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  1. I hope Steven Pearl can pick up right where his dad left off when the time comes.
  2. I agree - I don’t see a way that this ever happens. Frustrating to say the least. I think Powell would have killed it at Auburn with a true point guard.
  3. I’m more curious about Justin Powell. I would personally love it if he gave his dad the middle finger and rejoined the team with his good friend Walker Kessler. I’d personally prefer Scoot Henderson to reclassify instead of Shariffe returning. Give me Henderson and an alpha shooting guard and we good
  4. Just got a gut feeling that this is going to be a home run hire!
  5. I think we need a Alpha shooting guard to complete this lineup and THIS is the guy that I would choose!
  6. There’s NO way Alabama is not doing something illegal. They are hitting on every single one of their major targets. They just beat out Duke for Gurley & Bediako. No way that happens with a coach from Buffalo that’s had one good year.
  7. If we land Scoot, I think he’s going to make us forget about Shariffe Cooper very quickly. He may not have the passing ability, but he’s much more athletic and dangerous as a scorer. Better finisher at the rim, better 3-point shooter, and better defender.
  8. This kid will regret this mistake for a long time. Still don’t understand why talent continues to flock to Rick Barnes when he’s proven that he will under-develop & under-perform with that talent every year.
  9. That would freakin suck! I can understand Cooper going pro if he got a lottery grade. But there’s no way Thor wouldn’t benefit from an extra year in college.
  10. Dayne - we would love to know your perspective of the recruiting process after your virtual visit. How does Auburn’s sales pitch stack up to other teams? How does Auburn’s facilities stack up to other teams?
  11. Kessler would have to sit out a year, correct? If true, then I don’t understand why he would be worried about NEXT year’s crowded front court
  12. It’s all a show. He’s a lock for Kentucky - he’s just trying to make it not look obvious that they tampered.
  13. I truly believe that Greg Brown would have came to Auburn if we’d landed Jalen Green. It’s crazy to think how different this year would have been if the G-League didn’t all of a sudden become an option for the first time in history in 2020. No way we self-impose penalties and maybe Justin Powell doesn’t get hurt if the circumstances are different.
  14. This reminds me of the year we lost Mustapha Heron, Davion Mirchell, and Desean Murray. We went to the Final 4 the next year. I would have rather seen Javon Franklin or Babatunde Akingbola go first, but I trust the coaches to upgrade from Jamal Johnson.
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