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  1. As I watch the baseball season unfold and see the affects of having two teams with positive COVID results, I get a new appreciation of how fragile this football season will be. It is relatively easy to make up baseball games. But almost impossible to makeup football games. During the season, when a player tests positive, the entire team goes into lockdown and whoever their opponent that week also loses at least one game? So even though 10 games are scheduled, chances are that some of them will be cancelled. So who goes to the SEC championship if there is an undefeated LSU at 9-0 and an undefeated Auburn at 8-0 because the LSU-AUB game is cancelled and say the AUB-Ole Miss game is cancelled due to COVID. Sorry for the pessimism....but I think the over-under for the number of weeks games are played this season is a 2 or 3 because by then it will be apparent there is no good answer for this situation and they will throw the towel in. And the baseball situation is with no fans in the stands. Imagine if there is a major outbreak of COVID among fans of a single football game. The SEC will probably have no choice but to shutdown all games for all teams in the league.
  2. Based on Auburn's offensive line play over the last few years, if you are told you are not expected to factor into Auburn's offensive line rotation....well...perhaps you should shift over to punter or tryout for Auburn's bowling team.
  3. I generally agree with with your comments. But I think the idea that the government lying to us may be a bit harsh. We haven't dealt with a pandemic like this in over 100 years. There is going to be panic and confusion in the early stages that will subside over time as we learn. Seems like everyone hates the government right now whether it be hating on the democrats or republicans (myself included). And I'm not particularly happy with the specific politicians that are trying to take political advantage of the situation. But overall, I think they are trying make good decisions as they balance the health considerations with the economic considerations. My question to you is this.... Hypothetically, if the SEC were to announce tomorrow that the football season will proceed but everyone in the stands must wear masks while in the stadium and anyone caught without a mask will be kicked out for the rest of the season. Would you support this compromise? Personally, I don't know if the masks help or not. But if we can get a football season simply by wearing a mask. Dammit wear the mask!
  4. Five teams in five years. Maybe it's time he focused on getting his degree in something that will help him get a good job.
  5. If you consider the football season going from early September to the end of December (17 or 18 weekends), I think you could have all D1 teams participate. This means that teams (and fan bases) would have off weeks (even if they keep winning). This would further reduce their exposure. And yet, if the schedule is done right, we could have at least a couple of games being played somewhere every weekend. So there would be TV revenue. Whoever is administering the AUFamily website should feel free to pass along my personal email to the NCAA if they would like to talk through the details with me. I'd be more than happy to help them figure this out....and I'll give them my discounted rates.
  6. I haven't really thought this out. But what if a tournament arrangement was used similar to March Madness. Start it off at the conference level and once narrowed down to one or two teams from each conference you expand it to a national level. All games at neutral sites. Could make for a really short season if you lose early. But each week the teams and fan bases exposing themselves to COVID gets cut in half. Probably a dumb idea....I'm just getting really resigned to there being no season this year and I'm grasping at straws.
  7. Yes I've seen people being lackadaisical with mask wearing and some people not wearing them at all. I try to wear a mask in public but there have been times when I realized I left it in my other car. I think overall the mask helps. Even if it is just a reminder to keep your distance and to use the hand sanitizer more often. After missing out on March Madness, the baseball season, and now potentially the college football season, plus the huge hit to jobs and the economy, Is it too much to ask people to wear a mask and practice some distancing in the hopes that this doesn't continue on into next year? Also regarding 2017 and the flu...My work had me doing a lot of travel the past 5-7 years and I seemed to constantly go from one cold to the next. The flu was a regular event for me even though I got the flu shot every year. I assumed I was just getting old and needed to suffer through it. But that all stopped with this COVID stuff happening. This is the best I have felt in years. So yeah....after this COVID stuff is over, I will probably continue to practice mask wearing , hand sanitizing, etc. Now don't get me wrong....I am not condoning shutting down businesses. I'm just saying that we can go about our normal business but we just have to be more aware of daily practices which help prevent the spread of viruses and diseases. There should be another thread somewhere that lists all the good things that have come out of this COVID-19 that we hope to keep practicing: Such as more outdoor dining, only one person to a golf cart, preventing overcrowding in stores and spreading out the checkout lines, etc.
