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  1. I see this a lot in my work setting. Some guys need to publicly called out or motivated through external sources. I bet you that Kodi did what he thought was necessary to get the most out of MM. Who knows what MM has been told behind closed doors or how he's responded.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I won't bother
  3. IF Pettway has a similar year, or better, does that mean we could be watching greatness?
  4. 🎂
  5. So possibly fighting with teammates and not doing (good) school work? That's a terrible combo for a COLLEGE athlete BYE Felicia
  6. Welp, now he gone. Then we can blame you
  7. Character was a late, huge win for Muschamp, was he not? Now he's playing for his 2 d coordinator and 3rd DB coach. Maybe that has something to do with it. Jackson "sounds" lazy.
  8. But is it sanctioned? That's my point, Gus may not be able to officially say he's back yet. The rules are dumb
  9. There is no team to be back with, right? Isn't it a dead period for finals?
  10. Pat Dye hasn't aged a day.
  11. You guys sure can beat a dead horse. Sheesh.
  12. Too soon?
  13. I emailed you my resumè
  14. But in CLs offense... Might shine if needed