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  1. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant

    Justin Fields? What did I miss!?!
  2. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Is Gus coaching for his job against A&M?

    This is my concern EXACTLY. It was bad enough letting go of a coach 2 years removed from a National championship and the previous coach having the Jetgate situation. We don't want the reputation that is coming our way.
  3. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Butch Jones on Alabama Sideline

    He looked like - things that cannot be said on a message board.
  4. WDE_OxPx_2010

    The first time I worried about Gus as our HC...

    Looking back, UGA 2013 should have been the writing on the wall. There was NO REASON for that game to require a miracle to win.
  5. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Gus is like

    A new Furby doll. Interesting and novel at first, but the more you keep it around the more you realize he only does about 5 things and only has 7 preprogrammed responses.
  6. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Asa redshirt screwup??

    Rumor rules? @TitanTiger
  7. WDE_OxPx_2010

    No practice today

    I would have practiced them TWICE today. As in I dare you to lose again. Clearly the only thing that will motivate this team is negative consequences.
  8. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Article on Gus’ buyout

    The last 3 coaches would have all been run off by an impatient fan base at the first sign of trouble. Nobody wants to coach in that environment.
  9. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Article on Gus’ buyout

    So you have 40 million lying around?
  10. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Article on Gus’ buyout

    NOBODY will come to Auburn if we keep firing coaches like we have been. Look at UT. They had to get lucky for the last 2 guys to come. It is in our best interest to let Gus flame out in 3-4 years and start over from scratch. Unfortunately it will hurt as a fan base but it's what JJ left us with. Time to be a basketball and baseball school for a few years.
  11. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Which QBs have improved under Gus' tutelage?

    @YaBoyMaxWeezy has returned it looks like
  12. WDE_OxPx_2010

    I think Gus May be Tubberville 2.0

    It's the behind the scenes stuff that drives our coaches into complacency. I believe that will stop with AG as AD. He doesn't seem like the type of hire to stick with the status quo. I like the guy a lot
  13. WDE_OxPx_2010


    (can someone clarify which 72 we're talking about?)
  14. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Rod and Stan

    They do this on MLB.TV and it's amazing. Worth the money to listen to the STL guys instead of Skip Caray or whatever his name is on FSSouth
  15. WDE_OxPx_2010

    Lawrence the new starter at Clemson

    I wasn't willing to overlook that at the time, but the guys made the most of the opportunity and earned my respect in the process. I'm honestly pretty salty because our team is so terrible and so many people think that a QB would solve the problem. It's way deeper than that. There are about 5 guys that Gus could call that would help our team, and they are all making 7 figures per year in the NFL.