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  1. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    Yes for the last time my name is Kamryn "Bubba" Pettway.
  2. Is it too Early?

    Maybe just a little.
  3. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    Ole Miss coaches at half
  4. Hot Seat Coaches

    So with the following potential teams looking for a new coach after this year (or possibly during): Arkansas Ole Miss Texas A&M Tennessee Auburn Missouri It's going to be a new coaches dream, basically getting to pick where you want to go. Now, I don't think all 6 teams end up looking for a new coach but I could see probably 3. Just some thought, what if all 6 teams end up firing their coach. If we wait long enough we might end up with someone that's not our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th choice. I'm not saying fire Gus today, but if we continue to struggle with the same things and we are considering firing him might be best to do it sooner rather then after the season and bowl games. As there is a good possibility we would be battling a couple of different schools for a coach. Or lets just win out and then we don't have a concern.
  5. Is anyone else like me?

    No, just making a joke.
  6. Is anyone else like me?

    Why the hell have we not made the tournament at least? least we got our money's worth and more with Cam.
  7. Who is holding Gus to the fire?

    Just remember MSU is always notorious for 2 things; at least one upset and getting opposing coaches fired. The reason I say MSU is because if we lose to Missouri, Gus would not be fired. However lose the following week to MSU, and I could see a midseason firing.
  8. Hey Coach - Disturbing

    My screen name should say enough, preaching to the choir brother. Half off tuition at Bama was far to difficult to pass up for me. Both my parents have retired from Bama (neither taught) but were there while I was at school. I got a faculty parking tag, no class was ever closed, had all English speaking professors, knew which professors to avoid, most professors knew one of parents, several professors I already knew (heck my power professor was my 6th grade Sunday School teacher), etc.... I would have loved to have gone to Auburn but I will say I got a lot of perks by going to Bama that I wouldn't have gotten going to Auburn.
  9. Hey Coach - Disturbing

    Miralax and powerade - My son recently had a boy who kept picking on him, going through his stuff, and taking his water/powerade or what ever dink my son brought to school that day. My son and the other boy were sort of friends (still are) but my son had finally had enough of it after the other boy went through his back pack and took everything out of it strode it all over the locker room, stole a few things, and rubbed deodorant all over my sons binder. The next day he knew the other boy would probably take his powerade and sure enough he did. Apparently about 15mins in to class, right after the other boy had drank the powerade, he ran out of the class room to the bathroom. Of course my son got in to trouble over the incident because he had told a few of his buddies what was going on and well they all bet the boy he couldn't drink the powerade in like 10secs. The boy said it was like he was peeing out of his a$$. I asked my son how much he put in, he said 3 doses, and it was a mini powerade not one of the big ones. The other boy hasn't messed with my sons stuff since. This happened last year in Jr, this year my son is in high school and from what we hear from a lot of the parents and other kids is no one wants to mess with our son bc they don't know what might happen. Nothing like being a 9th grader with street cred Our daughter is 2 yrs younger then our son and she is known by the teachers at the Jr High as "you're the sister of the boy who put miralax in the powerade." I thought it was funny, when I had to meet with the principle she said this will all die down in a week or 2 and everyone will forget about it. I still get "oh your son was the one who did the powerade and miralax to the kid who was bullying him." It's one thing to mess with the big kid who will just beat you up but mess with a nerd and you never know what might happen.
  10. Rate your disdain

    5 star - I'm waiting on Basketball season to start. I'm in between a 2 and 3.
  11. 3rd and 93

    Looked like they were playing that other kind of "football".
  12. Chip admits to calling all plays

    Sure looked like he had a "play sheet" in his hands to me. If he's not calling the plays then why does he have it in his hands and continuously be seen speaking in to the headset during the time a play would be being discussed and called with the guys upstairs? Chip may have been calling the plays but Gus was in his ear that's for sure. Gus is like a little kid with the "play sheet" in his hands. He can't NOT meddle and call plays. Saturday night I gave up on adding the coke.
  13. CGM Offense

    Looks like another year supporting the local liquor store.
  14. CGM Offense

    Guess a "Gus Offense" doesn't have a slant pass in it? Or maybe Gus left that sheet in the locker room. So much for him turning over the offense to the OC. No adjustment made to play calling it seemed all night to slow down the pass rush. To me he has to go 9-3 with one win over Georgia or Bama to keep his job.