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  1. With these 2 QBs, this offense needs to be balanced at the QB position to be successful. The QB has to be able to take the pounding of a running QB and still complete passes at a reasonable rate. Whoever can achieve that balance the best without sacrificing one phase for the other should be out there.
  2. The Stidham model won't work for these 2 QBs in SEC play. With them there needs to be a QB running or passing threat on almost every play. Nobody can deny that Joey brings another dimension to this offense. He just does. Bo can run but can he take the pounding in the SEC that is needed to make this offense work ? We will soon know. On the flip side we know that Bo can throw the ball. He has made some overthrows on sure TDs but that's likely adrenaline. His % is down but that has a lot to do with the need to throw the ball away because of the rush. We have no idea what Joey can do in the passing phase. He threw that one pass and looked good doing it but that's it. In practice, could it be that it was something like decision making in the passing game that caused one of the QBs to pull ahead ? Again, we don't know. I do know this. Our QB cant just sit back there and throw the ball 50 times in the SEC. If Bo can't take the pounding in the running game we can't just get pass happy at QB to compensate for it. On the other hand, if Joey can't complete a decent % of passes (the Nick Marshall model) we can't just get run happy at QB. I don't know how this will shake out but the components needed to make this offense successful will dictate it. The offense has to be somewhat balanced at the QB position. You can't slight the QB run for the pass or vice versa. SEC defenses will shut that down. So whoever can take the pounding of a running QB but also complete passes, without sacrificing one phase for the other, should/will be out there.
  3. TOUCHDOWN AUBURN !!!! Another nice series by Joey. He even had a pass called for him inside the 10 and completed it.
  4. OK, Joey with a pass called inside the 10. Nice pass and a completion by Gatewood.
  5. TOUCHDOWN AUBURN !!!! WHEW, Joey looked good on that series. That fake pass and run was nice a couple plays back before he scored the TD..
  6. Joey really brings a different dimension to the offense. I would like to see how he can pass in a game situation.
  7. I was wondering why he ran Nix out there for the previous running play when Gatewood had just handed it off twice. He wanted to let Nix set up that pass play for the TD. Ok, let's see Joey the rest of the game and give him some pass plays too.
  8. TOUCHDOWN AUBURN !!!! 31-10 Ok, time to see some Gatewood at QB and Joiner at RB.
  9. Kam can't do what Boobee does and Boobee can't do what Kam does. Good combination.
  10. " The facility will be financed by gifts and general revenue bonds paid for by the athletics department." NOW we're talking.... " from the design phase to its grand opening — to be completed in three years or less should the board approve all of the necessary steps along the way." .... uuuuh.
  11. * Nix completing +60% of his passes. BTW, many of his "incomplete" passes have been throwing the ball away because of the pass rush so the OL has to improve there. * Multiple series of Gatewood running the complete offense with the 1's. * Use of curls, middle crossing patterns and seam routes in the passing game. * Joiner and D.J. Williams getting some decent touches in the running game.
  12. ,It's not like we don't have guys that can play. QB- Gatewood brings a different dimension to the offense and opens up the defense. He can run very well and is a pass threat. FB/HB/TE- Nigh and his 267 lbs. can catch the ball. Shenker and Wilson can also catch. Then there is the big Freshman TE that isn't injured. Short slants, curls and seam routes are all there to be used for them. RB- Joiner can run and catch, DJ Williams can run (if he's not hurt use him to give Whitlow a rest), Richards can be used for that too. Shivers and Martin can run in the open and are great safety valves for Nix. WR- Stove, McClain, Hastings and Canella can all catch the ball. Schwartz ( the cast ?), Seth Williams (get that shoulder healed). That's a lot of talent that can be utilized and worked into the offense. Some of them like Joiner, Gatewood and Canella need a lot more touches.
  13. See there, you shouldn't have said that.
  14. Running plays weren't working at all. We're lucky it wasn't 40 passes.
  15. He tried to take some pressure off Nix with the run game but the OL couldn't get a push at the LOS. We couldn't run between the tackles and we couldn't run outside. He didn't have much choice other than to go to the passing game.