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  1. UCF...would love to see CBH rub Gustavo's face in the mud!
  2. The NCAA could stop this transfer madness if they really wanted to. College basketball has been reduced to just a minor league of the NBA sadly.
  3. Coach Mason was the best hire made by Bryan Harsin IMHO. I am real excited about the prospects of a Mason coached defense on the Plains.
  4. Nix may indeed be the starter at the beginning of the season but if he does not improve his performance from his sophomore campaign he won't remain the starter IMHO. I hope Davis pushes him hard.
  5. Well it was September 18, 1971. Auburn hosted Chattanooga and blew them out 60-7. I was hooked for life!
  6. I sure wanted Auburn to keep CRG. He is definitely a great recruiter and an even better man from all I have read. CBH certainly has the right to pick his own assistants and hopefully all will be well with the coaches he hired. I still think an opportunity was missed by not retaining CRG.
  7. So sorry to here about Nathan. While his family and those who had the pleasure of knowing him will grieve for his loss we can all have peace in the fact that he is in the presence of our God and will be there for eternity. Nathan, I never got to meet you but I feel like I know you. I will see you in Heaven my friend one of these fine days!
  8. My dear fellow AU Family member, prayers have been sent for you and your entire family. May the loving hand of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ guide you and your family during these difficult times and may He give you and your family the peace that only He can give. Hang in there mt brother. I will continue to pray for you and your family.
  9. I have learned to stay far, far away from AL.com (known to me as ALL LIES.com).
  10. I have no idea if BK is coming back but I sure would welcome him back if he does!
  11. I get a feeling that Auburn football is gonna get to be real fun again over the next couple of seasons! War Eagle CBH!!!!!!!!
  12. Bo Nix better get ready...the new coaching staff is going to work his butt off to get the bad Gustavo coaching out of his system!
  13. Kodi will always be a part of the Auburn Family. Best wishes to him and his family as they start this new journey in their lives.
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