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  1. Yes and it seemed pretty obvious too. So much so that I even made this post at the time during the game. * Official Auburn vs. South Carolina Game Thread * IronMan70 replied to abw0004's topic in AU Football Forum Horn has won his battles about 90% of the time. Why keep challenging him, especially in the redzone ? Saturday at 03:11 PM
  2. It is going to be interesting to see how an SEC only schedule will magnify the flaws in a program. Suddenly the "gimme" wins that got a team to 9 wins are gone and the program is laid bare. We are seeing it now at AU. I also wouldn't be surprised to see 75% of the conference teams with 4 losses or more. Actually, I like this 10 game conference schedule, it cuts through the BS.
  3. Wide open and Schwartz has to catch it off his shoe laces.
  4. Do these refs think we are playing bama with these PI calls ?
  5. Horn has won his battles about 90% of the time. Why keep challenging him, especially in the redzone ?
  6. So with an entire 4th quarter to work with, I guess we're about to see if this team is capable of shaking it off and overcome an 8 point deficit to win the game. We're about to find out.
  7. The DL getting into the backfield causing disruption.
  8. There is a lot of truth to that Cole. Not only did Clemson improve but during the last 5 years, Georgia improved, Florida improved, LSU had improved until this year and bama kept its level of play high.
  9. AU 28 USCe 24 "and everything that goes with that."
  10. That's true on the defenses but I was looking at it like this. Our offense wasn't going to get 20 points a game better to keep pace with these high flying offenses. So given that, I'm thinking we better get a defense that can make a difference or we're going to be in all kinds of trouble.
  11. So many choices in the thread but I'm going with a known quantity as the next Auburn head coach, augolf1716.
  12. I had my hopes up. Maybe passing to TEs was just a myth.
  13. No I meant defense. A defense to deal with those 2 high powered offenses (Ole Miss and bama) or our own mediocre offense won't have a chance.
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