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  1. And is it too late for Tevin Brown to pull out of the draft and enter the transfer portal?
  2. Any reason we aren’t recruiting Isiaih Mosley? Career 40% 3PG shooter and 85+ % FT shooter - avg 20 ppg last 2 years. #1 SG in the portal according to On3.
  3. BOOM!! I was really hoping for this!
  4. Bring me all the smoke - I stand by what I said. My point is that we don’t need warm bodies, we need a WR1. We have zero all-sec type receivers on this team. And it’s extremely disappointing to see the level of expectations that most Auburn fans on this board have in recruiting right now. We’re happy about a kid that played zero snaps in 2 years, has been plagued by injury, and by ALL accounts has been a BUST from his junior HS year expectations. Harsin continues to do nothing to address our positions of dire need - WR and OL. And to try to put a positive spin on this transfer is laughable. We are Auburn University. We should expect better. We should demand better.
  5. 5* Julian Phillips just scheduled an official visit to Auburn!
  6. 100% agree - my accessment is based on the fact that I really believe BHH could have a Walker Kessler type transformation in this offense under Bruce. Dude is super-talented if used correctly.
  7. If we land 1 of these 2 big men, we are an elite SG away from being a national champion contender. Praying every night that Elijah Fisher commits and reclassifies.
  8. I would give a kidney to land Mims and Webb. Two 5* OL that we heavily recruited the first time around - It’s like all this stuff seems to be working out perfectly… until they go somewhere else.
  9. Give me Devin Ree all day long. Desi Sills shot 25% from 3 this past year. We need shooters.
  10. WAR EAGLE!! I love that we beat LSU twice tonight
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