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  1. Well....after making my post, I realized it was kinda dumb. I mean Lionel James and Dowe Aughtman? That was like 40 years ago (although it seems like yesterday). A lot of things have probably changed since then. My daughter went off to college with the attitude that her gymnastics scholarship was a means to get a good education at no cost to her or the family. I'm not sure if that attitude prevails on the football side of things.
  2. Whoa. I hear you and I suppose there is a lot of truth to what you say. But I had mediocre to poor high school grades. Yet something "clicked" with me when I hit college and the same thing happened to my daughter (who was on full ride athletic scholarship). You never know when maturity hits. It's easy (and maybe justified) to put these players into the "dumb jock" group. But there are exceptions. I took an electrical engineering class with both Lionel James and Dowe Aughtman. Those guys were not stupid.
  3. Paladin Thanks for the response. Well that's good news. Hopefully, these two guys can produce.
  4. Does anyone know if there was any effort to find some OL from the JC ranks? If so, did we have any success?
  5. Yeah.... I find it hard to argue with anything you've written. I'm especially worried about the OL. If last year's backups were unable to beat out the first team's extremely mediocre (bad) OL...., then I don't hold out much hope they will be any better than them next season. Anyone know if we picked up some junior college OL players? But the reason I prefer college to pro ball is that you are talking about predominately 18-22 year olds. They have a lot of energy. Sometimes it's negative energy. Sometimes it's positive energy. Thus sometimes they underachieve and sometimes they overachieve. Here's to hoping they overachieve.
  6. Lighten up Mikey before you trip over your walker and your dentures pop out. This just a good opportunity to see some funny gifs. I love seeing some of the hilarious stuff people come up with on this board.
  7. Agreed, People keep assuming that the PTBs want to win championships but are simply incompetent. Fact is they are very competent but their goal is not to win championships. It is simply to win enough (and/or win against the right teams such as Alabama) to keep the money flowing. The Auburn PTBs are perfectly content with an annual 3-4 losses as long as 1-2 wins come against Al, GA, LSU, or FL. Gus fits this system perfectly. We may as well get used to it.
  8. Ummm....Don't think you need to worry about that happening.
  9. Our defense did not play the same level of football we have seen during the regular season. They had good moments....but overall... not good. The offense was....well... the same offense we have witnessed all season long. Mediocre defensive play + Bad offensive line play + Mediocre QB play + Bad offensive play calling = LOSS to any team of reasonable quality But on the bright side.... On this board over the past season, I have said that Gus should not (will not) be fired due to the huge buyout and due to no replacement head coaches out there (that we could reasonably get to come to Auburn) that could do better. But now I'm really beginning to warm up to PJ Fleck. I think he could be a doable replacement and the buy out will be lower at the end of next season. So maybe.....
  10. We were locked in with him for at least another year even if we had lost to Alabama. But I am starting to agree with several people on this board that PJ Fleck could make a good Gus replacement. I think the PTBs will be ready to make the move by the end of next season.
  11. OK... but keep in mind that there were only 10 regular season games in 1957. And 11 regular season games in '72, '75, '83, and '93, Not sure when they switched over to 12 game regular seasons. So a 10 win season was a little bit more of an accomplishment in those earlier years. Still.... 10 wins this year would be a good thing. Especially if we can see some good play out of our younger players in the bowl game.
  12. Maybe the plan is to let him play a series or two and then let him have a big curtain call waving to the crowd as he walks off the field. And then the new guy trots on the field. Derrick deserves a big send off.
  13. Sigh... You’re right of course. But I prefer getting angry at the enablers