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  1. Bryant Jr must be out of the country. No worries daddy to the rescue.
  2. So I get how they can "police" whether you use your ticket or not to enter the game but how do you determine if someone stays till the end? Please don't tell me they are going to make them swipe a student ID or something. Is Saban really that stupid? I mean damn just another chore for a pledge. Bama is changing the way they are doing tickets all around for 19. For renewals for faculty/staff it use to be based on how long you have been ordering on your order blank determined how good your seats were. In 19 they have changed it to "years of service" determines how good your seats are. However I think they have dropped the number of tickets allotted for faculty/staff as this year it's 5000 tickets and for some reason I thought it was more in years past.
  3. So does "Daddy's Boy" come back for his Senior season if dad gets fired?
  4. I can speak for all Electrical Engineers and feel confident for all Electricians.....No.
  5. What got me was earlier in the year it was like the 2nd or 3rd game Bama played, can't remember the opponent, on a punt there was a really bad crack back block the Bama guy did. Completely de-cleated the guy and while the guy was close to the play it was already past him. I thought that's what part of the targeting was suppose to help clean up? It was obviously seen by everyone because the announcers went on and on about how good of a block it was. Showed it several times. To me they should have at least thrown the flag to review it, but they didn't. I have truly given up on watching football games now that involve Bama, especially when played at Bryant Denny. I know that there are always going to be bad calls and missed calls, we all get that, but geez it's gotten to the point where the Bama games aren't even worth watching anymore. The issues the entire College Football World outside of T-town has with Bama will not change until Saban is gone. It's time for the Saban Era to end so that all schools are on the same playing field when it comes to officiating and recruiting (or at least close to the same playing field).
  6. Working in Jacksonville this week. To close not to come to game.
  7. I thought most of the people wearing headsets were just listening to music.
  8. We had to constantly hear about his daddy being in jail and how he was such inspiration to Mark, guess that inspiration is gone now.
  9. In the world of the Big Baller Family it's nice to know The Johnson's are out there. Seems like KJ has some great parents. Hope his NFL career is long and fruitful, Carry On Kerryon.
  10. I hope this is true, even if it is a link at a time. At some point you have to think (or at least hope) that Gus will start trusting his players and coaches.
  11. I do to. I will never forget hearing it all over JOX when he declared for the draft from all the radio hosts on all the shows and all the Bama fans that would call in "he will never steep foot in Auburn again" Heard that over and over again about how he just used us and didn't care a thing about Auburn. To bad none of them are man enough to admit they were wrong on that one.
  12. Kristen Saban "I still hate your face and your stupid glasses Cam."
  13. I think this years NCAA tournament could help and also hurt in regards to either of them coming back as well as any one leaving early (which really only see Herron as a possible candidate). If we lay an egg tonight then I think anyone that has a chance to go, leaves. If we make it to the sweet 16 or better, and they get that taste of success and can see that we have all the pieces to the puzzle to be a great team, could really help in keeping them. Kind of an unfinished business type of thing. You can't come back and play college basketball and the NBA will still be there along with all that money. It's not like the NFL and 1 more year in college could really affect the length of your professional career. I know I know there are some cases out there where a basketball player came back and ended up injured or something like that, in which case his professional career either never happened, was cut short, or just didn't live up to the hype. But I would say 99.9999% of the time in our players situation, best to come back and increase your basketball IQ and skills which can only increase your stock.