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  1. Where does this past week’s game rank on your list? 1. 2018 Tennessee - maybe one of the worst losses in Auburn history. Tennessee’s had been 0-11 in their previous 11 SEC games. Jeremy Pruitt’s first signature win came against Gus Malzahn. 2. 2014 Texas A&M - this loss took away the largest amount of Gus’ mojo. Two inexcusable 4th quarter fumbles stopped potential game winning drives. We spiraled out of control to end the year, and Gus hasn’t been the same since. 3. 2016 Georgia - Gus decided to go with an injured Sean White. We scored on the opening drive, and then let Georgia beat us without the leg-jumpers having to even score an offensive touchdown thanks to a Sean White Pick 6. Total offensive ineptitude after the opening drive. 164 yards of total offense. Kirby Smart gets his first victory over Gus Malzahn in the rivalry. 4. Florida -Yes, we were playing a top 10 opponent in the Swamp with a true freshman QB, but we had EVERY opportunity to win this game. 3 forced fumbles in the 1st quarter only turned into 6 points. We tripped over our own feet twice when there was no one between us and the end zone which resulted in 0 points on both drives. Just when you think Gus has turned the corner, he delivers a terrible game-planning / play-calling performance while showing no ability to make in-game adjustments. He just can’t seem to win the “ugly” games that he needs to win. 5. 2017 LSU - Up 20-0 in Baton Rouge, we allow a pedestrian LSU offense come back and beat us when we were dominating that game. This was a prime example of Gus taking his foot off the gas. He continued to run Kerryon Johnson up the middle on 1st down with no 2nd half adjustments. 6. 2017 Clemson - Stidham was sacked 11 times and Auburn had 117 yards of total offense. Another example of Gus’ inability to adjust in-game. We had every opportunity to defeat the defending national champs on their home field, but Gus has yet to defeat Dabo as a head coach. 7. 2015 Georgia - Mark Richt’s last year. His coaches had been fighting internally all week. Auburn had just dominated Texas A&M the week before in College Station and now had UGA at home. Another example of zero halftime adjustments as Jeremy Pruitt locked down his offense in the 2nd half. Gus tried to play an injured Sean White in the 2nd half to no avail. 8. 2016 Clemson - Total cluster on offense with a QB carousel that would have made Spurrier scratch his head. Another lost opportunity for Gus to defeat Dabo and get a signature win against the eventual national champions. 9. 2018 Mississippi State - Allowed MSU to run it right up the middle for 350+ yards when we knew that’s what they were going to do. Fitzgerald passed for 69 yards and they still beat us by double digits. 10. Central Florida - After defeating #1 Georgia, #1 Alabama and signing our coach to a 7 year, 49 million dollar deal, Gus lays an egg against a far inferior opponent. Auburn fans are forced to watch in anger, humiliation, and frustration as our two biggest rivals play for the National Championship. Honorable mention 2018 LSU 2013 National Championship Game vs FSU 2017 SEC Championship Game vs UGA 2015 Mississippi State 2014 Bowl Game vs Wisconsin
  2. I hope Pruitt continues to make a fool of himself for the next couple of years - I wouldn’t mind an occasional upset over Georgia. But, I can’t stand that guy and we do not need Tennessee to become another national power right now.
  3. Jalen is taking an official to Memphis this weekend. We have to survive the weekend and hope that it isn’t another Kessler & UNC situation where he’s blown away.
  4. I’m really hoping that Chad Morris will be our OC in the next couple of years if Gus can keep this thing rolling. So I’m pulling against Arky.
  5. Take a good look at the Miami OL. This is what our OL is going to look like in 2020.
  6. This is unbelievable- the people spending the money won’t build a football only facility that will bring us in the 21st century, but they’ll spend God knows how much money on changing something that nobody wants changed?!
  7. I couldn’t agree more - Jeff Holland went undrafted in the NFL draft. He made the wrong decision. He should have come back last year, and that would have made us an elite defense
  8. Did Phillip Webb ever visit Auburn last week?
  9. Didn’t Darvin Adams broke his hand in fall camp because Cam was throwing it too hard? May be a good sign of things to come...
  10. June was big for us, in respect to recruiting. August is going to be even bigger!
  11. I hope we hold the final spot for a big-time HS Offensive Tackle - Omari Thomas, Jalen Rivers, Marcus Dumerville, etc. You never know which one of these guys we can make a run at if we have a big season. I would also be happy with Chris Morris.
  12. Phillip Webb is not on the list - does anyone know where he is visiting?
  13. We really need to beat out UGA for Walker & Bigsby