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  1. I agree with Bird. We need safeties that hit like safeties and have the cover skills of a corner. Still hoping we lock him up before Clemson offers.
  2. Auburn needs to do a much better job getting off to hot starts on the recruiting trail. There are several players that we are going to battle for until signing day. There are others that we are going to have to make up a great deal of ground on. But why in the world can we not go ahead and lock up players who are publicly announcing Auburn as their clear leader? This spring I want to see the following commitments... Quindarious Monday Jaylyn Armour-Davis Tank Jenkins Richard Jibumor Nathaniel Watson Matthew Hill
  3. Why haven't we locked him up already? These kids that we let get away that are All-Auburn in the Spring are literally killing me! We need Monday & Armour-Davis to commit by A-Day.
  4. This is why you should always pick against Kansas in the tournament. Bill Self is a tremendous coach and I would trade for him in a second. But he really struggles in the postseason. He's the Bobby Cox of College Basketball.
  5. WAR EAGLE!!!!
  6. If Kodi doesn't get it done on the recruiting trail this year, then I'm all for letting him go. We have to get the best coaches possible! Getting "Auburn Men" is getting old if they can't carry their own weight.
  7. If White is named the starter then it's only because Stidham is hurt. Health is the most important thing for our QB's this year.
  8. We not only need size, but that size needs to be willing to get his hands dirty. We need a guy that will box out, defend, and fight for loose balls. We need toughness on this team in a very bad way! I'm also hoping that Davion Mitchell is going to come in and take this team over. To me, Harper would be better coming off the bench as an offensive spark plug if we had a try point guard that can run the offense and get everyone else involved. There's way too much 1on1 street ball, especially when we are trying to come from behind.
  9. Whoever has this Jason Stidham guy sure sounds like a lucky team...
  10. If the two Prince's can end up being studs for us, then we become a really dangerous team. Otherwise, we'll have growing pains with Ashley or inconsistent play from James. I really hope that we leave Braden Smith at RG. My preferred lineup is LT - Prince Tega LG - Darius James C - Austin Golson RG - Braden Smith RT - Prince Sammons Thankfully, we've added some depth at Center. If Dunn can add 15 more lbs and hold up at center, I wouldn't mind moving Golson to RT or LG to fill in one of the vacant positions. I also like Horton or Harrell at LG. I love the flexibility we have, but it's still the tackle spots that scare me.
  11. I really hope we get this kid just for his name!
  12. Glad to see that we were able to finish strong and hold them to 27 points in the 2nd half. Hopefully this will give us the confidence that we need to go on a run to finish out the season.
  13. Who is coach Willis?
  14. Any chance we can go ahead and lock this guy down? Or is he looking to enjoy the recruiting process?
  15. How do transfers impact the 85 & 25 limit numbers? And I'm not talking about graduate transfers... For example: the DT from Texas Tech that is looking to transfer? We are one of several schools that are looking to get this kid in for a visit. He's been at Texas Tech for 2 years, so he should only count towards the 85 limit, correct? Are we allowed to sign as many transfers as possible until we hit the 85 limit?