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  1. Not all of us. I was quite relieved when he made his "bidness decision", honestly.
  2. Well that would certainly be... noteworthy.
  3. Should've been challenged in court. The courts can do nothing until it is. I guess migration restrictions and war are the two golden cows Republicans will offer bipartisan support to.
  4. so-called EO.
  5. Ron Wyden from Oregon, if it has to be a Senator. There's a handful of House Dems I respect a great deal.
  6. Not my first choice, but neither was Steele. Perhaps we should hire to fill needs and not to make sexy UofAl .com headlines?
  7. I don't think Gus is going to hire the Braves' former pitching coach...
  8. I don't wish ill on opponents 99.9% of the time, but he's a rare exception . May his pro career be brief and forgettable, and may the next most important "bidness decision" he makes be whether to take a $.10/hr raise at Burger King.
  9. Should the pledge of Constitution in the flag of 2nd Amendment be freedom with Under God? 98% won't!
  10. Well, that escalated quickly.
  11. How did Greg Hudson go from potential Auburn DC candidate a few years ago to off field analyst?
  12. With all the money at stake- to say nothing of pride, prestige, and all that- no one just lays down out of deference to a bigger dog or a former coach. Not only that, but with all the coaching turnover Arky State has suffered, they might have an additional chip on their shoulder. I think most everyone saw that game for what it was- a solid, well-rounded performance against a team we had every reason to believe stood no chance. Those type of games haven't always been cakewalks for us lately.
  13. Spare no expense in bombing other countries into oblivion, but let's be spendthrifts and start worrying about that crushing debt again when it's time to clean up the mess we made. Par for the course.
  14. Central planners by nature are never allowed to admit failure, lest the body politic catch wind of the notion that the economy can manage just fine on its own.