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  1. Pat Dye: As of right now, 4 more losses ...

    You have to actually listen to his comments to understand the context. Those who have followed the Auburn program for a long time will remember that Coach Dye has always been this way. We are in a tough division of football and the Alabama's, Georgia's, LSU's, and (this year) Miss St. will eat you up if the players and coaches do not bring their A game to the field. We have not brought our A game to the field (God I hope that wasn't our A game). As well as our defense is playing, you simply cannot win against those teams without some resemblance of an offense. Coach Dye has never been afraid to say the truth. The good coaches never are afraid to say the truth. Can you imagine what Nick Saban would say to the players, coaches, and fans if he were the head coach of our team? It would not be much different than Coach Dye. Other old timers out there!! Can any of you ever recall Coach Dye saying, "Well we had a good week of practice"? Coach Dye is too old to coach and maybe he sometimes is a little too honest, but I miss his attitude and commitment to excellence. It is too bad the younger crowd on this board did not experience the transition from Barfield to Dye and the coach Dye years at Auburn.
  2. Pat Dye: As of right now, 4 more losses ...

    I tend to agree 100%. The only one of the 4 I think we have a chance against is LSU. Moves need to be made now at levels higher than Malzahn to change the culture of Auburn football. Otherwise, we as fans need to accept that our future is that of a 2nd rate program.
  3. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    On an earlier thread today, I advised against make knee jerk coaching changes and instead change out the AD right away and then make more calculated coaching moves after the first of the year. But at this point, I would support them escorting Gus off the field right now and making Kevin Steele interim HC.
  4. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    If you seriously feel like any of the mods have defended any of this, then you're as idiotic as your post. We are all pretty miserable. But let's not take it out on the mods. I have not read any posts from any of the mods supporting this mess. And I have seen some posts from mods expressing the same concerns we all have put on this board.
  5. Rate your disdain

    I really hope it does not happen like Les Miles. Continued knee jerk reactions is how we got into this situation. I would like a more thought out step by step approach. It should start by replacing the AD and then let the AD observe Gus and staff for the rest of the season and allow some time to observe potential replacements as their seasons progress. But I'm afraid the power brokers in the Auburn organization are simply in the business of putting "butts in seats". All they want is drama and flashy, news worthy hires to keep Auburn in the news. So a well thought out process to put a consistently good football team out on to the field is probably not in our future.
  6. Who Do You Want? that I re-read my post, it does look like I'm focusing strictly on Tommy. I do like the idea of bringing Tommy in as AD. But first let's just decide to make the change at AD in general. Then we can discuss who should be the AD.
  7. Who Do You Want?

    Well OK Bird. I suppose we could talk about the merits (or lack thereof) of Tommy specifically as AD. But I guess my main point was that we should be looking first for a new AD and then let that person make the moves necessary to improve the team..
  8. Who Do You Want?

    Rather that running out and getting a new coach. Perhaps it is better to take a more calculated top to bottom approach. I say the best strategy is to get rid of Jacobs immediately and put Tommy Tuberville in as Athletic Director. Let Tommy evaluate Gus over the course of the rest of the season. At the first of the year, Tommy could then either force Gus to make changes or replace him with some up and coming coach that he knows from the coaching circles. I acknowledge (like most of you) that we are now heading into a 3 straight year of pathetic offensive performances. And Stidham already proved his capability in an Art Briles offense. So clearly the problem lies with the Auburn program and not the talent. But I just don't see the logic in blindly replacing Gus with whomever is the trendy coordinator or small college HC prodigy. How many of you remember when there was a big push for us to hire Turner Gill? Get Tommy in here and let him evaluate and hire/fire as necessary.
  9. Gus Malzahn's Press Conference Mitchell died in the middle of a gun fight! While he may have been a murder victim he placed himself in the middle of a gun fight. Jez....
  10. Gus Malzahn's Press Conference

    No... No troll... just frustration. And while they were murder VICTIMS..they used incredibly poor judgement (beyond that of a typical 19 year old) to placed themselves in a dangerous situation. Plus you have the Michael Dyer situation...and the breaking and entering situation....and the Duke Williams situation...and Javon...I think there are more examples but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Just too many of these instances over the past few years. I can't help but wonder if their inconsistent play is related to chronic bad outside influences.
  11. Gus Malzahn's Press Conference

    Yeah....well I probably would have tested positive. If they tested for bourbon. Look. The last few years have demonstrated incredible highs and incredible lows with this team and quite often within the same season. Is it so off base to wonder what the hell is going on?
  12. Gus Malzahn's Press Conference

    Yeah....well I probably would have tested positive. If they tested for bourbon. Look. The last few years have demonstrated incredible highs and incredible lows with this team and quite often within the same season. Is it so off base to wonder what the hell is going on?
  13. Gus Malzahn's Press Conference

    Ok people You guys watched the same games I have over the past 11 weeks. I am the first person to mention that the players are only 19-22 years old and that means they will be inconsistent and at times stupid. But I can't help but to look at the past 7 years in general. And there has been too many examples of killings and robberies and synthetic pot associated with this program to include the Tubby, Chizik, Malsahn administrations. A QB having a bad day is one thing. But White also had too many good passes that should have been caught. Sigh.... All right....I hate to say it out loud....this team has emphatically demonstrated how good they can be.....but does anyone else wonder if this team...maybe.... has not removed some of the bad influences plaguing this program? It almost appeared to me like they were thowing the game. I know I'm gonna take punishment over this. But I can't help but wonder if there were others out there that may have thought this.
  14. Oline=best in conference

    Jeez... It was less than a month ago that this board was citing the offensive line as the main reason Gus and RL were going to lose their jobs!
  15. This is true and like most people on this board I congratulate the whole team for this season's incredible turn around. Ole Miss deserves credit for discovering a way to neutralize our D line with those quick hit passes. Remaining teams are going to be studying this game film real close and we will be seeing this game plan again. Hopefully, Steele and crew are also going to watch this film and adjust accordingly.