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  1. Are we going to watch March Madness played in HS gyms?
  2. I'm now reading that it will be 'limited' fan attendance...what does that mean?
  3. We're a ******* hot mess...period.
  4. Samir could've dished to the Anfernee there for an easier basket...but of course that wasn't going to happen.
  5. I feel like these lesser SEC games always get s*** refs. We had some good crews in our OOC season, but every SEC game except for a few, we've had some lazy, unintelligent crews.
  6. That T was intentional. These refs need to focus and watch more closely. They're lazy tonight, and it's to the detriment of the players and fans.
  7. Man **** these refs. That should be a reviewable call IMO.
  8. Wiley...that was perfect!!! Please do that more!!!
  9. I really hope that 3 Samir made doesn't make them think they should start shooting more.
  10. We have at least 3.5 left with SEC reg. season game, 1 SECT game, and 1 NCAAT game.
  11. BP is about to rip into them. I keep hoping we'll have a game where either Samir or J'von look sharp and focused the entire game. This one doesn't appear to be it.