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  1. Two Princes back on The Plains next year. WOOOOO!!!
  2. Hoping we don't entertain the idea. He's a me-first prima donna who'll guarantee a divided locker room. Not a good look with all the other issues we're dealing with.
  3. That sounds awful complicated. Couldn't we just execute better?
  4. Could y'all picture that goob driving in downtown Atlanta, anyway? 🤔
  5. I'll probably hike Amicalola Falls a good bit. Maybe see what else I can get into in north Georgia. Open to suggestions.
  6. Also, FWIW and for anyone unaware, Moon not only had his column dropped, he is no longer employed by the Agonizer. He's now writing political commentary for AL political reporter.
  7. We've really got to put more emphasis on the Advertising position in recruiting.
  8. "Yes, I got my Kavosiey right here"
  9. Sorry, but he kind of did. Remember how Gus was churning out perennial 4,000 yrd passers at Tulsa? Not saying what worked there and then would work here and now, but it's a topic of curiosity worth discussing in these here friendly confines.
  10. Venables as DC? Still suffering from delusions of grandeur, I see.
  11. I think Stoops really is done. He didn't leave OK because he was burnt out, he left because his father died of a heart attack about two years older than he currently is. A guy who's commanded a salary among the top 5 in college football for nearly 15 years can more than afford to put his health first, and 8-10 mil a year says nothing to him.