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  1. Maybe so even if we had 1/4th of an offense and a knowledgeable play caller.
  2. Surely IF there is validity to all of this, Gus will not be cut loose until after the buyout goes down in December.
  3. Who was the coach when you first identified as an Auburn fan: Coach Ralph "Shug" Jordan. What was the cause of you identifying as an Auburn fan: My Dad, God Rest his soul, worked with a bunch of arrogant, obnoxious bammer fans who regularly ran their mouths about the criminal tahd and how great they were. He also heard them disparaging what they called "that little cow college" down the road. My Dad was not a sports fan at the time but he got so aggravated that he declared himself as an Auburn fan and he grew to love Auburn and Auburn athletics from there. He started taking me to AU football games and of course it "got into my blood" and has remained there to this day. What is your all time favorite Auburn moment or memory: I can't just pick one, so I will list two magical moments. First, December 1972 sharing "Punt Bama Punt" with my Dad as we sat by the radio listening to Gary Sanders and Gusty Yearout call the iconic blocked kicks that led to a 17-16 upset of the evil empire. This was the last Iron Bowl victory I ever shared with my Dad. Secondly, the "kick Six" that I got to share with my son at JHS in 2013!
  4. Great, Gary will be in our stadium just gushing with love for the criminal tide. I hope we send him home with his tail tucked between his legs.
  5. This loss was caused by Arthur Gustavo Malzahn III and his pathetic play calling. He put Auburn in the desperate scenario that our players almost overcame in spite of him. Please Arkansas, call your favorite son home, NOW!
  6. Do the rankings really matter for us anymore? Don't get me wrong because I am looking forward to our opportunity to knock the criminal tide out of the natty race, but I will be so glad when this season mercifully ends. There was so much talent, especially on defense, absolutely wasted by our inept fearless leader, Arthur Gustavo Malzahn III
  7. Honestly, the answer to the OP's question unfortunately rests in the bank accounts of some very wealthy AU supporters.
  8. It is kind of sad that this may be the last trip down "Amen Corner" with the schedule change going into effect next year,
  9. As Hank Williams Jr. said in the song "The Conversation", that don't deserve no answer hoss, let's light up and just move along.
  10. Pickens wasn't man enough nor good enough to beat out our talented receiver corps anyway. I do hope he gets into the game so our "D" can officially welcome him to Auburn and so I can boo him as loud as I booed Rueben Foster years ago. Just beat these nasty, mangy, stinkin, dirty, leg humpers!
  11. The Auburn Tigers 24 Ugly flea bitten stinkin' leg humpin' mutts 17