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  1. CameronCrazy

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    I thought Greg Brown to Purdue was supposed to be official today? Is that still happening?
  2. Those three things are what wins championships. Last year’s team had it, and this year’s team does not. When the 3’s are not falling, those three things can still win you close ballgames. Kentucky, South Carolina, LSU, and now Ole Miss. This team just can’t win the close games.
  3. CameronCrazy

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    If Harper pulls his head out of his butt, then he has Okeke at the top of the key for an open 3 to tie the game. Instead he decides to call his own number after the 2nd defender pulled back to cover Okeke. With all the praise that Harper gets, he has killed us with turnovers and bad decisions the past two games.
  4. CameronCrazy

    2019 Transfer Portal Thread

    FSU OL Landon Dickerson entered the transfer portal. Yet another highly recruited player where we finished as a finalist for his services. Will Malzahn pursue?
  5. CameronCrazy

    Men at LSU - game thread

    Bruce has to start recruiting more size. We can’t consistently compete with LSU, Kentucky, and Tennessee if we’re just relying on the 3 ball.
  6. CameronCrazy

    Men at LSU - game thread

    The terrible moving screen foul call on Wiley could be a game changer. Took away a huge 3 and gave him 2 quick fouls.
  7. CameronCrazy

    Men at LSU - game thread

    We will in the 2nd half if we keep depending on it as our only offense. We aren’t going to be that hot from 3 the entire game. We need to move the ball around and look for back door offense.
  8. CameronCrazy

    Men at LSU - game thread

    If you live by the 3, you will die by the 3. We need to get to the free throw line and get points in other ways. Have to take care of the basketball, stop making stupid fouls, and not get out-hustled/positioned for rebounds. If you are going to foul, then make sure they don’t get the “and-1”
  9. CameronCrazy

    2020 4* OG/C Avery Jernigan COMMITS TO AU!!!

    I think the twitter account that you saw was his brother Austin’s. Austin is a 2021 MLB recruit. Avery’s twitter profile actually says Avery.
  10. CameronCrazy

    2020 4* OG/C Avery Jernigan COMMITS TO AU!!!

    E - please change the kid’s name to Avery instead of Austin in the title.
  11. CameronCrazy

    2020 4* OG/C Avery Jernigan COMMITS TO AU!!!

    War Eagle, Avery Jernigan!!
  12. CameronCrazy

    What’s your grade for the 2019 class?

    Overall this is a very solid class. I’m very pleased with QB, RB, and DL groups. I think everyone is disappointed with the OL, the #’s at LB, and the Pickens flip. But I think an overlooked position is safety. Most people are grading secondary as an A, but I would give it a “B”. I think we needed to sign at least two true safeties in this class. After Dinson & Thomas graduate there is no true safeties behind Sherwood & Monday. I hope we can keep Kelley & Puckett at corner or nickel to give us more size and talent at those positions. As a result, I think we need at least two true ball-hawking safeties in next year’s class.
  13. CameronCrazy

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    I agree that the per signee ranking is important, and I think this is a solid class. My problem is that we did not sign a full class and that was not by choice. We simply missed on several prospects that we were counting on. This continues to be a problem for Malzahn. And I guess my point is that we could have top 5 classes at Auburn every year if he would just take the necessary steps to compete with the big boys and start winning some of these key recruiting battles.
  14. CameronCrazy

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    14 months ago Tennessee was the laughing stock of college football. They were the arm pit of the SEC. Today they sign two 5* OT’s. We had every opportunity to be that team today. Instead we whiffed on Wanya Morris and Charles Cross, in addition to missing on William Putnam after we led for an extended period of time.
  15. CameronCrazy

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    If we would have kept Pickens, we would have had 280+ points for only the 2nd time in history. We would have also finished at #6 instead of #11.