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  1. Last season there were a quite a few really ugly videos on this board of our offensive line in 1 on 1 situations getting run by, run through, and run over. I might be wrong...but I thought it was Bird that posted them. I'm doubtful that each individual on the offensive line can improve that much in one off season. Hope I'm wrong. I guess we well see on Aug 31. Although even then you have to hold judgement until they face an SEC defense. So we may have to wait until the A&M game.
  2. As I stated earlier (and appears to be the general consensus) we have two really good QBs on this team. It's too bad Joey isn't a RS Junior. I just hope the offensive line has vastly improved from last year. Otherwise, neither one of them will get to show their talents and quite possibly they will get hurt. People talk about JS "checking out" last year and I think there is a certain amount of truth to that. But when you're a QB with NFL aspirations and your front line is simply not doing their job....well .... I think a bad attitude is likely to develop. He probably just wanted the season to end and he was probably kicking himself for sticking around an extra year.
  3. 7-5 or 6-6. Early losses to Oregon and aTm send the program into a death spiral and this board goes nuts. Out of sheer fear for his safety, Gus is fired immediately after the Georgia game. But on the bright side, Auburn dads will have more quality time on Saturdays with their kids and Auburn husbands will please their wives by finally getting around to painting the garage. Obviously I hope I am completely wrong and I get unmercifully ridiculed in December. But I don't buy in to the "improved offensive line" and our schedule is too tough.
  4. If you have two quarterbacks, then you have no quarterbacks. At least that is what I have always believed. But now in college football, the players can easily enter the transfer portal and so talented freshmen/sophomores will simply leave if not immediately named the starter. So now I'm wondering if the best strategy for future success is to purposely plan and recruit for a 2 QB system. I think Gus has two talented QBs right now but I'm concerned we will lose the one that does not get named the starter.
  5. Even lawyers don't refer to it as a "justice" system. It is a "legal" system. The failure of our legal system to invoke justice is probably why we now have the "court of public opinion" where a mob and the media successfully ruin people's lives and livelihood with no evidence at all. But yeah.... overall I agree with your point.
  6. Does anyone know what kind of support system has taken over for the kids? Aunt/Uncle/Grandparents taking them in? Will they get to stay in Auburn? I think I read that one of there kids is already considered an adult and is in college. But still...someone has to be there. I can't wrap my head around how tragic this is. I plan to have a family wide discussion about what happens to all the kids in various "what if scenarios". I think I may also need to check on my life insurance situation.
  7. The only thing I got out of that article was how much I have liked Chandler Cox during his 4 year career. Gonna miss him. Anyone know what his chances are of getting drafted in the NFL?
  8. Of course I don't think going 6-6, 7-5, and 8-4 is good for Auburn or Auburn fans. Not on a consistent basis. But if that is a progression over the first 3 years of a new coach taking the program to consistent 12-0, 11-1, or 10-2 seasons.... then I am willing to witness it. Saban 1st season at Bama was 7-6. My point is a new head coach needs the fan base to give him a little breathing room the first year or two. I don't think the base will allow it now.
  9. Wait a minute!! Bo Nix is Patrick Nix's son? Has it been that long ago? Man I'm feeling old.
  10. Hey AuRealist. I just reread my post and I think my tone towards you is not reflective of what I really think. I truly like your posts and I was simply trying to think through what really needs to happen vs what I would like to happen. Sorry but I think we are in for a long recovery.
  11. I can picture you with your fingers in your ears screaming "LA LA LA LA" at the computer screen. I know you hate hearing what you are actually thinking. But I tell you what.... lets both copy and paste our back and forth and revisit in 3 years.
  12. Well... the only other option I can see is to get a really good coach who is just as desperate as we are. Anyone willing to give Art Briles a call? I am.
  13. I actually think what is happening (though very painful now) will be for the best in the long run. After years of knee jerk reactions by Auburn and Jabobs, the truly talented head coaches would not come any where near this place. Sticking a couple of years with Gus will show potential HC that the new Auburn leadership will no longer overreact to a bad season. Plus it burns off some of Gus' contract. In the meantime, we can watch the coaching landscape for an upcoming star and the Auburn fan base can spend a few years toning down the expectations they would place on a new HC. By the time a new HC comes along, Auburn fans will be thrilled with a 6-6 season because they see improvement. The next year 8-4, next 10-2, and so on. If I remember correctly, this was exactly the atmosphere Saban walked into. I'm guessing 5-7 years before Auburn is back to prominence. A painful journey.... but it will simply take time to unravel this mess.
  14. This Gif reminded me of the Tennessee game