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  1. Weagle1787

    Projected depth chart to open spring practice

    We've really got to put more emphasis on the Advertising position in recruiting.
  2. Weagle1787

    2018 3* RB Kavosiey Smoke

    "Yes, I got my Kavosiey right here"
  3. Weagle1787

    Chad Morris wants to run Air Raid

    Sorry, but he kind of did. Remember how Gus was churning out perennial 4,000 yrd passers at Tulsa? Not saying what worked there and then would work here and now, but it's a topic of curiosity worth discussing in these here friendly confines.
  4. Weagle1787

    Update on Arkansas HC search

    Venables as DC? Still suffering from delusions of grandeur, I see.
  5. Weagle1787

    next Head Coach

    I think Stoops really is done. He didn't leave OK because he was burnt out, he left because his father died of a heart attack about two years older than he currently is. A guy who's commanded a salary among the top 5 in college football for nearly 15 years can more than afford to put his health first, and 8-10 mil a year says nothing to him.
  6. Weagle1787

    Reuben Foster Wonderlick Score

    Not all of us. I was quite relieved when he made his "bidness decision", honestly.
  7. Weagle1787

    Kyle Davis may be out rest of Spring

    Well that would certainly be... noteworthy.
  8. Weagle1787

    See you in Court

    Should've been challenged in court. The courts can do nothing until it is. I guess migration restrictions and war are the two golden cows Republicans will offer bipartisan support to.
  9. Weagle1787

    See you in Court

    so-called EO.
  10. Weagle1787

    Favorite Senator from the other party

    Ron Wyden from Oregon, if it has to be a Senator. There's a handful of House Dems I respect a great deal.
  11. Weagle1787

    The Chip Lindsey hire Poll

    Not my first choice, but neither was Steele. Perhaps we should hire to fill needs and not to make sexy UofAl .com headlines?
  12. Weagle1787

    Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    I don't think Gus is going to hire the Braves' former pitching coach...
  13. Weagle1787

    Foster tweet

    I don't wish ill on opponents 99.9% of the time, but he's a rare exception . May his pro career be brief and forgettable, and may the next most important "bidness decision" he makes be whether to take a $.10/hr raise at Burger King.