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  1. A question for everybody... From the list, which non-Power 5 team(s) would you want to play most?
  2. Anthony Mix
  3. 0%
  4. Same bull s*** as the SEC tournament. We show up with no heart to win when it matters. I expect to be better next year, but it won't matter if we crumple under any expectations
  5. Good to see David Ross there. Time to **** some s*** up!
  6. Game day betches! Hope the team is ready to **** some s*** up this evening.
  7. **** our pitching
  8. So is a pitcher like Mitchell really only good for a couple innings before he begins to lose control?
  9. Let's get a couple more now
  10. He was due for a good at bat
  11. It awesome to see Casey get pissed off last night after that last home run he gave up. After that, he dominated to finish the game.
  12. Again, why do we seem obsessed with stealing second? It's like everytime we have a single, it's guaranteed that info is gonna try and steal second.