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  1. Offense really hasn't been the issue all season. We can score points, and 95 against Florida shouldn't be ignored. Now...if the team could just play above average defense, we could really make some noise, but so many times tonight we witnessed back breakdowns in play.
  2. Yes it did, and sadly, none of us are surprised it happened. I wonder if the team realized giving up big leads is part of their identity?
  3. TJ Dunans again went into bonehead mode early in the second... Jacking up 3's he has no business taking.
  4. Man, we just put up a great half... Already with 9 assists
  5. The lighting in their new arena is terrible
  6. Can't wait to see Bryce come in from the bench. I hope our guys don't let them win 10 in a row on us.
  7. On a positive note, at least we didn't completely blow the 20 point lead against them like UT did.
  8. Also, how come a team like us who likes to press is so bad at reacting to being pressed? Have coaches ever run the scenario in practice? Because it sure as hell doesn't look like we've practiced being pressed before.
  9. We must've been assigned the bottom tier SEC ref crew this week. Oh well. You can't tell me they were calling the game the same at the beginning as the last 3 mins. You would breath on a player, and either team would be at the FT line. It tells be those refs didn't trust themselves that late to let the guys play, so they resulted in making it a FT contest. BS like that needs to stop. If I attended the game I would've had to leave because it just went too long, and there was no entertainment value from it.
  10. Unexplainable why Lang was still in bounding that pass. It should be Heron in bounding the ball.
  11. How about we don't pay that lineup anymore Bruce.
  12. It would look great if the team could show us they've learned from their mistakes. They need to come out playing team ball against everybody. Whatever lineup is best for that is who should be playing. I also need to see Wiley get it back together in the next few games. Against TCU and Bama, he scored a lot on short dish passes after a guy drove under the basket.
  13. We are certainly due for a home win against MSU. I can only hope that the team takes the USCe and UT games as learning lessons that they can't sit back and exhale until the seasons over. We need to come out with intensity and focus against State and sustain it until 0:00.
  14. I hope next game, for the first time, our guys don't step back and admire their last win over UAT. I hope, finally, we come out with focus and intensity as if only that game matters...but we'll see. Like Bruce said, he doesn't know which AU team might show up.
  15. Yeah, I believe he air balled that floater...a wtf shot indeed.