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  1. @JwgreDeux What's your opinion on the team as a whole now that we're 7 games into the season? About what you expected?
  2. This looks good for us. Unfortunately, it looks like Davidson has been struggling since we played them.
  3. It was frustrating how easily some of those USA players were able to get inside to the basket. I really don't know much about the X's and O's of basketball, so I can't really comment on how to stop that, but surely there's a way to do it with our bunch of guys.
  4. I went the $5 route also. It's crazy to see all the other basketball games on ESPN+...basically teams you've never heard of...then there is the #22 Auburn Tigers.
  5. I'm curious what the crowd will be like at the game tonight. It may be 50% or more Auburn fans. That would be awesome to see!
  6. Is there beef between Barnes and Hardaway?
  7. Yep, it's like that foggy window is clearing up a bit each game. He's beginning to look confident and comfortable out there. I hope Sharife is watching him excel so far and excited to be out there next season.
  8. Do you have any quick halftime thoughts?
  9. I agree with just about all of this, but we do have some excellent 3-point shooters on the team this year, and the defense has been getting some praise also. I know these points are 'what-ifs', but that was the condition I said in my original statement. In terms of the quality of 'better', I'm thinking of the football comparison between the 2004 team and 2010 team. I've heard a lot of fans say that the 2004 team would've beat the 2010 team, and I believe that is because they were more balanced in a few areas. I think Duke was probably a better team than we were, but they faltered against MSU. That's another thing that makes the loss to UVA so salty is we were set up so well to win the title going against TTU. I thought we matched up so well with them.
  10. Making the Final Four takes luck, so I'm not implying that we can get further than that. 30 wins kind of goes hand-in hand with making the Final Four. I think we can make some noise in regard to the conference regular season title, and the tournament title as well. More balanced scoring is my biggest point. 3-point shooting and a turnover-causing defense lead to our success last year. In a way, we got lucky to get so hot from behind the arc at just the right time. We also were hitting 3's outside of Auburn Arena which we struggled with usually. Remember that slump we had at the beginning of SEC play? I think we can avoid that with this team because our scoring options will be more diverse. It was frustrating at times seeing us brick 3 after 3 because we couldn't get anything else going. By better, I mean that most fans may look at this year's team and agree that they could beat last year's team if they went head-to-head or if it's a scenario where they play 5 times, who wins 3?
  11. Also to note is our scrimmage today against Troy. Hopefully we'll get some stats from it.
  12. Well after that showing, I'm even more ready for basketball season.
  13. I have a hunch that could be a possibility too if all the pieces fall into place. It seems like we have a team filled with unselfish guys, and if/when CBP can get them to play as a unit, they could become lethal.
  14. The new locker rooms, lounge, and film room looks nice to me. I hope they release some photographs that show the entirety of the spaces better. I'd like to see more detail on the lockers too.