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  1. Require proof of vaccination and watch a cottage industry for phony vaccination cards crop up overnight. You can gnash and wail about it if you choose, but we're going back to the old normal, hopefully wiser.
  2. "Got sloppy" is an interesting way of saying "disregarded even the pretense of obeying the rules from day one."
  3. Kinda feels like a budget hire. But every established position coach made their name at some point. His resume to this point seems impressive. Overall this has the look of a solid, well balanced staff.
  4. My only concern here as someone who lives in north GA (more of a caveat, really) is that due to the quality opponents Rabun County faces it would be wise of all of us to expect a steeper learning curve adjusting to the college game than usual for highly touted 5 star QBs. He is not playing many elite football programs in this region.
  5. Jesus, you guys are too much sometimes. I'm pretty sure the guy we really need has already washed his hands of it.
  6. Is it possible that Steele is willfully being used as the next man up in the Cristobal negotiations? The key to any successful deal is the ability to walk away from the table, or at least make the other party believe you will. I mean, are we even sure Steele is interested in the job?
  7. A 55 second video that perfectly encapsulates the Auburn football experience doesn't exis....
  8. Speak for yourself. I live in Ga and WAS enjoying not having to listen hear his annoying arse anymore. Looks like my torment has only just begun.
  9. Two Princes back on The Plains next year. WOOOOO!!!
  10. Hoping we don't entertain the idea. He's a me-first prima donna who'll guarantee a divided locker room. Not a good look with all the other issues we're dealing with.
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