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  1. All I know about this guy is that he has a much better resume than Dustin Frye or Kendall Simmons. I have a feeling that this is going to turn out to be a really good hire by Malzahn.
  2. If we fire Grimes just so that Chad Morris can bring Arky’s OL coach with him, then I’m going to be royally pissed! Gus - this is your last chance to make a great hire! If you screw this up, you are done at Auburn. Period. Everything depends on the OL.
  3. Top 5 NY Resolutions - Auburn Football 1. Hire an elite OL coach that can recruit, develop, and identify 5 Offensive Linemen that can win the LOS 2. Develop the QB (Bo Nix) - Gus has proven he can’t do it. What kind of improvement will we see from Year 1 to Year 2 under Chad Morris? The mechanics were terrible and bailed out of the pocket way too soon in Year 1. 3. Establish the run - this makes two straight years where we haven’t had a 1,000 yard rusher. We’d be much better off if Boobie went pro or transferred to allowed our young RB’s to step up. 4. Expand the passing game - will Gus let Chad Morris attack the middle of the field with slants, crossing routes, and throws to the TE? 5. Figure out how to win games with defense and special teams. Our defense kept us in every game this year, even when the offense was terrible. But can they start winning games for us with shutouts and/or turnovers? Can we put more pressure on the other team and generate more points through blocks or returned touchdowns?
  4. Really trying hard not to get my hopes up. This would be a huge pickup!
  5. I wonder if it would hurt us with Broderick if we fired Grimes?
  6. I’m beyond excited to have Chad Morris as the OC. Clemson would not be where it is at today without Chad Morris. I think he gives us everything that Gus doesn’t... 1. QB Development 2. QB Recruiting 3. More sophisticated passing game I think it’s going to be a perfect match. I hope we can keep him for at least 4 years. If we can get our OL worked out, then I think we can start putting up scoring numbers similar to 2013-2014. But this time it will be with a much more balanced attack that’s more difficult to defend.
  7. Our QB recruiting this cycle has been an absolute joke - we lost our backup QB and still can’t find anyone. Let’s hope Chad Morris arrived just in time
  8. My ex-girlfriend was an LSU fan. Her dad was an obnoxious LSU fan. But... I’m still pulling for LSU tomorrow. I hate Kirby Smart worse than I hate Nick Saban.
  9. I know Brian George is locked in as our 4th DB. But if it’s between Tisdol & Reed for the 27th soot, then I would much rather take a 5th DB than a 3rd LB. If we aren’t going to get Simpson or Webb, then we need the talent and depth at Safety more than LB at the moment. Plus I would hate to see this guy end up at Georgia.
  10. I’m not upset about this call - I think he was touching the line when he possessed the ball.
  11. I’m on board with this hire - I remember the OL at Ole Miss being pretty good while he was OL coach. He also coached, and I imagine helped recruit, Laremy Tunsil and Greg Little. We need a OL coach that can develop and recruit. Gus should be able to make a quick phone call to his buddy Hugh Freeze to find out if this would be a good hire or not. I’m curious to see if anyone has anything negative to say about Gus making this hire.
  12. I think Gus called a great game and deserves another year - but why in the world would you kick it to Waddle?! Why would you change your entire kickoff philosophy for this game?! Why would you not kick the ball out of the end zone when Carlson has been doing it ALL year?! I can’t even count the number of yards that we gave up unnecessarily in the kicking game. He clearly still hasn’t learned his lesson from the 2013/14 National Championship Game.
  13. Still can’t believe that Shivers only had one carry in this game - glad he made the most of it!
  14. For us to be able to turn the corner and prove that we are a true national championship contender, Gus has to do the following. 1. Hire an elite OL coach. I think we have enough bodies to put together a good OL if we had the right coach. Next year is a critical OL recruiting year, so he has to be able to recruit. 2. Nothing against Dillingham, but Gus needs to hire a QB coach that can develop a quarterback. Nix’s growth from year 1 to year 2 is going to be critical. He had major accuracy issues that need to be corrected. He completed 50% or less of his passes in the big game and expect for us to win. This isn’t a popular pick but I’m all for Chad Morris. 3. Get the ball to our playmakers. No way we lose the Florida game if we get the ball to Schwartz and Shivers. Auburn has so many weapons going into next year. We just need to get the ball to our true playmakers - #3, #5, #8, #12, #18, and #22. These incoming freshman RB & WR’s will also have a say in our offense next year.
  15. Was Jay Jay Wilson hurt? I didn’t see him out there. I would have loved to have seen how we would have used Schwartz in this game.