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  1. It's been said before, but I'll say it again: losing to #1, #2, and a top 10 Georgia is not worst case scenario. Now losing in ways that we've lost before with Gus, while frustrating, does not mean he should lose his job. I'm being 10000% serious here when I say there is no upgrade/home run hire compared to Gus that's currently available or currently coaching at a lower tier school. I think we have to let this play out with Gus. Another ridiculous coaching decision makes us look terrible in the eyes of the coaching ranks and it would be hard to hire. But I've said all of that before and it has been poorly received here.
  2. What we can all agree on- Mississippi State is terrible. Garbage. Our win verse them means little now. Our win verse aTm is getting less and less impressive by the week to me. It does show how good our defense is (more like Clemson level good and less like Bama level mediocre). The loss to Florida looks better by the showing verse LSU, but still stings because #Gus, and the struggle to win verse Tulane looks justified. I still don't know how we beat Oregon. Resiliency, heart, and chemistry- which, to be fair, are signs of a championship team (when put in positions by coaches to do well).
  3. For what it matters... LOL When NCAA was still a football video game I would run the 4WR spread flex and literally ran this philosophy of offense. There is so many options you can run out of this formation with a mobile QB and TE/HBack at big slot. Mesh option with QB/RB against a 4-5 man front isolates the run defense, but if they put in 5-6 in the box you run quick slant with speed slots. You can run Jet sweep or motion PA with speed slot to get the D thinking, combo deep posts or layers, drift TE into the backfield and run power or PA. I know it's remedial when I talk about it compared to flex, but surely SOMEONE knows this on our 10 million dollar coaching staff?
  4. Jalen will hang 700 on Texas in that case. Even Mike Leach will be jealous.
  5. Forgot about MAR. Wonder where he's at in recovery, indeed!
  6. Here's your reality check: We'll beat the hell out of Ole Miss and Arky because it's what we do when we're competent. We actually match up really well against UGA so that's a toss up at home in my opinion. However, make no mistake- LSU and Bama will hang 40 on us. Florida should have. We're staring 9-3 in the face with an outback/cotton bowl birth being our ceiling. AND IT'S NOT DUE TO TALENT.
  7. If we lose, @CleCoTiger is never allowed to sleep again.
  8. Joiner is good, but DJ is the next great Auburn back. That kid looks AWESOME.
  9. My dad is the biggest UT fan on the planet and he's willing to give Pruitt years to clean it up. He says the program is a mess and needs stability from Phil and Pruitt and thinks they'll get it. His patience is sort of shocking to me, actually.
  10. Auburn Unveils their jerseys for Florida game:
  11. I hope this is more evidence of coach CW having an input in game flow. Makes me wonder if it wasn't Gus but our former RB coach that created this problem.
  12. We've got one of the best here as well. Just need to put it all together- getting there!
  13. I can't believe I'm saying this- but I miss Verne and Shirley on CBS. These 3 are terrible
  14. Buried in the last sentence: "Sources have told ESPN that the NCAA is actively investigating Arizona, Auburn, Creighton, Louisville, LSU and USC." 😳🤦🏻‍♂️
  15. Mark my words: Tulane will end up being a quality win by the end of the year. Is it too late in the season for Mark My Words? 😂
  16. My favorite Auburn memory while on campus. I ruined a perfectly good shirt that night but had on orange Dickie pants that kept my bottom half and pocket/phone dry. The thing I remember the most were the shakers that were throwing water around nonstop while the student section cheered and sang. Even when the rain let up, everyone was still soaked because of all of the waving hands and shakers. The team rallied because of us that night. Down 14-0 early after Noel Devine ran wild, we were the reason they won that game. Mario Fannon taking the screen pass to the house was SO great!
  17. Auburn is only the #11 running team in the country because of the Kent State game. We're only averaging about 190 ypg rushing without it (467 vs 172, 206). We'll need the pass to set up the run this weekend.
  18. This doesn't have to be an issue- just wait to pay athletes AFTER they turn pro. Put the money that they "earn" through likeness and endorsements in a trust account and pay it out gradually to the players that earn the money AFTER they lose eligibility. Problem solved.
  19. Honest question- Why change that if it is working?
  20. 38-16 Bo Nix- 14/24, 250, 2 TD, 1 INT, fumble, 10 rushes for 75 yards Joey Gatewood- situational/wildcat, 8 rushes for 50 yards, 2 TD, 1/3 passes for 15 yards Boobie- 20 rushes for 115 yards and 2 TD AU defense- 4 takeaways (3INT, 1 fumble recovery) 4 sacks, 300 yards allowed Herbert- 23/35, 200 yards, 1 TD, 3INT Oregon run game: 25 rushes for 100 yards
  21. 63 degrees in central North Carolina, there is a clean, fall crisp in the air this morning, and football starts tonight! I believe the Nip Watch is about to be upgraded... @WarTim, are your tentacles tingling? Also: I appreciate how much I (and others) look forward to this thread every year. Traditions are a beautiful thing. Thank you, Tim! WDE
  22. Like Louisville in 2015 only this time we finish the game and keep it rolling straight through to November.