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  1. Oddly enough my son's first football game and we just got back from visiting MSU for a college visit yesterday for him.
  2. I just don't get the Kellen Mond love. Who has he beaten in his 3yrs of at A&M? He has the 1 signature win in 18 over LSU in the crazy 7 overtimes but still didn't even have 300yds passing that day (I think, someone correct me if I'm wrong). I get that he has been there forever and yes this should be his year being as many games as he has started and as long as he's been there, but to me he still has a lot to show. And if you are a 4yr starting senior at QB and still have things to show and prove.............kind of says somethings doesn't it? I don't know maybe it's just me and k
  3. Wondering if they are going to allow the stadiums to use the sound system, ie pipe in crowd noise or similar. If so hope they police the sound crew at Bama. They have been known to use the sound system for things not allowed.........just sayin. https://www.tuscaloosanews.com/article/DA/20101201/News/605317177/TL
  4. Gotcha. Yeah if they pull out of the game then no guaranteed money obviously but I have a feeling this scenario will happen somewhere in the College Football World if any conference goes to a all conference +1 out of conference game. They will have some small school that gets dropped from their schedule in which case the small school did not pull out of the game......so then what? Do you pay them their $$$$$ or just say "well sucks to be you". Afraid there will be a few smaller schools have to drop some sports due to not getting their payday. Going to the all conference schedule and not p
  5. I heard on the radio (so it has to be true HAHA) the other day that if they go to the all conference games + 1 out of conference game then the teams that get dropped from the schedule may sue to get their guaranteed money. If you are Alcon State for instance and Auburn keeps it's out of conference game with NC they could say, well if you can play 1 out of conference game why can't be us? So basically larger schools will still have to pay those smaller schools that were guaranteed money. I know obviously the whole pandemic has skewed things and a lot of things like "guaranteed money" in this
  6. This is what comes to mind seeing Patricia and how she holds her gun.
  7. I was just meaning the beginning of colleges cancelling football. But based on your post....... Kidding. I do agree with you though. The repercussions from this will be felt for a long long time Im afraid.
  8. I agree with the bolded for sure. The suppression of blacks did help create the poverty that a lot have to live in today. So the question is how do we eliminate that and thus having a society where everyone feels as equal.......this will take work from both blacks and whites and a whole lot of time.
  9. Interesting you mention Nigeria. I have worked with 2 guys from Nigeria, still work with one of them and the other calls me and my company on occasion for some business, both obviously black, and both super intelligent and their mindset and from what I know about them and their beliefs are like what you have stated. The guy I still work with speaks 7 languages, 5 fluently, has multiple degrees and plans on going back for more. I work with people of all different races and backgrounds and I would agree with your statements. It is a difference in feeling that you are owed something or not.
  10. Having had to work for a black woman who was awarded her position over a middle aged white male when at Motorola in Austin TX, I have seen a black persons skin color play to their advantage. The white male had more experience and was more knowledgeable. I had no issues with working for her and enjoyed working for her, but it was clearly obvious she was awarded the position because of the statement it made. I ended up leaving Motorola after I was moved to a different manager (a middle aged white male) and probably would have stayed if I was still working for her, like I said I had no issues
  11. "White Privileged" can be offensive/cruel/hurtful as well depending on who you ask...........just sayin. icanthearyou I assume the face palm is bc you took my comment as I am talking about people that are "white supremacy" / confederate flag flying / kkk type?
  12. Do we know if the solider was a Confederate or Union Soldier? Do we know if the soldier was black or white? Do we know if the soldier was a racist? While obviously the odds are the soldier was a Confederate soldier and probably white, isn't assuming that he was and profiling him as a racist because of this kind of what we are fighting against?
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