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  1. That’s awesome - now if we can get his brother to transfer to Auburn to play with his brother after he’s been buried on the Alabama depth chart, then we’re cooking.
  2. That sucks - getting a former 5* LT and 2-year SEC starter that was eligible immediately would have been huge for our OL to start of the aharsin era.
  3. I don’t hate the hire, but I was really pumped to get T-Rob back. If we didn’t get T-Rob, I was hoping we could steal Ansley from Tennessee with the ship going down in Knoxville. Hopefully Ethridge is an up-and-coming coach that is on the way up.
  4. E - do you know what the pull is for him to Oklahoma? I would have thought this was a slam dunk with Pappoe, Auburn finishing 2nd in his recruitment, and now Friend being on staff.
  5. Don’t look now but Sark is putting together a killer staff at Texas. He brought Kyle Flood with him (OL coach at Alabama), he hired Bo Davis (DL coach for the Detroit Lions), and he’s made a serious offer to Corey Raymond (LSU DB coach). I’m excited about our new staff, but I may end up being jealous of his.
  6. If he brings Will Friend & Bryan McClendon with him, then I would consider this a very good hire. Especially if Bobo can develop Bo Nix and bring in Gunner Stockton in 2022. I think Bryan Harsin will still control the offense. My only concern now is if Bobo is calling the plays...
  7. Is this confirmed that Wanya Morris will transfer?
  8. Very excited about this hire! Always been a big Derek Mason fan!
  9. I’m all for taking your time and getting the hires right, but two weeks without hiring an on-the-field coach is borderline ridiculous. What is he waiting for? We have generated zero momentum since this coaching hire.
  10. That’s tough - Harsin has some potential talent on this team, but he’s needs to hurry and get his new staff in place in order to keep all the talent in place. It may go from a reload to a rebuild very quickly.
  11. My uncle texted me the news, and I replied, “you’ve got to be kidding me”. Of course, I was holding out for Cristobal or another big name hire. After I’ve done my research, I’m cautiously optimistic about this hire. I like the fact that Allan Greene was allowed to do his job and hire his guy. Now let’s see what type of football coach and AD that we have.
  12. Absolutely sickening that he signed with UAT
  13. OC - Tony Elliot QB - Brandon Streeter RB - Dell McGee OL - Matt Luke WR - Brian Hartline TE / ST - Jeff Banks DC - Derek Mason DT - Tracey Rocker DE / OLB - Tosh Lupoi ILB - Sal Sunseri CB - Corey Raymond S - Torrian Gray
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