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  1. Aucater

    Alabama or Georgia?

    Dang, thats a decent way to think of it
  2. Aucater

    Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    Bro, you are right, my bad., I was just thinking how easy it would have been to get another RB in the game.
  3. Aucater

    Im so durn mad.

    you need to let them play every now and then if you want to develop them
  4. Aucater

    Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    AU was subbing every play in the SECCG so that wasn't a factor.
  5. Aucater

    Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    He is but he is not a 30 run per game back.
  6. I hate listening to gary and brad, at least they are happy tonight.
  7. Aucater

    Gary Danielson on 105.5 this morning

    along with " He's just a sophomore Carl"
  8. Aucater

    Gary Danielson

    That's the one to me that stood out. The catch could have been made and the drop was made before the db wallace was close to touching the ball.
  9. Aucater

    It’s 20-14 and officiating...

    And feces doesn't have an odor.
  10. Aucater

    Bama Injury Update

    No kidding.
  11. Aucater

    Quoting Gabe Gross

    I agree
  12. Aucater

    Bama Injury Update

    Gee, looks like you would be able to distinguish between words and actions. Do you think anybody actually means they are going to massacre somebody in a football game? Are you the political correctness PO PO? I wouldn't wear one or buy one but I wouldn't dog anybody that did.
  13. Aucater

    Bama Injury Update

    Who gives a crap ?
  14. Aucater

    Quoting Gabe Gross

    I'm hoping none, but if I were a terd O lineman I would take it as an insult
  15. Aucater

    Quoting Gabe Gross

    I hate to tell you this but Gabe Gross loves Auburn more than you and me combined , he came in at the end of the tater tot Era when recruiting had come to a standstill. KF didn't have blue and burnt orange running through his veins.