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  1. Tony Barbee

    Gah, I hope he's back
  2. Was that CBP last game?

    PM sent.
  3. Purifoy eligibility

    So DP is looking like a returning player. Only have to recruit Wiley to stay and get another big to rotate with Spencer and McLemore
  4. Purifoy eligibility

  5. Eli Stove -- Torn ACL

    ACLs are 9 months minimum. Most take 12 months.
  6. Tony Barbee

    Coach Cal will have to discipline him. That's unacceptable for a coach/leadership position.
  7. Men vs. Clemson

    Do we have a single offensive rebound tonight? Didn't we lead the SEC in rebounds through the season? There's your answer. Shoot 15% and don't get rebounds and you'll lose by 40
  8. Men vs. Clemson

    No depth after AMac went down- we're exhausted. It's obvious. The shots are coming in way short and we aren't playing the entire floor. No consistent inside presence left. We had 3 guys in October, and now we're down to 1.
  9. Men vs. Clemson

    46-19. The comeback starts now. Auburn wins by 7.
  10. Can it get any worse?

    There is nothing that can be done. Bitching about it would make it WAY worse.
  11. Men vs. Charleston

    They are bigger than most college gyms, though.
  12. Men vs. Charleston

    The arenas have a lot to do with it. Good shooting teams often have issues shooting in large arenas because of the depth perception changing compared to a normal gym. It happens every year. I'm not surprised we shot so poorly last night.


    It's been too long since we celebrated a meaningful March gameday with this team. Today, I'm flying my flag and wearing the O&B for our boys. WAR DAMN EAGLE, BEAT THE COUGARS!
  15. Danjel Purifoy

    How much fun would that be? We can only hope that Wiley will want to put a year of play under his belt.