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  1. Well he might want to be looking over his shoulder right. I just hope Bobo calls a good game Saturday so we can win at that smelly corndog stadium.
  2. It's obvious to me too but that's what we need to do when we consider the deficiencies we have in the pass game. So QBs, WRs and TEs have to at least make the defense play honest to make our run game go. We have 2 of the best running backs in the league/nation and that has to be the focus. Edit: On "SEC in 60", I just watched Miss State complete 2 long drives against LSU. When MSU passed on those 2 drives not a single pass was over 7 yards. That's how they kept the LSU defense from stacking up on their running game.
  3. That was the most interesting take away for me too. It's not necessary to pick apart his words. He was the starter for almost 2 1/2 years, he got benched but that's life and it's a bitter pill for him to swallow right now, hence the lack of self awareness. But like you, the fact that he and coach haven't talked about it since then, stood out to me.
  4. I'm not sure what we are right now Valley but we need to lean on what we are good at. With these 2 RBs and an OL that is above average at run blocking, we should be a running team about 2/3rds of time imo. So with 75 total plays we would run it 50 times and pass it 25 times, or less. Mix in the pass to keep defenses honest and off the QB, make those passes count, use the TEs, but with the issues we have had in the passing game, we have to rely on our 2 very good RBs.
  5. I'm not sure it matters which assistant coach is the first one to be fired. I'm sure there will be others. The fact is, this position group was underperforming in several areas and it had to be addressed. There are other position groups.
  6. So now the firing is in the rear view mirror. Let's hope Kiesau can make some improvements before the LSU game.
  7. Tell me how our defense will play and I will tell you how we do but you can't do that. I'm not going to go against our guys vs the Louisiana mud rats. Auburn 28, LSU 27 BEAT THOSE CORNDOGS
  8. Obviously we needed a change in this game. Bo was off and TJ came in to give the team a spark and he did. TJ looked much better than Bo in this game. It's a small sample and it's hard for me to make an overall judgement so I will reserve that. Unfortunately LSU knows ALL of TJs tendencies, maybe even more than Harsin, so that could be a disadvantage at LSU. Having said that, I think TJ has earned the start. If he doesn't get it, Bo will probably have a much shorter hook, so maybe him coming off the bench to save another game wouldn't be bad either. But just a side comment, our WRs have t
  9. I thought he gave the perfect answer with the perfect edge to his voice. He doesn't try to hide his irritation which is, yes, similar to someone else
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