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  1. We are absolutely terrible offensively. The guys are playing hard but not smart on offense. We also cant buy a bucket even when we get good shots. If Florida wasnt playing pretty darn mediocre offensively they would be killing us right now.
  2. The 31% between 11-20 yards just seems God awful to me. Wow. Again, wtf is Gus thinking with his guarantee about Nix and winning a championship?
  3. My God. Stop chunking up 3s and take it to the basket. Geeeeeez.
  4. I remember that video coming out a while back. Dont want him even if we desperately need him.
  5. The thing about Boobie and the fumbles was I believe they only happened in a few games. Like he had 2 baaaaad games with the fumbles and was solid besides those. Not saying that's good, but perhaps his fumbling issue as not as consistent and more sporadic with really low lows. Not sure what the answer is, but I found that interesting when looking further into things.
  6. Jeff Grimes. I know we recruited really well when he was here. Not sure if it was Grimes doing the heavy lifting or the Bagman himself Trooper Taylor pulling the weight. I do seem to remember recruits speaking very highly of him.
  7. But pussyfootin' around is Gus's mo. Might as well call him Gustav Arthur Pussyfootin Malzahn. That or Fiddledickin. Would also be an excellent add on name choice.
  8. I just dont understand why people keep giving Gus credit for Nick Marshall. He set Georgia highshcool records as a QB and then averaged 285 yards a game as a juco QB with a 57% completion rate. His completion rate at AU rose slightly, but not significantly. About the only thing Gus really should get credit for, and its consistent with what folks say is the main thing he coaches his QBs to do, is reduce interceptions. Marshall had 18tds and 20 ints in his last juco year, then lowered INTs a great deal while at AU. But this myth that he turned Nick Marshall from some scrub QB to what he was at AU needs to be bunked stat. Its just not true. NM did way more for Gus than vice versa.
  9. I agree. That's y I said seems odd he didnt mention the accuracy thing. Should be drilled into his head by now he that needs to drastically improve that area of his game. The fact it doesnt seem to be at the forefront is scary. I feel like Gus handicaps them so much with the system their accuracy and ability to make the big throws at big moments just isnt there.
  10. Seems odd Nix doesnt mention improving his accuracy next year. To me, that's easily the #1 thing he should be focusing on. Thoughts?
  11. Online and qb play are difference in 2014 and now. Nick Marshall could consistently hit the deep ball and was a better runner than Nix. We actually ran some true zone read then. That and online was waaaaay better at run blocking. Gus's offense is NOT good without at least an adequate run game. Yet the 'offensive genius' made his worst hires at the coaching position he probably needs the most for his offense to work. It's not rocket science folks.
  12. Oh I hear. The latter part of 2014 and then definitely 2015 shined the light on things for me. I realized he was not a great coach in 14 and then honestly felt like as an offensive guru he was a complete fraud after 2015. I've realized he was mediocre years ago but it never gets any easier. Especially when you grew up in Georgia and for the first 25 or so years of my life we were the better program, but the last 14 or so they completely own us. Gus is a huge part of that. I dont see my anger completely resolving until we get this ship turned around.
  13. I've never gonna get used to it. Tired of the mediocrity.
  14. Well in reality nothing I do will help or hurt anything. But you really think we another guy as talented as him on the roster? We have some guys I keep hearing are so talented but um not seeing it. We got Seth involved heavily as a freshman, y not Pickens. Just sayin. We coulda used him.