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  1. To answer the title of the thread - Yes, I 100% would commit to Auburn right now and everyday after. If I had elite talent, I would have the confidence to believe that I could come in and turn the program around like Bo Jackson & Cam Newton. I’m a die hard Auburn that could never see myself going anywhere else!
  2. Texas Notre Dame Ohio St. Michigan USC Florida State Oklahoma
  3. I really don’t care who was in his top 3. Obviously, the kid wasn’t going to UCF. The point was that we didn’t even make the top 3, nonetheless gain his commitment. The state is loaded with talent this year, and kids would rather travel across the country to play in a far inferior conference than to play for Auburn.
  4. We did not make TJ Dudley’s top 3, but guess who did…. Central Florida. This may go down as one of the worst recruiting classes in Auburn history.
  5. Maybe we should’ve gone after James Madison’s current coach. She just took James Madison to the World Series for the first time ever (something Mickey Dean never did).
  6. Why didn’t the G-League go after JD Davidson?
  7. I hate the G-League. What do we need to do to burn it down?
  8. A poster on TOS said that Marsh wanted to bring another National Championship winning head coach with him on his staff, and AG balked because it was outside the budget. That’s hard for me to believe that we would turn down almost guaranteed National Championships because they were “outside the budget”. Especially since we just paid 20 million dollars to fire a football coach. I would love to know the real reason that we refuse to re-hire one of the best (if not the best) coaches in Auburn history.
  9. Can you please confirm if Marsh was offered?
  10. That’s not true - he recently said that he was coming to Auburn if he hadn’t not chosen the G-League.
  11. We are on terrible stretch of bad luck with SG’s. We’ve lost Jalen Green, Justin Powell, & Trey Alexander in the last year.
  12. The biggest difference in this team has been moving Greenhill to starter. His two years as a closer, we went to the Super Regional and World Series. Greenhill can and will be a dominant reliever one day in the big leagues.
  13. I too was thinking that this guy might be a good piece to add since he’s a 3-point sharp shooter. But now that we’ve added Desi - I don’t think we take him unless we lose more transfers.
  14. Great pickup! Will add toughness, swagger, defense, and experience. He’ll be a great spark off the bench!
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