 6 and Rod's call of it will always go hand and hand.
  10. I can just hear Andy and Stan now "The War Eagles take the field. Listen to that crowd cheer GO WAR EAGLES!".
  11. Something tells me he teaches in the Liberal Arts department. You would think someone with a PHD would know that we don't call ourselves "war eagles" and we don't say "go war eagles". Or maybe his PHD stands for Paid for Highschool Diploma 🤔. I feel sorry for any student in his class. Hopefully "drop-add" is still an option these days. Another University is Possible...………….to teach at
  12. Depends on if the Dolphins will pay for their move, new SUV, and all the other perks like Bama did. I mean moving from Hawaii to Alabaster Alabama is cheap and happens every day right I like many others think that was a huge gamble by Miami, he never had a complete healthy season at such a critical position on the field. There are only a couple of position on the field where it's NOT plug and play and QB is one of them. Also if he is actually being looked at as possibly starting in the next couple of years how good can Miami's offensive line get between now and then? Going to take a lot to keep him healthy if they are looking at starting him in the next few years. If they wait and let him "bulk up" a little more so to speak, then he may have a shot. The talent is obviously there just not sure on durability at this stage in his life.
  13. April 2, 2020 9:27am Alabama opens an internal investigation. April 2, 2020 9:28am Alabama closes internal investigation and concludes that no wrong doing was done. The players that received payments practiced in the sun while players that did not receive payments practiced in the indoor facility.