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  1. Yet another 2nd half nothing burger. Call the moving vans, the party is over.
  2. 2 bad plays in the half. The QB ''fumble" and the busted coverage on the wheel route ended up costing us 7 each. A heavy price to pay on them. The D is playing great except for that 1 busted coverage.
  3. Harsin doesn't care how many beatdowns the team takes from here on out. He is just waiting on his check.
  4. Ask this guy to give the OL a few pointers. Conrad Dobler
  5. Harsin won't lose 6 in a row, they will let him go after he loses 2 in a row.
  6. Personally, I want someone who comes from and can really recruit the South, can recruit both sides of the LOS, can pull all the vested interests at AU together to follow his vision, knows how to operate in the era of the NIL/ transfer rules and is a winning P5 coach. As far as the integrity question, yes we don't want a bum but the word integrity is a relative term and takes on different meanings. In the first place, people do learn lessons in life so there is that.Then there is this. Does a person who learned a lesson have less integrity than a person who has been cheating at recruiting for 15 years but was untouchable ? So now, players are openly being paid which puts us in a pro-league and it's a cutthroat business. Finally, if our coach is going to be held to a very high integrity standard then everyone should including some of the boosters and administrators in and around our program. Perspective is important.
  7. I agree. Based on what we saw, it would probably be worse on recruiting to keep him around as a lame duck at this point.
  8. Last year was Harsin's first year and then there was the off season crap where I thought he was treated unfairly. For those reasons I had decided to give Harsin a pass going into this season. I wanted to give him a fair chance and not pre-judge things. I also said it was up to him at this point to prove himself, one way or the other, if he could do the job. No talk, it would be decided on the field. He didn't pass the test.
  9. The future of Auburn football, the recruits, have left the building.
  10. Well I said before the season started that Harsin would prove himself on the field this year, one way or the other. Coach speak would mean nothing, team prep and the Ws would be everything. I was willing to wait and see and not pre-judge. So I think he just revealed the answer on whether he passed the test.
  11. Ashford the passing QB..... 1st down, then throws to the 5, 1st down.
  12. TJ with 2 fumbles now. I think he is injured more than he is letting on.
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