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  1. These stats also dont take into account sacks by defensive linemen vs linebackers, safety's. Could have been many of our 2018 sacks came from those positions vs more traditional d lineman positions. Who knows.
  2. Thats a great point. Also, not just how often, but even more advanced passing stats like attempts over a certain number of yards, attempts when down a certain number of points and things like that. Could be teams have thrown just as much in last few years, but the passing is more controlled high percentage attempts to keep the ball moving rather than higher risk/higher reward deep shots in order to stage a comeback. Especially now in the age of modern spread offenses with all these short screens and other QB stat friendly passing routes.
  3. Those are exactly my thoughts. I just want the data to back it up. 😁
  4. Stat...I'd curious to see what his overall pressure numbers (sacks plus hurries) would be say compared to Holland or Lawson. Qb hits would be a good metric to see too. Do you have that kinda data?
  5. I dunno about Hall, but I'm unfortunately not seeing it with Big Kat. He doesnt seem as twitchy as he was advertised to be in recruiting. We've been missing that element for the last few years, since Holland left. One thing you used to always be able to count on was Auburn having at least one fast defensive end. Mcclover, Groves, Coleman, Lemonier, Ford, Lawson, and Holland.
  6. That 2004 defense was saaaaalllty. Folks thought after losing Dansby and Thomas and DeMarco McNeil we might regress. The additions of Groves and Mcclover took the d line to the next level. They were so fast. Such a fun d to watch.
  7. It might stay in your system for 30 days, but how long are you actually contagious?
  8. This ones tough for me. Penny was my favorite NBA player and Orlando my favorite team for quite a few years in the 90s. Ill never forgive Shaq for leaving for LA and breaking up that team who I felt like had at least one championship in em. But yeah, f Penny right now. Bruce needs to start kicking his ass in recruiting.
  9. Dude Chuma could guard 1s as well. I thought Pearl was slightly over hyping his d until I saw him switch on Tennesses point guard in the regular season final last year when we beat UT at home. Expected him to get blown by, but nope, Chuma could actually hang. That's when I knew Bruce's hype of his d was legit.
  10. Im still processing this. And Im a 38 year old man. I can only imagine what these kids are feeling. My heart breaks for them. That being said, they completely reinvigorated my love for college basketball. These last 3 years (hell even 4 as we were fun to watch in spurts the year before the SEC regular season title) were one hell of a ride. We owe that to these excellent young men and our outstanding coach. Lets keep this ride going even with this dissapointment. I have no doubt we will. We are Auburn, its what we do. We rise.
  11. What a warrior. Mouthing Chuma Chuma over and over before hitting those 2 clutch free throws was shades of Bo Kimble shooting left handed to honor Hank Gathers. Still gives me chills. These kids were all heart.
  12. Everyone always says this about Danjel, but I feel like people are living in a nostalgic dream. I always remember him being a jump shooter, rather than a guy with any low post moves or a driver. That surprised me his freshman year, because I assumed based on his build and recruiting scouting report, he would play at least some inside. Never felt like that's something hes emphasized.
  13. God what an absolute delusional bunch of idiots. Their arrogance is offensive. Lol. Jokes on them since they havent sniffed a natty in ages. Yes I know they played Bama in 2012. But that game was a freakin joke. Ironically they were the ones unworthy of playing in the game.
  14. So the school got 0 punishment other than that? Honestly that's a glorified slap on the wrist.
  15. Why are those LSU tapes sealed by courts and the NCAA can never hear them when the FBI handed information about Auburn to the ncaa? I assume they did or would have otherwise why would Auburn have self imposed sanctions when Lsu did not. Did Auburn just niavely believe it was better to voluntarily confirm the wrongdoings whereas LSU told the ncaa to f off?