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  1. WAR EAGLE!! Just keep winning!
  2. Brandon Jacobs was a 6'4 and 260+ RB. It really sucks that he wants to play RB at LSU. I want to do whatever it takes to sign him, but I want to eventually see him at RB at Auburn. I think he's going to be a monster.
  3. I will be legitimately pissed if LSU & Florida comes into our state and steals the top 2 RB's! It's one thing to lose them to UAT (I'd still be pissed) but it's another to lose them to outsiders. I don't understand why we aren't getting the best of the best RB's out there. In 2009, we had Seatrunk, Lattimore, and Dyer all leaning to Auburn at one point. Since then, we haven't been able to have that same success on the recruiting trail. And it's surprising too with all of our tradition and Horton being one of our better all-around coaches.
  4. That sucks! We need to continue to upgrade our talent at DL. That one hurt
  5. We need our starting pitching to go deeper into the game. 20 innings while only allowing 1ER is amazing! We should have swept the series if it wasn't for the bullpen.
  6. I don't understand why in the world we can't lock this guy down. We can easily recruit against UNC since they are under NCAA investigation. This guy could come in and be the 2nd tallest guy on our team! We NEED size in a big way and Wiley will likely be gone after next year.
  7. Wesley McGriff will be hired to coach safeties after Hugh Freeze gets fired after the end of the upcoming season. We get McGriff as the 10th coach and Hugh Freeze will be an off-the-field analyst. Mark. It. Down
  8. GREAT hire! War Eagle, Gorgeous Borges!
  9. Sorry to hear that, E. Your family is in my prayers!
  10. Roughing pitching performances by the women & men today!
  11. I think our depth this year is going to exceptional. I wish we would have landed a solid graduate transfer OT. I don't think we're going to have any trouble on the interior of the line. The issue continues to be at Tackle. Let's hope Calvin Ashley lives up to his billing or one of the Prince's steps it up in fall camp!
  12. Exactly! You can negative recruit against anybody for anything. The hard truth of the matter is that Kirby is a better recruiter than Gus. We could easily be using the "great coordinator but not head coach material" argument all day against Kirby. And we can use his 1st year to back that point up. The problem is that Auburn on the surface appears to be against "negative" recruiting. The other coaches are willing to play the game and get their hands dirty, while the Auburn coaches are not.
  13. That was actually my point. If he promotes Stephen Pearl or Chad Prewett, as expected, then one of those positions would be available to hire the elder Lawson.
  14. Wow! You would think that we would have a person in our athletic department that would have figured this out. I mean, we finally get an ADay that we're not having to share with UAT and we STILL can't get all of our top prospects on campus without having major schedule conflictions.
  15. KJ & Dedric Lawson are transferring from Memphis. And landing these brothers could have program changing potential. Dedric averaged 19 points and 10 rebounds this past year, while KJ averaged 12 points and 8 rebounds. They also have a brother named Chandler that is a 5 star prospect for 2019. The 4th brother is also a top 2021 prospect. The key to landing these 4 prospects will be their father Keelon. He coached for two years at Memphis, and he will now be leaving with his sons. And guess who has a spot open on his coaching staff?!? Keelon was director of player personnel for Memphis, so I'm sure we can do some rearranging to make room for this guy in our program. Make it happen, Bruce!! P.S. I'm going to be pissed if Cuonzo Martin gets Missouri back on the map by hiring all of these top player's dads! We need rebounding help, so we need these guys bad!