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  1. If the two Prince's can end up being studs for us, then we become a really dangerous team. Otherwise, we'll have growing pains with Ashley or inconsistent play from James. I really hope that we leave Braden Smith at RG. My preferred lineup is LT - Prince Tega LG - Darius James C - Austin Golson RG - Braden Smith RT - Prince Sammons Thankfully, we've added some depth at Center. If Dunn can add 15 more lbs and hold up at center, I wouldn't mind moving Golson to RT or LG to fill in one of the vacant positions. I also like Horton or Harrell at LG. I love the flexibility we have, but it's still the tackle spots that scare me.
  2. I really hope we get this kid just for his name!
  3. Glad to see that we were able to finish strong and hold them to 27 points in the 2nd half. Hopefully this will give us the confidence that we need to go on a run to finish out the season.
  4. Who is coach Willis?
  5. Any chance we can go ahead and lock this guy down? Or is he looking to enjoy the recruiting process?
  6. How do transfers impact the 85 & 25 limit numbers? And I'm not talking about graduate transfers... For example: the DT from Texas Tech that is looking to transfer? We are one of several schools that are looking to get this kid in for a visit. He's been at Texas Tech for 2 years, so he should only count towards the 85 limit, correct? Are we allowed to sign as many transfers as possible until we hit the 85 limit?
  7. Great win, ladies!!
  8. Typical Bammer spin! They'll never admit than anyone ever left Tuscaloosa for a better job. It's always because Nick Saban didn't want them.
  9. I'm interested to see the 20 names that the search firm comes up with for this hire
  10. We have to beat Florida to have any chance at being in the bubble discussion. TCU is our only current impressive win.
  11. This team does not get another "a win is a win" or "this is what to expect with freshman" from me tonight. This was absolutely disgusting to watch! After possibly our best defensive half of the season, we followed it with possibly our worst. Giving up 64 points in a half is never acceptable and is downright embarrassing! I thought this team had really turned the corner after jumping out to a 20 point lead at half, but we again took a step backwards. Why is the world did we not have the other 4 guys helping Lang get the ball in?! Why in the world is Harper & Johnson not in the game at the same time in that situation?! Why in the world did we wait until they got within 6 to finally start putting pressure on the ball handler bring the ball up the court?! The first rule is to take the ball out of his hands and DEFINITELY cut off his straight drive to the basket! Brown, Harper, & Heron all missed critical free throws late in the game. Harper missed the front end of a one-and-one! After we were up 14 with the ball, Johnson throws up an air ball from 3 then fouls the guy on a breakaway layup at the other end for an "and 1" play. Terrible sequence after he had been so good in the 2nd half. Purifoy refused to put his hands up to contest 3 point shots! We had huge lapses in judgement and just really poor efforts defensively and on the boards in the 2nd half. Just embarrassing!
  12. Austin Wiley being in foul trouble all game really hurt us in the paint and on the boards. We certainly won't be able to shoot the 3 that effectively every game, but it was GREAT to see Purifoy, Bryce Brown, and Lang get their stroke back. Like Bruce said on SEC Network, he doesn't know what team he's going to get on any given night. We have several guys that can score in double digits in any game, but we have to have consistency from at least 3-4 players every night. With Purifoy's confidence back, we need Purifoy, Harper, Heron, and Wiley to give us solid production every game. If we can get that, then I love the potential of what Dunans, Johnson, Brown, & McLemore can give us off the bench. At this point, I'm not expecting anything more than role players from Spencer, Lang, and Smith. But the bottom line is this... this team will only goes as far as our defense and rebounding will take us. If we can make strides in those two areas the next few weeks then we really have a shot to make a run! WAR EAGLE!!
  13. Very impressive win! WAR EAGLE!!
  14. Isn't leaving Auburn? Or isn't leaving his on-the-field position? I hope this isn't inferring that Horton may be leaving within the next week. I think Horton is one of our best coaches. I'm all for moving Burns to an off-the-field position and hiring a real WR coach and/or elite recruiter.
  15. Good point, E. I didn't include the two cancer survivors, Manning & Hamm, that had to count towards this year's class. That still leaves us at 290.21 composite points. A number very well within reach; but unfortunately a number that Auburn has never seen before.