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  1. I personally dont see him having the body type needed to shed trash at the NFL level. Hes probably got good enough strength at the safety position, I just dont see that at linebacker....even outside linebacker unless it's like the star position or something like that. He might be a good candidate for a team that utilizes that position but not one that expects the outside backer to engage lineman and such.
  2. All very true. However I think our home court had sort of the reverse effect on us at the beginning of that game. We looked way too jacked up and were careless with the ball. If Bruce can get us more consistently well oiled on offense, we can actually play much better against them the next time we meet. Now I expect them to play better too. But my point is it works both ways. The turnovers that game were sort of a microcosm for a larger issue we've had this year offensively. We go in spurts where it looks like we are gonna blow the doors off the other team then inexplicably seem to go into an offensive mini slump with careless turnovers, lack of ball movement, etc. Then we somehow come out of it almost every game. If we can keep the gas on all game from an offensive execution standpoint, theres actually another gear we have. I hope we get there.
  3. Tyty Washington had 2 points against Kansas so the statline says. He was the main one injured against us right? I'm failing to see how that discounts our win. F Kentucky and the lazy announcers.
  4. With defensive coordinator, I'd prefer a type that can inspire consistent excellence in recruiting high caliber players. Look at the impact Muschamps presense had on our recruiting in just the one year he was here. Kevin Steele, to me, continued that momentum being assisted by several star recruiters on the staff...Garner, Crime Dog, etc. I'm concerned Schmedding doesn't have that factor and we lost of the two assistants that did (lost Eason, retained Etheridge). To me, it's about recruiting first and foremost. I'm not as concerned about Schmeddings x's and o's
  5. Using math based on numbers in the article makes it look almost directly attributable to revenue lost due to covid.
  6. Exactly. Nor was the guy who started over him any superstar qb....i believe the kid who started over Gatewood played division one but was not some superstar. Not a good comparison. The Cam comparison isnt good either imo because he was a really good starting highschool qb. Not a guy who split time. If you cant be the man in highschool, unless your sitting behind some future division one star, it ain't likely your just gonna become some stud in college where theres a massive talent gap between highschool.
  7. Yeah I agree. Just no more warm and fuzzies 😆
  8. Warm and fuzzies with Eason were gone with me the second I heard he was trying to steal Jayson Jones.
  9. Everything will hinge on OL and QB....you're dead on. We have to, have to, have to get some dynamic olineman in the portal. I wish I could say I was sold on Finley as the starter, but Im just not. Need a dynamic qb as well. Seems like this has been going on for like 10 years...if we could just get the offense to play at the level of the defense. Maybe this time, I hope.
  10. This is great news, but was he considered a legit draftable prospect at all at this point? Not does he have future potential to be, but right now. I honestly dont understand any of our o lineman considering the draft at this point.
  11. The Nix was treated unfairly claim is pretty ludicrous. It comes with the territory as an Au quarterback...you get the brunt of both the criticism and the praise. It's nothing exclusive to Bo. If they think they got a raw deal, they should go talk to Kiehl Fraziers dad and they might rethink what mistreatment from fans truly is. Beyond him, I remember numerous AU qbs over the years getting boo'd at various times for underperforming. Again. It's not all about Bo.
  12. Sad way to end things for a kid growing up idolizing AU. I hope it doesnt come to that.
  13. Yeah I agree. I get what I think they are trying to do, which I dont think is malicious because they are AU folks, but comments like that one seem like direct shots at AU and folks will respond as such.
  14. So where is his mom suggesting he should gone over AU? Probably not an inaccurate statement by her based on Gus's track record with QB development up to the time he committed to AU. Just curious
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