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  1. Danjel Purifoy

    I think this years NCAA tournament could help and also hurt in regards to either of them coming back as well as any one leaving early (which really only see Herron as a possible candidate). If we lay an egg tonight then I think anyone that has a chance to go, leaves. If we make it to the sweet 16 or better, and they get that taste of success and can see that we have all the pieces to the puzzle to be a great team, could really help in keeping them. Kind of an unfinished business type of thing. You can't come back and play college basketball and the NBA will still be there along with all that money. It's not like the NFL and 1 more year in college could really affect the length of your professional career. I know I know there are some cases out there where a basketball player came back and ended up injured or something like that, in which case his professional career either never happened, was cut short, or just didn't live up to the hype. But I would say 99.9999% of the time in our players situation, best to come back and increase your basketball IQ and skills which can only increase your stock.
  2. Wiley

  3. Wiley

  4. Remove sec logo?

    Guess in our case the SEC doesn't mean more it means less While I agree we have definitely gotten the shaft in several cases it would be biting the hand that feeds you. Being part of the SEC brings in tons of money. So you could look at it like this; if we were not part of the SEC we wouldn't have a large piece of the money pie, if we didn't have such a large piece of the money pie then we couldn't bring in the high dollar coaches, or build the nice facilities, or have all that special equipment / training, etc.... We need the money to bring in those things to be able to bring in the recruits and coaches that should be winning all those accolades. So sometimes it is what it is, or as I like to say, it ain't what it ain't. It really comes down to could we be where we are today if we were not part of the SEC? The SEC could easily survive without us but we could not without them. I completely agree that it's ridiculous and obvious that we have gotten snubbed in several cases. The one thing I love about Pearl is he's not afraid to call it out. I don't seem to recall anyone from a coaching standpoint really saying anything about Cam not winning (but I may have missed it), it was mainly us fans. Something tells me the SEC office looked very closely at Bruce's words to be able to fine him. While all he did was state the facts it was obvious he was taking a jab at them.
  5. What Bo Scarborough told Cleveland

    This. This. This.
  6. What Bo Scarborough told Cleveland

    Intersting....... Because I kind of see things differently when I look up to the heavens. But if I thought Saban was God I would probably feel like Bo S #NotTheRealBo. Someone may need to bust his bubble and tell him that Saban is NOT the second coming of Jesus Christ.
  7. Auburn self-reports money thrown at players

    They should find the name of the chick in the video and donate the money to Auburn Athletics in her name. Then send her a thank you note for her donation.
  8. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    If they (being the NCAA) truly want to do something about improper benefits then this will be their time after everything is out in the open. We all know that what's currently been released is only the tip of the iceberg. If just a few teams get a slap on the wrist and nothing drastic comes from this then that means nothing will ever truly be done to try and curb the impermissible benefits. Which will probably lead to legalizing a lot of these benefits. In short, it's time for the NCAA to dump or get off the pot. Also if the powers that be want to ever get rid of Emmert how much more do they need to happen under his watch?
  9. Offense Needs to Change

    A lot of what McLoofus, lionheartkc, NorthGATiger, and I_M4_AU have said is exactly what I am referring to and agree with. I just didn't elaborate on why I said remove the play sheet from Gus' hands during game. No problem with him being part of the equation and chiming in on plays. But when he has stated that if a play doesn't work it's because it's an execution problem, I hope we can all agree that is not a good philosophy.
  10. Offense Needs to Change

    Ok I agree with everything except for " most unimaginative, narcissistic coach on the planet?". Bull headed and stubborn no doubt. But everything else IMO is spot on and the main things I have issues with on Gus.
  11. Offense Needs to Change

    Never said he shouldn't be running the show. That doesn't mean you have to call the plays. I think he is a great offensive minded coach and can game plan very well. I think his in game coaching is where he is starting to lose it. His ability to adapt in game when things are not working seems to be greatly lacking. It's like its the game plan or bust. That's really more what I meant by taking the play sheet from his hands. He has gone back and forth with allowing the OC to call plays. There has be numerous debates about who is actually calling the plays.
  12. Offense Needs to Change

    Remove the Play Sheet from Gus during the game.
  13. Men vs. uat

    Ok that sums it up. She knew she was going to have to before the game but chose not to. She had her chance IMO so the booing was justified. I wasn't there but if she was talking about the Alabama NC she deserved to be booed. Know your audience, Public Speaking 101. But then again I know it's very hard for some Bama fans to hear it, but not everyone is a Bama fan and not everyone wants to hear about them. Doesn't mean she had to talk about Auburn but sure as hell don't come in talking about a Bama NC. If she needed a drink afterwards to help take the edge off I'm sure her predecessor could help her out.
  14. McLemore's Surgery

    Can't keep a good grandmother down.😁 Mine use to get out in the yard and play wiffle ball with me and my brother.
  15. Reuben Foster...Again

    On JOX this morning Tone "The Double Standard" Bone and Pawl were trying to say there is no correlation or connection between Bama and Foster doing drugs. Dude couldn't even make it to the NFL combine. So he just started taking drugs AFTER the last game he played at Bama.............. yeah right Tone and Pawl. He had a drug problem at Bama he has one now, yes it's that easy to connect the dots. Maybe this will make it easier for them.