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  1. <font color/yellow on> Pat Forde will have a field day with this. Wonder how much we paid for Caylin to come to Auburn. <Font color/yellow off> War Eagle Mr. Newton !
  2. I'll allow it. I really think that yhis year's offense will be 2009/2010, 2013/2014 fun. We'll never be out of a game.
  3. Parker is still there!? Hell I graduated in 2010 and it was supposed to be gone within 2 years of that.
  4. I know it's recent history but 2018- that team had it all (save a 2nd string RB) and could (should) have beaten anyone when healthy. Inexplicable losses to LSU and UGA (2nd version) were hard to swallow but that's more on coaching than talent. I would argue that the 1997 team should be considered (though the Mississippi State cluster still pisses me off to this day). The offense was great and defense could play well enough when it needed to.
  5. I would also say that basketball, of all sports, seems to be LEAST affected by team functions and practice. 1 player can make a huge, immediate impact with relative ease.
  6. This PLUS the fact that they are STUDENT ATHLETES and colleges have to be in session or games won't be played. Unlike NFL, MLB, NASCAR, etc college football is not a professional league and I feel strongly that they will not play without school being in session on campus.
  7. If only the Colorado school of mines was in the SEC- way overrated program they have
  8. If we have a decade run like Alabama or Ohio State has had, we could get there. We're getting close but years like 2012, 2008, even 1998 keeps us in perpetual rebuilding vs reloading cycles
  9. I would say REALISTICALLY we're comfortably top 15 of all time, closer to 15 than 10. Source Based on total wins, we're 13th Based on win percentage, we're 18th Tied for 5th in total Heisman winners (3 from 3 different decades, shows staying power) 22nd in AA Only 25 teams have more NC than Auburn Only 15 teams have been to more bowl games than Auburn 13th in # weeks ranked in a poll Probably better than Auburn historically speaking : Bama, ND, USC, Texas, Nebraska, Ohio State, Tennessee, Michigan, Oklahoma, Army, Penn State, Pittsburgh Top 10? Close. Clemson DEFINITELY can't argue they are there but Ohio State could.
  10. This COULD be a hard year to plug in a transfer OL, no summer time to work/bond. Yes?
  11. Peak will be this week and next, best case. April-May peak would be a disaster
  12. I'm seeing the same- several mini outbreaks come and go until the treatment or vaccine arrives by fall/winter. Thank you for your knowledge and efforts during this moment in history.
  13. Coaching sucks at Memphis and Wiseman only played a handful of games, but I'll give it to you
  14. The economy will be so toast by May that football won't even be a thought. Providing for your families will be. Don't take this lightly- we're in this for 6-8 more months at least until a vaccine or treatments can be found. As long as the virus is alive we can't go back to normal and it can't be killed at the moment.
  15. Well THIS changes things ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  16. Also- what's the 5 year W/L record during that time?
  17. What's consistent here: we sit at #6, yet 3 names above us are on our schedule EVERY YEAR and 1 name above is on it TOO OFTEN.
  18. Thanks for a NEW thing to worry about.
  19. If hooks is that bent out of shape over it, I can't see it being good for us.
  20. Pat Forde says we have gotten a NOA but won't admit to