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  1. Great start for Mr. Greene! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the Athletic Department
  2. With Gus Malzahn locked in with a seven year contract and most head coaching positions solidified, what do you expect from our new AD? What would grab your attention and convince you that we made the right hire? For me, it’s the following... 1. Renovate Jordan-Hare - finally finish this project and take it to another level. Put us on the level of the SEC elite in terms of stadium aesthetics, seating, locker rooms, concession stands, get rid of high school scoreboard, etc... 2. Build Football facility - I’m talking state of the art facility that will take us to another level in recruiting 3. Bring back David Marsh - we need to get back to winning Championships in swimming. 4. Bring closure to our basketball program - resolve the NCAA issue and get Wiley & Purifoy eligible next year. In addition, we have crippled ourselves for too long with voluntary punishments in regards to AAU basketball in Alabama. Let Bruce Pearl coach and recruit with a full deck of cards. Get McGlynn out of the way!
  3. Men vs. uat

    Really wish Sexton would have played to make this loss look better. I knew we would have a game like this where we came back down to earth. I just HATE that it had to be Alabama. MUST bounce back on Saturday.
  4. Very good point. He’s a much better choice than Tim Jackson would have been and I don’t even know him!
  5. All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    After the hire today, I’m not very hopeful that we’ll land another 4*. Going into the year I believed that we would hire Shelton Felton, lock down Quay Walker, land Barnes & Gouriage, and sign the best available player for our last spot. But after today, I think it may be the following. Alaimo McCready Willie Allen (I think we’d be lucky to land him at this point) Another 3* OL
  6. This hire gives me hope. Auburn finally decided to take a different path than the same old path they’ve always taken. I’m underwhelmed that he only had 2 years of experience and it came from a small school like Buffalo. I agree with WDE’s comments that Auburn should never be a place for on-the-job-training. He’s young and well-spoken of, so here’s to hoping that he’s ready for this opportunity. I hope he crushes it at Auburn! War Eagle, Allen Greene!
  7. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    No disrespect to Coach Grimes, but this is a very disappointing hire. I think J.B. has previously been a very good OL coach for Auburn, but his time has past. He’s 63 years old and has already battled cancer. How much future does he have as a coach? He will certainly have to overcome that negative recruiting to go along with the limited recruiting ability he showed in his previous stint. But my true disappoint comes from Gus Malzahn’s lack of ability to make a splash hire. Gus makes one solid hire and then follows it up with a disappointing one. If you look at the great coaches, Saban & Meyer for example, they are constantly replacing coaches. The coaches that they get are always promoted to bigger and better jobs. Year in and year out they are able to identify and go get a hot-shot-up-and-coming coach. Malzahn gave me hope in his first year when he added Rich Bissaccia to the staff. Even though we couldn’t keep him, it made me believe that Gus had the ability to go get NFL coaches and convince them to come to Auburn. Ever since then it has been coaches that either had an Auburn connection or a Gus Malzahn connection. MARK MY WORDS - He let Rhett Lashlee go get experience at other schools. But as soon as Chip Lindsey leaves, he will use certain selected stats showing the impact & success that Lashlee has had at other schools to justify bringing him back. I don’t believe that Gus wanted to let Lashlee go. I believe that Gus was forced to let him go. If Gus Malzahn is left alone without anyone “giving him advice” or “forcing his hand” then he will hang himself. He’s proven that he is too stubborn to learn from his mistakes and reinvent himself with new coaches, schemes, and philosophies.
  8. 2018 3* Juco OT/OG Willie Allen

    If we signed him, would this kid come in as a redshirt sophomore? 3 years to play 3? At this point I wouldn’t mind having him as a back-up plan. He was a 4* our of high school that Auburn really wanted.
  9. Herb Hand to Texas

    So did HH leave on his own? Or did we find him a “better opportunity”?
  10. 2018 O Line Recruiting

    Herb Hand is just like McGriff. When he’s finally about to make a long-awaited impact in recruiting, he bolts for another school.
  11. 2018 4* LB Quay Walker (Bama)

    My comments weren’t intended to be a slight to T-Will or the linebackers that we have on the team or already committed. My comments were meant to emphasis how impressive the commitment & signature of Quay Walker could be based on his potential. By all accounts he’s a potential future All-American that stood out at a recent all-star game. I’ve been impressed with T-Will’s recruiting and LB development so far. I think we are headed in the right direction. But I believe that Walker would put us on a different level.
  12. 2018 3* S Kolbi Fuqua (AU 4/8/17)

    Ignore the players that I mentioned (Cowart & Thomas) and please see the point. If Fuqua is given a scholarship and then leaves after 1 year for more playing time somewhere else, then what was our loyalty worth? The players are allowed to go somewhere to get on the field quicker. Why isn’t Auburn allowed in people’s minds to pick a kid that will be able to make an impact quicker? And no, I’m not advocating a win-at-all-costs mentality. I do NOT advocate any cheating or anything illegal. I’m also not advocating that we lie to these players and leave them high-and-dry. We tell them what the situation is up front. Not all football players are created equal. Some players are more desired than others. This isn’t little league where everyone gets a trophy and is treated the same. What I’m advocating is a relentless, competitive, never satisfied mentality in everything that we do. I appreciate and respect your desire for integrity. But on the football field, a moral victory does not equal a football victory.
  13. 2018 4* LB Quay Walker (Bama)

    T-Will would definitely have my respect if he is able to pull this off. There are three big-time programs and recruiters that are competing against Auburn to land this kid. He’s the type of LB that Auburn has been needing!
  14. 2018 3* S Kolbi Fuqua (AU 4/8/17)

    I may be in the minority here, and I’m fine with that. I’m speaking about a much bigger issue than Kolbi Fuqua. I don’t believe in screwing kids over. I believe our coaches should be honest with every kid. Given the situation, if there is a kid that is higher rated on our board (more than likely much higher rated) that we have an opportunity to sign on signing day, then we’re going to take his signature. And that may mean that you will have to “grey-shirt”. There are rules in place for that, and there is nothing wrong with using those rules to our advantage. Say we sign this kid and use a scholarship on him. Who’s to say that he won’t be another Byron Cowart or Roc Thomas and transfer after a few years because he isn’t getting enough playing time? Can Auburn’s loyalty keep him from doing that? No! We just had three prospects forgo their senior season to go to the NFL draft. Were they being loyal to Auburn when they made that decision or looking out for themselves? Why is it so hard to see that Auburn has to do the same? Is Auburn’s loyalty going to keep a kid from doing drugs or getting pulled over for drunk driving? No! Sometimes these kids are going to look out for themselves instead of what is best for the team. I really do wish that these kids and Auburn could be loyal to one another 100% of the time, but sometimes life is not fair. Sometimes coaches have to make hard decisions. We pay them millions of dollars to do so. Going back to my previous point, how many of you defending this idea of loyalty were defending Gene Chizik or Tommy Tuberville or Terry Bowden when they were fired? Were you guys preaching the same idea of loyalty because Auburn had signed a contract with these men that they should honor until the end? Should Auburn have been more concerned with these men and their families than winning football games? Heres the last thing that I’ll say about this and then I’m done. I don’t say this to be rude or condescending. I say this to make a point. We are not playing for boyscout badges. We play football at Auburn University to win National Championships. War Eagle!
  15. 2018 3* S Kolbi Fuqua (AU 4/8/17)

    If we’re comparing recruiting to marriage, then I don’t consider Auburn “married” to a recruit until they both sign on the dotted line. Consider recruiting as dating & a commitment as an engagement. It doesn’t count until they both say “I do”.