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  1. I don't care who says what at what time, as long as the end result is in the best interest for the team. We'll know who the best 11 are by week 1.
  2. Who needs defense when you score 75+ ppg 😎
  3. Jerry Rice is ancient. I bet his hips are about to fall out of socket just reading about a Nick Saban and Kirby Smart defense. Calvin Johnson played at GaTech and then for Detroit. He couldn't even clean the cleats of the WR playing in an SEC West offense. Practice squad for sure. @CameronCrazy did I do that right?
  4. He can't hear you, he's too busy counting his money.
  5. I think we're also seeing part of the reason that Auburn had the record that it did last year. Not many teams in the SEC will win by only putting 1 guy in the draft.
  6. This 35 year old dad says we don't want to play for you anyway
  7. Texas (Austin) or Texas the state? Do we really need another safety?
  8. Just for that I'm going to send him a bunch of raisins in a box
  9. You're both correct, the actual event happened in February. I'm thinking of the rumors and transfers/coaches leaving that started in December/January, not the public happenings. My bad.
  10. My sarcasm radar is going off. Just the same, I'll answer: of course it did. Who suggested otherwise?
  11. Golf went to high school with Helen Keller. That's kind of the same thing.
  12. We were high on his list in the fall before the December mess that Harsin went through. I could see the scenario where the dust settling has reopened his eyes a bit.
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