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  1. twilli13

    The ultimate defender

    So I think one of the main underlying issues really is recruiting great players to fit needs. Gus's staffs recruiting, to me, always looks good on paper but fails to get the guys he needs to execute his offense consistently. Yeah we are always top 10 or near it, but it's always a random hodgepodge of guys with seemingly no theme or recruiting strategy involved. It seems we only take whatever the highest rated guys are that want to jump on board, regardless of anything else.
  2. twilli13

    The ultimate defender

    The trick here is we need a guy who can do both very effectively. When JFIII came into games, his presence opened the running game. Unfortunately he either couldn't or wasnt trusted to throw the ball. I lean towards not trusted because he couldn't as he was a backup everywhere he went. Conversely, guys like Stidham need dynamic run blocking and a great running back to open things up. Until we have a guy who is really good at both again or Gus gets some elite o lineman and backs, I think you'll see similar results.
  3. twilli13

    The ultimate defender

    I dont see Joey ever playing QB in D1. Imo that's one of Gus's biggest issues. He recruits too many project qbs. Franklin another great example. Nix I think may be really good, but hes going to have a ton pressure to succeed. Though he has a ton of long runs on his Youtube highlights, I still doubt hes as quick as NW or as dynamic a runner.
  4. twilli13

    The ultimate defender

    The issue isn't that Malzahn doesnt want great dual threat qbs. In fact, Nick Marshall saved Gus's ass and made him like look better that he was in 2013 and 2014. Perfect example is the 2014 Ole Miss game. Nick Marshall scrambling and hitting huge plays to Sammy Coates won us that game. Period. Not Gus's play calling. The real issue is Gus and his merry band of lackey assistants have not landed a really talented dual threat since NM, while missing on many. Deondre Francois, Lamar Jackson, Justin Fields, Kelly Bryant, etc. Instead, he had to settle for John Franklin iii, Malik Willis, etc. Imo Gus's qb recruiting has been weak.
  5. twilli13

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    Yeah I wasnt suggesting the old zone read as primary basis for offense. But not using some zone read concepts with Bryant's wheels would unwise. As pointed above, many teams are using some zone read concepts. As Bryant is also a decently accurate passer, we could run some zone read and some Chip Lindsey passing concepts. Now, whether Arthur Gustav and Ole Chip could get on the same page and make that work, that's a different story. But I personally dont think mixing in a little zone read should be that difficult.
  6. twilli13

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    I completely missed your post before posting. Totally agree. Rumors of Jalen Hurts transfer as well, but I like Bryant better. Much better passer imo.
  7. twilli13

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    So is Gus on the horn with Kelly Bryant yet? If not, he damn well should be. Stidhams gone after this year and we need a QB to help us transition to Bo Nix. Bryant would allow us to go back to more zone read stuff, but hes a pretty darn good passer too. Thoughts?
  8. twilli13

    2020 3* DT Damarjhe Lewis commits to AU

    Does anyone know if we have a serious chance to sign any d tackle prospects in this class? Seems like we are getting guys at pretty much every other position, but haven't seen much on dt recruiting. Maybe this is by design and we are looking for more guys next year.
  9. twilli13

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    Man, cant stand Smart. A true through and through ThUga Dwag.
  10. Talent definitely exists out of high school. Obviously, all players need some development. Some more than others. Never said otherwise. Not all prospects are created equal though and not all can be developed into good to great SEC players. We need the kids who can be developed into stud players. If you look at our d line now, almost all were 4 and 5 star high school prospects. And we had our best d line in years. Coincidence?
  11. I agree russell is good player, nfl talent, type we need to keep getting at d line to be successful.
  12. Agreed. I just know we are going need nfl type talent to match those 5 star o lineman. Just logic really.
  13. To be clear, big cat is not sure fire yet(needs to add weight). Rashad kennyon, justin thorton come to mind as undersized des who never panned out. Never said we need all five stars, but to have a great defensive line, i think you need a majority 4 and 5 star guys. We had one of the best d lines this year due to past recruiting of 4 and 5 star guys through 2016 mostly, which we need keep up. Seems your missing that point.
  14. Yea sorry didnt mean for response to sound snarky. ?
  15. I dont need to hear anything. I make an objective assessment by reading what actually happened. They are kicking our ass as well as many others. We need RG and company to step up like they never have right now to keep getting the nfl prospect guys at d line.