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  1. IronMan70

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    There seems to be some decent OT talent out there that we never contacted until very late in the game.
  2. IronMan70

    2019 4* DE/DT Charles Moore

    Garner and Handy will bring it on home. AU for Moore.
  3. IronMan70

    Kudo's to the Coaching staff

    Yes, congrats to Gus and the other coaches for pulling this off. When you keep your best offensive lineman (Tega) and best defensive lineman (Brown) for one more season it's a big deal. Add in all the others that are staying and it's a major accomplishment.
  4. IronMan70

    remaining 9 or so slots to fill

    I like that idea too and always have. In '20 we are losing a ton on both sides of the ball.
  5. IronMan70

    2019 4* RB Jamious Griffin (NC State)

    It's just one of those dadgum champeen 'rasslers that Ellitor hangs out with.
  6. IronMan70

    2019 4* RB Jamious Griffin (NC State)

    Yes he sure did. Smitty could play both and moved inside to help out the OL. Now that Smitty is playing NFL tackle full time he has worked a lot on his footwork at tackle vs guard. His quickness at RT was noticeable when he handled Watts. Once he was in position it was game over with his strength matching that of Watts. There was one play that gave me a good laugh. Watts was on an outside move and put a right hand grab on the front collar of Smitty's pads and fully extended his arm. Smitty knocked off Watt's hand grab, got his own hands on Watt's torso and pushed Watt's ass on the ground. It was great, lol, there were several other Smitty highlight plays too.
  7. IronMan70

    2019 4* RB Jamious Griffin (NC State)

    Speaking of offensive linemen and Grimes, did you happen to see the Braden Smith @RT vs JJ Watts matchup over the weekend ? They tried Clowney on Smitty first and that was a joke. Then Watts went heads up with Smitty and couldn't do anything either. Watts was neutralized straight up and when he tried to go around the outside, Smitty just pushed him around the circle. Watts had nothing for him. Smith went from an all SEC guard out of necessity for the OL to having a chance to be a great NFL right tackle. It was a very impressive performance.
  8. IronMan70

    Derrick Brown returning!

    HUGE news !!!! We just picked up a 10 star player for '19.
  9. IronMan70

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    I just used the same technique that I use to watch the OL on replay. Freeze frame, haha.
  10. IronMan70

    remaining 9 or so slots to fill

    Here is an Auburn story on the word 'punt'. As a Freshman I'm taking a midterm calculus exam, 10 problems worth 10 points each. This particular AU prof was notorious for giving out tests that were almost impossible to complete in the time allotted and this was no exception. He also happened to be a big AU football fan. So I finished the first 9 problems with no issues but time is just about to run out before I can start problem #10. But instead of just leaving #10 blank I quickly draw a football shoe with cleats kicking a football and under the drawing I write one word...PUNT. The prof gave me a 2 point credit on the punt and I end up with a 92. True story.
  11. IronMan70

    Next Year’s OL

    I agree, the '17 and '18 teams were easily capable of being 11 win teams. The talent is there for sure.
  12. IronMan70

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    The woman who is in the process of kneeling down to take a pic, if you look real close, you will see the right horn actually grazed her head. You can see her hair on the bottom fly up at the same time the horn grazes her hair on the top of her head. On the other woman who went flying, the left horn actually hits her back and then the guy holding the horn pushes her with his foot. Then as she flies forward the tip of the right horn came very close to goring her in the right side. She is one lucky photographer. That bull had a vicious right horn.
  13. IronMan70

    remaining 9 or so slots to fill

    I don't care if the player is a GT, JUCO or HS, just give me 3 good OLs and 2 good DLs. Y'all can have the rest.
  14. IronMan70

    Next Year’s OL

    Yes, the OL did improve towards the end of the season and hopefully that will continue. Personally I would like to see them concentrate on getting a lot stronger during the offseason.
  15. IronMan70

    Good for gus

    It's not a "big deal", the post said it was what the announcers were saying. Who knew ? The impressive part was the way they played on the field.