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  1. Now you're talking some serious player salaries. 200,000 million is 200 billion.
  2. A video of the garage area at Talladega. At about the 3 minute mark it begins to show the garage doors. Several of the doors have pull down ropes with loops on them of various configurations, one even has a huge loop (12 minute mark), some just have knots, some double knots and some have nothing. The video was made October 13th, 2017.
  3. I looked the numbers up once and if I remember correctly a significant portion of the $114M was for his residence at Mar-a- Lago. On just one transaction alone, the contract for two new AF1s, he saved the taxpayers $1.75B. The issue is a shiny object.
  4. I think keeping the economy and everything else shutdown until things are perfect isn't a realistic option. We are going to have to let the under 50 crowd to go to work, attend school, and participate in sports. They are at much less risk if they get it. As you can see below the data on this is dramatic. Yes, at the same time the over 50 crowd has to be much more careful. You've listed some of the specific issues that have to be accounted for and we must do that. Obviously AU employees over 50 need to wear masks, wash their hands and not touch their face but we know that now. Older coaches and employees are just going to have to do that.
  5. You got breakdown of that costing more part ? The security costs alone would be significantly more at a place that can't be shut down while he is there.
  6. So no proof of him being compromised and no Russian spy proof either. That's got to suck. But triggered again I see and responding from the handbook just like a good little lefty would, lol. You keep worshiping your left wing "progressive" leaders that agree with you, in charge of the failing big cities, who are now allowing them to be taken over by anarchists and the citizens attacked. That really is cult worship.
  7. He doesn't have to do anything just like all his predecessors.
  8. He is the first to pay anything. All Presidents have taken vacations, played golf, relaxed and they should. I didn't fault them then or him now for that. He just happens to own some of the golf courses and they can shut them down to the public when he is there. It probably has as much to do with security as anything and probably costs less than it would somewhere else. But, in addition to his $400K there is also the $180K x 2 that Ivanka and Kushner give up as Advisors to the President. So the family gives up at least $760K, in addition to the money they are forgoing in business and is a sizable amount, to do this. The point is that he and the family are not doing this for money.
  9. Sure, you mean other than what he has said as POTUS or what FLOTUS has said about this topic. Here are a couple of references I had in my bookmark file. The first is an article from NPR which has examples, videos included, going back to 1988. You'll notice he has been of saying the same things about America first and love of country for a long time. Second is an article which speaks directly to the issue of his patriotism. Keep in mind that there will be scores of people trying to tear this down. You see this on issues as obvious as the fact that Trump is an outsider, they will try to say he is DC establishment or on Trump's love of country, saying it's fake.
  10. You seem like the type that can have an honest, decent discussion, so no poking here. I was just speaking to the logic of doing the same thing but thinking you will get a different result. My experience tells me a placeholder can't or won't do that. That's why I choose to push back against the establishment with a guy who isn't "one of them" and doesn't need their money.
  11. Do tell. Is the proof of this found in the same safe where they keep the proof that POTUS was a Russian spy ? Trump isn't beholden to the establishment. He had already created his wealth before he ran for President so he is obviously motivated by something more than money. I wonder what that is ? His love of country, which goes back decades, is the reason he does this.
  12. Without addressing some of the faulty conclusions in the rest of your post, let me just ask you a question on your first sentence. You agree "that Trump didn't create a lot of the major issues plaguing us." Your solution is to have someone in office who is the epitome of the DC establishment that created these problems, Joe Biden ?
  13. It says nothing about what Trump "thinks of his supporters", haha. It was a cute parody that pointed out the bias of CNN and Trump supporters got it immediately. POTUS knew that. It does show everything about the media getting triggered by a simple parody though. Apparently it hit home too because CNNs Acosta got so triggered it became funny. It's really hard to believe the Salon writer would spend this much time on a parody, lol. This all reminds me of the time CNN got triggered by the "Trump Wrestles CNN" parody meme created by one of his supporters.