  8. You did a much better job articulating what I am trying to say than I did. And with fewer words.
  9. I had already seen this video and an (almost) duplicate video on CBS news. My point is that when you have made a well thought out argument, it is best to avoid diminishing it by attaching a video from a less than reputable news source. Well like I daughters are doctors at two separate hospitals. While they are not assigned to the COVID wards, they are interacting with them all the time. And daughters are working 12-14 hour days. Last month my older daughter was told she would be transferred into the COVID ward because they suspected two of the doctors had contracted COVID. But it was later determined they had not contracted it. So she didn't have to go...for now. So I'm witnessing first hand what the doctors are being subjected to
  10. Ooo Boy. Please don't use anything from CNN to make a point. It only takes the wind out of the sails of your argument. I am reading your recent banter with Mikey with interest because I think both of you make some valid points. As a father of two doctors, I am hearing from both of them what is happening on the front lines at two different hospitals. A lot of numbers are being exaggerated by the media to suit political agendas. However, there can be no argument that COVID-19 can have very serious/deadly symptoms on a significant portion of our population. And it is very contagious. So like all the other "Hot" button topics going on, it seems people insist on lining up on the extremes. Some want to completely shutdown our economy and others want to recklessly ignore the problem. Jez people....just put on masks, use hand sanitizer, avoid crowds, and get on with your life. It's not that complicated. But since this is the football forum, I should probably say something football related. I am beginning to lose confidence that either the NCAA or the individual schools are going to allow fans in the stands this football season. And if this is the case, we should not allow the 19-22 year old players to expose themselves to the COVID during practice, games, locker rooms, etc. Those young men may be willing and anxious to play because they think they are indestructible. But we know that they are not.
  11. I don't believe I agree with you about this. One of Bo's best features is that he is elusive when he drops back to pass and he tends to extend plays with his feet. The OL stats are aided by Bo avoiding sacks. But often his passes were errant because he was constantly wary of the activity around him and he was on the run. I think I accidentally changed the discussion from Bo's abilities to another one of my rants about poor OL play. Sorry. Bo is a very good QB and, if he had a better supporting cast, he would be considered a Tier I or Tier II QB.
  12. Bo's success is highly dependent on the performance of the offensive line. I believe (maybe) that the Patriots were able see through the poor line play to determine that JS was NFL quality. But I think the Patriots-JS situation is the exception to the rule. If the offense moves the ball, the QB gets the credit....if they don't...he gets the blame. It's not fair but that's the way it is. I have faith in Bo (the individual QB). But I don't think he's good enough to overcome poor OL play. So predicting his "level" is tough. Is the OL gonna be mediocre to good? Or are we going to see the same thing we have seen over the past few years? I don't know.....So ..yes.. I think Tier IV is a correct assessment. Now that I think about it....Didn't Ben Leard have a similar situation? He had a great Senior year. But his previous years were not so good. Was that due to him? Or the line in front of him?
  13. There's always gonna be somebody offended. Especially in today's world where people disparately want attention and the best way to get it is to be offended. They love it when they get on TV with a crowd of reporters saying, "Oh Poor Baby!" You can't please all of the people all of the time. Chomp away Florida!!! I don't like you guys but I would not deny you your traditions for asinine reasons.
  14. Pay per view for college football? Jez....don't give them any ideas! It's like when they build a highway and swear up and down that the tolls will stop in 10 years. If they start making us pay to watch college football once, it will be with us forever. They are greedy enough as it is.
  15. My wife has been through cancer treatment 3 times. The first when the youngest of my three kids was only 3 years old. Scary times... But she's sitting across from me right now and our youngest is now 27 years old. The progress medical science has made in cancer treatment is incredible. Keep the faith.