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  1. Its Bama. Their whole organization is classless trash.
  2. Better scheme, better personel overall. Just a lot damn better in many ways. Love our guys, but truth is truth.
  3. Yeah I dont get that either. Theres really no way you could trust them again if true. Why keep them?
  4. Mobility is not Bos problem. Its pocket presense. He doesnt know when to stay or go or when he stays he has no ability to properly step up in the pocket.
  5. So accuracy is not impacted by scheme? Are you trying to determine a system for ranking folks where they are right now or based on future potential? If your system is trying to look at what qbs can do, as you say, ignoring these factors I think is a huge mistake. For instance, Bo is elusive, but his pocket presense is garbage. Completely ignoring whether a qb knows when to step up in the pocket vs bail is a mistake to me. I understand what you're trying to say with some schemes making it easier than others to hide it, but I think every single qb in any offense that passes the ball can be grade
  6. Can we add a category for Pocket Presence and another for Reading the Defense to the ruberic? Bo particularly struggles with pocket presence.
  7. Respectfully man, but no, we dont owe these coaches anything. They are paid insanely to begin with and, thanks to scumbag sports agents, the schools are already on the hook for insane buyouts which is typically what equates to a ridiculous severance package...exponentially higher than in any other industry. They arent owed s***. If you are saying there are really really good signs you think a coach can turn things back around, I could maybe see that. But giving them another year for loyalty sake is insane. They are compensated over generously to begin with.
  8. Coach we fired also beat Saban occassionally, in fact that same year he did. Who would you say is the better coach of the two? Is it even close?
  9. It seems like corruption at the highest level to me. I had a bad feeling when Steele was initially hired as DC. I remember seeing his relationship with a family member in administration at AU, the fact he had only a year or so left coaching in Alabama to be added to the State pension, his previous inconsistent work as a DC, and the fact better candidates were out there at the time as red flags something wasnt right and he had some inroads. I forgot about it when his defenses were good, but I see in retrospect elite talent in the defensive line I believe made him look better than he really is,
  10. I think I'm done with Au football for a while over this. It hurts to much to know we could be great, but the administration keeps ******* it up again and again. Why can those idiots not let go of the power for the greater good when it hurts so many. I wish them nothing but the worst.
  11. The real problem with administration at AU is everything is reactionary. We never get ahead of the game on anything. The process/infrastructure for facilitating finding a replacement should be a process that is already in place and ready to go at a moment's notice. The administration should be forward thinking in what their goals are for the program and have options identified to ensure they get ahead of the game and progress rather than stagnate or regress. Instead, we have an administration that operates with a crisis mentality, being extremely reactive in their approach to coaching hires, f
  12. Confirmed we've offerred a 30% bump to their offer?
  13. Man screw this fluff job article. Obvious attempt to sell Steele as a viable option. I'm so tired of the ineptness of this cluelessness administration and the propaganda machine that spins mediocrity as quality. The whole system stinks. Need to clean house.
  14. I think improperly utilized is more the case for him. He had a lot of receptions this year. What hurts him for development/nfl is he didnt het a lot of targets on throws youd see in an nfl offense.
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