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  1. "Members issued a blanket waiver to allow schools to award scholarships based on the overall counter limit of 85." That's good, I guess teams will now be able to get their scholly numbers up to 85 no matter how many they may need. I wonder what the date certain for each season will be. Maybe it's just left open.
  2. What a joke. The NCAA sat on their hands on this, the players sued them on the NIL and the USSC ruled in favor of the players. It's like the NCAA doesn't understand they lost the case. Yet now they think they can pass some rules and try to interfere in the legal NIL market place won by the players in court. There is something seriously wrong with these people.
  3. I excluded Geriner only because he is a Freshman but that is interesting information. I'm pretty sure G will be the starter next year though. I have gravitated to Ashley, for the reasons I stated, so we'll see. Thanks for that info, this should be a good competition.
  4. There is a simple and easy solution. All we have to do is claim it. #done
  5. Let's assume it's Fall camp and for the sake of discussion the passing skills of all 3 QBs end up roughly the same, +or-60%. That they all know the playbook and can all demonstrate equal levels of leadership. Then you have their athletic ability. The ability to get out of trouble, to run the ball if necessary, to scramble and make something out of nothing. In my book that narrows it down to 2 QBs, Ashford and Calzada. I don't know how Calzada will handle coming off a shoulder injury and how it will effect his running ability. I do know that Ashford has shown he is an athlete. You can see it as soon as he walks on the field, he can make things happen with his legs. We'll see how Calzada looks in Fall camp with that aspect, but I think Ashford is going to be hard to beat.
  6. Yes it is near perfect and is identical to what some of us proposed on here for over a year. Glad to see it's gaining traction. By the way, the 4 pod, 3+6 schedule gives you a 2 year rotation through the conference along with the 4 year hosting feature .
  7. This helps, go get 'em Dazalin. The way I look at it, as soon as he catches his first pass, he increases his college production by 100%. I think CIH will make a good college receiver out of him.
  8. The NCAA can make all the rules they want but the USSC already ruled against them. They don't have a chance.
  9. It would be somthing if Ashford ends up beating out Finley and Calzada.
  10. 15-0 Ship. But on a serious note, 8-4.
  11. Yes, NIL hurt us last cycle, no question about it. We were late to the party while TAMU was ready to go. On the other issue, I'm not referring to average internet rumors. I'm referring to the more digusting rumor that came from within, as verified in the Nest. Rather than being a blip, that rumor caused lasting damage, the least of which is in trust because of where it came from. I'm sure Harsin knows exactly who did it too and hopefully he has been dealt with. That smear merchant should have a defamation suit dropped on him. In the old days he would have received a good ass kicking as a starter
  12. That was just a minor issue imo and yes he is definitely adjusting. The main point was, the real damage that negative false rumors from within have on a program. That tactic is also disgusting.
  13. I'll go with the rumor being bogus. There were a lot of falsehoods being spread around about CBH and yes, it did do damage to the Auburn program.
  14. We sure could have used his shooting, I know that.
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