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  1. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    He is already under contract for the '18, '19 and '20 season. If he wins the SEC Championship it also means beating bama and Georgia twice. I say add 1 year to his contract because he would have earned it imo. Any school in the SEC would give at minimum a 1 year extension for an SEC championship.
  2. Path to a National Title

    After the way the team won that Georgia game, the national perception of this Auburn team has changed, a lot. If Auburn wins the next 3 games, it will be a top 4 team and in the playoffs. But one week at a time guys.
  3. Favorite play of the night

    I have to go with the Slayton catch at the goal line for the TD. That's followed closely with the hit by Matthews when he came up on run support and laid the wood to the UGa RB.
  4. Replay

    Here is the entire game on YouTube.
  5. Gus

    Yes he did and I agree with the rest of your comments as well. I always pulled for him for the team but it became apparent that he had to wake up or else. I also think Gus now knows that the coaching staff and team that played Saturday beats LSU by 30. I am hoping that eats at him so much that he never forgets it because then it becomes one of those things that causes eyes to open and a permanent change. The Georgia effort was just a fantastic performance by the HC, the coaching staff and the players. As long as the change is permanent, Gus keeps his foot on the floor, lets his staff do their job, Gus and Auburn will do very well.
  6. end the hot seat talk

    As long as he keeps his foot to the floor and let's his staff do their job, Gus will be ok. That was an impressive performance Saturday by coaches and players. I liked the mindset of all involved.
  7. Grade Our O Line

    If I'm not mistaken it was soon after James got beat in pass protection early in the game.
  8. Gus quote

    The beauty of it was Georgia came into our house thug style and tried to intimidate our players from the beginning. All the pushing and in your face stuff from the 1st play, that was a planned tactic from the Georgia coaching staff. It's what they do. You noticed that immediately our players were having none of it and gave it right back. That is a great example of our coaching staff getting the players mentally ready from the very 1st play. Good job.
  9. FINAL: Auburn 40 Georgia 17

    That was a good old fashioned Southern ass whipping put on Georgia by our Auburn Tigers. Congrats team, on a great win and a fantastic game. WAR EAGLE !!!!
  10. Excuse I don’t want to hear

    There always has to be somebody.
  11. Opinions on how UGA has owned us lately?

    Georgia was pathetic. We should have been able to beat them with our walk-on QB, they were that bad. Then there was a healthy JF3 who rode the pine. He might have been able to break one running the read option, a couple passes here and there, but we didn't even try. In a rivalry game no less against an inferior team.
  12. Hmm, you could be right about that.
  13. You know, when the South EZ jumbotron was proposed and installed, most of us were pretty excited about it, including me. After the newness wore off and seeing it in use for a year, it seems too big for the stadium now. Sometimes you wish they could take some panels off, redo the structure, then use those panels in the other EZ.
  14. Opinions on how UGA has owned us lately?

    That's exactly right. All this blah blah that we didn't have a QB, we didn't have a RB, is no reason to give those games away. There is no excuse for losing the last 2 years to awful Georgia teams like that.
  15. Good, no more Jacobs' Follies.