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  1. For me Hugh has to do 1 of the following to say he had a successful year: Go 8-4 Make it to SEC Championship Beat Bama Beat Georgia Again that is 1 of those NOT all of them. Sorry but I was just not a fan of the Freeze hire and was hoping that after our last several hires we would land a big name. I'm sure most are like me in that they have had zero people say "Wow Freeze that is a great hire". And for those that say the above is too much to ask, look at LSU this year and they accomplished 3 of those 4 in Kelly's first year. Also the transfer portal and record number of players that have entered it already, with the talent that has entered and/or the big potential upside for a lot of them, there is no reason we cannot have a quality team.
  2. Oh I can see the jokes already............... "The audacity for Will to NOT even step on the field is disrespectful".
  3. He's been doing shady s*** since his HS coaching days. Was part of the apartment program at Hoover. Also he and Chapman were a "package deal" for Bama.
  4. Anyone know how much of the 15mil Clesi gets? Asking for a friend.
  5. Easy........the MSU 3-2 game. Only because I was there and that was my sons first Auburn game.
  6. Pruitt has been dirty dating back to his days at Hoover HS.
  7. Bo is that guy that doesn't seem to flaunt his money like so many. A few years ago I had a connection in Chicago on Southwest and guess who was on the flight, yep Bo. Wasn't even Business Select, just regular boarding. Had his headphones in and was carrying a couple of fishing rods with him. Literally looked like the average guy.
  8. I guess we know who their Daddy is........
  9. It's pretty easy to determine who any school is recruiting these days.......it literally says it next to their name on websites and most even have a search by school. I mean come on to say that only Jimbo or the A&M coaching staff only knows who they are recruiting is just having your head in the sand. I mean hell my son played HS football (just finished last year) and every school we played he knew who had D1 and D2 offers and to where. And as far as which ones to "talk to" again pretty easy with a little research on if the kid is totally committed to another school and all others are just a "hey I'll go check them out" or not. Also if they have a 4 or 5 star by their name on recruiting sites then they would be one to talk to; a 3,2,1 or no star not worth talking to. I would think this would be self explanatory. And I believe Ruben was photographed standing in front of his nice new red hummer.....wonder where he got that????? Oh and Cam was the best money we ever spent. Problem is Saban sees A&M has more money then Bama. If Saban would say take a little pay cut, some of the boosters would not have to donate as much, and then they could offer money on their NIL deals.
  10. Someone needs to tell Newell he should listen to his elders......Vital even has us at #1 that should tell him something. As someone mentioned before he's still butt hurt about us beating him in 2019. His precious Jayhawks only won by 3 against the Sooners the other day. I'm sure if we beat the Sooners by 20 he would find some excuse still to keep us at #5. His reasoning just makes no sense.....the other teams would beat Auburn on a neutral site???? I mean Bama beat Gonzaga on a neutral site and we beat Bama at their place. Houston lost 2 key players to season ending injuries and he still thinks they would beat us on a neutral site. Baylor lost 2 games at home.....again at home not a neutral site. I get it if he doesn't want to put us at #1 that's fine but at least put us at #2, #5 is just an insult IMO. Dude either just wants clicks or is really just that much of an idiot....... I'm leaning toward the latter. Someone needs to send him this:
  11. Meant to post this to the Ole Miss game thread. I mean it took them until almost the end of the first half to get a foul called on them. And this???? I mean seriously when I saw it and we missed the FT I thought no worries that was a lane violation. But nope no call. I mean the home court refs are getting worse and worse. We saw bad officiating all year in football and now we are seeing it in basketball.
  12. Question is will Harsin change it and will they allow him the time to change it? It seemed like initially from "the rumor mill" of course, he was beginning to change things especially with some of the departures before the season. Definitely not an over night correction but it's time this type of attitude stops. You might be the one guy that make a play in a game but damn the score board is what matters at the end, not your 1 sack, your 1 INT, your 1 catch for 20yds, etc... The trash talking, taunting, and "me celebrations" because "I" made a great play seems to have gotten worse and worse over the years.
  13. I had meant to post this about the A&M game but never got around to it and it definitely doesn't need its own thread and isn't related to this. Also DOES NOT mean that TJ is better then Bo, better teammate, etc.....(since lots of folks try and read in to post). Not sure if they showed this on TV or not as I was at the game. When Bo fumbled in the A&M game and was laying literally with his face down in the turf one of the first people picking him up (literally picking him up off the turf) was TJ. I just thought that was something to share. Our backup QB was one of the first people over picking Bo up off the ground supporting him. Didn't wait for him to get off the field to come over and show support, ran on the field. Who knows if TJ will ever amount to anything at QB but dude showed some nice teammate qualities. Again just wanted to share what I saw at the game not trying to make a statement here. Was nice to see the chemistry between the starter and backup. Now back to Bo and his ankle.
  14. Sometimes a coach giving the ref an ear full can help spark the players and fans. I wasn't at the game but from what has been stated it was dead in 2nd half and lots of folks left. For the few that were left if the jumbo tron showed Harsin giving the ref an earful on the targeting call would have at least given them something to yell about.
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