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  1. I was sitting in the bama student section during the game. As bama got ready to punt (the second blocked punt) I turned to my buddy ( a bama fan) and said "watch them do it again" and watched the slow motion replay of the first blocked punt. Followed by extreme silence on the west side of the field and a multitude of open mouths. The cacophony on the opposite side of the field was a visual montage of blue and orange shakers and whatever else flung from the seats.
  2. Cool, so he announces yesterday 12/10 ( that he is going to announce his decision on December the 18th. Yet he says in an article in OA today ( about how he has flipped now and that he de-committed on the Sunday the 8th and told the coaches and they were mad and pulled an offer he didn't want. So tell me this , why would you announce a decision day on the 10th if you had already de-committed and the offer was rescinded. on the 8th?
  3. I remember having time at the end of the first half like 2 and 1/2 minutes down 17-14, offense had been moving the ball and we go into a shell and run the clock out. Knowing it was going to take everything they had to win. And that was that, all over at that point.
  4. How many of them have there been on first down with Ole Miss stuffing the line?
  5. 17-16, sitting in the Alabama student section. Right before the second blocked punt for a touchdown I turned to my friend and said watch them do it again. Then it was almost like watching an instant replay and the half of the field we were in pretty much was silent and the other half was going wild and orange and blue was flying everywhere.
  6. I thought Gatewood would be the starter. If they were more or less equal coming out of evaluation, then the more senior guy should be the starter. If he can't get it done then you can bring in the next guy.
  7. A little over 3 yard per down is all you need at times
  8. Did any of you catch Davidson after a play looking at a ref and saying "Come on man"? You could read his lips. It was in the 2nd half.
  9. Out of the frying pan and right into the fire.
  10. Me too, here's what I remember about it's_Eve_1963_snowstorm, My family had headed home from Brilliant Al. to out home in Thomson Ga.. on New Years Eve after spending Christmas with my Grand Parents. We made it nearly to the Georgia line and were turned around by State Troopers and had to try to get back to Brilliant all the while snow continued to fall. Needless to say it was late that night when we got back. This was in a 1959 Chevrolet Impala. way before front wheel drive. Along the way back we took a slide toward side of the road and I can remember seeing the tops of large pine trees below us but the car took a groove and straightened out. We fell in behind 18 wheelers and followed their tracks. We managed to got the last set of chains at a place in Jasper.Next day we watched the game with Grand Parents and didn't bet back to Ga. for a few days. I was 9 and the snow was about 17 inches in the yard .
  11. what a bunch of s***, they gave the game to them