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  1. chickendale

    Gus is an average coach

    It's nice to see a little acumen on this cretin infested board from time to time. I'm sure this information has been debated to a fault but there is an exhausting lack of perspective on this board. ...yet the lesser experienced of the two is now 2-3 head to head with inferior (collective) talent. An honest observation of their most recent encounter would be that this collective talent gap has been reduced significantly and that the experience gap certainly does not appear to be 4 to 1. No rational person would debate that inexperience lends at times to foolish decisions, but experience is and should be our greatest teacher. I think I heard someone else put it this way. "The future is bright." That seems to be the only proper conclusion. WDE
  2. chickendale

    The Absurdity of Auburn’s schedule

    No worries just be patient boys
  3. chickendale

    Where Are You Cheering From Today?

    Chickendale, AR
  4. chickendale

    A Head Coach Challenge

    Get over yourself. You're not near as insightful as you think you are.
  5. chickendale

    A Head Coach Challenge

    i couldn't find a roll my eyes emoticon
  6. chickendale

    Everybody had Enough?

  7. chickendale

    Gus Malzahns Tenure

    2 more cents... Lot of talk about this o needing a qb with flashy feet... precision arm > flashy feet always ... in any offence
  8. chickendale

    Gus Malzahns Tenure

    Maybe he never started out a year with a qb he could trust. NM, they trusted his legs but never really trusted his arm. That and GC recruits caught up to him by the end of 2014. He thought he could trust JJ but he got burned. The season never really recovered. I think they knew it should be SW even at the beginning of this year but a combination of gun shy from JJ, really flashy feet from a new guy, and the aforementioned lack of experience created some second guessing. He pretty much admitted the clemson debacle was boneheaded and we aint doin that again. So SW it is. And Gus is gaining more and trust in him right along with us. Therefore mr mcloofus' prognostication should come to fruition
  9. chickendale

    i thought you folks might enjoy this

    enjoyed this post game quote... Arkansas Senior receiver Keon Hatcher On his expectations for the game... "I expected to come in here and get a victory. I am just at a loss for words at what happened. I don't know what to tell you. We had a great week at practice. Everyone seemed prepared. You look in guys' eyes and it seemed like everyone was ready."
  10. chickendale

    ***Auburn 56 Arkansas 3 -- Postgame Thread***
  11. chickendale

    **Mississippi State vs. Auburn - Game Thread**

    Had to turn the sound all the way down
  12. chickendale

    Malzahn's Weekly Presser - Arkansas State Game

    I bet Bo knows
  13. chickendale

    A few more thoughts from Scrimmage #2

    Hey RIR, thanks for all the great observations from yesterday! Just curious if you could tell, did they have all the first team O against first team D? Or was it 1s v 2s and 2s v 1s? Or did they just mix it all up with substitutions?