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  1. CameronCrazy

    2019 3* CB Nehemiah Pritchett

    Numbers are looking really tight. According to some sources, we currently lead for Andrew Booth, Zion Puckett, Jashawn Sheffield, and Nick Cross. If you add those with Jaylin Simpson & Kendarian Handy-Holly then there is no reason to take this kid right now unless we miss out on one of the guys mentioned above. We took Cordale Flott’s commitment too soon, and we do not need to do that again. I still think we need to go all out for Tyrique Stevenson & Kair Elam (both of who we have connections with) before we take this guy. And yes, I will gladly eat crow if this kid blows up and becomes a STUD.
  2. CameronCrazy

    2019 4* SDE Justin Eboigbe (UAt)

    Brandon Cox was not offered by Alabama
  3. CameronCrazy

    2019 4* SDE Justin Eboigbe (UAt)

    I was really worried about this one, especially since he hasn’t visited lately and didn’t make it for Big Cat Weekend. It’ll be interesting to see if the coaches still pursue him. It just boils my blood to see a kid that grows up an Auburn fan commit to UAT.
  4. CameronCrazy

    2019 4* DE Nathan Pickering (Miss St.)

    It depends on what kind of year both of them have. My biggest issue with this coaching staff and previous coaching staffs is their inability to convince guys to stay when they can improve their draft stock, (i.e. Jeffrey Holland) This years’ DL class is absolutely LOADED. You have the 4 DL from Clemson, Ed Oliver, Rashan Gary, Jeffrey Simmons, Nick Bosa, Raekwon Davis, etc.... I don’t see MD going above any of those guys, but I think DB has 1st round potential. The problem is that unless he blows it up this year, he more than likely won’t go as high as he normally would go. I think they both really love Auburn, so I’m holding out hope that they’ll pull a Jonathan Allen and return for their senior season even though he was a likely 1st round draft pick the year before. My biggest concern may be Nick Coe. He may have the most potential of anyone on that DL. If we can get 2 of the 3 back between MD, DB, & NC then I would be ecstatic.
  5. CameronCrazy

    2019 4* OT Xavier Truss (UGA)

    Did we push for Truss’ commitment this weekend? I love where Auburn stands with top prospects right now, but my biggest fear is our coaches not pushing some of these guys for a commit. Yes, you want them to be solid . But, the longer we wait then the more this is going to happen. Another team is going to swoop and steal the commitment of a kid we were feeling good about.
  6. CameronCrazy

    Corch’s too early class prediction

    My Predictions as of Today QB - Bo Nix RB - Noah Cain WR - George Pickens WR - Jalen Curry WR - Ja’Varrius Johnson TE - Tyler Fromm TE - Luke Deal OT - Xavier Truss (gut feeling) OG - Keiondre Jones C - Jakai Clark OG - Will Putnam OT - Darius Thomas (just a guess) DE - Colby Wooden DE/DT - Charles Moore DE/DT - Jaren Handy DE/DT - Justin Eboigbe BUCK - Derick Hall OLB - Mohammad Diabote MLB - Owen Pappoe WLB - Trezmen Marshall CB - Andrew Booth S - Nick Cross S - Jashawn Sheffield S - Zion Puckett CB - Jaylin Simpson We drop Cordale Flott because he’s flirting too much with other teams and he signs with Tennessee. That gives us 300+ on the composite and puts this class in the “elite” category. Guys, outside of the OT’s, I think the rest of this class is very realistic compared to where we sit today.
  7. CameronCrazy

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I love where Auburn stands right now. We appear to be much more aggressive than previous years, especially with top talent. I just wish the “BOOMs!” Would start coming. I think we need to get a commit really soon to keep this momentum going.
  8. CameronCrazy

    Baseball vs Texas A&M (SEC Tourney)

    I don’t know if it’s the #1 overall pick talks that have him distracted, but he doesn’t look like the #1 overall pick to me. He’s about to be 9-5 on the year. I understand the K vs BB ratio, but he has not been sharp at all these past few weeks. It should Casey Mize throwing a no-hitter right now.
  9. I’d say the new pitching lineup isn’t working out well for Mize. He’s been roughed up the last 2 weekends. I think he needs to go back to Game 1 starter.
  10. CameronCrazy

    National Championships

    Scott Frost let them off easy IMO. Alabama claimed 5 NCAA titles retroactively that no serious national organization gave them credit for. Alabama should be completely embarrassed for claiming the 1941 NCAA championship. They finished 3rd in the SEC and 20th in the final AP. *** Interesting note*** Two publications awarded Texas the national champion, but they do not claim the Championship in 1941 since they were not awarded by the AP (Minnesota).
  11. CameronCrazy

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    When I do a projection, it’s adding every individual score for a total of 500+ points. It like the formula that they’ve always used isn’t working.
  12. CameronCrazy

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    E - is the composite class calculator working for you?
  13. 100% agree that the ultimate goal should be the Clemson blue-print. But Malzahn is heading into year 6 and we’re still not there yet. So I think the immediate goal should be to sign the max until we can hit the 85 mark with our signing class.
  14. I don’t know why the staff makes these kinds of statements. We all know that our attrition is around double digits every year, so why wouldn’t we go ahead and plan to sign the maximum amount? Why limit how many spots you’re planning to have this early in the process? My fear is that we are limiting who we recruit. For example, we may stop recruiting a CB because we already have 2 committed. Now, the staff may change their mind in 2 months and start recruiting a kid again, but he may have moved on to another school because we stopped communicating with him. Under Gus Malzahn, we have yet to hit the 85 scholarship player mark without handing out scholarships to walk-ons. Our goal should always be signing 25.