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  1. New AU Softball Head Coach announced

    Great hire! War Eagle, Coach Dean!
  2. Who Do You Want?

    I would throw ridiculous money at Bob Stoops to come out of retirement. I don't think he's done. I think he just got burnt out at OU. He would bring stability and notoriety back to the program again. I don't think he would coach for that many years, but he would certainly make the job appealing for the next hire. My out of the box hire would be Rich Bisaccia. If he could bring NFL concepts, NFL conditioning, and a couple of NFL coaches with him, then I think he'd be a homerun.
  3. QB Question

    My next head coaching preference would be a guy that brings NFL offensive philosophies to the college game; either through his experience as a NFL coach or bringing a former NFL OC with him.
  4. *** Nick Marshall Appreciation Thread***

    If we would have had this defense to go along with the offense that Nick Marshall led in '13 & '14, then we may have gone back-to-back.
  5. Rate your disdain

    We all know that this is exactly what is going to happen this weekend. We will work on improving our "running game" against Mercer.. Stidham will go 12-15 for 180 yards, and we'll run for 400+ yards on the ground.
  6. Four Players Out For Mercer.

    Malik Miller should have gotten the ball Saturday night when it was obvious that Pettway couldn't bounce it outside or push off that foot. I've been impressed with Miller during his limited playing time
  7. Auburn currently leads for...

    Austin Bryant should be a familiar name to most of us after this weekend. He was a guy that we led for early on. I'm not sure if Clemson truly beat us out for his signature. I seem to remember him being a guy that we just didn't really push for. Our DL played exceptionally well on Saturday night, but it would have been nice to have this guy on our sidelines instead of theirs. I personally believe that you load up at every single position. Not only does it stockpile your talent, but it keeps other teams from getting these players as well.
  8. Who Do You Want?

    I would hire Chip Kelly or wait until Chad Morris proves himself at SMU. Either way, Kevin Steele stays at DC and T-Will at LB coach.
  9. KJ injury update?

    Kerryon's injury really hurt the run game tonight. It was obvious that Pettway couldn't push off of that ankle and bust it outside.
  10. Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Yet another "piece" job by Jay Jacobs
  11. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    I'm of the opposite opinion on Joey Gatewood. I think the kid just flat out loves Auburn. If he had a problem with splitting time / competing for QB snaps then he would have gone to another high school after last year. I think he'll be an Auburn Tiger regardless of what Justin Fields decides to do.
  12. Pettway, K Davis, and White out

    There is a big difference in coach speech and lying. Gus is flat out lying to the media and the Auburn fans and it's getting old
  13. 2018 4* RB Asa Martin Commits to AU!!!

    Great news!! War Eagle, Asa Martin!
  14. 2018 4* RB Asa Martin Commits to AU!!!

    Mack Wilson
  15. Malzhan Growth

    There have been some very good points made in this thread. I would simply add that we need more stability with our roster. I'm not sure what Dabo has done at Clemson to limit the attrition from year-to-year, but we always seem to struggle with losing players that we didn't intend to lose. I think Gus needs to do a better job getting to know these players individually and determine what he can do to make each individual player successful. You can't make everyone happy, but I think we can do a much better job. My example of this is Rodney Garner's coaching style. If certain players aren't responding to that, then Gus needs to step in and determine the support those kids need to be successful. Byron Cowart & Antwaun Jackson weren't recruiting by everyone for no reason. Get in touch with their high school coaches or their families and see what motivates them. That doesn't mean that you put up with insubordination. But ESPN's 30 for 30 "The Best that Never Was" is a prime example. Marcus Dupree didn't respond to the criticism from his coach Barry Switzer. His family member even stated that if you cuss Marcus, he'll lay down on you. But if you praise Marcus, then he'll run through a brick wall for you. Bottom line - we need to get to a full 85 man roster of scholarship players instead of having to hand them out to walk-ons to fill the 85 limit.