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  1. Sully to Beasley

    Malik Willis back at work

    We seem to be in great shape at the QB position. I am excited to have 3 capable kids on the roster. Gatewood is going to be a beast for SEC defenses to handle in t he next few years.
  2. Sully to Beasley

    tenth in AP top 25

    I am pleasntly surprised that we made it into the final top 10. I guess beating the SEC Champs and the "national champs" did mean something after all. WDE!
  3. Sully to Beasley

    Post Season Thread

    Well my fellow AU Family brothers and sisters, I sure have enjoyed visiting with you this 2017 football campaign. Any year that we beat UGLY and bammer in the same year is a good one. This season could have been so much more than a "good one" but it is over now and our Tigers will be back in about 9 months to tee it up again. I love Auburn University with all of my heart. I am the proud pappa of two AU graduates and look forward to many more years of (God willing) coming back to the Loveliest Village on the Plains to have fun with my family and friends when my Tigers tee it up once again. War Eagle brothers and sisters!
  4. Sully to Beasley

    ***Auburn vs. UCF -- PEACH BOWL -- Game Thread***

    Still 2 quarters to play. I think we get on track & pull this thing out.
  5. Sully to Beasley

    Celebrating our seniors

    All Seniors and those leaving early for the NFL, thank you for representing our beloved University as student athletes. One more challenge awaits you in our bowl game. Let's go out and beat the last remaining undefeated team left. You guys have laid a foundation to keep Auburn Football strong for several seasons to come. Best wishes to all of you as you move to the next stage of your lives. War Eagle Forever!
  6. Sully to Beasley

    Carlson Runner-up Again For Lou Groza Award

    I believe the late season blocked kicks doomed his hopes for the award. We all know he is the best kicker in the land.
  7. Sully to Beasley

    Report: Malzhan staying

    OK, I am on record after the LSU loss saying that I had stepped off the Gus Bus. A fella can certainly reconsider and change his mind and so I have done. Gus is our coach for the foreseeable future and I believe he has grown in his coaching abilities. Therefore, I have stepped back on the bus and taken a seat. I am glad Coach Malzahn is still our head coach. WDE!
  8. Sully to Beasley

    Auburn’s Schedule.

    I do agree that the UGLY game should be moved to earlier in the season. Auburn has a huge mountain to climb every year just to get to the SECCG. Think about this, UGLY was the SEC East champs before they ever stepped on the beloved JHS turf 3 weeks ago. They played us and 2 cupcakes prior to the game tonight. We had to get past them and bammer just to get to the game. This is no excuse for losing tonight, just an observation.
  9. Sully to Beasley

    Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    I fear that KJ and/or CP may declare for the draft. Neither guy has been very healthy through out an entire season however and that may influence their draft stock. Each young man has a huge decision to make over the next few months.
  10. Sully to Beasley

    Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    The man has said multiple times that he is staying. I may be accused of being gullible but I will take him at his word.
  11. Sully to Beasley

    Johnson 'banged up,' but 'confident' he'll play

    We need K.J. but I hope he only plays if he is truly healthy enough to do so.
  12. Sully to Beasley

    How bad do you hate UGA

    I was there and it brought tears to my eyes to see Sully & Beasley once again standing on the turf at JHS on the same day! These guys were my childhood football heroes. My tears were tears of joy for the wonderful memories I have of them wearing the beloved Orange & Blue while tearing up the SEC. There will never be another QB/WR duo like them ever again on the Plains. May God continue to bless these two Auburn legends.
  13. Sully to Beasley

    How bad do you hate UGA

    I really dislike UGLY but I absolutely hate bammer. Of course my view is skewed because I have to live among the great unwashed toothless bammers.
  14. Sully to Beasley

    moving quickly to replace Jacobs

    I hope we get Coach Tubberville as AD. I have thought for years that he would do a great job in that postilion I think there is little chance of my wish becoming a reality but everyone has an opinion and that is mine..
  15. Sully to Beasley

    Tweet from Jeff Holland

    Kirby just shut up and coach your team.