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  1. I have no way to predict the future but I have a feeling that this team may gel and become something special. Stranger things have happened. This is what makes college football so great to follow.
  2. Thanks. Just luck I assure you! 😋
  3. Happy Game day my fellow Auburn Family members!
  4. I am a season ticket holder but could not go this past Saturday and cannot go to the game this week due to a little health issue. Thanks so much for posting this. It gave me chills. With the grace of God hopefully I will be back at JHS for the Miss St. game.
  5. Does bammer deserve to be ranked #2 in the country since they have played two powder puff teams these first 2 weeks of the season? That question is as silly as the original question asked in this thread. The rankings at this point in the season are of course meaningless. Will Auburn finish #7 or #17 or unranked? I don't know and neither does anyone else.
  6. Auburn Georgia Mississippi State Tennessee Alabama Ole Miss Arkansas Florida Texas A&M LSU Missouri 48
  7. Why play the games then? Heck lets just skip to the SEC Championship between the criminal tide and the leg humpers! You would think that AU is Tennessee who has dropped 2 home games to inferior opponents. Last time I checked we beat an Oregon team at a neutral site that just dropped a whopping amount of points on their last opponent and we held a Tulane team to no touchdowns that has been a scoring machine. I guess facts don't matter.
  8. The development of a better passing game will help stop future AU opponents from loading up the box the way Tulane did in the 1st half. It is mighty hard to block 8 guys in the box even if you are the New England Patriots! Bo being a true freshman will continue to make freshman mistakes but he must improve his reads and decision making. I have not given up on this team or this offense. I still think we can be a top 25 squad by the time the dust settles on the season.
  9. Well this board is a dumpster fire tonight. Goodnight my disgruntled Auburn Family members. Y'all enjoy the pity party, I'm outta here!
  10. So where did you learn how to do internet message board psychiatry Dr. Zeek?