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  1. SEC Swimming and Diving Championships

    We wouldn't have to battle for 1st. We could show up knowing we would win, and everyone else knew this as well. Same went for the NCAA's most years.
  2. Marsh Possibly Returning to Auburn?

    Agreed. My hope is that he'll be at UCSD just long enough to get their program on the right track as they go to Div. I, then head back to Auburn. He's not old at all (still has kids in HS) and has plenty left in the tank. I have no doubt once he returned, we'd see immediate improvement. I'm also being hopeful that because we have a new AD, it's a more attractive option for Marsh to come back.
  3. Men vs. South Carolina

    Chuma and Horace know they are the ones who need to step up. They'll need to play smart and avoid foul trouble. Murray can also step in and play a little bit of AM's role.
  4. We’re ranked

    Not bad... Kind of what I expected.
  5. A Play That Defines a Team

    It was executed so smoothly, as if they do that in each practice. And the fact Dunbar got to finish it on his birthday made it even more special.
  6. Men vs. Georgia

    Threes aren't falling. We can score inside if we try. We can't keep putting up quick 3's. That's stupid
  7. Men vs. Georgia

    We need to do what we did against Ole Miss and grind the inside...draw fouls and make Fat's.
  8. Tired Team

    I don't think this is necessarily true. We didn't live by the 3 against Ole Miss. We can grind inside if we really need to. It is how we came back against Ole Miss and Bama.
  9. Men vs. uat

    Losses happen in basketball. It just sucks it was Bama. Lets get them in Auburn Arena whrn their SGA president will be there too. Meanwhile, lets get a W against uga
  10. Cliff Ellis Question

    Weren't there probation implications he got the program caught up in at the end of his tenure?
  11. We’re ranked

    Don't get my wrong, I'm ecstatic! It feels amazing to finally have confidence in our team. Go get that shirt!
  12. We’re ranked

    I'm so happy for the team... But still a lot of basketball to play
  13. Men vs. Uconn

    That was great to watch today! Our guys deserve some well earned Christmas time with their families.
  14. Men vs UAB

    I'll say it...we look so much better than last year.
  15. Men vs UAB

    Bryce makes it 10 point game