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  1. Over the years on the JH renovation project we've had numerous studies, fan surveys, sketches, architectural renderings, master plans, new improved master plans, start dates, holds on start dates and presentations to the board. After all that, instead of getting a master plan renovation to JH, we got a huge jumbotron. So now we have a working group on the FOF. All I can say is, that's nice.
  2. I could not agree more. What do the decisions on long term capital investments in the Auburn football program have to do with who the present coach may be ? They don't. We need the football only facility no matter who the coach is 1, 2 or 5 years from now. The BOT's short term thinking is doing nothing to improve the long term success of the program. Why do they need Greene to bring them comparisons to other programs' FOFs now after they already sent him out to raise the money ? They should already know what is being done at other programs. If not get in your car and have your driver take you instead of moving the goalposts.
  3. He sure 'looks' the part in those photos doesn't he.
  4. I think we have a very good chance with T-Will in our corner.
  5. I agree, a 9 win regular season should be the minimum. If we exclude the Big 3 games with LSU, UGa and bama, it means you have to win the other 9. So you can't throw away any of those 9 games and have a good season. Then if you win 1 of the remaining Big 3 games you have 10 wins, 2 is 11, etc.
  6. You nailed it. Gus wasn't the coach the last 25 years while we waited on those "master plan stadium improvements." No current coach or W-L record has anything to do with the FOF. Short term thinking vs long term capital improvement decisions.
  7. An AU Pres. that would delay this after his AD already had 50% of the funds committed, is the same type that would reveal it just before Big Cat Weekend. How STUPID can he get ? Good grief, smh.
  8. I just found out about this devastating news, what a terrible tragedy. May God comfort his family in their time of need. RIP Rod and Paula.
  9. A sour grape post, even if there is some truth to it, doesn't usually help the poster. The best way to prove people wrong would be to get in the CFL or Arena league and light it up. That will open more doors than instagram posts.
  10. Flash was the ONLY Freshman to make the finals, finishing 6th @ a college personal best of 10.21 with 3 Seniors and 1 Junior ahead of him. The future looks bright.
  11. Thanks for your post ABW, there were some good points through out. If ever there was a team to have around a young QB it would be a team with experience like this. I also agree with your point about the experienced DL being so important with new starting LBs and that Williams will have those LBs ready.
  12. Carlton Davis and now Jamal Dean in the same secondary in the NFL. That's good stuff.
  13. It all comes down to whether he wants to be in the NFL or he doesn't. If he does, I doubt it will be at QB, so he will have to make some changes while he has time. If he doesn't care about the NFL his decisions become less critical and are a lot easier. Play QB3 at AU or play QB1 at a small school and be happy either way.