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  1. WinningTradition

    Men vs. South Carolina

    Dude we need to win!
  2. WinningTradition

    Bama vs Georgia

    This is why the CFP is trash. Now Georgia knows why the system sucks. They can join the ranks of LSU
  3. WinningTradition

    Report: Malzhan staying

    We had a great year. Sure the SEC was down but we were way ahead of the curve. We won because we were way superior not because those teams were that bad. Some were but most were not. That being said I love how Arkansas fans wanted Gus and now that he isn't going they all said they never wanted him anyways. Hilarious!
  4. WinningTradition

    ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Never seen such dirty plays.
  5. WinningTradition

    ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Who have we lost on D and why?
  6. WinningTradition

    ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Can anyone tell me if KJ is out of the game?
  7. WinningTradition

    ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Lets go Auburn! Play like we know you can!!!
  8. WinningTradition

    SECCG thoughts on what to expect

    I wonder how the crowd will be split?
  9. WinningTradition

    Florida hires Mullen

    Good hire for Florida. He will fit in over there
  10. WinningTradition

    Gary Danielson

    I noticed quite a few times in the game that Bama players were trying to hurt our guys way after the whistles were blown. They only called one and Gary Danielson never said anything about those. If it had been the other way around he would have been crying about it the whole game. Verne finally retired. Gary needs to as well!
  11. WinningTradition

    Tennessee finalizing deal with Schiano

    Tennessee is a true dumpster fire at this point. Makes me very glad we have Gus. I wouldnt want our team coach searching right now.
  12. WinningTradition

    Ulm injuries

    Any injuries we need to worry about?