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  1. What is said in JANUARY does not necessarily come true in SEPTEMBER grasshopper.
  2. Aubie is the best mascot in the country and everybody knows it. He doesn't have to win a mythical "National Championship" for that statement to be true.
  3. My expectations for a championship of any kind have been lowered by the head coach's history of multiple 4 and 5 loss seasons. We are paying an insane amount of money for just an average head coach. My hope for Auburn football is that we can work our way through this disaster handed to us by Leath and Harbert with minimal damage and at some point in the near future hire a head coach who can bring Auburn back to the top. Heck, if Clemson can do it, why not Auburn?????????
  4. I believe the country as a whole is tired of the same teams making the playoffs year after year. I know I am. bammer, Clemson, Ohio State, yada, yada, yada. It was nice this year to see LSU in the playoffs instead of the turds and actually winning it all. I wish it could have been us and with the right coaching, it could have been given the talent on the 2019 Auburn team. The system needs to change and be expanded to an 8 team playoff. Teams like Clemson who play a very weak regular season schedule are perennial shoe-ins for the playoffs. I think strength of schedule should be a key factor in who makes the playoffs. January is the most boring part of the college football season to me under the present playoff system.
  5. 1970 vs. Mississippi State in Birmingham. This was actually an MSU home game and my first time to attend an Auburn football game. I was a child then but I recall my Dad saying something about MSU's stadium being renovated being the reason that game was being played at Legion Field. This was game 2 of a double header at Legion Field that day as bammer played, I believe LSU earlier. The AU game was a blow out as Auburn dominated the Bulldogs. AU was so far ahead in the 2nd half that people in the upper deck where we sat started flying paper airplanes made from the game program. It was a wonderful beginning to my Auburn football attendance journey that still continues to this day.
  6. AD Greene did not get us in this mess. He just inherited it. He is powerless to fire Gustavo due, of course, to that boneheaded Leath/Harbert contract given to the perennial 4 loss coach. Auburn football is trapped for the next few years with a mediocre head coach.
  7. They both deserve it and more. Especially bammer...what are the odds of them getting top rated QB's from Hawaii and California to come to "beautiful" tuscaloser to play college football.? Obviously the REC and $aban are paying players left and right to come play for the tahd. And old kirby at ugly learned from the master and the money is flowing in Athens as well. I am sick of what college football has become. We constantly have pretty much the same old teams making the playoffs most years. The whole thing is a joke and no one is doing anything about it. I may not live long enough to see these issues addressed and corrected.
  8. Interestingly enough Bruce Pearl was just asked on the SEC Network after the Miss St win why his team played so hard and his remark was "They hate losing". Obviously Gustavo has not instilled that in our football team. Honestly at this point I think he is just collecting VERY LARGE PAYCHECKS until his inevitable dismissal happens when the buyout goes down in a few years. As Elvis sang a few years ago, "We're caught in a trap, I can't walk out"
  9. Noah Igbinoghene I wish you all the best young man. It has been so much fun watching you play your heart out for Auburn. Best wishes to you as you turn the page to another chapter in your life. You will always be part of the Auburn Tiger Family!
  10. Who is this George Pickens you speak of?
  11. Why does Gustavo regularly say that we had a great week of practice but it does not show up in the way the team plays on game day?
  12. Like it or not, I am afraid that the Gus Bus will remained parked in Auburn until that buyout goes waaaaaaaaay down! 😝
  13. I have nothing much to say that hasn't already been said. Another AU football season ending in disappointment has been the norm for a while. Something has got to change to end this mediocrity. Alan Green are you listening????? War Eagle anyway and I will talk to you good folks later.
  14. The Auburn Tigers 31 Minnesota Golden Goofers 10