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  1. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Pump The Brakes!

    "2016..... Had Sean White not been hurt, we may have ended the season with a national championship."
  2. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Texas is doing a renovation that would have looked GREAT in Jordan Hare... DKR Stadium Renovation
  3. WDE_OxPx_2010


    Is that a haiku?
  4. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    You left out Tommy Trott
  5. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    Wasn't Jalen the one that Lutz coached in HS?
  6. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Jimbo's Presser

    I don't know why that shocks you. He is even older than @augolf1716
  7. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Legatron waived by Vikings

    ...What happened in 2012?
  8. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Legatron waived by Vikings

    We got this 😂💪
  9. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Legatron waived by Vikings

    No, the Aguiyo (spelling?) kid
  10. WDE_OxPx_2010

    I know it's only been two games but...

    @WarDamnEagleWDE you're looking like a damn savant right about now. We haven't blocked anyone
  11. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Good place to watch the game in Charlotte?

    The CLT AU club is awesome! If they are meeting today, go join them! https://www.facebook.com/CharlotteAUClub/ Edit: they are not formally meeting, but they 'meet' at Fitzgerald's
  12. WDE_OxPx_2010

    10 years ago today

    "The View" was better. At least it had Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
  13. WDE_OxPx_2010

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    This CAN'T be real.
  14. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Hurts and Tua: a tale of deceit and betrayal

    He could leave the team now and finish his degree for free in December, and then still have 2 years to play immediately plus a degree in hand. That's what I'd do. Best thing for him as a person.
  15. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Rankings Talk

    Too bad Miami was vastly overrated and corn dogs are still a terrible food choice