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  1. This is unbelievable- the people spending the money won’t build a football only facility that will bring us in the 21st century, but they’ll spend God knows how much money on changing something that nobody wants changed?!
  2. I couldn’t agree more - Jeff Holland went undrafted in the NFL draft. He made the wrong decision. He should have come back last year, and that would have made us an elite defense
  3. Did Phillip Webb ever visit Auburn last week?
  4. Didn’t Darvin Adams broke his hand in fall camp because Cam was throwing it too hard? May be a good sign of things to come...
  5. June was big for us, in respect to recruiting. August is going to be even bigger!
  6. I hope we hold the final spot for a big-time HS Offensive Tackle - Omari Thomas, Jalen Rivers, Marcus Dumerville, etc. You never know which one of these guys we can make a run at if we have a big season. I would also be happy with Chris Morris.
  7. Phillip Webb is not on the list - does anyone know where he is visiting?
  8. We really need to beat out UGA for Walker & Bigsby
  9. I would take Coffee & Robinson of that group. Does this mean we are out of the running for 4* OG Chris Morris? Are we still trying to recruit Omari Thomas as an OT?
  10. What are the rules on tampering? How does a kid go in the transfer portal and announce within 24 hours where he’s going unless the school has already set it up? My point is - why does Auburn never get these kids that we finish in the top 2 or 3 during the original recruitment? How can we we do a better job and get them the 2nd go round?
  11. E - do we have the #’s to take Kyler McMichael & Kelvin Joseph? Would they count toward the 2020 class?
  12. E - have you heard anything on Keyvonne Lee? The last I saw Penn St was leading in the crystal ball projection.... are we recruiting him?
  13. 1. We need corners too, but I think he has the talent to play both. I’ve seen him listed as both when referring to the LSU recruiting class that he was apart of. 2. I completely agree, and I hope we do so. But, I also believe in 2nd chances. I’m hopeful that we can provide this kid a 2nd Chance and a positive environment like we did with Cam Newton, Nick Marshall, and Tray Matthews.
  14. For the 2nd time this offseason, Kelvin Joseph is in the transfer portal. We finished in the top 2 or 3 in his recruitment, with some thinking that we had a real shot for a moment. For whatever reason, these major AU targets never seem to give Auburn a second look. We REALLY need to land this guy the 2nd time around. We have no depth behind Smoke & Sherwood next year. Auburn needs to step up their transfer game!