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  1. A sour grape post, even if there is some truth to it, doesn't usually help the poster. The best way to prove people wrong would be to get in the CFL or Arena league and light it up. That will open more doors than instagram posts.
  2. Flash was the ONLY Freshman to make the finals, finishing 6th @ a college personal best of 10.21 with 3 Seniors and 1 Junior ahead of him. The future looks bright.
  3. Thanks for your post ABW, there were some good points through out. If ever there was a team to have around a young QB it would be a team with experience like this. I also agree with your point about the experienced DL being so important with new starting LBs and that Williams will have those LBs ready.
  4. Carlton Davis and now Jamal Dean in the same secondary in the NFL. That's good stuff.
  5. It all comes down to whether he wants to be in the NFL or he doesn't. If he does, I doubt it will be at QB, so he will have to make some changes while he has time. If he doesn't care about the NFL his decisions become less critical and are a lot easier. Play QB3 at AU or play QB1 at a small school and be happy either way.
  6. I think Willis needs to decide if he can make it to the NFL as a QB. I personally don't think it's in the cards. He does have the skills to get there as a CB or 'possibly' a WR and the opportunity to show those skills in the SEC. He can do that or play QB at a smaller school and never sniff the NFL. On the other 2 QBs, Gatewood will likely be the starter. Nix will be ok with that as a true Freshman and won't go anywhere. We'll see how it plays out during the season and in 2020.
  7. I look at it as one in the same so I would agree. In my mind you won't get to the minimum 9 'regular season' wins by losing games you have no business losing. You have to win those. I don't think he'll be around if he can't get to at least 9 wins consistently but I'm pulling for him.
  8. Yes, first and foremost most of us want the team to come to play every week as we navigate our always tough schedule. However as time goes by, the reality is it will always come down to that unbiased and cruel W/L record. I said earlier a minimum of 9 wins a year will go a long way and I think that's true. He can do that.
  9. I could even get on board with a shipment of that deer antler spray for a couple guys on the OL this year. Kidding aside, it's a tough schedule no doubt about it. I've even thought alternating some games might be something to consider.
  10. One thing you have to say about Gus is he runs a clean program. You also don't ever have to worry about his own personal conduct embarrassing Auburn. Most of the players he recruits have been a credit to the university and become fine young men. The small minority that don't are dealt with quickly and professionally. He has recruited very good talent to Auburn while going against some tough competitors. He obviously loves Auburn and wants the program to do well. All of those things are very important. Now if he can just get those wins to be 9 or more, instead of those 7s or 8s, that will be good. Edit: A thought about a minimum 9 wins per year. Gus's biggest obstacle in achieving that has been losing the games he never should have lost. We all know which ones those were. That is when those 8s could have very easily become 9s and 10s. He knows that too so I'm hoping he has corrected that trend.
  11. Well actually you are both right. Gus skipped over using 2 qbs and went right to 3 QBs that day.
  12. Well personally I don't believe any of y'all hotshots. I just come here for the free door prizes.
  13. I watched the OL closely in the A-day game and I didn't see any reverse summersault blocks. That actually happened last year so there is hope.
  14. I thought one thing was very noticeable, the improvement in the passing skills of the QBs that were in last year's A-Day game. You could see Joey had worked really hard on his passing and it paid off. He was much better which I thought was critically important for us to see. Willis was also throwing the ball better than he was last year. It definitely showed that they are both getting better QB coaching now. Nix came in from his Dad's QB coaching and already had good passing skills. But, I don't think you can underestimate the added dimension a big body running QB, who can also make the throws, brings to the table. We won't know for sure until the real games begin, especially when it comes to their decision making, but right now I put Joey at #1 and Bo #2. I like where we're at with the QB position.
  15. They need to add to Coach Pearl's contractual bonus for this performance. Add in some extra money and get him to $1 million in total bonus money for the 18/19 season. He deserves every penny.