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  1. I think he means the number system has changed since you were younger. Roman numerals and all
  2. "Respect from recruit parents" can be a commodity that's bought and paid for. Both in future earnings and less scrupulous methods.
  3. Would love to see that article. I still can't understand why they did that so soon but I'm sure the logic is sound if it was not even 2 years in.
  4. Based on this article (from 2017) the buyout right now is about a wash compared to what football makes the university annually. Or, put plainly- the buyout isn't an issue when football revenue starts to fall because you almost can't afford to keep paying him. Also- this is from the mediocre 2016 season. I'll wager that 2013, 2010, 2004, maybe even 2018 had higher revenue. "Football is a $23.5 million per year business for Auburn University, according to data collected from USA Today and the U.S. Department of Education and published in 2016 by Business Insider." Link here
  5. War Eagle Mr Hardy! Going to plug some much needed holes after graduation this year.
  6. So he's going to be named in a few days
  7. Stoopsmania TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Bob Stoops could become the next head coach of Florida State football in the near future, according to sources. We've heard the announcement could come as early as the end of this week or early next week, and that a deal is really close to being done.
  8. Say what you will about Gus, but these kind of kids are not in our program and longer.
  9. That's my thought. I get that you want improvement, but what were they expecting by making that hire in that situation. You have to be playing the long game and this clearly isn't a patient decision.
  10. Even though the entire world knows what a Trainwreck that program is?
  11. Is FSU delusional? What are they expecting less than 2 years removed from a new hire? Goodness.
  12. But his stubborn obviously worked. There's something to be said for being stubborn AND wrong
  13. I didn't know JMR said that and left. When was this?