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  1. Wasn't it just 6 months ago that this board was singing the praises of AG for the hiring of Harsin? Now the "If you only knew what I know" crowd is racking up their post stats by acting like they know something. After years of reading their posts, I'm convinced that they don't know sh*t. Reminds me of the Kevin Steele BS.
  2. These guys have a better understanding of the true value of their scholarships and are making good use of it. This is the mature way to "Promote their brand." Similar to baseball and hockey, there should be a football minor league where young high school athletes with no interest in school can "roll the dice" that their NFL audition is successful while getting paid and "promoting their brand". College football should be where young athletes can audition for the NFL while making use of a valuable scholarship to learn a profession in the likely event they do not make it to the NFL (
  3. This year I think the Mississippi schools have better more talent and both Leach and Kiffin have a 1 year jump on fitting their players to their system. Leach is a very good coach that specializes in turning mediocre programs into contenders. So yeah.... they could beat us this year. Our OL is the same as last year. They are mediocre to poor and the bench is thin. We are going to have another year of watching Bo scramble for his life and then make bad throws. I think there will be improvement in TE utilization but the WR situation is looking very bad. Tank is a great back and I thi
  4. Well I will admit this... If the team can get a win at Penn St., it would be a big boost to confidence and momentum. That alone could help them win another game or two. So my predicted 5-6 win season could become a 7-8 win season. But if we lose to Penn St., then I think my 5-6 win prediction is more likely. Gonna be an interesting Fall. Not just the wins-losses. But watching the change in team culture, recruiting successes, which young players step up, etc.
  5. I really don't think talent wise this team is better than last year. Especially on the offensive side of the ball. It's the same underperforming OL personnel, they are not of SEC level talent, and the OL bench is thin. Plus we definitely took a step backwards at the receiver positions. The Mississippi teams will be much more competitive this season. Both Penn St. and LSU were bad teams last year and I'm not really sure how they are positioned for improvement this season. So I consider both of those games with us this year to be "toss ups" on a neutral field. But since they are both
  6. Gonna be tough year from a W-L perspective. I'm guessing 5 or 6 wins. If we can win 6, I think we win the bowl game.
  7. To me it is still an unknown if Harsin was a good hire or not. But I won't pass judgement on him if we have a 6-6 (or worse) season this year after losing all these players. Harsin needs some time to get his recruiting program going. Sometimes you have to take a short term step backwards in order to make long term strides forward.
  8. Certainly people have lost faith in the legal system. The system is now incredibly complicated and is easily manipulated by the wealthy. "Innocent until proven guilty" is a dead concept. Now it's "Innocent until proven destitute". This is why people today try to obtain justice by using the media, doxing, and the court of public opinion to create a mob that punishes the perceived guilty by ripping away livelihoods or otherwise making their lives miserable. The problem with this method is that there is no need for due process. Whoever creates the biggest mob wins. The only way for
  9. Thanks for the name. Lee Hunter. Definitely gonna pay more attention to him.
  10. They've only had 15 practices with the new coaches and A day games always seem to be very low intensity. So it's hard to tell where the team is at overall. That being said, I was sort of underwhelmed by the 1st team offense. Thought they should have looked better against our 2nd team defense. Who was that #44 on 2nd team defense? Heard the announcer say he was a Freshman and a linebacker. He looked more like a DL. He sure was getting into our 1st team backfield a lot. He looked like he's gonna be a good one!
  11. I hope Bo is being told to not leave the pocket under any circumstances. Either make the completion, throw it away, or take the sack. He really needs to focus on his progressions and not on "how do I make a play". If the O-line does not hold up.....then it is on them and the coaches can sort through that problem in August.
  12. Are we going to criticize Bo's views on his views about being criticized? Jeez...we really will criticize everything he does! Bo... I get your point. And it's a good one. Not only for college QBs. Seems like it's a good life lesson for all of us. Ok Now! You said it yourself! Put your head down and get to work!!!
  13. I'm confused. Other than weight training, I did not know they were conducting workouts. Have spring practices started? Seems early to me.
  14. No offense intended. Just trying to have some fun with it.
  15. Oh my gosh!!! Already a thread on how to get rid of Harsin? Ummm well I guess that make sense. I heard Bruce Arians was seen on campus asking where he could find Allen Greene and a good local real estate agent. (Might as well start the replacement rumors.)
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