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  1. So who wants to keep him now?

    This sounds like Jimmy Sexton to me! Regardless of the Alabama game, I think Gus has earned the right to stay another year. BUT, we better not give him a huge raise and buyout just to keep him from going to Arkansas. There’s NO way that Gus leaves Auburn for Arkansas. He has built this thing up to where he wants it. He has a top 15 defense to go with his offense; he has an annual top 10 recruiting class (something he’ll never have at Arkansas); he finally had a breakout game against an elite defense; AND he would still have to play the same schools if he goes to Arkansas (minus UGA every year). Wherever he coaches, he still has to win. He knows the power struggle at Arkansas is just as bad as Auburn’s. He would also have to rebuild at Arky instead of reload at Auburn. Gus Malzahn will be Auburn’s head football coach in 2018.
  2. Next year's team

    Center will be the biggest question mark. I’m hoping that Nick Brahms takes over for the next 3-4 years.
  3. 2018 4* CB Christian Tutt Commits to AU!!!

    BOOM!! War Eagle, Christian Tutt!
  4. Favorite play of the night

    Throwback screen was my favorite! Kerryon untouched with a convoy to the end zone
  5. 2018 4* CB Kyler McMichael (Clemson)

    We desperately need to get him here for the Iron Bowl
  6. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    I can understand that. But I do not agree with the logic that we simply don’t want a kid because Auburn wasn’t his 1st choice. The recruiting process isn’t over until the kid signs on the dotted line. The “not going to back down” attitude that we had on defense last night is the same attitude that we should have in recruiting.
  7. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    You guys clearly do not understand the recruiting process. IF a guy like Fields wants to change his mind and come to Auburn, then you welcome him with open arms! Whether it’s in June, November, or signing day, I’ll take this guy in a heartbeat
  8. I think it comes down to adding depth and recruiting. We have lost several battles that could have been game changers for our defense (I.e. Daron Payne, Rashaan Evans, Arden Key, Roquan Smith, Devon Hunter, etc) . We have to start getting those guys, especially in the secondary. Missing on Savion Smith, Kyler McMichael, & Jalyn Armour Davis this year will be huge losses. We also have to add depth & talent on the DL. We have signed several talented LB’s that we had to move to DE to get more pass rush (Holland & Moultry). We are potentially losing our best DL players over the next 2 years, so we have to reload with talent. While our DL has played well, we need more TFL & sacks. As much as we need the pressure, we need to sign true LB’s that can help us stop the run. Losing Tre Williams will hurt us next year. Deshaun Davis has been disappointing, especially in this game. He gave up two big runs to his side. We need LB’s with instincts that can meet the RB’s in the hole. Finally, we need more turnovers. This comes from tighter coverage and more QB pressure.
  9. Why do you say that Bird? I was hoping we could add him as our 10th coach once he is let go at Ole Miss...
  10. JJ Replacement

    Joe Castiglione - OU Michelle McKenna-Doyle - NFL Chris Del Conte - TCU Any one of these 3 would be a homeun hire! Maybe even a grand slam
  11. BYE week - special teams

    We desperately need another Demetruce McNeal & Craig Sanders combination on Special Teams. I’m hoping Josh Marsh can be that Craig Sanders type of guy starting next year.
  12. next Head Coach

    I would offer Bob Stoops and James Franklin $8 mil/year and make them tell me “no”. Then I would thoroughly research and evaluate Justin Fuente, Matt Campbell, and Scott Frost as the next 3 on my list.
  13. next Head Coach

    Go get James Franklin right now! Offer him 8 million / year
  14. AD Replacement Candidates (merged threads)

    Give me Chris Del Conte all day long
  15. AU @ TAMU set for 11 AM

    I think A&M is one of teams that an 11am kickoff will affect because of the “midnight yell”. Their fans will be up late partying the night before, so I think it’s going to be a quiet crowd to start the game.