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  1. I would take Tuberville over Jay Jacobs as AD any day of the week. Tubs proved that he wasn't going to be a "yes man". I think he knows the landscape and he knows what needs to be done. The Auburn people would trust Mr. "6 in a row over Alabama" more than they ever would have trusted Jacobs.
  2. Please just give me Sterling Gilbert and let's be done with it. His pass offenses have all dramatically improved from the team's previous year. And he proved this year that he can even work with and develop a freshman QB.
  3. I completely agree about Bruce needing to call more timeouts. It seems like the great coaches always know when their team needs a timeout. So that's definitely concerning to me, especially since we have such a young team that needs extra instruction & direction.
  4. Great job last night shooting free throws. Let's hope that we can keep up the momentum and more importantly the focus!
  5. I completely agree about Brown & Lang. My starting 5 the rest of the year would be... PG - Harper, SG - Heron, SF - Purifoy, PF - Spencer, C - Wiley
  6. This is a classic Malzahn smokescreen. Give the media something to talk about while you are finalizing a deal with the real candidate. Malzahn is so tight lipped with his hires that I would not expect anything legitimate to be leaked unless a deal was in place. I'd bet my house that its anybody else but Mazzonne.
  7. Jeff Scott at Clemson is someone that I would love to have on this staff. I wouldn't want him calling plays or being the QB coach, but I would be ok if he was passing game coordinator, Co-OC. He's an elite recruiter, very good WR coach, and he'd be a major upgrade to Kodi Burns. We badly need an elite recruiter on this staff.
  8. Gus is one Scott Leoffler hire away from getting fired next year. I don't care how long it takes him, he just better get the right man!
  9. Byrne is widely regarded as one of the best AD's in the country. CRAP!! And we're stuck with Jay Jacobs. We need someone to step up and make some key changes at Auburn University!
  10. The free throw shooting, lack of defense, lack of rebounding, and excess fouls were brutal to watch, but Austin Wiley's limited presence was a huge plus to me today. The ridiculous 5th foul call by the refs against Wiley really costed us during this game. I thought Wiley was able to match up well with Adebayo when he was in there. Wiley was 3-4 from the field with 6 points and 3 rebounds. That's pretty much been his box score all year. Today proved to me that we need to feed the big man more. We need to run the offense more through Wiley and work from inside out. I think we'll have more open looks from three if we do that. Dunans had a career day and was able to take advantage of some one-on-one mismatches. But we tried to force that type of offense too much, especially in the last few minutes.
  11. Mustapha Heron is 1-5 from the FT line today. Lang just bricked two free throws. This completely unacceptable when we're trying to knock off Kentucky at Rupp. So frustrating to watch!
  12. Great comeback, ladies! WAR EAGLE!!
  13. Good point. I at least should have waited to see who we land as our new OC/QB coach
  14. I think this team is really missing a hard nose player that is willing to do the dirty work. We need a player that will bring intensity on the defensive end by taking charges, protecting the basket, getting tough rebounds, and diving for lose balls. This team has plenty of talent, but we need someone to set the tone for us on the defensive end.
  15. If we can hang on to Gatewood and land Nix, we should be set at QB for years to come (given the obvious fact that we finally land a QB coach that can develop talent).