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  1. Nick Marshall and the arm strength thing..100% with ya. Dude had a rocket launcher for an arm. Might sound crazy to say/think, but I seriously wonder who could actually throw the deep ball further...Nick or Cam. I would have paid money to watch a PPV of those guys chunking deep balls in some sort of a crazy deep ball contest.
  2. Yeah I meant a big play guy. Agree Shenker is a solid receiver but I feel we need a little more to be competitive with the SEC big boys. That or Nix becomes Nick Marshall 2.0 next year.
  3. I personally hope we can finally utilize a game breaker at the position. JSS is solid, but I guarantee you he doesnt scare anyone as a receiving threat. Like you, I'm hoping Brandon Frazier is what is being hyped up to be. We need a TE that can really burn defenses via the pass.
  4. So not carrying the team makes ones season a bust? Hmmm. Ok got it. Uva was a menacing bowl matchup btw. Lol. Dyer, if not a knucklehead, would torched them as well. Even though he didnt, he still put up what I'd call a good season. Seems you think he needed 1500-1600 to say 2011 was not a bust. Not really sure though. And his next 2 seasons are irrelevant to calling 2011 a bust.
  5. Lol. So this whole back and forth is about Dyer being a bust in 2011, not whether he had a better season than in 2010. You were arguing he was a bust in 2011. I say 1200 yards and 5 ypc is not a bust. You keep going back to the Ohhh well his 2011 was worse than 2010. You are saying he wasnt a bust 'by the stat sheet'. Ok I'll play your game. What other barometer are using to determine he was a bust in 2011? Only the ganja? He played nearly the whole season. If what actually mean is his career didnt live up to expectations because he could have played longer, I can see that point. But this whole started with you talking about guys only having one good year as running backs. I say Dyer had two. Apparently you disagree.
  6. The context of your post made it seem like you were saying they were all busts in their non great season...but, whatever semantics, they panned out for one season and 'nothing more'. I definitely never said Dyer was better in 2011. You called his 2011 season a bust...I just pointed out in actuality he did have more yards than in 2010...I rarely hear anyone call 1,200 yards a bust. Maybe not an all American year...but a bust, come on. Kerryon and Mason were definitely better in 2013 and 2017, but to say their 2012 and 2016 years were nothing more, man I just dont agree. I'd say one good season and one great season each. " Dyer was a 5-star. He panned out for one season. Nothing more. If not for Cam, his 2010 season would have equaled 2011...a bust. Mason panned out for 2013. Nothing more. Kerryon panned out for 2017. Nothing more. I'm talking a career. None since Cadillac have panned out more than one season."
  7. Again I dont even get the 2017 and nothing more comment about Kerryon. Nearly 900 yards is nothing to sneeze at.
  8. Dyer had more yards in 2011 than 2010. He was not close to a bust in 2011. The team wasnt that good and he was one of the few bright spots. He did get suspended for the bowl game basically ending his career but that was one game in 2011. Mason had 1000 yards on the worst Au team in like 60 years in 2012...again, nothing close to a bust. A loan bright spot. Kerryon had I think had around 900 yards in 2016 while battling injuries. Again not a bust.
  9. Back when we recruited those big punishing backs. Steven Davis, Bostic, and Tony Richardson on one roster. Man Tot inherited some hosses.
  10. -Regarding Morris bringing new life to the offense, I just remain skeptical until I see it. Gus has burned me a lot of times. I hope Im wrong. -I didnt specifically say Gatewood flamed out. But he was another hyped QB that didnt end up being a star for us. I also wouldnt call Nix a franchise QB yet. He has a winning mentality and is a smart qb with some great skills, but his production has not nearly matched his potential yet. He may get there, but is not yet. I do see your point there, but again, Ill reitorate my prior one. -Gus coached Cam Newton and Kick Marshall, both of whom were awesome. Similar to the Morris thing with coaching Tajh (5 star) and Deshaun (5 star). I couldve coached those guys to excellence. -As far as voicing concerns in a recruiting thread, hey, its a message board. The whole beauty of it as it doesnt matter what I post. The kid will either be good or not. 🙂
  11. I dont feel like thats an accurate statement. Kiehl was a high 4 star on rivals and a 5 star via Scout and I believe was the high school national player of the year. Davis is fairly high rated, but not that high with that many accolades. As far as Gatewood...let me clarify. Dont necessarily mean he was a bust, mainly i meant another hyped up 4 star qb everyone got excited about that didnt end up playing QB at Auburn at a high level. In his case, it was due to playing time.
  12. Someone please give me some hope this guy will be different than the last high but not sure cant miss dual threat qb recruit...ala Kiehl Frazier, Woody Barrett, or Joey Gatewood? I want to get excited, but you know what they say about fool me twice. Well, except this time its fool me like 5 times. Objectively, is this guy that good?
  13. Definitely one of the biggest wins in school history for the exact reasons you describe above. I'm so glad you posted this one. I occasionally go back and watch the highlights just to get pumped up. "The cardiac kids are at it again.." line from Musburger gets me every time. Chills. That game to me epitomizes why I love Auburn. No matter the odds or who believes, we believe. Never to yield. War Damn Eagle.
  14. 2005 team took much longer to get going on offense due to the change in Qb and running back. It took Kenny Irons until Arkansas game to become the man, then he exploded. He barely played in the loss to Tech. Cox was also a definite step down from Cambell at QB. Smart but way less arm talent and athleticism.