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  1. Very obvious that the "selection committee "" has no respect for the SEC Tourney Champ. That's OK, we will kick tail in Utah.
  3. Now maybe AD Greene can get to work on AU trading places with Missouri in the SEC East.
  4. No need to debate the merits of our shamed former assistant coach. I just know that this team is not playing up to its potential and something has to change. Bruce is a great recruiter and head coach. He needs to find someone for his staff that can coach defense and help recuit talented big men.
  5. We will have to agree to disagree on your staement about CP. A guy who played and coached in the NBA for over 2 decades knows a good bit about playing and coaching defense. Just like Gus sent a couple of assistants packing after the FB season, Bruce needs to do likewiase.
  6. That sums it up in a nutshell. 😄
  7. I am so disappointed in the 2018-19 basketball team. Auburn needs a big man who can dominate. When we can't consistently hit threes we lose. Our inside game is average at best. Wiley is a good player inside but he is too injury prone. I agree Bruce needs to shake up his coaching staff. I despise what Chuck Person did but the loss of his contributions as a coach is showing. We will be fortunate to make the NCAA tourney at this point.
  8. We dodged a bullet here. IF pickens can get in school at ugly he will be a handfull for kirby dumb to handle. Move on we have GREAT receivers WITHOUT attitudes already on the roster. Besides, this leaves a spot for someone who WANTS TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER!
  9. I am guilty as charged. I was also calling for bball season last year in October. Oh well, War Damn Eagle anyway. Good night my friends.
  10. Wow this bb season is eerily going the way of the '18 football season. So much promise, but no delivery on game day. Disappointing to say the least. Maybe we can win at home next time up. Bring on baseball!
  11. I know Wiley is out but we have got to play better in the paint with the guys we have available. This is a very winnable game if we play smart in the 2nd half.
  12. Amen brother, bammer has been getting away with it ever since little nicky arrived. All things must come to an end eventually as will the reign of the little midget from tuscaloser.
  13. My son and I are driving up the morning of the game. Nashville is an easy drive from Northeast AL. Looking forward to seeing my Tigers play again. War Eagle!
  14. I would rather read the phone book (do they still have those????) 😋