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  1. So "Just Watch", the epic anthology by Brian Harsin, was intended to unfold over a 12 year period. He should have probably cut that time in 1/3.
  2. It simply looked like Harsin's recruiting board.
  3. Lots of them are in grad school at that point but redshirt years can help offset the degree progress thing if I'm not mistaken
  4. You have to show progress towards a major after a certain amount of time in college. He can't start over on a new major.
  5. He should really try to graduate and leave instead of transfer. If he's been there that long he's probably closer to graduation than being able to transfer.
  6. Wake fans are too busy enjoying the winning and relevancy to whine. The offense is a big part of that, too
  7. What's wild is that even with all of the big moves lately we're STILL #39. I'll never eat another potato
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