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  1. I am liking the staff CHF is putting together. Two seasoned guys as coordinators for their experience and the Xs and Os. Young bucks as position coaches who are good recruiters partnered up with a recruiting head coach as the closer. You can see Freeze's plan playing out and it makes a lot of sense.
  2. So many back door layups by Memphis. Defense is really off this game.
  3. @Mikey We have to also include from the same era, DB Buddy McClinton. His hit on a Florida WR was the hardest hit I ever saw in person. I thought he killed the guy.
  4. 1983 IB, Bo Jackson, the wishbone offense, great offensive line, hard nosed defense, the good old days. Love it.
  5. Thornton is also a good recruiter. In addition to the excellent results of the OLs he puts on the field, Ole Miss OL commits are saying Thornton is, "a relentess recruiter."
  6. and........after all the speculation in this thread, Freeze just said this social media rumor isn't true, lol.
  7. Exactly right. We also need to be breaking in that brand spanking new shiny football only facility. Time for WORK.
  8. He handled himself well at the presser and it's a good first step. All most of us want him to do is coach, recruit, develop players, win and keep his nose clean. He has been given an opportunity to be a real 2nd chance success story at Auburn just like Bruce Pearl. He wasn't in my top 4 but, now that the decision is made, it's worthy of noting America loves a good 2nd chance story. I 'think' we will be ok.
  9. He should stay, observe and learn all the details of how Freeze operates as a head coach. It's the perfect opportunity for Caddy. .
  10. Caddy already weeded out some of the deadwood and there are several good ones that remained. Hopefully Caddy, Zac, Reed and Ike from the current staff will all stay.
  11. @Eagle Eye 7 Hugh wasn't in the top 5 on my list but I did say this about him. Out of all the candidates mentioned he was probably the one coach who would appreciate the opportunity the most and that he would work hard because of that. When it comes to football, he definitely has the ability to do a good job. What's done is done so we'll just have to see how it shakes out on the personal side. He does have a Southern accent so there is that.
  12. Well not having one would show even less would it not ? It costs you nothing. He has done enough to deserve it so you do it and unite the fan base going into the era of the new coach.
  13. He does but no use in helping it blow up before the game. Let Caddy and the team have their day.
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