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  1. You better believe it! Let’s go Red Sox!
  2. So we lose Nick Smith last night and Alabama gets a 5* PG tonight. Pretty rough week.
  3. This is very disturbing - I feel like Harsin is Tuberville 2.0. 1. Brings hard nose, physical approach 2. Has his “boys” that he trusts as coaches 3. Does not recruit at high level He’s going to have to live in the transfer portal for a couple of years until our program starts winning at a consistently high level to the point where we are able to start recruiting with the big boys.
  4. I still question if Bryan Harsin is the coach that can win us Championships, but I think he’s the coach that we need right now. I compare it to Muschamp in 2015 when he came in and changed the culture of the defense. Even though, he didn’t bring us a dominant defense he still paved the way for Kevin Steele. Bryan Harsin may not be the answer, but he may be changing the culture and preparing us for the next great coach.
  5. I didn’t see one wildcat or sugar huddle the entire game.
  6. This gives me hope for the LSU game. I think we have the better team this year, and I think this game will prepare us for that environment.
  7. Bo Nix has improved, but he’s still not the answer. H stayed in the pocket and even stepped up in it at times. But, he’s still way too inaccurate. Even when he was throwing to wide open guys in that first game, the throws were not not on the money. He simply can’t hit guys in stride - our receivers all always having to make some adjustments. If he hits Robertson in stride on both deep balls, then this is a completely different outcome. Shedrick Jackson does not need to start another game. I would put him in for blocking and that’s it. He’s not an SEC level WR. He missed at least 3 catchab
  8. We need a 2,000 yard rusher and Heisman winner to help recruiting and solidify RBU. He needs 200+ this weekend.
  9. For once, I would love to see this team pitch a shutout
  10. It certainly feels nice to not have to wait until Game 3 or 4 to figure out what we are going to be offensively.
  11. Does anyone have a list of visitors to Bruce Pearl’s Elite Camp?
  12. MMW: 1. Auburn wins 10 games 2. Auburn wins in Baton Rouge for first time since 1999. 3. Auburn wins its bowl game
  13. I really want to trust, but this is madness. Why in the world are we trying to piss off a 5* SG? More importantly, we would we not want TWO 5* SG’d and play them both?
  14. I really hope that rumor isn’t true - Pearl should’ve learned by now that 1 in the hand is better than 2 in the bushes. We’ve lost out on way too many guys the past couple of years to be turning away a 5* SG (the one position that we keep missing on).
  15. To answer the title of the thread - Yes, I 100% would commit to Auburn right now and everyday after. If I had elite talent, I would have the confidence to believe that I could come in and turn the program around like Bo Jackson & Cam Newton. I’m a die hard Auburn that could never see myself going anywhere else!
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