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  1. I absolutely do not support that behavior. Meyer made a big mistake, and that’s why I believe he doesn’t want that to be his legacy, just like Pearl didn’t want lying to the SEC & NCAA to be his legacy. For the record, I’m highly conservative and I doubt any one on this board believes what I do religiously, spiritually and morally. There’s no coach that we’re going to hire that is going to share my beliefs. But I’m not looking for a gospel preacher. I can separate religion from football. There’s no points for being the most ethical, religious, and moral coach. This is football and we play to win. We play to win National Championships. As long as Urban Meyer doesn’t do anything that’s illegal and assures the PTB that he’s learned from his mistakes and he isn’t going to do anything to embarrass the University, then I believe he’s the best option available. The real question is can he continue to have the same success he did at his previous stops with his baggage. Can he continue to go into living rooms and convince the best talent to come and play for him. I believe that he can.
  2. I can’t disagree with any of this - I would be on-board with an Aranda hire. I just think it’s going to be hard to pull him to Auburn with our image right now. Unless we bring Baylor’s AD (which isn’t likely), then I don’t see this happening. But yes, I believe he’s the best pure coach we can hire right now.
  3. I guess you don’t remember how much the media in Miami HATED Saban and his demeaning & degrading interviews? He even stepped over a player that was having a seizure and walked away disgusted. His NFL career was a disaster before he came back to college. Pro Football isn’t for some people. Urban Meyer is a college coach that has tried to bounce around different places, but I believe he has one last stop to make. I just hope it’s Auburn.
  4. Urban Meyer I’m tired of losing. I’m tired of watching great Auburn games of the past on YouTube. He’s the only big name coach that we can hire because he has baggage. Guess what? That’s the only reason we were able to hire Bruce Pearl. Nobody else was willing to take the risk and give Bruce a 2nd chance, not even Alabama. I don’t care what he did in his past. I don’t care what his marriage is like. He’s the most successful college football coach alive not named Nick Saban. He will win wherever he goes. He’s one of the best recruiters in the history of the game not named Saban or Smart. He would immediately put us back on the map. Our media publicity couldn’t get worse, and that goes away once he starts winning. Put provisional clauses in the contract - I don’t care. You sell it as Meyer’s last attempt at a legacy. You sell it along side Bruce Pearl’s history, 2nd chance, and legacy.
  5. I’d personally wait to see if he takes the Georgia Tech job and let him prove himself as a coach in the ACC. I think that’d be more up his alley since he has a history with Atlanta. But I’m incredibly intrigued by how he would do at Auburn for 3 reasons. 1. He would fire up our media darlings - Bo Jackson & Charles Barkley. He would be instant positive publicity for Auburn since he would be our first black head coach. 2. The recruiting would be the best in Auburn History. The only proof anyone needs is seeing him convince the #1 player on the country last year to spurn home state Georgia and flip from FSU. With all the talent in the state of Alabama, I think he would flip the top players immediately. 3. I think he would have coaches lined up for him. He could potentially be an 2019 Orgeron at LSU or a Dabo at Clemson with the right coaching staff.
  6. MMW: Auburn starts out 5-0, finishes with 9 wins in the regular season, and we get to 10 with a bowl victory. MMW: We are competitive into the 4th quarter in all 3 losses. MMW: We finish top 10 in recruiting. MMW: Texas A&M loses at least 4 games, and the seat gets warmer for Jimbo. This includes a 4 touchdown blowout in Tuscaloosa. MMW: Ohio St wins the CFP.
  7. If Hayden Mullins returns to school to go along with Sheehan and Gonzalez, then this pitching staff starts looking really good for next year.
  8. My favorite sport is Recruiting, so this is absolutely killing me! We are swimming in talent in this state and it’s an absolute disaster. Cristobal would be killing it on the recruiting trail right now if we would’ve landed him instead of Harsin. The frustrating thing is that there is no end in sight. There’s no one that I see right now that would be willing to come in here and fix this mess. And I don’t have confidence in the leadership and vision of the people that make that decision at Auburn University (whoever they may be) to go out and make a home run hire.
  9. I would take Kiffin in a heart beat right now - I think he’s the best we can get at the moment. He would bring excitement back to the program. He’s a great play caller and he knows the recruiting game. He would bring an exciting brand of offense - he just needs a studDC to go with him.
  10. Realistically who are we going to be able to get back off this team and who is expected to go in the draft? Does Sonny have his Covid year left? Has Sheehan exhausted his eligibility?
  11. Any injury update on Hayden Mullins? Is Tommy Sheehan good to go?
  12. I would LOVE Kerwin Walton, but I don’t think we’re in it for him. I think we still need to add a shooter. He doesn’t have to be a big-time transfer prospect, but I think we need a small-school guy that can shoot and add depth behind KD at the 2 guard.
  13. Point well taken - the SF position killed us last year offensively. If Flanagan can get back to form, then that would be HUGE. I also agree with your split of the minutes. My hope is that Westry will be used as a point forward to get open shots for KD and Wendell.
  14. It’s looks like for the 2nd year in a row, we are going to be one piece away from truly contending. I think we’ll have another really good team, but we’re missing a key piece that could make us great. The lack of outside shooting will plague us again. Tevin Brown was the dream. Mayer would’ve been huge. Elijah Fischer or Julian Phillips would’ve been huge. I think Kerwin Walton would’ve been a great fit. But for whatever reason we just can’t find the final piece to put us over the top.
  15. And is it too late for Tevin Brown to pull out of the draft and enter the transfer portal?
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