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  1. Somewhere Kerryon Johnson is rolling his eyes
  2. Bo Nix The name Bo is synonymous with Auburn football and the Nix family has a QB dynasty here at Auburn. What a great Auburn name that would be!
  3. When you hire yes men, who is going to stand up and say something? Probably why D.Craig, Boom, etc left as quicky as they did when they came in.
  4. Thank you. Harsin has a plan. It's a culture shock plan, if you ask me. Rocker fits that mold and knows what Pat Dye Auburn blue collar looks like. The man got Fairley to play football consistently, that's a feat by itself. Great hire.
  5. Imagine how good they would be with the support of Lexus or Infinity 😂
  6. They aren't hiring anyone right now. Not sure what's trending given their reality
  7. Much like 2018, I hope the game ends in a tie or can't be played. Although Ryan Day is LIGHT-YEARS more palatable than Urban.
  8. Was talking about infractions. I grew up a huge UT fan, watched the national championship as a 9 year old (until I fell asleep, haha). I was not, however, old enough to remember infractions that he (allegedly?) committed
  9. Did not know this. What did he do as a player?
  10. I'm not entirely sure why you even post on this board
  11. I bet he has a quick hook under Harsin/Bobo. Might as well start D and see what you have. You know what you get with Bo, if he doesn't improve
  12. And Kellen accepted but backed out
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