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  1. Maybe the plan is to let him play a series or two and then let him have a big curtain call waving to the crowd as he walks off the field. And then the new guy trots on the field. Derrick deserves a big send off.
  2. Sigh... You’re right of course. But I prefer getting angry at the enablers
  3. Precisely. And that is why nobody has any respect for our legal system and we try to inflict justice through the media. The media is more than willing to do this for us because they profit off our discontent. And to the parents of the turd that killed the Brambletts.... Hey A......holes!!! You think maybe you should not let your kid (that killed two people while driving 90 MPH and high on pot) drive until he's older? Like maybe when he's 90? Or at least until he's 18? Jez.... Welp..... I guess that's it everyone. I just got banned from the board because I'm not PC. I'm not PC so I probably just lost my driving privileges too. Sigh.....
  4. How many points are you assessed for killing two people because you were driving 90 mph high on pot?
  5. If this is true then the judge, police, and parents should join him in jail
  6. ??? I smell a rat....There’s no way anyone (judge, police, parents) would let this kid drive. Whether or not he’s out on bond False news?
  7. If I agree to give my blessing for him to sit out the Outback, will he agree to give me .05% of what he makes in the NFL next year? Hey...these things gotta go both ways Derrick!
  8. I read this article for the first time early this morning. Wiped away my tears and went about my daily business. I couldn't stop thinking about it all day long. All those horrific moments (the phone calls, the driver's ed class, Shelby thinking about taking guardianship of Josh, etc.). I simply cannot imagine how I would have been able to handle any of it. I don't see any mention of Andy or Jan having any children. So can you imagine how difficult it was to suddenly be the guardian of a 16 year old young man that has lost his parents? Without the benefit of experience of raising children? And how do you handle the Shelby situation? She's an "adult" but they still need guidance at that age. I am sure there have been really difficult situations that were not mentioned in the article. And there are still a lot more difficult situations to face. But Wow... Jan and Andy are doing such a great job. And I am absolutely amazed at the maturity of both Shelby and Josh. It's a real tribute to the parenting of both Rod and Paula. My grown kids are arriving tonight for the holidays. The second they walk through the door, they are going to get hugged and kissed to death. They are going to wonder what's wrong with Dad.
  9. Bitter? Don't call Big Bird "Bitter"! How dare you!
  10. Prediction: 1. AU defense plays great. 2. AU offense plays awful. 3. AU misses at least one field goal.
  11. It was against Our Lady of the Handicapped Nuns.... you can't draw any conclusions from this game. It was strictly an opportunity to practice out in the rain and to verify the clock and the scoreboard are working. Let's see what happens next week.
  12. Ahhh .... It's so nice to see really young Auburn fans with such enthusiasm (Pat - Pat - Pat). You sound like such a nice kid (although you're making me feel really old). Perhaps during the off season you can youtube some video of Frank Sanders, Terry Beasley, Lawyer Tillman, etc. There's been a lot of great Auburn receivers
  13. Yeah... We need to be careful not to simply chase whomever has a hot team right now. Think Scott Frost....Turner Gill...Charlie Strong.....Al Golden. A lot of times their success at smaller schools has more to do with a good chemistry with the area recruiting and with the university PTBs. Sometimes these coaches would be much better off if they would simply stay put and build a dynasty AKA Joe Paterno, Bobby Bowden,
  14. Would be a little unfair to put KS in a interim “prove it” audition status. He doesn’t have the players on the offense (especially OL) in the short term to show his capabilities as HC