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  1. Numerous sites, sportswriters, etc seem to think it's a possibility. I'm not saying they know jack s***, but dont act like I'm just making it up out of thin air.
  2. Really hope your not referring to me here as a Bruce Pearl hater. I freakin love the guy. I think the fact he gets a rep from some as a cheater for lying to the NCAA about a stupid bbq is beyond ridiculous. I'm not so worried that he did anything blatantly wrong, just worried the NCAA is going to somehow hammer us with some sort of tie to Person. I'm worried because I really dont want to see this outstanding momentum we have going stop.
  3. I hate to be Debbie Downer here and burst everyone's bubble on trashing Leath for the almost Pearl firing, but is everyone 100% confident we arent one of the 6 schools about to be named for level 1 violations in basketball? Seems folks are forgetting that's still out there or everyone thinks we are in the clear.
  4. Walter Payton was the guy that immediately came to mind watching him. The insane balance and ability to bounce off a defender while keeping his feet is what reminded me of Sweetness.
  5. To a certain degree yes, but proven winning and NFL development is what attracts top kids. Read some of the latest articles about why recruits chose Bams over AU. The kids refer to NFL development and success of Bama. They arent saying facilities was the deciding factor.
  6. Since your post was a video, I quoted a video. I didn't see a personal response from you specifically with the video. Since you didnt actually say anything in the post, really not sure why you took that as a personal assault on you. Again, you posted a video, so I responded with my take on it.
  7. And let me explain something to you fifty. Just because I post a response to a post does not mean I'm addressing you specifically. I'm addressing the person in the video making yet more excuses for Gus. You posted something with someones opinion, I commented on it. Isnt that the point of a message board?
  8. No, just no. Gus has had opportunities and has another. The man needs to produce results to go along with his insane salary. Tired of the excuses.
  9. That is definitely me right now. I don't want this fun ride to slow down.
  10. The timing of this looks bad. I'm getting worried. Someone please alleviate my fears.
  11. I am not getting the warm and fuzzies about this at all. Man I hope we are not one. Basketball has been fun for the first time in ages and Bruce has all the momentum in the world.
  12. I feel more like it was a sign of things to come than some Coach Kline (from waterboy) manhood stealing moment. We lost because Gus's offense came out gangbusters, then as it has proven time and time again to do, gets figured out by a good defensive coordinator and Gus cant adjust. Granted we scored late to take the lead, but the offense production slowed way down as that game went on. That combined with the fact the defense wasnt that great but played their butts off to hang in there and couldnt hold on lost the game.