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  1. That can't be right. He's an AU commit.
  2. Especially when it's warm and 60 instead of Ann Arbor weather and girls
  3. Mike Yurich, OkState Sunny Cumbie, TCU Guess we'll never run the ball again
  4. Interesting. If I read this correctly, it would officially give analytics a place at the table, minus the RPI. Story
  5. If anyone actually read this article- it pretty much takes MH out of the running: "A source told AL.com that Helfrich, who was fired after going 4-8 in his fourth season as Oregon head coach, is waiting on a head coaching job and would be highly unlikely to take the offensive coordinator position if it were offered by Auburn's Gus Malzahn. While message boards run rampant with rumors as to Helfrich's whereabouts, his willingness to wait for a head coaching job in the future - he's due a buyout of $11.6 million over the next three years from Oregon - could be put to the test as all FBS head coaching positions are filled. Helfrich, who was 37-16 as head coach for the Ducks, has not called plays since he was offensive coordinator at Colorado in 2008. Chip Kelly called Oregon's plays as head coach from 2009-12 and Helfrich gave offensive coordinators Scott Frost (2013-15) and Matt Lubick (2016) play-calling duties."
  6. If Scot Loeffler has any kind of buyout, I need to try out this coaching thing
  7. My summation of information from various sites and insiders: Realistic chances (in order of likelihood): 1) Hand- no brainer. If this happens, look for Malzahn to seek a Co-OC/QB coach in the same motion. (Lindsey?) 2a) Lindsey- does like ASU but would welcome chance to come home, I.E. Southeast. Also has familiarity with Kodi Burns. The QB guru we have been needing, I think we get him he either way, just not sure what capacity. Likely Gus won't give offense coordinator role to someone this foreign to his system (albeit he has experience in Gus's O) 2b) Coach Drink- not sure he'd leave NCState laterally for Auburn. Not really in Gus's immediate tree, doesn't make much sense but his name is really hot on most lists. Toss up between him and Lindsey Longshots: 1) either Briles- Kendall is lucky to have a job and Art is untouchable, but Gus has proven he doesn't care about any choice but his own. Either would prove to be a good football hire but obviously tone deaf. 2) Spavital - likely back up head coach choice behind Chip Kelly at Cal No chance: 1) Craig- that bridge was nuked 2) Helfrich- not a good fit
  8. Kodi will have to recruit him, but I see him coming back South
  9. Chip would be OK with me Read
  10. His post game antics after beating us in death valley in 2011 cost him dearly in my eyes. He'll never recover.
  11. Avery Johnson isn't exactly blazing trails on the west side. Alabama, in the course of 30 years, has had the 2 most dominating football coaches who have ever held a clip board.. And that's what defines their lives. I'll take 8-5 with a few 10+ seasons sprinkled in over being a ROH TAHD every single day. And twice on Saturday. Prospective is a sign of maturity.
  12. That's a good spread of years and schemes. That's exciting, the more I read and hear about this guy the more I like him.
  13. Jay hasn't met Gus? That's some shoddy hiring practices