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  1. IronMan70

    Men Vs. Duke

    Refs can take a good game in college sports and just ruin it.
  2. IronMan70

    Who Are Your Top Returning Impact Players?

    They have him listed as a RB. I like those big RBs and I thought he looked pretty good on the minimal carries he got this year. We'll see how he looks after off season training.
  3. IronMan70

    Who Are Your Top Returning Impact Players?

    Defense- Brown or Coe and hope one of them stays. If not, Iggy. Offense- Williams and Schwartz. Then whoever is the QB because they have to be if we're going to get the ball to those 2 WRs. Sleeper- Joiner @ RB, with +15 lbs. of muscle added in the S&C program, putting him at 6'4" 230 lbs.
  4. IronMan70

    Kevin Steele a Candidate for Head Coaching Job.

    Ok, I'm calling horse manure on you two and sticking up for 64 on this one. While you "younger" people pat each other on the back, understand something. This has nothing to do with 64 having some nonsensical 'little brother syndrome'. It also has nothing to do with who has the strongest team in any given year. What this has everything to do with is AU and UA wanting to f*** with each other over anything and everything. That's just the reality. Why ? Because both sides can. It's all part of the rivalry and has been ever since the Shug Jordan era and probably before. The "older crowd" knows that and has fun with it.
  5. IronMan70

    Kevin Steele a Candidate for Head Coaching Job.

    $ 2 million a year while checking off another year qualifying for State of Ala retirement vs making 75% less at a small school out of state ? Hmmm let me think about that, uhhh NO. Sounds to me more like Steele is getting close to signing a recruit UGa or bama might want, lol.
  6. IronMan70

    Serious discussion

    Not for one season but if Gus started putting together consistent 10 win seasons, I would be happy. If he got an extension out of it that would be fine by me.
  7. IronMan70

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    It's possible that may work, who knows. It's his call, he needs to win and especially stop losing to inferior teams.
  8. IronMan70

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    The CEO vs the HC/OC combination is a good academic discussion which has allowed all of us to express our opinions. That is a good thing but I think it also misses the most important issue. What we 'really' care about is wins. Speaking for myself, I couldn't care less if he is a CEO, calls all the offensive plays or fires all the coaches and does everything himself. I don't care how he handles it, just handle it. What I care about is him winning those games he should never lose every year, to teams that are clearly not as good as us. I also care about what, if anything, he is doing to improve in that area. In his 6th year for instance, AU should have never lost to LSU, MSU or Tenn. Think of the different perception there would be right now if Gus had won those games and we were 9-1 (even 8-2) vs 6-4. Gus has always been his worst enemy when it comes to losing those games.
  9. IronMan70

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    I don't think McLoofus was suggesting that and I know I wasn't. That would be a crazy idea imo. He was just commenting that he didn't think Gus could go back to doing that somewhere else. Sure some coaches can do both as long as they have the HC part nailed down tight. Let me address something. You know I've been a Gus supporter and hoped with each passing season he could grow into a good head coach. I wanted this so the team, players and Auburn would do well. But with each passing season he kept losing those games he should never have lost. I'm not talking about the rivalry games, it was those other 10 games. Beginning with the '14 TAMU game and ever since, things didn't seem to improve. We would have a spurt, like last year, then revert back to the norm like we did in the SECCG and the bowl game. I got to the point where I was neutral on him before this season began but still hoped he would have a good season, for the sake of the players and Auburn. I want them to win every game, every year. But here we are again and I have finally come to the conclusion that he isn't going to change. I don't want that to be the case but I reluctantly think it is. Don't get me wrong, if he stays next year and I think he will, I want him to coach an 11 win or better season and have the team do very well. I really hope that happens.
  10. IronMan70

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    I honestly don't think he could transition back to being an OC again. On the other side of the coin he can't seem to let go of the OC mindset and be the head coach we need. It's as if he is caught in the twilight zone. There are good OCs all across the country that can be hired to run an offense for a HC. He was hired to be a HC and that takes a completely different skill set.
  11. IronMan70

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    When I look around the league I see some very successful head coaches that might never call an offensive play all year long. Obviously you don't have to be an offensive 'genius' to be a very good head coach. We don't need an OC or a DC that is also trying to be a HC. The qualities to be successful at each position are totally different. What we need is a true HC. Can Gus make that transition ? I use to think so but I'm not so sure anymore.
  12. As a former Gus supporter I turned neutral before the season, taking a wait and see approach. I still had hopes for this year but I honestly think it's time for Gus to move on. There was a lot of promise but it just doesn't seem to be working out. If he stays another year it will be his 10th year with the AU program as either OC or HC. That is enough body of evidence for the PTB to make a decision. One of his issues has been the ability to recruit to critical needs. In football, it's always been about the OL/DL first and it always will be. We have at least been competitive in those areas, more so on the DL, until this year's OL. But since recruiting is the backbone of any program we need to be realistic about the obvious. Let's face it, any new HC will have to compete for recruits with a bama machine and Georgia building one like it. Doing it the "way they do" means they will have 5* RBs on their 3rd string, 5* QBs coming and going like water and deep OLs that are strong as an ox. That said, if we don't want to do "what they do", there are still 10 other teams on our schedule. We should expect to beat them EVERY year (a major Gus issue) and beat bama/uga periodically. If we decide to go their way, most fans don't, we should expect to be undefeated every year. We need to understand the differences in those two choices and temper expectations accordingly.
  13. IronMan70

    Georgia Game Report Card

    You are definitely right about that. CGM teams have always been slow to find their offensive strengths which is something I've never really liked. But halfway through the season is a long time to still be in the process of figuring all that out. That wears on the rest of the team for sure. It also caused losses to clearly inferior teams this year.
  14. IronMan70

    Georgia Game Report Card

    True but if we take a look at this particular game, our short passing game plan was actually working and it was a competitive game through most of the first half. The score was 10-13 just before the half and it was our defense that broke first. Then with 23 seconds to go, 4th and 3, our defense gives up a 38 yard TD off a short pass designed to get a 1st down. Of course when we had the possession just before that, JS threw high on a wide open Whitlow for an easy first down. So at this point, both the offensive and defensive units are playing sub par. One thing that really surprises me is the rushing yards teams are able to gain on us right up the middle.
  15. IronMan70