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  1. Receivers want to be best in the nation

    That's WITHOUT McClain even listed
  2. Caption This

    "Look over at Golson taking the pancake thing literally"
  3. Caption This

    For reference- is that Stidham taking an order from Legatron?
  4. Clemson playing two quarterbacks

    I seem to recall that happening with LSU in 2008 as well. Jarrett Lee or Jeffrey Lee or something coming in for the first guy and playing pretty well.
  5. Byron Cowart

    Starting last year. My reference was before that. This year they're a strength, no doubt.
  6. Byron Cowart

    Yep. And combined with sub par LBs, it makes the D Line look incompetent. Not totally Garner's fault.
  7. Clemson playing two quarterbacks

    Chandler Cox thinks we did just fine last year
  8. Love this old AU MAG cover!

    I'd argue that Nallsminger had 2x the talent that Loeffler had. Hence my opinion
  9. Love this old AU MAG cover!

    Nallsminger. And it's not even close.
  10. Byron Cowart

  11. Jarrett Stidham to be named Auburn's Starting QB

    MY BOY! Heart of a champion. Best backup QB in the nation.
  12. 2017 Fall Camp - Sat, Aug 12 (Scrimmage #2)

    SW13 is still going to win the job. No worries for my man.
  13. 2017 Fall Camp - Tues, Aug 8 (Day 6)

    I don't care who you are or what you SAY, SW13 is going to win the job and be a Heisman finalist. You saw it here first. That's my boy!
  14. 2017 Fall Camp - Mon, Aug 7 (Scrimmage)

    DB= Barrett, not defensive back, right?