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  1. Recruit signs papers, wants to keep it on DL for signing day announcement with pals, AU says ok and puts name in portal per NCAA rules, UT doesn't check portal and keeps after him, signee can't tell UT or it would ruin his announcement with pals. Is there a problem ?
  2. I have been observing this continuing saga with interest and would like to make a small observation. Whatever the number on the OL is, 16, 17 or 18, we are giving these guys a free ride. If we are putting all these offensive linemen on scholly and cannot field a decent number of good players beyond the starters, we suck. If that is the case then we get what we deserve.
  3. We are replacing almost the entire OL/ DL next year and that's a big deal. You especially don't lose 2 players the caliber of Brown and Davidson without it having a major effect. There are definitely going to be some hiccups along the way. I'm thinking we'll see 7- 8 wins, 9 if we're lucky. The wild card will be the influence of Chad Morris on the offense and the QB.
  4. Flash has the speed but you have to be SO careful with a guy his size returning KOs. Sure, all he needs is a small crease to take it to the house but he can do that at WR on almost any short slant he catches. Do you want to take a WR that has that kind of ability and instead run him head long, at 6 ft.-179 lbs., into guys that weigh 75 lbs. more than him ? It's not worth the risk imo. As others have said, he's already had injury issues and that would almost guarantee another one.
  5. Four more football seasons with those boneheads ?
  6. ......and the best defensive line in the country.
  7. Yes they do, it's right in the NCAA record books. As you can see from my signature I am a big supporter of the 1913 and 1914 teams. The 1914 team was unscored on which is quite an accomplishment in any era. Yes, 1913 is definitely a NC team and 1914 should be given serious consideration along with '83, '93 (maybe) and 2004.
  8. We have a different AD now so. As I recall there was a lot of support from fans and alum too.
  9. Gus should look at the success LSU had this year and use that as a possible roadmap.
  10. If we subtract Cohen, we have 20 commits and get 5 more this year I assume. So maybe this ? DL- 2, Rodney comes through at the end like he always does with quality commits he had in his back pocket. DB- 1, likely George OL- 1 BA- 1, best available Where are we on those last 5 guys ?
  11. Pull the offer or offer him a grey shirt and leak it.