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  1. IronMan70

    Are there solutions with the OL?

    I guess the word 'adequate' is a relative term. I think most people saying that (me included) are just saying we have other issues more glaring.
  2. IronMan70

    Are there solutions with the OL?

    LG- Leave Harrell for now. Does an adequate job. OC- Leave Brahms for now, he was an improvement. LT, RG, RT- open it up to competition at all 3 positions this week. Light a fire under those 3 players and see if Ashley and/or Trox can make a move. Give them all a few 'attitude' sessions this week with Coach Grimes, Takeo Spikes or some tough ass Marine drill instructor and bring out the 'mean' in them. I am actually more than half serious on that last one.
  3. IronMan70

    people feel like a QB change is the fix

    It's scary. Not only on pass pro but our OL is stalemated on runs between the tackles more often than we have seen the last few years. Our options on offense are getting limited more and more. As you say try to mask it as much as they can.
  4. IronMan70

    people feel like a QB change is the fix

    I usually stay positive on here and just enjoy the season but I am forced to address a reality. You want to know why Stidham ends up scrambling a lot ? Well here is an example. One of our OTs, after making initial contact with a DE, received a one hand push on the side of the helmet. I mean it pushed our OT back 3 yards and he completely turned his back to the DE. That was on just one play and there were several more along the line. You just can't run a consistent offense with an OL performing like that. Unless we solve some serious issues on the OL, our QB's performance as well our RBs and WRs are really going to suffer. If this is the best the OL can do after 4 games into the season and a complete Fall camp, the reality is we have some serous problems.
  5. IronMan70

    people feel like a QB change is the fix

    No way do you make a change at QB, Stidham is not the major issue. Right now we don't have a stud RB (#28 is the closest) that can carry a game against a top opponent. A major reason for that is we have an average OL that can't seem to consistently open holes between the tackles. The RBs are getting stacked up in there which is reducing our play selection in the running game and making it easier on defenses. The OL's pass protection seems to be up and down from one play to the next. Based on some of the things I saw on the replay, it would be fair to say, we have some serious issues on the OL at more than one position. None of this helps Stidham in the passing game or in his ability to find secondary receivers. Because of that many of Stidham's plays are ending up in a scramble. However when that does happen he usually finds a safe sideline receiver or he throws it away, both good decisions. That was the 4th game and the OL has GOT to get going because right now the offense isn't able to get into rhythm consistently. If the OL doesn't get better soon, we won't have a RB or a QB perform as well as they should and it won't even be close.
  6. IronMan70

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Oh yes, either one will do, haha. I actually prefer the one in your pic with the video screens in the corners too.
  7. IronMan70

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    That looks good. Something similar to that could still be done to fill in around the jumbotron. Add 1 or 2 stories to the right and make a seamless transition the video board. Then duplicate it on the other side but give it some architectural detail.
  8. IronMan70

    Jalen, Nate And JM gone now.

    Just thinking out loud but maybe they need to modify the rule and make it for Fr or Fr & Soph only.
  9. IronMan70

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    Jalen is a big man, can block well, a good pass catcher, just 2 targets one year both TDs with the talent to make a major impact if he had been used more. Jalen is a lot better than he was able to showcase at AU.
  10. IronMan70

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    I wish Jalen luck and I can't say that I blame him. We have been pounding the table for years in here, me included, for the TE to be utilized. Flat passes, short crossing patterns, seam routes by the TE are very effective and keep defenses playing honest. The NFL gets that and we should too. Jalen was a good player with excellent hands who could have been a great option for a QB like Stidham. But in the final analysis he was way underutilized, just like the rest of our TEs have been over the last 10years, including Lutz and Uze.
  11. Those discounting some of these posters complaints about the PI calls with an argument that AU could have played better should keep something in mind. This is not an either or situation. AU could have done more to win the game AND the referees made bad calls on LSU's last drive. Those two things can be true at the same time.
  12. Are you saying you need transportation ? Sure, you can ride with us, lol.
  13. It's short sighted when people take the position that the refs don't matter because we should have put the game away. Sure we should have, in fact that's a given, but that ignores the issue of very bad officiating. That is something no team should have to put up with, it is demoralizing to the team and especially to those players involved. No matter what happened during the rest of the game, the fact is, very marginal penalties were called on the last possession after AU's defense had stopped LSU. Our DBs could not have played much better coverage on those 2 incomplete pass attempts. What makes it even worse is refs know they should not be the deciding factor on marginal calls at the end of a close game. They did that twice in the last 4 minutes.
  14. Right, no matter what else we did or didn't do, we shouldn't have to put up with officiating like that. That stands on its own.