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  1. twilli13


    Haha how could I forget. You forgot the ones about the REC having power over the national media and Saban being Mark Emmert' s pledge master in the Stone Cutters.
  2. twilli13


    And just what, pray tell, is going on in T town besides dominant football the likes of which have never been seen in college football history?
  3. twilli13

    Propst in the SEC

    Rps questionable social life aside, my original post was referring to hiring another assistant from high school. If RP was such a great coach (which is what we need to fix this mess, if it's even fixable), then why has he never moved up to the big time before now? Hes not a spring chicken, right?
  4. twilli13

    Propst in the SEC

    Ellis Johnson 2.0....
  5. twilli13

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Hell yea. I definitely want to get tickets this year. Pearl may have us there yearly pretty soon, but nothing in this life is assured.
  6. twilli13

    Honest statement and take it for what its worth

    To be honest, until lately, I've always been more of a sunshine pumper guy. The last few years have hardened me significantly tho. Lol. I'm still in between. I want Gus to succeed and think hes a good guy. I think the real problem is definitely the administration and always has been. They have gotten us into mess after coaching mess over the years. The point I was attempting to make about Gus is the whole definition of insanity thing. It's super frustrating because i feel if some things were done differently. The program could have soared under Gus. Oh well.
  7. twilli13

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Lol. I know who he is. I'm hoping he pans out quick, but despite the recent success of true freshmen qbs, they are still the exception and not the norm. Familiar with Khalil Tate also. Looks like a truly dynamic runner. I was hoping someone knew of another option I hadn't heard of, but also, nada.
  8. Exactly. Way to go T Will!
  9. twilli13

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    What other transfer dual threat qbs are left at this point? Hell, what other transfer o lineman can we get? Give me something to look forward to. Lol.
  10. twilli13

    Honest statement and take it for what its worth

    Exactly the sheep s*** I'm talking about. This guy is presenting the idea of the University meddling like they have been like I agreed with what they have done. I havent said anything of the sort. Hes also talking about people supporting Gus one more year whereas my original post was referring to people constantly making excuses for Gus. Two different things. Then someone like you (nothing against you personally, just meaning someone) comes on and responds with how great his post was when he wasnt even referring to what I was referring to.
  11. twilli13

    Honest statement and take it for what its worth

    No, I'm not at all referring to people defending Gus over the way the University and boosters are handling things. I completely disagree the majority of Gus supporters are supporting him over the way the University is handling things. There are people on here who vehemently support him no matter how s***ty of a coach he is and chastise everyone else for being pissed and complaining on a message board over the state of the program. Aka continued mediocrity. No one on this board is responsible for anything with the program either way. The outside the box viewpoint referred to another post I was attacked on. Not on criticizing Gus.
  12. twilli13

    6-6 next year

    Agreed. 6-6 was the ceiling for me with no KB. No o line, no descent qb (unless Nix somehow pans out immediately), front 7 on d now decimated, 1 back who could probably even make a roster at Uga and Bama, and highly inconsistent secondary.
  13. twilli13

    Honest statement and take it for what its worth

    Franklin was the choice that pissed me off the most. Such a lazy recruiting choice. A guy who couldn't even start over a non scholarship sec guy at his juco, but oh hes fast, we can just teach him how to be a qb. Gus needed a dual threat and hitched his wagon to that. Wow.
  14. twilli13

    Honest statement and take it for what its worth

    The Gus supporters are in butt hurt denial about how amateur he is. It's ridiculous. Heaven forbid you bring an outside the box just get a bunch of sheep piling on indicating you are not a true Auburn fan, Gus was good at Tulsa, etc etc.