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  1. @McLoofusTotally agree. If the TEs are used to get behind the LBs on intermediate routes, sometimes breaking those off into seam routes, if RBs don't have to run the ball up the gut on 1st down after a long gain or our QB doesn't scramble every other play, that will be an improvement. There is a lot this new staff can improve on even with minimal changes and I'm sure they have more planned than that.
  2. Yep, it could be either or both. Whichever one it is, it's more likely a 6-4 team will have those traits than a 10-0 team. Looks like CBH might have quite a challenge in front of him.
  3. NFL.com link to Seth's player evaluation page. Some interesting comments pro and con. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/seth-williams/32005749-4c52-1263-5c33-d4d14ef18b01
  4. Eason would love to get his hands on this guy. Could be the perfect coach for Evans. Thanks Todd
  5. Although there have been some, not many true freshmen RBs will get national attention. Tank is still just a sophomore this year but if he puts up some good numbers, say in the 1200-1500 yard range, he will start getting plenty of nationwide attention. One of the things that will help Tank get there is the fact that Worm added muscle and is running so well. We have 2 really tough RBs.
  6. This is great news and a BIG deal for the team.
  7. That's a NO on that idea. We don't need any serious injuries.
  8. I agree with both of you on this. I noticed he was squaring up more on his screen and flat pass resulting in better accuracy on them. In the pocket he was stepping into his throws more. The result was pretty good accuracy on the passes up to 15 yards. His slant passes were excellent. On the longer passes he is still not as accurate but at least he is trying to put some air under it to give the WRs a chance to make a play. However, unless his accuracy improves on the deep passes we are going to need a new Seth Williams type to go up and get those deep balls. Only one of our better receiver
  9. @bigbird Good grief man, there's no inferring in football.
  10. He definitely looks improved. The staff was put into place in January and Bo looks better 90 days later. There is hope. I counted 3 or 4 WR drops, some passes he missed and several good passes, especially that 8 yard slant. On one of the over-throws the WR was locked down so it might have been on purpose. If so that would be a good decision too. There's 4 months still to work on it so he should be even better and so should the WRs. Fingers are crossed here.
  11. At least someone had the smarts to front load all of our OOC games in 2021 which is particularly important this year. With 3 of the 4 being tune up type games, it gives this new staff a chance to iron out the kinks before conference play begins.
  12. Now that was a nice slant route over the middle for 7 and a 1st down. Bo in the pocket and put that one right on the money.
  13. Oline with fantastic blocking on the left side, Tank to the house.
  14. Carrying the ball on the inside arm.
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