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  1. Great field position's 3 and out.
  2. Brown held again on that run play. #79
  3. On that TD pass there was one of the worst NON holding calls against Brown I have ever seen. Double teamed and they literally threw him to the ground by his jersey
  4. Seth Williams with 5 receptions so far.
  5. GREAT DEFENSE, Georgia 3 and out. Lucky Georgia punt, let's get a 95 yard drive going now.
  6. If you see a seam route with that, yes you are.
  7. What are these high standards some people are talking about ? Is winning at least 9 games every year, achieved by not losing games we have no business losing, a high standard ? That seems pretty reasonable to me and should be a minimum standard. This is a team that was better overall than every team we played so far, including Fla and LSU. We have the defense, we have the recruiting and we have the players. If not for continuing to lose games we should never have lost, 9-0 would have been very attainable.
  8. @shabby Gus probably didn't want another player hitting the transfer portal in November. Joiner is a favorite of mine.
  9. Prince with the body slam on DJ into the EZ. TOUCHDOWN AUBURN !!!!!!!!
  10. Prince with the cat like reflexes recovers the fumble.
  11. Ok Joiner, you're getting your big chance at WC, knock that stuff off. At least Gus didn't take him out and left him in the next play. Result FG.