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  1. Every single game to the last second.
  2. Just my opinion but I would leave the 3 returning starters from last year right where they are. Continuity is very important. It is especially important if you want to get things set early. If somebody can beat out James @ LT, Golson @ OC or Smith @ RG so be it. But OC is critical to the overall execution of the OL and Golson knows his job. With Smith we have an All-SEC, potential All-American type RG. If an Ashley can beat out James at LT, great, then consider a James move. If Ashley can't then consider him at RT.
  3. Stay healthy, don't fumble.
  4. Oh I'm not. That's why I said JS looks like the real deal.
  5. I'm thinking Stidham needs to get that "reading defenses" thing up to speed and fast. Seems like we had another can't miss QB who had the same issue. Having said that, Stidham looks like the real deal so far.
  6. Grrrrrr. We can't hit an overhand curve ball.
  7. We need a double play right here.
  8. Auburn shouldn't do anything one way or the other because of bama, on any subject. Auburn should do what is best for Auburn. Switch divisions if we want to and let bama worry about how to schedule their own games. It makes sense for us to be in the East and play Florida, Georgia and Tennessee every year like we use to. Quite frankly, if we were to play bama earlier in the year or even every other year it would be just fine.
  9. Yes and as a matter of fact a case could be made to reduce the current capacity of the bench seating to make room for individual cushioned seating. An appx. 85K capacity with nice individual seats would go a long way while we wait on exterior facelifts and/or NEZ projects.
  10. No on AU football games on Thurs night.
  11. I don't think we want to depend on a TFr at LT to protect Stidham's blindside on pass protection. If he does, he needs to be better at it than any other OL on the team, because that is what needs to be there. Ashley is good but I doubt if he will be ready for that responsibility. RT ok but not LT....yet.
  12. LT- Wanogho, LG- James, OC- Golson, RG- Smith, RT- Ashley If all were SEC ready in '17 this would be an ideal lineup imo. The interior of that line would be as solid as it gets. But however the final OL shuffle does shake out, we need to make sure we have a good left tackle to protect Stidhams blindside.
  13. Will they also make a rule that says a school is not allowed to make improvements to the high school football facilities of a top recruit ? Just wondering....
  14. As I watched the game, I couldn't help thinking what Kyle Davis might be thinking of this performance. If he makes his way back, the JS, NCM, KD combination will be something to watch.