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  1. Hammer. Nail.
  2. Not anymore. Getting arrested in college is like getting a ticket these days- not like it used to be
  3. Can't- Lawson is still running in circles in New Orleans trying to catch him as we speak.
  4. Can we talk about his name though?
  5. But really. Nation? Ew.
  6. Agreed. Although some are obviously mental breakdowns
  7. Read about his dolphin days. NOBODY wanted him around. I mean the guy walked right past a player having a seizure and kept coaching. If he wasn't at Bama, he wouldn't have any friends. Now he's basically a god
  8. So Wesley misquoted him to make the headline click bait. But what should I expect? It's turd.com
  9. This is my exact thought. The fact that Saban (reportedly) thinks he could nab Kelly is hilarious. Ego much?
  10. I like mine over easy, personally
  11. 1- Rivals news? 2- Bleacher Report?!?! Slow news day
  12. Ignorant question- what, exactly, does this mean?
  13. How refreshing is that to read- our impact LB recruits may not be better than our starters. @Mikey might finally come out of his 10 year fetal position
  14. <--- like that