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  1. This doesn't have to be an issue- just wait to pay athletes AFTER they turn pro. Put the money that they "earn" through likeness and endorsements in a trust account and pay it out gradually to the players that earn the money AFTER they lose eligibility. Problem solved.
  2. Honest question- Why change that if it is working?
  3. 38-16 Bo Nix- 14/24, 250, 2 TD, 1 INT, fumble, 10 rushes for 75 yards Joey Gatewood- situational/wildcat, 8 rushes for 50 yards, 2 TD, 1/3 passes for 15 yards Boobie- 20 rushes for 115 yards and 2 TD AU defense- 4 takeaways (3INT, 1 fumble recovery) 4 sacks, 300 yards allowed Herbert- 23/35, 200 yards, 1 TD, 3INT Oregon run game: 25 rushes for 100 yards
  4. 63 degrees in central North Carolina, there is a clean, fall crisp in the air this morning, and football starts tonight! I believe the Nip Watch is about to be upgraded... @WarTim, are your tentacles tingling? Also: I appreciate how much I (and others) look forward to this thread every year. Traditions are a beautiful thing. Thank you, Tim! WDE
  5. Like Louisville in 2015 only this time we finish the game and keep it rolling straight through to November.
  6. Link 1- Bama 14- Tennessee 15- LSU 19- FSU 20. Auburn 56.82 | 2 national titles What's it like to live in the shadow of the most successful program in the history of college football? Why, it's pretty successful, thanks for asking, and War Eagle. The Tigers won national titles in 1957 and 2010, and stopped Alabama from playing for national titles with momentous upsets in 1972, 1989 and 2013 -- and a true Tiger fan would have a hard time telling you which was more enjoyable. Auburn became a more successful program in the last generation, when the Tigers began playing home games on campus instead of in Birmingham, two hours away. The Tigers waited more than a century for a true home-field advantage." 21- Florida 22- Georgia 36- Georgia Tech Very interesting to see where we land and where some of our current and historic rivals are on this list. All of our discussions of being a top 10 program has merits- several of the teams above us are D2 (FCS) or Ivy League which is mostly a relic of the past.
  7. I was watching the Kick Six with 12-15 alumni in a basement in NC. We were all between 25 and 40 years old. We had a dog pile in the middle of the floor after that happened and immediately ran outside to roll a 15' tree in the front yard. In that moment, it was pure, sporadic, explosive joy. If I were at the stadium and the first row started onto the field, you better believe I'm following them down. In 2017, it was a sightly different feeling but the result was the justifiably the same. We had just defeated, SOUNDLY, one of the most dynastic teams and coach in the history of college football, on the heels of a 23 point beat down over a rival team that had owned real estate in our head for a decade, after struggling for 4 solid years to play a complete game that mattered. All of this to earn a right to play for the SEC championship, which is no small feat when the dynasty across the state has won 5 national championships in 10 years or something stupid like that. Call it unpopular, but those are both reasons to celebrate on the field.
  8. They were stopped at a light in the main two lanes of travel. If they were turning right their car would have projected in the opposite direction. Physics answer many of these sorts of questions.
  9. Yes- that is until last year. 2014 the defense was terrible, 2015 the QB play was putrid, 2016 and 2017 we seemed to finally get moving in a good direction until Amen Corner, which just showed the better team. The end of 2017 we ran out of gas with KJ getting hurt, but at least we looked the part for most of the year. Last year was hard for me to handle as a fan. We had very little reason to lose that many games. Especially the way we lost them. It continues a trend that I hope to see Gus buck this year- maybe I'm naive but I think and feel that this year is different (so far- we'll know against Oregon). If it's more of the same, I'm ready to accept that he is what he is and I'll be supportive of AG making a change.
  10. OL is the position I know the littlest about (Safety, both positions, is a close 2nd). I am interested in/worried about what's going to happen in 2020 so I appreciated the article and was hoping for some insightful responses. Having said that... 1- I really, REALLY wanted AT to succeed this year. He's been my hope for a multiple year starter at tackle. That's not going to happen, it appears. It'll be a tackle, I think, SO the next guy that I'm leaning on would be Jackson by default. I think Sammons is a freak athlete and would love his light to come on but I doubt we'll ever get him to be an asset. A fill in, sure. 2- I don't know what makes a G/T unique in skill set, but I feel strongly that Stutts is a big man and hope he could possibly be a Tackle. I love his frame and demeanor (or what I've read, anyway) 3- I hope Irving challenges for C job- something about him gives me hope. I was really high on Kim and Sharp when we got them but I think they are just smart, character guys who won't ever have the nasty it takes. K Bell is probably too green and needs to learn this year but he would be the obvious best choice for taking job given continuity heading into next season. 4- I can't speak on Jackson- haven't heard much about him yet from my cursory viewing. Was hoping for that intel here. 5- next G up, without question: Stutts. As I mentioned earlier I have a feeling that he's going to be a good one and I have no doubts he'll do the job if it's needed. BONUS material: -K Jones is my favorite OL addition since Braden Smith. Big, strong, seems to have an edge. I'm hoping he's as good as advertised and gets "it" - I think we'll pull in a good class this year and it'll be fine for 2020. It could get ugly but if it falls into place then YES we'll be young- but I think we'll be set up after that for success. JB is a great coach and I think he'll get us back where we need to be, similar to when Nall* (oops- misremembered) was in charge. We just need to show that he'll be around for a few years (like Gus does)
  11. Wasn't responding to you, at all. Just quoted you and DAG for emphasis because I liked your responses. You guys get it. And no, I'm not trolling. I don't have any interest in getting a bunch of people jazzed up online for any reason
  12. I hardly ever post any more because of this. This thread was started as an article on the OL and (per usual) went into a new coach discussion. I don't have any inside information, I just come for the social interaction with Auburn fans about football. I get the dislike for Gus- I'm not going to make excuses for him. But most of the topics get off track and usually end up with firing coaches or benching players. I find out humorous/ironic and usually point it out. To that end- I was interested in reading about the OL situation upcoming but nah, didn't happen. Some of you guys are touchy on the trigger.
  13. Auburn fans being Auburn fans- talking about firing a coach a whole season away because of an article on the offensive line 😂