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  1. Sully to Beasley

    Chip Lindsey

    Yep, somebody's got to be the scapegoat for Gustavo.
  2. Sully to Beasley

    Tammy The Finebaum Caller

    So tragic. Prayers sent for the entire family.
  3. Sully to Beasley

    Liberty Score Prediction

    The Auburn Tigers - 58 Liberty - 24
  4. Sully to Beasley

    Can't make this up

    Yes my friend, your opinions are just as important as mine or anyone else's. I t was not my desire to offend you. Please accept my sincere apology. War Eagle!
  5. Sully to Beasley

    Can't make this up

    You get my point. This thread is as useless as my previous post. 😋
  6. Sully to Beasley

    Can't make this up

    What is the purpose of this thread???? If UAB played our schedule they would not be ranked in the top 25. Good gracious, I know it has been a terrible season but do we have to keep being so negative????? And when I say we I am including me because I am just as guilty of being too negative as any of my fellow Auburn Family members.
  7. Sully to Beasley


    Auburn Alabama Florida Georgia Kentucky LSU Mississippi State South Carolina Missouri Texas A&M Ole Miss 62
  8. Sully to Beasley

    Finding success in the details

    Stat you are spot on correct. Thanks for posting here.
  9. Sully to Beasley

    Upon Further Review -Auburn Passing Game

    Thanks Stat. All of this ineptitude can be laid at the feet of Arthur Gustavo Malzahn III. 😡
  10. Sully to Beasley

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    I am a simple man who just does not see where the $$$$ will come from to send Arthur Gustavo Malzahn III packing after the end of this miserable season.
  11. Sully to Beasley

    Another loss to a rival

    Well goodnight to all of my fellow Auburn Family posters. It is late and this old man is tired. All I can say is War Eagle and goodnight my friends...
  12. Sully to Beasley

    Another loss to a rival

    If all of bammers 85 players are suddenly declared ineligible and bammer has to use intramural flag football student athletes, we might have a 10% chance of eeking out a victory. Sorry folks, I am just so sick of Gustavo and his crappy coaching.
  13. Sully to Beasley

    **Georgia Game thread***

    I have a headache after that half.😡
  14. Sully to Beasley

    Iron bowl on CBS

    For all you WalMart fans this will be the best time to go since there will be absolutely no bammers there! You can walk through the entire store with your Auburn gear on and not have to hear even one Row-Tahd.
  15. AD Greene had no choice due to Leath's actions about a year ago regarding Gustovo's contract.