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  1. twilli13

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    Ole Miss defense seems to be throwing us way off rhythm too. We are lucky their offense is terrible minus these lucky ass 3s. A good team would be destroying us.
  2. twilli13

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    He hasn't looked right in a few games this year to me. But this is easily his worst. I understand being cold shooting, but his ball handling has been horrid.
  3. twilli13

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    What in the world has been wrong with Jared Harper tonight?
  4. We had a lot of really good players in this class. But man, not getting more offensive lineman, especially when we desperately needed some studs, tells me I dont think this staff is capable of it. The GP loss to the Dwags was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I figured he would flip, just not to Captain Bowlcut. I swear....Bowl Cut is the elementary school bully and Gus is one of the nerds. Anytime one of the nerds gets their hands on something nice, theres ole Bowl Cut swooping in to beat them up and take it. Gus needs to man up, cut the good guy act, and start fighting fire with fire.
  5. twilli13

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    Are these Auburn forums? Just curious. You're thinking maybe a Phillip Fulmer snitch session is coming Kirbys way? A man can dream, right.
  6. twilli13

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    This. Their fans relentlessly talked about Cam Newton and how he was scum, yet defended Todd Gurley to the death placing all the blame for his suspension all on the memorabilia agent while not once mentioning Gurley is a grown ass man and willingly took money. They are terrible. That's why I'm extra pissed about this loss. That and Kirby is definitely paying players. But you know the NCAA will never look into him. Instead, he will get away with stuff for years while Auburn is thought of nationally as a dirty program due to the Cam year. Makes me absolutely sick.
  7. twilli13

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    Do tell....I need some good news right now. Felt this one coming, but this kid is trash. I'm sorry. I've thought for quite a while Kirby was pulling shady ass s***. I dispise everything about that Dr. Pepper guy looking ******
  8. twilli13

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Not sure if anyone mentioned yet, but before the FBI crap last year, Pearl had EJ Montgomery committed...6' 10" power forward ranked #9 overall in 247. That was a big recruiting loss for us. Had we had him and Wiley available at the same time, we could more effectively change to big ball when needed. Plus another huge defensive presence.
  9. twilli13

    FINAL: Auburn 84 Alabama 63

    This team needs to stay aggressive like they did last night. Moving without the ball, taking the ball to the rack, diving for loose balls. We need to do it on neutral sites and the road. I know we have it in us...I saw us play this style vs duke and stay competitive.
  10. twilli13

    FINAL: Auburn 84 Alabama 63

    Was thinking same thing about Brown. Was much more aggressive this game, setting the tone early by taking his man off the dribble. Later, he started popping threes, but it was when the game flow called for it with Auburn on huge runs and off of fast breaks. He even had that sick dunk off the oop from Harper. I wonder why the change....home game? Scouting report on his man? Just taking what his guy gave him? Or, just wild hare up his ass?
  11. twilli13

    Men vs. Mississippi State - game thread

    We dont play fundamental defense at all. We are lazy as s***. Bruce has had this issue with many of his AU teams. Last year, he got the defense to start playing descent fundamentally for a time. Once that happened, with our scoring and extremely active hands on d, we blew up. This year, we suck again fundamentally, except now we have zero inside rebounding presense without Wiley.
  12. twilli13

    What is off about this team?

    Yeah, he seems to be ok with it I think. It may be because he knows it's his best chance to win with the guys he has after watching them in practice all the time. I dunno.
  13. twilli13

    What is off about this team?

    I definitely agree with you there. I dont think shot selection is a new problem. We just hit more of them last year. We looked awesome at times, then it kinda all snowballed into that horrible tournament loss to Clemson. We have been living and dying by the 3 the last 2 years. I just dont see it being a sustainable model for the success AU wants.
  14. twilli13

    What is off about this team?

    In body size, Wiley does. I think he just needs to develop more consistent low post moves and be more aggressive.