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  1. CameronCrazy

    Which Freshman you got?

    Seth Williams is an absolute beast if we can just get him the ball. #5 & #18 need to touch the ball 15-20 times per game.
  2. CameronCrazy

    AU President

    Ever since I have been alive, the problem has been with the administration. They do NOT know how to negotiate a contract. EVERY time we give a coach a raise or an extension, that coach falls flat on his face the next year. How about we wait until our coach proves that he can sustain success before we give him a raise or an extension?! How about that coach win 10 games two years in a row before we make a deal. Last year’s contract extension was the worst in Auburn history. Malzahn and his agent bluffed us into signing that deal and made us look like fools. The ONLY reason we didn’t call his bluff is because we had no Plan B. Again, that is on the administration. Our only hope is that Allan Greene will have the vision and authority to negotiate this buyout in Auburn’s favor and bring in a proven head coach that can sustain success. Dr. Leash has already proven that he’s not the man to do that.
  3. CameronCrazy

    Things I Think I Saw: AU vs Tennessee

    The problem on offense is Offensive Line and QB development. It’s amazing how un-prepared Malzahn’s QB’s seem to be. Stidham has regressed. On defense, the problem is no pressure on the QB and our DB’s have terrible ball skills. I have heard several people praise Greg Brown, but our DB’s still refuse to look back for the ball. If it’s a jump ball just better believe our DB’s are going to lose that battle or be guilty of pass interference. I don’t what Auburn has to do to change that trend. Big Kat Bryant is no Jeffrey Holland or Carl Lawson. He gets stuffed the majority of the time and looks like he had no technique once an OL gets their hands on him. The only way he wins is if he gets a great jump, which is rare.
  4. Yes, we do “need” Pickens. We need someone that can replace Slayton and catch a freakin deep ball. The only time Slayton is catching the ball is if he is a few steps behind the defender and even that is not a gimme. He doesn’t have the ball skills to consistently win jump balls. Pickens has that ability. We need more playmakers at every position. Period.
  5. CameronCrazy

    Need more cameras!

    The SEC’s / NCAA’s lack of cameras is the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen - there needs to be permanent cameras mounted at all 4 corners of the goal line. I wouldn’t even mind an overheard camera looking down at the center of both goal lines. The two goal lines are the most important spots on the field. This is a game of inches, and I’m still baffled that they only brought 2 cameras to last week’s game.
  6. CameronCrazy

    2019 4* Buck Derick Hall

    This is my biggest problem with Gus - this year we’re rebuilding the OL and next year we’ll be rebuilding the DL. We should be reloading after 5 years into Malzahn’s tenure, not rebuilding. There seems to always be at least position group that is holding us back from winning a National Championship. Now, if Coe, Davidson, & Stidham return next year (Derrick Brown is a lock to leave early at this point) then I think we can compete for a National Championship - especially with playing UAT & UGA at home. But if those guys bolt early, then we taken another step back.
  7. CameronCrazy

    Next OL Coach

    Sorry dude - but there is no way that Auburn fans, boosters, and the administration is going to allow the offense to look like this for the next 4-5 years.
  8. CameronCrazy

    Next OL Coach

    Whether J.B. Grimes is the answer this year or next is certainly debatable. No matter how you feel about his recruiting and/or teaching ability, at 63 years old J.B. Grimes is a temporary solution at best. In order for Auburn to have any hope of an offense in the coming years, Gus better hit a homer run with his next OL coach hire. And he better be thinking about that person right now. If you were Gus, what hire would you make for our next OL Coach? Who are the up-and-coming OL coaches? Or should we go a current or former NFL OL coach?
  9. CameronCrazy

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    If there was ever one player that I wish the Lord would just let us have it would be Clay Webb. The kid could start from Day 1 and be a monster on the interior.
  10. CameronCrazy

    number 2 defense in the country

    Imagine how good we would be if Carlton Davis & Jeffrey Holland had returned. This defense still lacks the pass rusher & sacks needed to make it truly elite. I think we’ve done a better job of forcing turnovers, but I still think we need more. Not getting a turnover in the LSU game really hurt.
  11. CameronCrazy

    Off the Bus

    Here’s my problem with Gus - roster management & recruiting. We do NOT have an elite RB on this team even though we are RBU. Our OL is absolute garbage because of poor OL recruiting & development the past several years. But here’s the thing - even though our RB’s & OL are going to be better next year, now we’re going to be starting over at QB and DL. I don’t see Stidham, Brown, Davidson, & Coe returning next year. So here we go again - there’s going to be at least one position group that we are going to have to rebuild because Gus hasn’t gotten us to the point of reloading even after six years on the job. His poor recruiting and roster management will cause us to under achieve and fail to live up to expectations once again.
  12. CameronCrazy

    Gus’ Ceiling

    Gus does not have the relentless, killer instinct that an elite coach needs to have. It’s reflective in his players. OL & DL players said that that they “lost focus” or “let up” on their opponent in the 4th quarter. He’s never been able to finish off an opponent when he has them on the ropes going back to the 2013 National Championship Game. I’m sure Gus is a great guy, husband, father, Christian man, but I don’t think he has it in him to be relentless. All we heard this past week is that this wasn’t going to be a revenge game. What about next year? True competitors look for anything they can to motivate them and their team.
  13. CameronCrazy

    I know it's only been two games but...

    What WDE has stated is nothing new and shouldn’t be controversial - it’s just the facts. This is Malzahn’s worst OL since he’s been at Auburn. And if we don’t recruit better on the OL starting this year, then it will be an Achilles heel going forward. With that said - I have a feeling that we will starting seeing Brahm at C, Ashley at RG, and Troxell at RT as starters in the next few games. The current starters are physically limited, but I think these 3 guys can take us to another level. Certain they will need more experience, but I think this OL gives us the most talent.
  14. CameronCrazy

    2018 Auburn vs. LSU Score Prediction

    AU - 31 LSU - 14