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  1. Calling on @StatTiger to do this article next time.
  2. But but but.... We have nothing else to do but worry about it because IT'S SPRING!!!
  3. He's saying that with AUBURN passing more in practice/scrimmages, it'll help the defense defend that. Instead of 80% of the plays being a run, 60% run gives you a ton more passing plays to defend. It's a good thing. Imagine how much better we'll be against an Ole Miss style pass offense if we scrimmage against it more.
  4. Does this guy even follow Auburn football?
  5. It's only March.
  6. I bet We'll see him again on a future schedule.
  7. Sarcasm? Because that's just flat out not true
  8. This is ludicrous. I love football, and I love Auburn, but cannot imagine that kind of money spent on a sport when our students/alumni are up to their eyes in loan debt (myself included). Color me happy with the current JHS. It has grass and lights. /rant
  9. This was my thought. He was using a spread system before it was really popular. He probably didn't care about footwork that much. He only needed a QB to deliver a ball to the flat or screen.
  10. There is.. It's called a TE
  11. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. We're rushing for tons of yards but can't throw to a WR to save our life. Let's work on that first.
  12. Hammer. Nail.
  13. Not anymore. Getting arrested in college is like getting a ticket these days- not like it used to be
  14. Can't- Lawson is still running in circles in New Orleans trying to catch him as we speak.