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  1. Subtlety hilarious post of the year!! Lol!!!!
  2. Are ya now? Whew. Thank goodness for my sake. Wouldnt want big bad aujeff coming at me. Lofl.
  3. If you watch his highschool highlights, it's not surprising. Dude is a great passer on the run who is great at keeping his eyes downfield. Hes a really impressive and mature passer for his age.
  4. Man this guys highlight film looks awesome. Great looking jump shot and mad hops. Sign us up!
  5. How it holds up against the Greenbay Leghumpers and Updykes is my litmus test.
  6. Haha but I just did. So.....
  7. So tonight I was reading some coverage on the A day game and got to reading about recruiting and got pissed all over again about the George Pickens flip to Uga. Then I remembered it was Uga and Kirby. I remembered this guy has been pulling the top players from multiple random States, often times with literally no inclination the player was going to end up at Uga until the commitment. Complete left field shocks. Either this guy plays the let's keep a secret game like no other or they are paying recruits. Reminded me how much i hate the mutts and Kirby since hes one through and through. All I have to ever hear is s*** about Auburn cheats when I'm pretty damn sure that dopey Dr. Pepper guy looking goober is cheating Saban style better than Saban even could. How do I calm this anger?
  8. Man, I thought Gatewood made some really good throws. Granted it was a gloried scrimmage, but the kid looked way better than last years Aday. Maybe the x factor is Dillingham and Gus spending more time with the offense. Willis looked better than last year too. I'm not surprised Nix looked good, he was a more polished high school QB.
  9. Right. He is a proven guy, not some all sec guy yet. My proven comment was in response to a post about our receiving core 'lacking'. He was also one our top receivers last year.
  10. Hes definitely a proven receiver. No one said hes all conference or anything, but 26 catches for 525 yards is not unproven but talented. sorry.
  11. Receiving crop in they cant get open, cant catch or both? Either way, concerning. I know we've recruited that position decently well on paper the past few years, plus Seth Williams is proven.
  12. Sure did. Lotta folks hurtin right now. We all needed the reminder to look past that and enjoy what we just witnessed.
  13. This times 100! The board needed a reminder of what these kids just did this last month. It was unbelievable.