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  1. countoff

    Dye-Gest: Set a Positive Tone

    Wait a minute!! Bo Nix is Patrick Nix's son? Has it been that long ago? Man I'm feeling old.
  2. countoff

    The State of the program

    Hey AuRealist. I just reread my post and I think my tone towards you is not reflective of what I really think. I truly like your posts and I was simply trying to think through what really needs to happen vs what I would like to happen. Sorry but I think we are in for a long recovery.
  3. countoff

    The State of the program

    I can picture you with your fingers in your ears screaming "LA LA LA LA" at the computer screen. I know you hate hearing what you are actually thinking. But I tell you what.... lets both copy and paste our back and forth and revisit in 3 years.
  4. countoff

    The State of the program

    Well... the only other option I can see is to get a really good coach who is just as desperate as we are. Anyone willing to give Art Briles a call? I am.
  5. countoff

    The State of the program

    I actually think what is happening (though very painful now) will be for the best in the long run. After years of knee jerk reactions by Auburn and Jabobs, the truly talented head coaches would not come any where near this place. Sticking a couple of years with Gus will show potential HC that the new Auburn leadership will no longer overreact to a bad season. Plus it burns off some of Gus' contract. In the meantime, we can watch the coaching landscape for an upcoming star and the Auburn fan base can spend a few years toning down the expectations they would place on a new HC. By the time a new HC comes along, Auburn fans will be thrilled with a 6-6 season because they see improvement. The next year 8-4, next 10-2, and so on. If I remember correctly, this was exactly the atmosphere Saban walked into. I'm guessing 5-7 years before Auburn is back to prominence. A painful journey.... but it will simply take time to unravel this mess.
  6. countoff

    OLine question

    This Gif reminded me of the Tennessee game
  7. countoff

    Football Things I'm Thankful For

    I'm sorry for your loss. So recent. Come to think of it, my father took me to my first Auburn football game. He was stationed at Fort Benning. and wanted to spend time together. I loved it. So much so that I applied for acceptance. Best 4 years of my life. Met my wife. Had three wonderful kids. Auburn lost. Against Miss St. Barfield was coach. But it set my life on a wonderful course. Yeah.... it should have been the first thing on my list. I love Auburn. Regardless of our record.
  8. 1. In this PC world where winners are not recognized and participation trophies are the norm, I am thankful that at Auburn a 7-5 football season is totally unacceptable. 2. I am thankful that I have memories of all the wonderful memories of "Bo over the top", miracle at Jordan-Hare, kick six, punt bama punt, etc. There are a lot of schools that simply have nothing to compare. 3. I'm thankful my school is in the SEC. While that means we have many difficult seasons (like this one), but it makes the good seasons all that much sweeter. Can you imagine being in the ACC or MAC or PAC10? 4 I love Jordan-Hare stadium. Eagle flights. The tiger walk. The fact that you need to get to Auburn on the Thursday prior to the game to get a good tailgating spot.
  9. countoff

    Serious discussion

    I agree 100% with you. But I think it would take 5-7 years to accomplish this. The Auburn fan base is too impatient and leary of the decision makers to put up with such a long process.
  10. countoff

    Tell me how we can beat Uga

    1. Jesus 2nd coming. 2. He agrees to be Auburn's QB. 3. Gus agrees to put him in the game. 4. Gus lets him audible. 5. Auburn defense shows up. Numbers 3 and 4 are the least likely things to happen.
  11. countoff

    What if we Win out

    No. IMO The defensive staff is fine. But Gus is losing the team right now. Bad attitudes...a losing mentality...whatever you want to call it. If the offense were to suddenly improve to a mediocre status, then I think you would see the defense pick it back up again.
  12. countoff

    My thoughts

    Bruce Wayne? If so, you mind making a $40M donation to the Auburn coaching improvement fund?
  13. countoff

    It's just a game

    stupidity at its finest CleCo Tiger I don't think what you said is stupid. It's not stupid at all. Sports at the high school and college level is supposed to compliment education. Teaches teamwork, dedication, etc. But then school pride, over the top competition, and money got involved. Winning became everything at any cost. Players that have no intention to graduate (or even attend classes) are recruited by "dignified" schools that need to be policed by the NCAA. It is and has been out of control for a very long time. But it is what it is. And I want the school that I attended and who I brag about to friends, family, and coworkers to be as committed or even more committed to excellence than than all the other schools (especially the turds and UGA). And thus it is hard to watch the mediocrity we are witnessing. They can and should be playing better than this.
  14. countoff

    Mississippi State Post Game Thread

    Based on our play, I think TAM, GA, and AL games will all be at 11 am on the SEC network. They might even consider putting them at 9 am.