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  2. Chatter about Nix starting due to boosters I'm sure is absolute garbage. No way in hell Gus is going to start anyone other than who he thinks is the best player. Thats always been the case. Whether or not hes always right is a different story, but I damn well guarantee he starts who he thinks is the best guy.
  3. Welcome back JMR! Great insight....had been missing this last few weeks. War Eagle sir!!
  4. Dude really? So Bama and UGA are for sure paying everyone and we get top 10 classes completely clean? Come on. I hate them too, but really.....??? If they are doing it, we are definitely doing it too.
  5. You're referring to literally one year where the defense caused us to have a mediocre season despite great offense....2014. It's a valid point, but only one year. 2015 through now, super high percentage of our big game losses were due to the offense being weak. So that's 1 year vs close to 5 years.
  6. I just dont understand it either. As long as your doing it clean, why is winning not one of the the bottom lines with athletics? What are the ones Gus achieves that trumps winning? Players graduating and staying out of trouble? Those factors should positively correlate with building a consustent winning program. I guess I just dont understand what AU administration's barometers for success are. Personally, I feel the barometer should be to take the program to the next level. That's winning 10 games a lot more often than 8 and beating our main rivals at least somewhat more consistently. Au has been stuck around the same success rate for years, yet administration doesn't seem to share any tangible plan for where they want things to go. It's always the future is bright, blah blah blah, general statement about success, blah blah blah. I realize maybe the plan behind the scenes could have more specific and aggressive barometers, but based on what I've viewed with coaching decisions since Dye left, it seems the plan is to maintain status quo.
  7. I dont think anyone is saying AU is too lazy. Its we dont have the guts to go for it because we are so scared of making the wrong decision and becoming the next Tennessee. Complacency does not always equate to laziness, sometimes its born from fear.
  8. You mean the 5 losses a year with occassional anomalies problem? I'm sure there are coaches out there that could do better. Do I claim to be able to be the one who could choose correctly. Sure dont. Does that make my point any less valid. Absodamnlutely not. If Gus could just fix he offensive futility issue, hed already be where we want him to be. But he either cant or wont. My guess is he only knows one way. You're saying there are no other coaches out there that could do better in that regard? I refuse to believe that. I'm not buying Gus would be undefeated in the ACC. Part of the reason he recruits so well at Auburn is because its Auburn. Most of our past coaches recruited fairly well. If he went to some ACC crap school, his recruiting would most likely not produce a talent advantage for him. Then it's back to can he get an offense to out execute a defense with similar or better talent, just like now. He would lose games due to offense there too, 100% guaranteed.
  9. Marshall's article was about lack of strong leadership and vision in the program. Accepting mediocrity. My original post opinioned this lack of exceeding mediocrity was a long term deal caused by lack of killer instinct among leadership. It's not just a now thing. It's been going on a long time. It's about seeing where your competition is at in the current climate and saying I'm going to have the nads and foresight to do what it takes in this environment to exceed them. Auburn has traditionally done a poor job at that. You using the example of plug Gus in back in the day and we do better just proves my point. At that time we knew Tuberville was mediocre and we didnt replace him with someone better. Same thing with now. We accept that Gus is mediocre compared to current competition and we dont have a plan to do better. And no it's not just about UGA and Bama. It's not like Gus only loses to them every year. He loses 5 games a year basically so there are tons of other losses that he is responsible for. And he loses in a way that is consistent....crappy offense against good teams. That's a Gus thing independent of Georgia and Bama. Hes produced crappy offensive games against Florida, Mississippi State, etc over a long and consistent period. We dont have a Georgia and Bama problem. We have a Gus problem.
  10. I wouldnt call choking and competition from those schools the same thing. Choking to me means we lost despite not incredible competition
  11. My take was that Marshall was aluding to that dirty little secret.
  12. Not following you. You're saying Bama and Georgia success is holding us back from going to the next level? If so I strongly disagree. We were not a consistently great program before Saban or Smart. They are not what's stopping us.
  13. This Phillip Marshall article so accurately captures what the problem with Auburn football seems to be.... why we cant get to that next level. It's that lack of a killer instinct and commitment to success that's holding Auburn back imo. The only way to get to where we want to be is through tough as nails excellent leadership and I dont think we have it. Not sure we have in my lifetime tbh.
  14. Though 04 was more complete, I'm not sure they would dominate 2010. 2010 had a great run defense and noone 2004 team played was anywhere close the offense force of nature Cam was. He wouldve given the 85 Bears defense trouble. Lol. I think wouldve been a great game.
  15. We were hitting slants to Seth all game. It was how we generated a ton of our offense.