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  1. Pat Dye: As of right now, 4 more losses ...

    Assuming he is serious, I don't agree with Coach on this one, not with this defense. But I think Coach just might be using some reverse psychology on the guys. His way of calling them out to get going on the offensive side. We'll see soon.
  2. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    My take is this. If you have already made the decision that if something happens to Stidham then MW will be your starter, you had better be getting the kid some playing time now. Take off the redshirt and put him in the game.
  3. Bashing Gus

    We don't know, that's exactly right. Given the current status of our opponents in the SEC West we don't know which way this thing is going to go. With a defense like the one we have now, it puts us in a position to make a nice run if this offense can make some improvement, especially on the O-line. Let's see how this thing plays out and enjoy the guys playing the game on Saturdays. We will know more in a month.
  4. Bashing Gus

    I agree with this. It's one thing to have a criticism of Gus about one thing or another, voice it and move on. But some have now taken it to the extreme. When they start saying the same things over and over again in every thread it becomes excessive and just piling on. It's starting to remind me of the Cam situation and the piling on by the media. Just enjoy watching the boys play the game every week.
  5. Our D is nasty this year! Here's some stats.

    ....most loyal....biggest....more loyal.....more biggest.....bigger loyalist....loyal 'biggerist'. Let me settle this right here, right now. @augolf1716has become the 'biggest' Auburn fan ever since he began thinking beer is food.
  6. The SEC

    If you consider the talent on our team and the status of other SEC teams, I do know one thing. If there was ever a good year for Auburn to make a nice run this would be the year. Fingers crossed here.
  7. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    Auburn 42, Mizzou 10 Auburn rushes for 275, passes for 300, the AU defense plays with serious intentions, the O-line has their best game of the year, 0 turnovers on offense, Stidham takes a seat in the 4th quarter with 4 td passes and Willis gets his first game action.
  8. Steele Curtain Note

    Unlike an offense, it literally takes YEARS to build up to a defense that performs like this defense. Fans should and I am sure do, really appreciate a defense like this. Going forward we need to make sure we keep Steele and his staff with this level of defense, no matter WHAT.
  9. Our D is nasty this year! Here's some stats.

    Nasty stats are the best stats. GO AU DEFENSE !!!!!!!!!
  10. Byron Cowart

    This is one of those expectation vs reality situations. Byron fully expected he would be a super star DE by now, a marquee position. However the reality was instead of being a super star DE, he was passed over by Freshmen DEs and switched to DT. This meant he would have to give up on the expectations he had for himself whether they were realistic or not or even based on his actual ability. He was not ready to accept this new reality, so here we are.
  11. Byron Cowart

    Phillip Marshall @ 247: "Byron Cowart is No Longer Part of the Auburn Football Team"
  12. The Woes of Malzahn- Insights and Looking Forward

    I too have been a Gus supporter since day one. In my opinion Gus's biggest problem has been transitioning from an offensive "guru" OC into a big picture HC. He has spent way too much time mired down in the play calling/game planning weeds each week instead of just dealing with his OC. This was a major cause for not spending enough time on the larger issues associated with being a HC. Issues like, what has the staff done in the offseason or is doing during the season, that is causing the the OL to under perform. So it was VERY encouraging that we saw Gus finally turn over the offense to Chip, no matter why he did it, so he can concentrate on being a HC and solving problems at that level. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  13. The receivers are not running precise routes. I base that supposition on input I got from a former Auburn WR who told me last week, "those guys wouldn't know a precise route if it hit 'em in the face". I don't know if that's true, but for whatever reason, it's often taking an inordinate amount of time for the ball to leave Stidham's hand. Definitely true except for Hastings and to some extent Ryan Davis. Hastings, especially, sells his fakes and gets separation on his cuts. His routes are fairly crisp and he is getting open. The other WRs just have to go to school on him.
  14. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    Gus's biggest issue all along has been to transition from "offensive guru OC" to Head Coach. Just like most teams, Auburn needs a big picture HC and always has. So it was a step in the right direction to see Gus lose the clipboard, get off the headset most of the time, operate as a HC and let Lindsey run his offense. It needs to stay that way on game day and during the week imho. Stidham's scan, reaction time and decision making looked better than the week before. He threw the ball well for the most part. Hastings ran some nice crisp routes to get separation, other WRs need to follow suit. The OL needs improvement, the WRs need to get better and the turnovers have to stop. Hopefully we will improve more this week. We move on.
  15. Sean White arrested

    Cut SW loose, for numerous reasons.