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  1. I hope Bo is being told to not leave the pocket under any circumstances. Either make the completion, throw it away, or take the sack. He really needs to focus on his progressions and not on "how do I make a play". If the O-line does not hold up.....then it is on them and the coaches can sort through that problem in August.
  2. Are we going to criticize Bo's views on his views about being criticized? Jeez...we really will criticize everything he does! Bo... I get your point. And it's a good one. Not only for college QBs. Seems like it's a good life lesson for all of us. Ok Now! You said it yourself! Put your head down and get to work!!!
  3. I'm confused. Other than weight training, I did not know they were conducting workouts. Have spring practices started? Seems early to me.
  4. No offense intended. Just trying to have some fun with it.
  5. Oh my gosh!!! Already a thread on how to get rid of Harsin? Ummm well I guess that make sense. I heard Bruce Arians was seen on campus asking where he could find Allen Greene and a good local real estate agent. (Might as well start the replacement rumors.)
  6. From the recent posts on his thread, it seemed inevitable that bad news was coming. But I was still greatly saddened to read this news. I only knew of Nathan through his posts. But he seemed to be a very kind individual. I don't ever remember him posting anything even slightly negative. The world is diminished with his passing.
  7. Please... no more talk about what established players are "capable of doing". At this point, they are only capable of doing what they have demonstrated they are capable of doing. If you want to convince people you are capable of doing more.....then go out on the field and do it.
  8. Yeah... I know. This is only conjecture on my part. But that was a very strange news conference after the LSU blow out. Despite the win, Gus seemed angry at the world. And that strange dance (final dance?) thing he did with the team at the end of the year. Plus some of the players (like Seth) seemed to be having attitude issues the second half of the season. It would also explain the poor recruiting effort put forth this year. My guess was he was informed he would be canned the week prior to the LSU game. But unless Gus specifically states this is what happened....we will never know.
  9. Well I guess this makes me the grumpy ole "glass half empty" guy. I'm betting you two get invited to a lot more parties than I do. 8-4?....7-5? Assuming Harsin is our next great Auburn HC, I think those are good year 2 expectations followed by a kickazz year 3.
  10. I don't like Goodman's tone and he certainly is just another media hack. It's pathetic that the "National Enquirer" approach to journalism is now the new norm. However, buried in his venom are a lot of truths. Recruiting this year was horrible. But what do you expect? I think Malzahn knew he was getting canned and put no effort into recruiting. Harsin only put his staff together a couple of weeks ago. So.... yeah....ugly recruiting year. And this coming Fall is probably going to be a nightmare to watch. We've lost a lot of players and we didn't bring a lot in so as a fan base
  11. In my baseball days, my coach always said that good players make tough plays look easy and bad players make easy plays look hard. Bo.... please just set your feet and execute the play. Stop trying to "Wow" me.
  12. Very sorry to read this news. Over the course of the past year, your uplifting messages under these difficult circumstances have been a real inspiration. Hang in there.
  13. Well...after 35 years of marriage...my wife knows that our "special dance" helps calm me down.
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