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  1. My prayers go out to the Family of Coach Pat Dye. Coach Dye you brought Auburn back to relevance in the college football world. You stood toe to toe with Alabama and came out on top. You moved the Iron Bowl home game to Auburn permanently. You meant so much to your players, the fans and all of the Auburn Family. You were well respected by all who knew you including those who competed against you. Simply put, you are a hero of mine and I have always respected you for being the man that you were. Godspeed Coach Dye. I know I will see you in Heaven someday. I am definitely proud to be a DYE-HARD AUBURN FAN! RIP Coach Patrick Fain Dye
  2. This was such a huge loss for the Auburn Family. May God continue to bless the Bramblett children and those providing care for them.
  3. Nathan I haven't been on the boards much lately and I just read this thread. I have sent prayers for you and your family my brother. You are fighting the good fight and I pray that the Lord above will heal you and strengthen you and your family. Hang in there brother and please let me know if I can help in any way. Take care my friend.
  4. Welcome Mr. Newton...can't wait to see you play for the good guys! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr Eagle! Hey!
  5. Nothing to see here...just another so called "progressive", communist, liberal professor.
  6. Bottom Line...rule change or not $aban got his arse kicked in November and he knows it. 😁
  7. This is one rivalry that we have got to right the ship on. I am so tired of all the losses we have had to the leg humpers over the past few years. Heck, we haven't won in Athens since 2005! We need to change that starting this year, assuming we have a football season.
  8. Prayers sent for your Mother my Auburn friend. May God bless her and all of your family during these difficult times.
  9. I used to proudly display an "I'm a Dye Hard Auburn Fan" bumper sticker on my cars back in the 80's. He and Coach Jordan are my very favorite AU coaches of all time.
  10. Prayers sent for the entire Hamm Family. May the peace of God that passes all understanding comfort all of you during this tragic time. I am so sorry for the loss of your little child.
  11. Won't affect me none...I don't drink! πŸ˜€
  12. Best wishes to you JaTarvious Whitlow. I really enjoyed watching you play football for Auburn.
  13. Little nickie $aban was probably the ghost writer for this article! $$$$$$$$$$$
  14. What is said in JANUARY does not necessarily come true in SEPTEMBER grasshopper.
  15. Aubie is the best mascot in the country and everybody knows it. He doesn't have to win a mythical "National Championship" for that statement to be true.