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  1. This was the reason given because you can't say "the signing bonus was better" I'd get behind these!
  2. I'm willing to accept (not like, not endorse, not tolerate- accept) 7-5 if we don't look out of our depth in the games we lose. Previous coaches would lose that way, often when they had no business doing so. How you lose often predicts how MUCH you will eventually win.
  3. That's a thing of beauty indeed. Now to fill in that ugly open end of the stadium!
  4. Not picking on you here- but was he really that good or was he just HUGE and moving full speed? I don't know anything about technique but it seems to me that a guy like him just has to be in the right place and he'll throw a devastating block
  5. You must be under 25ish. Jerseys, cleats, and gloves don't win ballgames. ...But orange facemasks do.
  6. People in front office positions in the NBA get paid lots of money to know about these things. I don't think exposure matters as much as you think if the player is elite. Can you go to college and play your way into a lottery pick and big contract? Sure.
  7. Sounds familiar- and look where that got us (in football) 🤣
  8. Can close this thread 🤣 Texas chose Beard Link
  9. Mark Few and Nick Saban: proof that winning stops aging
  10. 5 years? Mark Few is at least a decade into being a hot commodity. At LEAST since Adam Morrison was there (middle 00s?)
  11. For 25 million I bet you can franchise and/or build one. Know anyone?
  12. I didn't make a bracket this year (infant twins, haven't watched much of anything since November) but if I did it would be Gonzaga vs Baylor in the finals as well. Those teams are for real. Casual observation from first two rounds has me leaning towards Syracuse and Michigan being the other 2.
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