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  1. Surely the guys in Norman are smart enough to know this was going to happen. HUGE difference in philosophy and play style from Riley to Venables. It'll be a few years before it sticks.
  2. What I wouldn't give for a Ted Roof halftime right about now...
  3. I was looking forward to using the transitive property to feel good about next week. Up 21-0. Mizzou beating Georgia. It was all there. Now I just feel like I did when I woke up this morning.
  4. Tigers are 0-for-16 on third down in the fourth quarter against South Carolina, Alabama, Houston, Penn State and Missouri. And 0-5 in those games.
  5. That timeout for a 4th and 10 where we should have OBVIOUSLY punted the ball (or at the very least run a 10 yard play- not a freaking go route into triple coverage) just continues a trend of terrible coaching decisions that started with Penn State last year and never got better. He's got to go. He's the reason that the team has to field every punt in search of making a play.
  6. They had me fooled. I was salivating over their knowledge and potential here, but it hasn't materialized. Opposite, in fact.
  7. All of this. He chose Jax State for a reason and he's not leaving them for just any gig. It won't be about money or prestige for him. It'll be a very calculated move IF he moves on at all.
  8. A win today kicked the can down the road but I wouldn't worry about long term. It'll happen. "He won the battle today but he'll lose the war"
  9. Nothing will beat 3-2. This was expected. Doesn't make it any worse, but it was expected.
  10. It'll just make you cry
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