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  1. Both could have stayed 1 more year and ended up lottery picks. Sigh. If only.
  2. That boy was/is country strong. Absolute beast man child.
  3. I see what you are going at, but I can promise you they didn't opt out of the Big12 without a guarantee that they would be accepted into the SEC and possibly even paid to come
  4. Jared and Bryce always had a green light. Loved that.
  5. WR- "What's a slant?" TE- "so who do I block when I'm supposed to run one of these hot routes?" RB- "why aren't we running the same play after every first down?" QB- "what's a 3 step drop?" OL - "what's a passer pocket?"
  6. Freeze is doing big things. Maybe they'll get an SEC invite as well.
  7. I forgot that was them. Good call
  8. Also- that Thompson defense is LOADED 🤯
  10. No. Money moves things along at warp speed. Talking about NEXT football season, 2022
  11. Gotta feel bad for aTm if this comes to fruition.
  12. I'm betting he didn't plan on that either
  13. He's the only coach to my knowledge who has taken that stance so publicly. Helps to be the GOAT
  14. If you think Nick Saban is on the same playing field with Bryan Harsin with any decision he makes, you've missed the train.
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