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  1. Really sorry to hear about this. I thought it was odd that we were not seeing much of you on the board lately. My prayers go out to James and your entire family.
  2. I have no idea if he played drunk or hungover. I'm just saying that his level of play was poor (especially his senior year). Although to be fair, he may have been the victim of an abysmal offensive line. Wasn't that the year that Auburn PTB sent the plane out looking to hire Petrino?
  3. I think Randy Campbell was the most under rated and least appreciated QB. As a wishbone QB, he had to make important decisions on every play. And he led those teams into IB wins and into NC discussions (we were robbed of the NC the '83 season). Branden Cox is the most over rated and I don't understand how he could be listed on any one's top 5. While I remember him making a last second throw to beat GA (I think his Sophomore year), I remember his last two years to be absolutely dreadful. He would catch the snap from the shotgun and immediately curl up into a ball on the ground. You could blame this on his OL. But he could have at least tried to make a play. And if he played drunk or hungover....that would explain a lot.
  4. Well just 7 days ago this board (including myself) was congratulating the OL for their strong performance against ATM and Miss St. If you look at my previous posts, you will see that I predicted a 6-6 season mostly due to my expectation that the OL will not be good this year. And, like you and many other people on this board, I think the last few years show that Gus is a 2nd tier coach. He is what his record says he is. But in this particular game, the defense set the table for the offense multiple times and we walked away with no points. On these occasions, the play calls resulted in open receivers but Nix refused to set his feet and execute. And it seemed like someone on the offensive line kept moving and causing penalties. So while it is true that the HC must take responsibility for everything that happens on the field, I predominately blame the players on offense (particularly Nix) for not executing what they clearly are capable of executing as demonstrated earlier in the year. (oh and btw.... I am a Bo Nix fan overall) Look... I am just as disappointed as you in this annually underachieving program. But in previous years I have heard people (and I guess I was one of them too) cry for us to hire everyone from Jim Harbaugh, Chip Kelly, Scott Frost, etc.... How are they doing now? There simply is no one available out there (other than maybe Urban Meyer or Art Briles) that has shown that they could come in here and put up a program that can compete with Saban, Smart, or even Orgeron, Mullen etc. And lastly, unless you are a multi-billionaire, neither you nor I have any power to change anything. When I was younger, like you, I would get hysterical over Auburn football. Trust does no good. So for now I choose to continue to watch the games because the best 4 years of my life were spent at Auburn and I simply have to wait until some young prodigy HC demonstrates his abilities and the multi-billionaire Auburn supporters can find a way to attract him to Auburn.
  5. While I suppose I agree with a lot of people that we should have given Joey a chance at improving the run game, overall I'm not going to blame Gus for this one. We had our share of opportunities. I really like Bo Nix. But he looked awful today. He rarely stepped into his throws and thus he was off target.
  6. I have been very critical of the OL for the last couple of years. But they did a good job against TAMU. I'm seeing a lot of people give the credit to the play calling. The play calling was good and put them in a position to succeed. But at the end of the day, it's the guys wearing the jock straps and knee braces that have to execute those plays. Good job guys. You've proven you can get the job done. But.... now you have to do it again... and again... and again all the way to the end of the season. Make me and people like me pay for all our relentless criticism. Rub our faces in it!
  7. I'm thinking that the coaches are pushing the philosophy of "If you are going to miss...miss long" to avoid turnovers and interceptions. I think we saw that with Stidham, Marshall, and even Cam. And I think Bo is particularly sensitive about ball possession. Bo is a really good QB.... He'll dial it in.
  8. Nice job guys. OL played much better than I expected. I'm eating crow with Heinz 57. Still room for improvement in some areas but that's OK. There's always areas we all can improve.
  9. This may be the biggest game of Malzahn's Auburn tenure. A win will start the momentum to keep him. A loss will start the telephones ringing and the private Auburn jets flying to every campus in the nation. While I picked TAMU to win before the season started, at this point I really think it's a toss up. I haven't been this fascinated about what's about to unfold on TV since the last time I watched Jerry Springer.
  10. I was very underwhelmed with Mond's game against Clemson. He looked scared. Glad we got Bo vs Mond. But our OL is really bad. The game will be won by the defense. Just not sure which one. Or possibly poor punt coverage by AU (and there's going to be a lot of punts). TAMU 14 - AU 6.
  11. At that time I lived in The Woodlands, TX near Houston. The eye of hurricane Ike had passed over our house earlier in the week and we had no power. So I listened to that game on the radio, in my car, on my driveway. I was more miserable during the game than I was during the hurricane.
  12. Yeah but I watched the TAMU-Clemson game and TAMU's QB looked scared throughout the game. This game will be a defensive struggle. Final score.... TAMU 3 AUB 2
  13. Yeah Bo made a couple of mistakes. But overall, I'm really pleased with his play and presence for a true freshman. And normally, I would be worried about his health with this OL "protecting" him. But he is really elusive and is smart with his intentional throw aways. I don't think "Lawrence of Clemson" would have performed any better than Bo with the current Auburn OL in front of him.
  14. The talent level and attitude of the players on the OL just is not there. And apparently, the same holds true of their backups. It will be years before we improve from a status of poor to mediocre. And the coaches have known this for a while. I think this is why Bo got the nod over Joey. It would have been hopeless to try to use Joey in a running capacity. At least Bo is elusive in the pocket and knows when to throw the ball away. I wonder how many of Bo's incomplete passes were throw aways the last two games.
  15. I was very impressed with Bo's poise. And he is so elusive in the pocket. There were numerous plays I think would have ended up being sacks if Stidham were still QB. The game reminded me of last year. Beat a PAC 12 team ranked higher than us on a late drive. Like last year at this time I came away from the 1st game thinking that there were a lot of positives but there were also some worrisome negatives that need to be addressed ASAP. (Yes offensive line.... I'm talking about you!). Hope this year turns out better than last year. WDE