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  1. Seems to depend on the effort/task at hand, if you ask me. We get on board when we need to. IMHO, this needs to change to full support ALL OF THE TIME.
  2. They are trying to (until they fired his dad)
  3. Michigan vs Bama in the natty. Book it.
  4. I don't know, Georgia looks pretty terrible. I do. The entire country would be up in arms if they keep Georgia in after losing like this.
  5. Georgia is in danger of being left out. Baylor or ND could sneak in here. Most likely Baylor
  6. If this holds, Georgia, Cinci, Bama, Michigan go. UGA falls to 3 and gets to play Michigan. Bama gets Cinci
  7. Tank appears to be focused and having fun, that's a good indicator.
  8. He's headed to Miami. His team has looked flat for several weeks now
  9. Eh, if he's not a consensus 5* he's not good enough for Auburn
  10. He should be HEADed to Oklahoma State... Yikes
  11. Too many jokes here. Can't make any of them.
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