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  1. If hooks is that bent out of shape over it, I can't see it being good for us.
  2. Pat Forde says we have gotten a NOA but won't admit to
  3. Where could be possibly fit on the field?
  4. So does that mean the graduate transfer rule would go away? In reality the current landscape grants you 1 free transfer- but you have to graduate first. That's kind of the point of college, after all.
  5. Somewhat serious question: Anyone know what 127 lbs of marijuana is worth? Clearly it was worth enough for these 2, but seriously. That's just a ridiculously shortsighted decision. I can't wrap my head around it.
  6. Link here Not sure I understand all of this hate coming a whole year later. If they are STILL blaming one play on their entire PREVIOUS season after winning the super bowl, I think they need to look in the mirror. Of course Kelce is an idiot so there's that.
  7. Funny day to report that, of all days.
  8. Not the question or the intent. Thanks for stopping in
  9. *With a full shot clock and a wide open layup available
  10. This makes me LOL. He's literally got no idea what a DB is.