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  1. Prayers sent for the Bramblett family and the entire Auburn family. I remember feeling this same gut punch when Jim Fyffe passed away in 2003. Rod, you were the voice of the Auburn Tigers and like Jim, you can't be replaced. Someone else will sit in your chair beside Stan in the booth and we will grow to love him like we did you and Jim but it will never be the same. Thanks for the memories Rod. Heaven just got a little sweeter with you and your wife being there.
  2. I was a big critic of Gus last season. I am cautiously optimistc with Gus again taking over offensive play calling. If only our schedule wasn't so brutal!
  3. Best wishes Jared. You will go down in Auburn history as an unselfish team player who gave everything he had and then some to make his team a winner. The NBA franchise who gets you will be very fortunate to have a man of your character and talent in its organization. Thanks for the memories and War Eagle forever!
  4. May sound like sour grapes, but I hope Texas Tech beats UVA like a drum. UVA knows in their hearts that they did not win last night's game without help from the so called "refs" and I hope that stays in their minds Monday night. Even if UVA wins, their natty should have an * by it. On a positive note, A-Day is this Saturday and I cannot wait to get to the Loveliest Village on the Plains and again step foot in JHS to see my football Tigers once again.
  5. Goodnight folks. It has been a great I will never forget. I am so proud of my Auburn Tigers. They scratched and fought like chamions. They ARE Champions and I will never forget them. War Damn Eagle!
  6. Okay, I have caught my breath and halfway returned to sanity. Congrats to UVA. The no call was not their fault. War Damn Eagle anyway.
  7. Should not have mattered. The shot never happened. It should have been a dead ball after the double-dribble. Sorry for all the posts about this but the no call was total BS!
  8. Amen to that brother. I do, however, expect so called "refs" to call an obvious double-dribble 100% of the time when it happens right in front of them.
  9. I have an argument with the foul call on the shot. The shot NEVER HAPPENED. UVA turned the ball over on a double-dribble that the humpty-dumpties missed. Auburn was jobbed out of a chance at the National Championship by part-time weekend warrior non-professional so called "refs". 🤬
  10. Very obvious that the "selection committee "" has no respect for the SEC Tourney Champ. That's OK, we will kick tail in Utah.
  12. Now maybe AD Greene can get to work on AU trading places with Missouri in the SEC East.
  13. No need to debate the merits of our shamed former assistant coach. I just know that this team is not playing up to its potential and something has to change. Bruce is a great recruiter and head coach. He needs to find someone for his staff that can coach defense and help recuit talented big men.
  14. We will have to agree to disagree on your staement about CP. A guy who played and coached in the NBA for over 2 decades knows a good bit about playing and coaching defense. Just like Gus sent a couple of assistants packing after the FB season, Bruce needs to do likewiase.
  15. That sums it up in a nutshell. 😄