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  1. countoff

    Im so durn mad.

    I'm not mad but I am resigned to the inevitable. If the tables had been turned and Auburn's only loss was to a 10-2 Alabama team in the iron bowl and missed out on the SEC champ game, Auburn would not have even been discussed for a place in the playoffs. I see a lot of similarities between this year's Alabama team and this year's Wisconsin team. They both had 1 loss and their strength of schedule was not all that great (both teams were over rated). But no one questions that Alabama goes to the playoff over Wisconsin. That has been they way it is the entire time I have followed college football (over 30 years). Oh well, at least the argument is over a bunch of one loss teams and not about an SEC team that was undefeated and still did not get to go to the NCS. Anybody remember the 2004 season?
  2. countoff

    Where Are You Cheering From Today?

    High Speed Internet.... a VPN router.....appletv..... and CBS all access. Technology. Don't you just love it!!
  3. countoff

    Where Are You Cheering From Today?

    Atalaia Beach, Aracaju, Brazil My Brazilian friends that watched the Bama game with me last week wanted to come over again this week to watch the SEC championship. They love the crazed atmosphere and the commercials. Last week I introduced them to hot chicken wings. This week they are getting beer brats. I think I just started the Aracaju Auburn fan club!
  4. I'm sitting here getting ready to watch the game from Aracaju, Brazil and I was wondering where else around the world people are watching. Got some new Brazilian Auburn fans in my living room. Teaching them how to yell "War Eagle" Where else are people watching from?
  5. countoff

    Iron Bowl Kickoff Time Set

    I've been watching the Auburn games all season from Aracaju, Brazil. Using VPN router with CBS all access and Slingtv with the SEC channel option. But I'm looking to switch from Sling to Youtube TV.
  6. countoff

    end the hot seat talk

    A couple of random thoughts: 1. We kicked bulldog butt last week. But what does this performance mean? Did we turn a corner? Or does it mean that Gus has a really talented team but could not effectively coach them earlier in the year? I honestly don't know what to make of it. 2. I'm sick of the media criticizing the Auburn fan base for their ridicule of Gus. The "analysts" should do more than simply read won-loss records and the score sheets on Sunday morning. The attitudes on this board are inconsistent because the play of the team has been inconsistent. Anyone that truly watches the games over the past few years knows this. 3. Numerous people on this board have stated that Auburn is not a school where a HC should "cut his teeth" and that Gus was not ready for prime time. Could the difficulties of the early part of this year combined with the LSU debacle have taught Gus how to be a top notch SEC coach? If so, why would we drop him only to get another coach that needs to "cut his teeth." Of course, we really don't know if this is the case until we watch a few more games against quality opponents. 4. Why do people keep stating as fact that Gus is performing the play calling in games we play poorly and Chip is performing the play calling when we play well. How would any of you know? The only regular person on this board that might know is Runnin in Red and he has been silent on this topic. 5. Really glad we are getting a new AD. Hope he is a good one and will objectively evaluate Gus and the rest of the coaching staff not necessarily on the past performance but on the potential for future consistent quality football.
  7. countoff

    AU 40 UGA 17 -- Postgame Locker Room

    Red... You've probably answered this several times in the past but I have not seen it.... How do you get such good access to the team? Are you somehow associated with the team in an official role or do you have press access?
  8. countoff

    ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    up by 11 at half. I think we should play conservative on offense and let our defense win it for us. All in agreement?
  9. countoff

    ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    Ummm I wonder if Gus will be the next HC at Arkansas?
  10. countoff

    next Head Coach

    Sitting here watching the Syracuse-Miami game and I sort of like what Dino Babers has done at Syracuse. Seems like a gutsy coach. He's doing a lot with very little talent. Anyone mention him yet in this thread?
  11. countoff

    Fire Gus Petition-Please sign

    I understand and share your frustrations. And I suppose signing a petition allows people to let off some steam. But at the end of the day signing petitions is a waste of time. I really don't believe that the Auburn Powers That Be (PTB) actually watch the games. I doubt that they even look at the scores on Sunday. All they look at are the financial reports come in on Monday morning. Some programs realize that winning consistently will result in major profits. Other programs are constantly performing cost benefit analyses and doing the minimum necessary to realize profit. Unfortunately the Auburn PTBs are the later. And the only thing that will push them into action is to see the bottom line drop....significantly. So empty seats and poor TV ratings are their only motivators for change. And when the empty seats and poor TV ratings manifest themselves, they will only hire a coach that will increase interest enough to refill the seats for a few years when the process can be repeated. There are a lot of parallels between Jacobs and Roger Goodell. Both are simply executing the orders of a bunch of businessmen.. I would love to fire the PTBs. But until one of my lottery tickets finally hits the mark I'm afraid that this will continue. In the meantime, I can only hope that they will fire JJ and hire a real football person with true football contacts in the coaching world as AD. I want an AD that can watch the games and truly critique the performance of the players and coaches. I want an AD that knows several good coaches and can see good coaching talent when they are young. For those that insist that the AD should be a good business person, I would argue that there are already too many business people involved in Auburn sports. We really need someone with invested interest in the success of all Auburn sports and especially football. There are plenty of business people that can support him. Phew.... I think writing this post was much more therapeutic to me than signing a petition.
  12. countoff

    Pat Dye: As of right now, 4 more losses ...

    You have to actually listen to his comments to understand the context. Those who have followed the Auburn program for a long time will remember that Coach Dye has always been this way. We are in a tough division of football and the Alabama's, Georgia's, LSU's, and (this year) Miss St. will eat you up if the players and coaches do not bring their A game to the field. We have not brought our A game to the field (God I hope that wasn't our A game). As well as our defense is playing, you simply cannot win against those teams without some resemblance of an offense. Coach Dye has never been afraid to say the truth. The good coaches never are afraid to say the truth. Can you imagine what Nick Saban would say to the players, coaches, and fans if he were the head coach of our team? It would not be much different than Coach Dye. Other old timers out there!! Can any of you ever recall Coach Dye saying, "Well we had a good week of practice"? Coach Dye is too old to coach and maybe he sometimes is a little too honest, but I miss his attitude and commitment to excellence. It is too bad the younger crowd on this board did not experience the transition from Barfield to Dye and the coach Dye years at Auburn.
  13. countoff

    Pat Dye: As of right now, 4 more losses ...

    I tend to agree 100%. The only one of the 4 I think we have a chance against is LSU. Moves need to be made now at levels higher than Malzahn to change the culture of Auburn football. Otherwise, we as fans need to accept that our future is that of a 2nd rate program.
  14. countoff

    ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    On an earlier thread today, I advised against make knee jerk coaching changes and instead change out the AD right away and then make more calculated coaching moves after the first of the year. But at this point, I would support them escorting Gus off the field right now and making Kevin Steele interim HC.
  15. countoff

    ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    If you seriously feel like any of the mods have defended any of this, then you're as idiotic as your post. We are all pretty miserable. But let's not take it out on the mods. I have not read any posts from any of the mods supporting this mess. And I have seen some posts from mods expressing the same concerns we all have put on this board.