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  1. With Gatewood & Nix, I’m ok with getting an underrated but highly intelligent guy in this class; especially since we could be landing another 5* QB in 2021.
  2. This team beat.... Xavier Arizona Washington Kansas North Carolina Kentucky Tennessee (twice) Florida (twice) Georgia (twice) Alabama (twice) What an incredible season!!
  3. of Bryce Brown’s shot at the buzzer? They didn’t show it much last night, but I think the Virginia player made contact with Bryce while he was in the air.
  4. I don’t know how you can watch that game last night if you are Trendon Watford and not want to come to Auburn. We are the hottest team in the country, our coach is one of the best to play for, and he would kill it in our system. If he doesn’t see that then we do not want him. Now I just hope he goes to Memphis or Duke.
  5. Absolutely heart-breaking! He was by far the best player on the floor last night.
  6. I swear, we absolutely have the worst luck. And it’s always the better players!
  7. Less than a week ago, we led the nation in ERA. Now we don’t have a pitcher that can pitch a clean inning.
  8. Who was pitching when we gave up all the runs late?
  9. The late game time will be HUGE in order for this team to rest mentally and physically
  10. War Eagle! I had my in-laws in town or else I would have been there. Would have loved to have seen the bomb from Connor Davis
  11. My dad corrected me on this yesterday - I believe we are 8-0 since the tournament expanded to 64. I’ll correct the original statement
  12. FYI - Auburn is 8-0 all-time in 1st rounds games
  13. Pay the man! Give Bruce a Malzahn-type contract extension tomorrow!