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  1. The dumbest thing about this is Bamas official page saying it "caused them to lose the game". It just glosses over the fact had Alabama not gotten the penalty, they actually had to get the ball back and score. That's just a foregone conclusion in their mind. It also looks at Auburn getting that long field goal in a vacuum, acting as if it didnt occur everything else wouldve stayed exactly the same. They used this same logic in the kick 6 game, just naturally assuming they wouldve won had Chris Davis not scored. Even going into overtime with our kicker advantage and the fact the only scores the
  2. Physicality. #1 need from this group. Need to get back to annihilating people off the line ala 2013. Add that with as more diverse passing game and we will be in very good shape.
  3. Are you trying to say defenders will be expecting same Ole Gus and get a nice suprise?
  4. For the offense to truly take off, hes going to need to be around the mid 60s completion % wise. Anything under means hes just not hitting enough passes and or the blocking is subpar and he has to throw it away too often. Most of the qbs in successful spread offenses hit those numbers. Hes definitely going to need to hit way higher rates against good defenses. Barely 50% and subpar 50% rates wont cut it. Hes a hell of a hard worker and I know he will do everything he can. I think Chad Morris is going to unlock the mid range passing game, which should get those %s way up.
  5. Homeboy better have been working on his mid range passing consistency. We are gonna need it this year.
  6. Yes I understand that. The original post for this topic said "Coach Spurrier called a few minutes ago. Said the SEC and ACC should just play their seasons and winners face off for national title because one conference was going to win it anyway." My post offered the possibility another team outside those 2 was a contender. I dont 100% agree with Spurrier.
  7. I didnt say I cared but the comment was only SEC or ACC would win it. I think Ohio State would have a good shot if we are being real here.
  8. What specifically was he dealing with? Would love to hear some insider stories.
  9. I think the 2014 defense collapse was a big part Ellis's coaching and scheme, but also personnel. We did not have the horses to stop folks at that point. Either way the buck stops with the d coordinator and Ellis wasnt going to inspire stud defensive players to come our way. I still remember Rueben Foster saying Ellis Johnson reminded him of his grandad. Not exactly the image you want floating in top tier recruits minds when deciding between you and your rivals who have elite recruiters.
  10. If only we had our 2016-2019 d to go with that offense. Oh Gus, maybe one day you'll put it all together. A man can dream.
  11. Yeah I agree. Held us back alittle the last few years. Last years d would have been unbelievable with a stud speed rusher or 2.
  12. Biggest difference was 2013 had 2 elite pass rushing defensive ends and 2014/2015 did not. Dee Ford graduated after 2013 and Lawson missed 2014 and half of 2015 and was clearly not fully healthy even when he came back in 2015. Statistically 2013 not not that good a defense overall. They were very statistically good in the red zone though.
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