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  1. HA! Golf, I expected Bruce and was all ready with a "I expected to see a pic of Heidi" comment! Yep....I see why she's the boss....
  2. TT's favorite writer; my Dad's favorite song.
  3. For TT and for my Dad. May they both rest in peace:
  4. Great guy. No other words needed in that regard. Some of you know he and I were close. He was a true friend dating back to the original Asylum days at AE, and we became close. There's a 2,000+ page, multi year PM between us that means alot to me. He was crushed when I told him the news of my dad being diagnosed with ALS. His concern then, and always, was genuine. If/when he told you he cared, he meant it. He could be heavy handed at times, but he could make you love it. We talked on here nearly every day. I've rarely come here since I found out he was ill. It just wasn't the same. My Dad passed away a week ago today after a year-long struggle that progressed far too rapidly. TT worried how his eventual passing would effect me. I've had time to cope with the reality of not speaking with TT everyday, but I can't help but deeply miss his shoulder to cry on and his genuine heartfelt concern. I miss him.
  5. Nice article from Pro Football Focus on the Auburn O line and Leff, specifically: https://www.profootballfocus.com/college-football-3-key-stats-show-how-auburns-o-line-powering-run-game/
  6. Wait.....will other people be there and stuff? Nevermind......hehe.
  7. Stay outta my bunker!
  8. Yes, please.
  9. The biggest takeaway from this game is the fact that this team has fight. I don't think we will see them quit as in years past. Hell of a team effort, given the deficiencies on offense! And, we appeared to have an actual game plan. So.........the staff seems to be at least TRYING to turn a corner.
  10. Also, Pettway gets the Houdini Award for the second week in a row. He disappeared, again, in the second half. I can't really figure out why they haven't called his number more (or at all) in the second half. You really wouldn't think he would be wore out......it is just confusing.
  11. The only issue I have on the 3rd and 4th down goal line plays before half is the order of play selection. I think it would have been better to use the wildcat with KJ on 3rd down if you knew you were going on 4th down. Switch the two plays and I think you may score there. Still, I agree, there was no way the coaches could know that someone would blow a block on a middle linebacker. At the goal line, no less....
  12. When I have something like that happen, I usually try to play it off and hope no one saw it (like tripping of falling). You really can't do that with close to 90,000 people in the stadium and millions watching on tv.....I would have chosen the "just lay there" route, too. Acting like a cat and jumping up like nothing happened really wasn't an option. Glad she's okay, and now I can laugh cause she laughed.
  13. Oh.....I laughed. Didn't feel bad at first, but when I kept watching and kept laughing.....maybe.....just a little.
  14. I'm not sure what I think of myself. I just watched that over and over and over.