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  1. We just beat Kansas by 14 in the NCAA tournament. I think we should cancel football.
  2. Isn't he on the Mets minor league team now?
  3. "Kansas shouldn't be a problem" While true, I NEVER thought I'd be seeing this when talking about Auburn basketball 😳 #TeamBruce
  4. Is that saying that Wiley isn't NBA ready?
  5. FPI is not preseason poll. It's a metric to explain what SHOULD happen. However, the ESPN FCPI (Football Coaches Power Index) is more telling: 1) Lord Saban 2) Yabo Dabo Do 3) Bowl Cut ... 127) Sir Double Bubble Sweater Vest
  6. We should heed the warning that is Knoxville (and hopefully soon to be Bama) with a huge stadium that's empty didn't down years.
  7. This is the real point here. We already have Porter on staff, why not take a chance on Caddy? Huge upside, no downside. Our RB recruiting HAS to get better, which it should now, and the RB coaching for Gus's system can't be that hard.
  8. I'm a little confused by this- if he was a walk on and got a scholarship, why wouldn't he just wait till graduating to move on as a thank you, of sorts? It's is a little strange to me. He was already a walk on, meaning he originally could have gone other places I'd bet. I dunno, just an odd transfer memo.
  9. Apparently the one where we can't win 10 games in back to back years