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  1. Wasn't there an statement from an NCAA official saying that 6 schools would receive NOA's in early July??? If that's true, they're over a month past that date, which again shows the incompetency of that organization. If they didn't have a monopoly on college sports, they would cease to exist so quickly.
  2. The victim statement doesn't necessarily reflect what the athletics department expects to happen. It's more about painting a picture of the worst case scenario. It's a victim statement for court, not a statement to media. My take on Bruce Pearl making a similar comment—I think that was just him reiterating the victim statement because that interview was conducted so shortly after it was released. If he contradicted it in such a short time, it would've been awkward.' Edit: I think it's about 50/50 whether we get one or not.
  3. Where has it been reported? I'm not trying to argue, I just didn't know there were reports out there saying this.
  4. This is great news. I'm really happy for Stretch and really happy for our program. Welcome back to the plains babatunde!
  5. I'm liking it the more I look at it. I'm starting to see how it's a more modern, simpler design than the older one.
  6. There's nothing keeping him from committing, even if recruiting contact is non-existent. He had an offer, so he was open to committing at his convenience. Another scenario is that the reported sanctions weren't accurate and that recruiting did occur w/ players that had already been contacted before Person's arrest. I don't believe Blum had any quoted statement from the athletics department—It was all his word which he has already had to back track on. A good guess would be that the sanctions had more to do with restricting any contact and visits to any new recruits. At this point, I think a statement from the athletics department could clear up some confusion on what has been reported.
  7. I believe the only commitment we got during the time frame of the sanctions was from Stretch.
  8. This is correct which is why our 2018 class was non existent. We had already been in touch with a number of guys from the 2019 and 2020 class when Person was arrested.
  9. I think there was a bit of misreporting. It appears we didn't initiate any new recruiting in the given time frame. Any recruiting plans that were made before Chuck Person's arrest continued as planned.
  10. That was my take-away. We essentially didn't host any visitors that entire football season which is a prime time to bring recruits on campus.
  11. I could potentially see this being the case. That's a good find on your part.
  12. Me too. I think it's ridiculous that back in June, and rep from the NCAA said two schools would receive their NOA's in early-July—well, here we are in nearly August, and there's nothing from them. The NCAA is just a poorly run organization, and it's a shame that they have a monopoly on college athletics.
  13. Bruce didn't say they were expecting a Notice of Allegations. That was in the Victim Statement. The language in the Victim Statement is unsurprisingly different from what a head coach would say on the radio. The Victim Statement is intended to paint a dark picture of what could happen, not necessary what is expected to happne.