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  1. Pay per view for college football? Jez....don't give them any ideas! It's like when they build a highway and swear up and down that the tolls will stop in 10 years. If they start making us pay to watch college football once, it will be with us forever. They are greedy enough as it is.
  2. My wife has been through cancer treatment 3 times. The first when the youngest of my three kids was only 3 years old. Scary times... But she's sitting across from me right now and our youngest is now 27 years old. The progress medical science has made in cancer treatment is incredible. Keep the faith.
  3. I think you may be right. If you remember, I only started participating in this forum a couple of weeks ago. I have a friend down the street that is a liberal. We get together quite often and argue and laugh and try to understand the other person's point of view. I thought this forum would be the same. I had no idea that the aufamily "political speaking" forum was actually a secret cover for the Brookings Institute. "I've got better things to do" is now a card? I have other interests and other obligations that keep me busy. I don't have the luxury or desire to sit in front of a computer all day. And yes... I am excited about my new dog. Dude! you seriously have a cob up your butt. Maybe you could use a puppy. Bird. The only reason I tried out this forum was because I saw you were sprinkled throughout. I generally like your posts on the football forum and thought I would give this one a try. This whole thing started when I simply tried to clarify to Brad that there's a difference between conservatives trying to block voters as opposed to conservatives trying to make sure that votes are from legitimate citizens voting from their legitimate residence. I don't think you need a long list of article references to make that distinction.
  4. My knee jerk was to agree with both of you. But the people you are targeting to vote typically work on weekends and holidays.
  5. Look... I was just giving my opinion. I really don't have time to scour for articles in a long winded political discussion. I'm trying to take advantage of this corona virus time off from work to complete my home addition. And we want to complete the construction before I bring home my brand new Springer Spaniel from the breeder! Getting a new puppy is more important to me than winning a political argument. So I should probably take a couple of weeks off from the Auburn boards until the work is complete.'s not like anything I say or post here is going to turn a raging liberal into a conservative. It's simply not how you're wired. But here is an article I quickly looked up to somewhat support my opinion. Perhaps some others on this board could help me out with some articles.
  6. Plus the voter turnout was very high in the battle ground states in 2016 and Trump and the Republicans won in most of those states.
  7. What I meant by "I don't think that is true" is your assertion that the Republican party fought that tooth and nail because a higher turnout results in Democrats winning. They fight against the Democrats making it easy for voter fraud. And they also fight against a holiday on voting day because we already have too many holidays that adversely affect business. The polls are typically open early in the morning until late in the evening. Plus there is absentee voting. People have plenty of time and methods to vote without declaring a holiday.
  8. Hang on! Wait a minute! I don't think any Republican (or conservative, or even Trump) has any issue with making the physical act of voting easier for registered voters. Whether that be in the form of absentee, or computer aided, or early voting. Our issue is when the democrats want illegal aliens to vote, or they want to gather up a bunch of sick and impressionable homeless people to be registered and vote on the same day , or there's dead people voting via absentee ballot. There has to be enough time and a method to ensure that the voter is a living breathing citizen of the U.S., state, and district of his/her permanent residence. You guys are trying to distort the quotes from Republicans to imply they don't like a lot of people voting.
  9. As much as I dislike career politicians, I'm not going to point fingers at them (either republican or democrat) over this. I think there are a lot of people (including myself) that arrogantly thought our medical advances have made us impervious to a pandemic that would demand so much in the way of medical supplies. "Oh those CDC guys are always talking Doomsday. Ignore them...we've got REAL problems we have to deal with." OK...we realize our mistake. We need to learn from it and make sure it doesn't happen again.
  10. I'm not sure mental gymnastics is the correct term. It's more like mental masturbation. If he keeps it up....he's gonna go blind.
  11. Of those 15 schools, I would say Texas, Michigan, Notre Dame, Auburn, Nebraska, Tennesee, and Washington are not getting their money's worth.
  12. They finally could reach an agreement on something. We haven't seen this in years and I had lost hope it was even possible anymore. May this be the beginning of something good.
  13. I'm not a lawyer and don't fully understand the nuances of "Insider Trading" versus "Knowledgeable Trading". I thought "Insider Trading" was when an individual acts on proprietary information of a specific company action that would significantly affect stock price. However, it seems to me that a Congressman would have more exposure to the information about the general magnitude of the problem and deduce projected company actions than someone like me who only has the nightly news and internet as his information sources. I'm jealous of their access to information. But I'm hesitant to call it "Insider Trading". Anyway, I would have to hear a little more about the details to pass judgement.
  14. I've been critical of Gus too. It's just that there's only so much that can be said. But boy! I really hate this talk of canceling the season!