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  1. Hill should have been on defense from Day 1. I think he’ll give us quality depth at safety. I’m not sure about Sheffield...
  2. We are fighting Memphis, Kentucky, & Texas for 5 *’s. Meanwhile, Alabama is about to beat out CREIGHTON for a 5 * on Friday. WTH?!
  3. As the clear #1 player in 2021, has anyone seen where Kuminga would rank if he was reclassified to 2020?
  4. Praying for her and your family!
  5. I’m a big fan of Allan Greene, but I can’t understand how you can let three starters transfer and not fire the coach; especially after a terrible season!
  6. Coach Flo needs to go in the transfer portal. Her ability to blame her team instead of taking responsibility for the terrible year is indicative of the Barbee days on the men’s side. It was never his fault or inability either
  7. Agreed - my point is that I think we take a step back next year if we don’t get these seniors back. How much does that hurt our brand if true? Still TBD. Too many unknowns on next year’s team - especially with recruiting up in the air at this point. Jon Rothstein doesn’t even have us in his preseason top 45 for next year. As good as we’ve been the last 3 years, we still don’t have the brand to get respect yet. Getting these seniors would likely vault us into the preseason top 10.
  8. If we close out this recruiting class like we are hoping AND get these seniors back, we will have a HUGE advantage going into next year. My biggest concern for next season was depth and experience, specifically at the Center and Point Guard position. This would also allow some of our backups to get more experience before they are thrust into a starting role. Granting this petition would set Auburn and Bruce Pearl up for years to come. Very crucial decision for the Tigers!
  9. Absolutely no excuse for this loss
  10. Maybe this will finally get Saban to turn Kirby in to the NCAA
  11. Absolutely embarrassing - Dean has been a huge disappointment
  12. War Eagle!! HUGE win! That was a must-win with Gameday in the house. Hopefully we can build off this momentum for the next 3 games.
  13. Why can’t we ever find an ethical recruit that tapes these type of conversations? I’m sure there’s no proof or paper trail. Auburn coaches has to know this is coming since we continue to lose these types of battles against Kirby.
  14. Why would anyone want Greg Brown back? Everyone was happy when he left, he could not recruit at a high level, and our DB play clearly got better when he left. What am I missing? We need new blood and new energy - we do not need to keep going through the same re-treads. There’s a reason he doesn’t stay at one school for more than a year or two. Didn’t we learn anything from the J.B. Grimes debacle?