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  1. I'm watching the replay on the SECN and I'm not as nervous, lol. Loving this.
  2. I thought I was going to have a stroke but it was worth it. What a GREAT and complete game. FANASTIC coaching, FANTASTIC defense. GREAT GREAT WIN GUYS. AUBURN 2019 SEC TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS
  3. That was one of the greatest halves of defensive basketball I have ever seen by any team. FANTASTIC
  4. GREAT effort on our offensive boards. FANTASTIC
  5. Our defense is opening up this lead for us. What a well coached team.
  6. Wiley is going to have to help out a lot more time tomorrow and play well against the bigs. Spencer and Okeke will need more rebounds and better shooting on those dang 1 footers.
  7. They can whine all they want but it wouldn't have been shooting foul anyway, only a floor foul.
  8. Pearl is saying he told Brown to foul him before he got to half court. It would have been a 2 shot foul anyway so it made no difference.
  9. Whew we got away with one, McCormick all over the arm. That makes up for some calls that didn't go our way in the game.
  10. Okeke misses another 1 footer, then makes a 5 footer.
  11. It was that 75% FG shooting that kept them in it. They can't keep that up.