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  1. The problem with the argument that the execution thing is not Gus's fault is it happens waaaaay too much. When players consistently fail to execute in big games, and its NOT the play calling, its either the recruiting or the development. So pick your poison. Which is it?
  2. Ill give you the simple reason. Gus is a guy who fears change during a game. You can see it in his lack of adjustments made during the game and in lack of substituting players for under performing ones or injured ones. The man does not like to change the script. Plain and simple.
  3. Mullen is a POS. Lost all respect for him (if I had any before) after this incident. Instead of running his fat, used car salesman mouth, maybe he should shut up and be thankful for the fact his team got away with blatant holds the majority of the game (that play was a microcosm of what they got away with). I actually hope they get annihilated by UGA this year (and I never, EVER root for UGA).
  4. My guess is that he is less athletic but knows the defense better or is usually in better position. I dunno. I dont imagine it's just blind loyalty though. Steele doesnt seem hesitant to play Pappoe a ton.
  5. They are more talented and were higher recruited, so why arent they starting? Bet theres a reason.
  6. Unfortunately though he could have prevented those long tds with tackles and hes not an nfl caliber safety or great athlete, I dont think we have anyone better ready to go. Sux but it's the truth I think. Guy plays hard but yeah he could have prevented at least one of those tds.
  7. People are consistently trashing Gus because this is going on 6 straight years of these type of putrid, pathetic offensive performances. It's not because of a one game anomaly with a true freshman qb. Gus offenses had these type games with Nick Marshall, Jeremy Johnson, Sean White, and Jarrett Stidham before Nix. It's been a trend for a long time and people are beyond sick of it.
  8. You must've forgotten 2014 uga game. Gus has been doing this since almost the beginning. Its covered 5 quarterbacks, many of whom were highly rated. Its def Gus.
  9. Well Gus regressed back the mean today. It was a fun few weeks. Pathetic offensive performance. I'm not even that mad honestly. I wanted to be optimistic but am not surprised in the least.
  10. Should keep the dern mutts further away from the field. Same thing with that fat UGly bulldog back in 96 that tried to bite Robert Baker.
  11. If you told me before the season we would be 4-0 with Bo completing just over 50% of his passes, I wouldve thought no way. His running ability I think is really opening up the offense. If he can just start consistently hitting more throws, we are gonna be dangerous.
  12. I wanted Leach years ago but age and seasoning has made me reconsider. His defenses are generally not good, which you need to win in SEC. Though he is a great passing game coordinator, his teams are finesse and that usually costs them a game or so a year. I'll pass.
  13. I was curious where you read LSU uses a pro style offense with play calling based heavily off analytics. Always wondered what role it plays in modern day college football....can you provide more detail?