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  1. I was there in the Bama student section. Turned to my Bama friend Bedsole, on the second punt and said "Watch them do it again". After the kick half the stadium (the side I was sitting on) was motionless and the other half was going wild roaring with shakers flying.
  2. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2020/12/auburn-expected-to-hire-boise-states-bryan-harsin.html
  3. You wouldn't want them to be experienced next year would you?🤪
  4. He should have said perennially inexperienced to be correct.
  5. He didn't give a damn if he won 1 game that year not wanting to set high expectations for year 2. You could see it in his demeanor on the sideline. Go back and watch some of the games. That year gave him time to set the wheels in motion in perception and recruiting.
  6. Bama's assistants get a lot of credit for coaching the best players in college football. A lot of coaches could do very well in that situation. That being said recruiting is the key to success and Auburn hasn't been doing well in that area lately. Whoever comes in has to be an ace recruiter as do his assistants. Able to got toe to toe with the best.
  7. You reap the rewards of not recruiting OL and DL. A&M has left AU in the dust
  8. Smoked Monday, he's the safety , wonder who he thought was covering behind him
  9. If you don't have the horses you can't pull the plow. Recruiting is King.
  10. Can you believe that ? And a perennially young team at that.
  11. I was sitting in the bama student section during the game. As bama got ready to punt (the second blocked punt) I turned to my buddy ( a bama fan) and said "watch them do it again" and watched the slow motion replay of the first blocked punt. Followed by extreme silence on the west side of the field and a multitude of open mouths. The cacophony on the opposite side of the field was a visual montage of blue and orange shakers and whatever else flung from the seats.
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