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  1. It was amazing last night to see everyone hit their FT's. Wiley, McLemore, and even Spencer were on. The commentators were even complimenting Spencer's FT shot haha.
  2. Bryce plays good D. He can turn the defender away from the basket using his quickness. Too often this season though he nearly looks disinterested, as if he doesn't care. Lang and Brown just don't give us enough scoring ability. They're both 3-point shooters (average at that) and that's all they really do.
  3. A 20+ point win would feel so good right now. It seems like I've sent every other team in the SEC do it so far but not us. Cruising to a win would help the team mentally as well.
  4. I feel that these are the moments when we should go to Wiley. Say we don't score on two or three possessions in a row, then we can throw it into our big man in the center for a higher percentage shot. It will also get Wiley more comfortable in a scoring role.
  5. I think the team grew up a lot yesterday. They played with poise, and even had Kentucky on their heels with less than 10 to play in Rupp. They didn't seem intimidated at all. The substitutions were handled much better, and I'm hoping this sets the precedent on what our rotations should be going forward. I hate to imagine what the game would've been without Austin Wiley. I think having the big man helped substantially with us going against their size, and I would like to see us run more offense through him. Seeing Fox get frustrated by fouling out was funny, and overall I thought that game was much better officiated than any other of our SEC games. I'm wondering if we're consistently getting bottom tier officiating crews, and teams like Florida and Kentucky get the better ones (kind of like how Ritter does the big SEC games).
  6. A lot of criticism recently had been focused on the offense, yet our ability to score points is not what seems to be hurting us. It always seems to be our lack of defensive play. So therefore, I would like to ask what is the matter with our D? Opponents 3-point percentages tend to increase against us because because we seem to ineffectively guard the three ball. What does Coach Person need to do to fix the defense?
  7. That's pretty much what I'm getting at. I think the fact they are freshmen are making them apprehensive to the idea of being a leader. Perhaps a coach can step in and say that it doesn't matter their age or class. Just from demeanor alone, I think Heron would make a great leader. He's well spoken, and is the best on the team. If he leaves after 2 or 3 years, the team can be Harper or Wiley's to command.
  8. So far, the best candidates to be leaders are either Heron or Harper. I'm more inclined to say Harper because there's a better chance he'll be here 4 years and he's the PG (the QB of the court). The question is...does he have it in him to be a leader? The coaches need to sit all 3 of the freshman (DP, Heron, and Harper) down and explain to them that they need to be the leaders of this team.
  9. We need to ask coach Person what the deal with his defense is. If it doesn't get better, I say BP needs to take over the defense.
  10. Coach Person is the primary defensive coach, and IMO, he needs to step his game up because it's been rather inconsistent. Yesterday, the baskets inside and the fouls were frustrating in the 2nd half, but even in the first half, we let them get some wide-open 3 pointers and some breakdown in assignments.
  11. Let's not panic. We can still put ourselves in excellent position to be a bubble team.
  12. Coach Person seems to be hit or miss with his defensive schemes. Tonight's was absolute garbage. UGA averaged what... Around 70 pts a game.
  13. Man, it just sucks. We had a great turnout and caught early momentum, but it just seemed like youth let this game get away. Each time we threatened to go up by a good margin, we would give up an and one. We let a 10 point lead get away via FT's. For me, it was a frustrating game to see us let it get away.
  14. Crowd looks good. I didn't see any big empty pockets on first glance.
  15. I didn't watch any of the game as I had to listen to it on the radio while driving. But the time Horace did play sounded pretty rough. He committed a turnover almost immediately, and also fouled which I believe gave them two FT's. I don't think it's as much of a PR thing as it is intended to send a message to the other players. Bruce is making an example out of these first two.