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  1. CameronCrazy

    2019 4* WR Jalen "Boobie" Curry

    E - this is a message board. People come here to release frustration. I apologize if my passion offends you, but I stand by what I said. The elite recruiters are relentless. I’m not saying that we “force” anyone to commit. Did UGA force John Emery to commit this past weekend? No. By all accounts he was going to be committing to LSU any day now. One visit can change everything for a recruit. And what makes sense to me is that the longer we go without locking these guys down, then the possibility increases that they could visit another school and have one of those visits. But my question still remains, “why hasn’t Boobie Curry committed yet if he continues to say that Auburn is his leader?” You may not know that answer, but someone else on this board might. He was rumored to be committing at the Opening, then it was thought to be at the cookout...
  2. CameronCrazy

    End of July Recruit BBQ

    I disagree on the momentum- multiple sources predicted that we would flip Charles Moore & Trezmen Marshall after Big Cat Weekend. That has not and does not look like it will happen. We also made significant strides with Noah Cain during that weekend that have since gone backward in that relationship. Thank you for clarifying the Booth situation. I have not seen that information anywhere else. Within the past 2 weeks all indications from Auburn, UGA, & South Carolina sources were that Booth was leaning Auburn.
  3. CameronCrazy

    Top Flips Targets

    I am still disappointed, frustrated, and disgusted over the Booth commitment to Clemson. I absolutely hate the fact that Auburn gets SO close to landing these big time commits only to come in a close second. BUT, I’m also reminded that it is only the beginning of August. I believe that our coaches have to become even more relentless on the recruiting trail. Winning on the field and making the playoffs can change the outcome of this class. So here’s my top ten (most important & most likely) guys that we need to flip by December. 1. Wanya Morris (desperately need an elite tackle) 2. Andrew Booth (it was SO close, Pappoe better stay in his ear) 3. Jadon Haselwood (game changer) 4. Trezmen Marshall (need a thumper) 5. Nathan Pickering (best DL in Mississippi) 6. Charles Moore (Handy needs to keep working him) 7. Justin Eboigbe (sickening to see an AU fan go to UAT) 8. Christian Williams (need to get back into Mobile) 9. Maurice Hampton (rumored early interest; need Woodson to work those Memphis connections once LSU collapses) 10. Donte Starks (coaches better keep pursuing once LSU collapses)
  4. CameronCrazy

    End of July Recruit BBQ

    The lack of big time targets at this event was alarming. Guys considered “leans” even went somewhere else. How hard did the coaching staff push guys like Hall & Puckett to come to our event? It didn’t seem like we put a priority on this even like we did Big Cat Weekend. And now most (if not all) of the momentum that we had from Big Cat Weekend is gone. Auburn’s inability to get Booth on campus for our cookout cost us a 5* commit. I just wonder how hard we pushed him to choose ours over theirs?
  5. CameronCrazy

    2019 4* WR Jalen "Boobie" Curry

    Does anyone know what this guy is waiting for? Is he a silent commit? Are the coaches holding off his commit for a later date when his commit will make a bigger splash? Are we trying not to put pressure on him to commit? I’m just trying to figure out why we haven’t been successful in getting him to pull the trigger. The longer we let this guy sit out there, then the more likely another school is going to come along and grab him up (aka Tennessee). Our coaches inability to close on some of our longtime “leans” is baffling to me. We lose kids every year when we fail to lock them up when we have the momentum.
  6. CameronCrazy

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I hope we are all over Harry Miller & Steele Chambers with the Urban Meyer news today
  7. CameronCrazy

    End of July Recruit BBQ

    Any idea where Cam’Ron Kelly & Jammie Robinson are on the staff’s board?
  8. CameronCrazy

    2019 4* SF Isaac Okoro Commits to AU!!!

    I wish this dude would go ahead and jump on board
  9. CameronCrazy

    Ryan Pugh vs Reese Dismukes

    Who you got? These are the best two Auburn centers I have seen in my lifetime. Is there anymore that need to be added to the debate of best Auburn center?
  10. I know they are two completely different situations, but this is the 2nd year in a row that our compliance department hasn’t been able to get a kid qualified. And I would imagine that we’ve known about this kid’s situation for several months now...
  11. CameronCrazy

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    When is Auburn’s BBQ/cookout scheduled?
  12. CameronCrazy

    2019 4* WR John Dunmore (Penn St)

    Would we take Dunmore over Curry? I really love that we are going after big-bodied WR’s, so I would prefer Curry. Is Dunmore better?
  13. CameronCrazy

    2019 3* S/CB Nehemiah Pritchett

    Numbers are looking really tight. According to some sources, we currently lead for Andrew Booth, Zion Puckett, Jashawn Sheffield, and Nick Cross. If you add those with Jaylin Simpson & Kendarian Handy-Holly then there is no reason to take this kid right now unless we miss out on one of the guys mentioned above. We took Cordale Flott’s commitment too soon, and we do not need to do that again. I still think we need to go all out for Tyrique Stevenson & Kair Elam (both of who we have connections with) before we take this guy. And yes, I will gladly eat crow if this kid blows up and becomes a STUD.
  14. CameronCrazy

    2019 4* SDE Justin Eboigbe (UAt)

    Brandon Cox was not offered by Alabama
  15. CameronCrazy

    2019 4* SDE Justin Eboigbe (UAt)

    I was really worried about this one, especially since he hasn’t visited lately and didn’t make it for Big Cat Weekend. It’ll be interesting to see if the coaches still pursue him. It just boils my blood to see a kid that grows up an Auburn fan commit to UAT.