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  1. I'm fairly certain we don't have declining enrollment. Or empty dorms.
  2. I attended the Texas A&M game. I left at halftime. I drove 5 hours and paid $85 on tickets and still couldn't stand it. (Plus it was 40 degrees and sleeting.)
  3. Watching the Vanderbilt and Ole Miss games make me wonder how we had an elite pass defense.
  4. Click on the link and read the comments. Some terrible 'guesses' about how Cam would do in the NFL.
  5. I'm expecting greatness, but if White wins the job we're going undefeated. I think we know what we are with Stidham, so if White beats him...
  6. This is the second time UTk has done a major facelift in the last 15 years. Impressive.
  7. His pass pro is ATROCIOUS. Would fit in with a run first team better, but that was Jeff Fisher's thing so maybe not. That's still not Detroit either.
  8. Florida? FLORIDA?!
  9. Nobody mentioned CAP in the recent gets. He was the #1 JUCO and is #2 depth on an NFL roster.
  10. Spot. On. Bravo! You and @lionheartkc nailed it.
  11. Glad to see that stipend going to good use
  12. 50/50