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  1. If we miss on other guys come signing day, then I'm ok with taking this kid. For the life of me I'll never understand why we offer & accept a kid's commitment based on what he does during one day of camp. These "camp warriors" need to prove it on the football field before we give them a spot that could go to Jibunor, Harris, McClain, Tindall, Fox, and Tannor. What happens if we land all of those guys? Do we cut this guy loose? We all know that's not the way that Malzahn recruits. There were some that we expecting us to land Harris & Jibunor this very weekend. Are we already admitting defeat for Fox to LSU or Tannor to UGA. I'm not saying that the kid can't play, I just don't understand the timing.
  2. I'm still trusting our insiders on this, but I would have felt much better if he would have came to Big Cat Weekend or our picnic. I understand the circumstances for Big Cat Weekend, but it certainly doesn't give me a good feeling that he CHOSE to go to UF's FNL over our picnic. I was hoping that Mr. Fields woul jump on board pretty quickly, but it's looking like another long, stressful recruitment for the good guys.
  3. BOOM!! War Eagle, George Pickens! I was just wondering earlier this week if the Shedrick Jackson connection would help us here.
  4. Notre Dame would be at the top of my list to play for the first time, followed closely by Stanford. Still haven't figured out why we ever scheduled Cal...
  5. We need to make this happen ASAP
  6. Are we still pursuing Kyler McMichael and Jordan Miner even though they are committed elsewhere?
  7. Let them keep talking... I hope nobody takes us seriously this year!
  8. I believe Matthew Hill will announce his commitment tomorrow. With the momentum we have after Monday's commit, now would be the perfect time to keep that momentum going... especially with Fields & Jackson on campus!
  9. BOOM!!! That's what I'm talking about! War Eagle, Mr. Monday!!
  10. I hope we're still recruiting these kids that are committed to Tennessee. They currently have the #3 ranked class in the country, but I think they are going to have a terrible year. Butch will be the first SEC coach fired this offseason, followed quickly by Sumlin. With that said, I would love to pick up Brendon Harris from the Vols while they search for a new coach.
  11. In the world that we live in today, perception is reality. We are currently #52 in team recruiting. And no, I don't care that it's June. And no I don't care that Alabama is #55... we're not Alabama. Alabama could be in the top 5 by the end of the weekend if they wanted to. Get Tank Jenkins, Alfred Thomas, and Matthew Hill on board next week and start getting some momentum! If we get higher ranked prospects to commit later in the process, then we can drop any one of these guys on down the road. But for now they are 4* prospects that would give us a boost and improve our perception.
  12. Malzahn continues to get his butt handed to him when he goes head-to-head with Dabo in recruiting! it will only get worse after he takes over for Saban.
  13. Jonah Todd signed with the Angels today for $210k per Jim Tallis on twitter
  14. And we still only have one player over 6'8... and that one player will be leaving after next year!