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  1. I still think he caught that ball on the 5 yard line, hah. Good to see he is up to 210 lbs now. Hopefully he gets to about 215 before the season, that will help.
  2. Great interview, thanks for posting.
  3. True that. We might be able to keep one good QB in the game that way without too much fall off.
  4. I think that is the key when it comes to SW. Talent wise, SW would be more than a solid backup, if he wasn't injury prone. But unfortunately he is. The problem we will run in to is if Stidham trots out there and gets injured like he did before, we will have 2 injury prone QBs. At least Stidham is a little bigger and might be able to take the pounding better. We just have to keep our fingers crossed.
  5. The competition will likely be decided by which QB can execute the spinneroo whirlebird play the best. But all kidding aside, JS will be the starter and SW will be what he always has been. A solid SEC backup QB who happened to be the best QB we had on the roster the last 2 years .
  6. Actually those are all good ideas. But we are going to have to draw up several sets of plans. We'll need to survey our fans and donors just to make sure we have all their input. Then we'll need to study all this, we need to think about it, then we will need to give the go ahead to the fans. But just to be sure, we might need to repeat the process and ponder all this again, several times in fact, just to be safe. This all takes time.
  7. I think the most interesting group will be the OL because of all the possible combinations. Should be a good competition.
  8. I don't know if Franklin will change positions but he won't be a QB at the next level and I think he knows that. However he is very talented and I am a big fan of his, so if he wants any chance to play at the next level he needs to make a move. I hope he does just that. WR, CB, speed sweep RB, kick returner ?
  9. Shhhhh, someone could be listening.
  10. I hear you. Like the main support structure for the jumbo-tron being off center, lol ? Well hopefully there are plans to add a matching exterior structure to the opposite corner or it will look out of place.
  11. I don't think the plan calls for a large expansion of seating. Rather it proposes a multi-level structure in the North end-zone that includes luxury suites, premium seats, restaurants, observation decks and food courts. In addition the exterior of JHS would be bricked to give it a finished appearance. The overall stadium capacity would not change much, if at all. But based upon your "disruption" analysis, if you wanted to propose reducing the rest of the seating capacity to maybe 80K, get rid of the stadium bench seating to make room for larger chair-back cushioned seating, you might get a lot of support. Heck, I might even go for that. But the NEZ project as described and the exterior finish are long overdue imo.
  12. Hey, you know the 70 in my screen name ? That is my AU grad year, I am an old folk, haha.
  13. ....with aluminum foil.
  15. Maybe he just found out that Saban is a bigger asshat than he thought.