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  1. They usually struggled with UCF when they would play. That's all I know.
  2. Was anyone else in your family born in 2015? Do newborn puppies count?
  3. Mark my words: Alabama will lose to Auburn, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, and Tennessee. Mark my words: Lawson will lead the nation in sacks Mark my words: Kris Frost and Casanova make All American status Mark my words: Georgia will struggle on defense and will be an easier game than Mississippi State and A&M Mark my words: FSU will finish 3rd or worse in the ACCESS Mark my words: Duke will be making a trip to New York by season's end.
  4. I was born in 93 and my niece was born in 2013. Coincidence both years were excellent? Nothing wrong with prayer in sports.
  5. How is Jonathan Jones doing healthwise
  6. Anyone want to debate on what our intro song will be on this beautiful wonder of technology?
  7. I don't even know who the two players Muschamp said are good to go are? I've been out of the loop lately but our secondary seems thin to me. Even Countess doesn't ring a bell.
  8. Are they still pissy because they couldn't block Nick Fairley? They blame NF for 2 cheap shots, and one clearly was. However, the one where NF's knee collided with Murray's knee was totally unavoidable. He was blocked into the QB basically. I think at that point the UGA folks were just salty. But the one where he just drilled Murray in the back a solid 1-2 seconds after he released the ball was definitely a cheap shot. I agree but complaints about cheap shots coming from Georgia is like a pot calling paper black.
  9. To be honest i am more excited about the new sound system which was sorely needed. Ps. The other scoreboard looks hilarious by comparison. That high school thing will never be changed!
  10. Are they still pissy because they couldn't block Nick Fairley?
  11. I'm really confused about Dismukes? Is there an injury? There have been plenty of centers taken
  12. Not often the sec's leading rusher is taken that low. That's a steal for carolina if you ask me
  13. Gus underutilizes tight ends. Always has. lutz and Cj should have been targeted more during their time here
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