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  1. Are you referring to Dameyune Craig?
  2. Absolutely sickening....
  3. Are we basically just trying to make sure that we win one or maybe two games to ensure our spot in a regional? Why in earth are we pitching our two aces in the first game?
  4. Two observations from today... 1. It appears that we're going to have to kick somebody off the team for fighting every year to "send a message" to the team. The team isn't obviously getting the message if we have to do it every year. Are players fighting because we are recruiting "thugs"? Or do we not have the type of "team" environment that we should? Either way, it goes back to Malzahn... 2. AJ Jr. has been portrayed as a DL that didn't give the extra effort. I'm not bashing Garner because he's obviously had great success getting players to the league. But I am starting to question his methods. From all accounts he's a hard-nosed coach that likes to break a player down from his "high school ranking". There are certain players that simply do not respond to this type of coaching. Montravious Adams didn't start giving consistent effort until his senior year. The light-switch still hasn't came on for Byron Cowart in an actual game. Now AJ Jr. is willing to waste another year of eligibility and transfer somewhere else. Maybe Garner needs to change his methods in order to reach more players. I remember watching the 30-for-30 "Best that Never Was". Barry Switzer tried the tough guy approach on Marcus Dupree and he ended up transferring. His uncle mentioned that Marcus was the type of player that would run through a brick wall for you if you patted him on the back. But if you cussed him and yelled at him, then he would lay down and quit. Just saying...
  5. War Eagle!
  6. While we're waiting on the lightning delay, let's take a look forward. This team took a tremendous leap forward this year, but I believe they have the potential to achieve even more next year. Attrition and early departures can kill the momentum of a program. This year we have several Juniors that could get drafted. Jonah Todd is maybe the most likely candidate to go pro. Todd was hitting around 400 before the Bama series. Keegan Thompson is another likely candidate given his injury history and the solid year that he has had. He's still only 5-4 (6-4 if we hold on for the win). His last few starts have been shaky, so maybe he still has something left to prove. The other key juniors are Dylan Ingram, Josh Anthony, Luke Jarvis, Jay Estes, and Andrew Mitchell. If we bring all (or at least the majority) of these guys back, then we could be really special next year. Imagine if Palacios, Buentello, and Grier would have stayed for this year....
  7. Scheduled to start back at 9:21. Lipscomb will take over for Thompson.
  8. Decommitted from UAT
  9. Bring this guy back to Auburn!!
  10. I'm not questioning anyone's sources, but I don't trust our coach's ability to know what kind of shape we are in with a recruit. If UAT currently leads and his UAT fan mother hasn't even returned home to get fully involved in the recruiting process, then I seriously doubt that we land this kid, JMHO.
  11. Sitting Robert & Jarvis costs us this series in my opinion!
  12. We've been missing this all weekend!
  13. This team can beat anyone in the country, but they can also lose to anyone in the country. I would have understood losing on Sunday, but I never would have imagine that we would lose to the worst team in the SEC with both of our aces pitching a double header. i absolutely HATE losing to UAT at anything. Butch Thompson has done a great job with this team. But losing the series to Alabama will put a stain on this season.
  14. Terrible loss! This team has struggled at times to beat teams that we should beat easily (aka the mid-week games). That's two straight games that we have lost when our ace Keegan Thompson was pitching. And it was compounded by the two un-earned runs that were the difference in the game.
  15. WAR EAGLE!!!