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  1. Can’t wait to go to a night game!
  2. So sorry to hear that, E. Praying for your mom and your family!
  3. So sorry that you guys are going through this. Praying for you and your family!
  4. Yes, AU landing a 5* DB is something that I don’t think I’d see in my lifetime. Landing 2 in this cycle would be huge
  5. We really owe Clemson one after losing out on Andrew Booth, AJ Terrell, MacKenzie Alexander, Kyler McMichael, etc. Nyland Green & Koolaid McKinstry would be a dream.
  6. Big Cat Bryant is a senior and will not be here in 2021. My argument is not with the stars. I’m sure Scoob Williams will be a quality player if we are fortunate enough to land him. My problem is that we continue to lose recruits that should be an Auburn lock. I also understand that Ansley was the main recruiter. But when it is reported on a National level (WJOX, Clay Travis, and ESPN), they aren’t talking about how Derrick Ansley beat out Rodney Garner for this recruit. The National perspective is that Jeremy Pruitt is whipping Gus Malzahn in his own backyard, and that is/should be embarrassing. Everything falls at the feet of the head coach. What continues to make me upset is that something has to change unless we want to continue to lose 5 games every year, And we can’t narrow the gap on the big boys if we start losing recruits to frickin Tennessee.
  7. Early PT is BS. Derick Hall has done nothing to warrant any 5* recruit from being scared of competing against him. Alabama, UGA, & Clemson get kids all the time when they already have quality depth. We got out-recruited by Pruitt, period.
  8. Thank you for this post - I was under the impression that I was the only one with this opinion and was being dramatic
  9. Sorry, I’m not buying it! YES, Auburn fans absolutely need to be worried if we can’t even land a 5 star DE in our own backyard that grew up an Auburn fan. Why would we assume that we can land these other two prospects when we can’t even land a guy with such strong ties to Auburn? I love Keith, but he and everyone else needs to stop distracting from the fact that this is a HUGE miss. We didn’t even lose this guy to Alabama. We didn’t even lose this guy to Clemson, UGA, or LSU. We let frickin Tennessee beat us for a guy that should have been a lock to Auburn! It absolutely blows my mind that someone like Pruitt can out recruit Malzahn when Gus has accomplished far more. Has Pruitt beat Saban? Has Pruitt beat Smart? Has Pruitt been to Atlanta? Has Pruitt played for a national championship? Absolutely not! Gus has the advantage! Rodney Garner should never lose a recruit like this with his track record of putting guys in the league. This is inexcusable.
  10. I see buzz going around today about Tennessee is trending with Dylan Brooks after LSU was presumed to be his leader within the last couple of weeks. Malzahn has had epic recruiting fails, but this would be near the top. This kid grew up an Auburn fan, he’s in our back yard, he has family that played for Auburn, etc... At some point, the bleeding has to stop!
  11. Nothing against Texas. Greg Brown stated that he wouldn’t sign with Texas if Shaka Smart was fired. My only point was that Texas would have been eliminated and we would have had a better shot at signing him if the season had played out and Shaka would have been fired.
  12. From that interview, it sounds like it’ll be Kentucky if it’s not the NBA... especially since they didn’t land Harms from Purdue.
  13. I think the COVID-19 really hurt us in recruiting, especially with Cliff Omoruji & Greg Brown. Omoruji picked Rutgers (terrible decision) because he wanted to stay close to home after the Coronavirus hit. Shaka Smart would have been fired after not making the NCAA tournament. Brown could have still gone to the G-league or somewhere else, but it wouldn’t have been Texas.
  14. BOOM!! Can’t wait for Thor’s hammer to come to Auburn Arena!