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  1. Baseball vs uat Game 3

    WAR EAGLE!! That was one of the most impressive beat downs that I’ve ever seen!
  2. 2019 3* CB Cordale Flott COMMITS TO AU!!!

    Mikey - I hope that Flott is a “sleeper” the recruiting sites underrated. But we are about to land our 2 commits at corner for this class, and I could make an argument that we only needed 1. So going back to our discussion about Kolbi Fuqua... If you don’t believe that Auburn should pull someone’s commitment, then my counter to that is that we need to be more selective with who we accept commitments from this early in the process. If the coaches feel like Cordale Flott is the best they can do in January, then I’m fine with that. But if we have a chance to land Andrew Booth (who has been linked to Sheffield and Simpson) or Kair Elam (whose father is close with Greg Brown) and we pass because we took the moral high ground, then I have a problem with that. If we stop recruiting or pushing for these higher rated guys because we are done at corner, then I have a problem with that. If we can land Flott and one of these other guys then great. If the coaches feel like Flott is better than these higher rated guys then great. That’s what we are paying them millions of dollars to do. My point is that I don’t want to settle or limit our options this early in the process unless we are willing to cut ties later on if it doesn’t work out.
  3. 2019 3* CB Cordale Flott COMMITS TO AU!!!

    I agree Bird - I think we need 3-4 safeties in this class to even out the numbers. And I mean true safeties, not just guys that we “convert” to safety and stick back there. We have way more corners than safety right now, so that’s why I think we need to be very selective with corners.
  4. 2019 3* CB Cordale Flott COMMITS TO AU!!!

    Last recruiting cycle I was blasted for suggesting that we move on from a kid that was not highly rated or recruited to make room for guys higher on our board that were still available. My point is that if we don’t want to pull a kid’s scholarship late in the game, then I think we need to be more selective early in the recruiting process. Guys like Banks from Texas, Kair Elam, Andrew Booth, & Devin Bush are still uncommitted. Is Flott higher on the board than those guys? Or do we think that we can’t make a move with them in the next 9 months? With Jaylin Simpson & Flott committed by next weekend, are we really planning on signing more than 2 CB’s?
  5. 2019 3* CB Cordale Flott COMMITS TO AU!!!

    Is this kid really that high on the coaches board or are we just trying to get an in-state DB after losing Christian Williams? In 2019, we will have 10 DB’s (11 if we get Jaylin Simpson. They include... Jamel Dean, Javarius Davis, Malcolm Askew, Traivon Leonard, Christian Tutt, Roger McCreary, John Broussard, Jayvaughn Myers, & Noah Igbinoghene (and now Cordale Flott). We have the quantity, but we need better quality. It’s too early in the recruiting process to be settling for low 3* DB’s. This kid jumped at the opportunity to commit, so I think we could have waited on his commitment later in the process if we couldn’t get a higher rated DB.
  6. Desean Murray to transfer or go pro

    This is why it is SO frustrating following ANYTHING Auburn. We have ONE good season and everything falls apart! This team was going to be absolutely loaded next year - Preseason top 5 for crying out loud! Now we’ve lost 3 players that we should not have lost with the potential of losing two more. This is flipping ridiculous!!
  7. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    The question facing Malzahn since he came to Auburn was “can he CLOSE on the recruiting trail against Kirby Smart, Nick Saban, and Jeremy Pruitt?” We’ll see if Malzahn is getting better in less than a month. You better believe Pruitt & Smart are doing everything they can to counter-act Auburn’s momentum
  8. Visitors list for the weekend looking great!

    Early reports said that Nathan Pickering & Nakobe Dean didn’t show up. That’s the 2nd time for Pickering which isn’t a good sign. Jaren Handy tweeted that he loved Coach Garner, so that’s certainly a positive.
  9. 5 questions this offseason

    Priorities this offseason - Give Bruce Pearl a raise and an extension, get Wiley & Heron back, move Chad Prewitt back to his previous role, hire a dynamic recruiter, & load up for 2019 recruiting class.
  10. Baseball vs Kentucky game 1

    Absolutely sickening
  11. Mens 2018-2019 Season

    My dad met Bryce Brown outside of Toomer’s Corner today. Bryce believes that when it’s all said and done, both Wiley & Heron will be back - TIFWIW
  12. Purifoy eligibility

    This is the kind of crap that makes me belligerent! There is no clarity as to why TWO Auburn players were suspended for 1+ years while other schools with similar allegations weren’t punished at all. Why is his suspension carried over into 2018-19 season? This makes absolutely no sense and we should be fighting this every step of the way. I’m excited that Purifoy and potentially Wiley could be back, but we need to appeal for full reinstatement.
  13. 2019 4* OT Wanya Morris

    And would those same recruits still prefer FSU in 1988 if Bobby Bowden had not been there? I don’t think they would. The coach has everything to do with it, IMO. Tennessee was a dumpster fire 4 months ago and the laughing stock of college football. There is no way Wanya Morris would be considering UT if not for Jeremy Pruitt.
  14. 2019 4* OT Wanya Morris

    Apparently Tennessee is trending with Wanya. I hate the idea of recruiting against Saban, Kirby Smart, and now Jeremy Pruitt. We need Saban to retire, Smart to go to the NFL, and Pruitt to fall on his face at Tennessee like Muschamp did at Florida. This is a critical commit early in the recruiting process that is a must-get for Auburn. He’s a big-time LT that we desperately need. I’m sure Pruitt is negative recruiting against Auburn, and I hope we’re fighting back. He has proven NOTHING as a head coach and that needs to be our message. Secondly, if we lose this battle in the next couple of months then we better keep recruiting this kid. Tennessee has a brutal schedule, and I think Pruitt will have a bad first year. We need to take advantage of that and not let Pruitt get the recruiting momentum that Smart did at UGA. If we start losing critical Georgia kids to Tennessee, then Malzahn can hang it up.
  15. Tony Barbee

    Don’t worry guys, he will get his - he has to live knowing that he’ll NEVER be Bruce Pearl