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  1. This would make sense as that's when the dealings with Wiley and Purifoy were occurring. It's also important to note that the NCAA handed down their punishment to the players after reviewing the situation, and no further implications have come to light since. That cannot be said for other programs. It comes down to what the NCAA thinks is deserving. The players sat out for a season or that considered punishment for the program for the athletes? IMO, it's both, but maybe the NCAA thinks further punishment is needed for the program. However, I hope that's not the case.
  2. Don't think about it in terms of replacing 'Bryce Brown'. You'll see the style of team change...not so reliant on the 3. Jared, Chuma, and DP are going to be our big 3 point threats next year, but with Okoro and Akingbola, we can put it inside more too. This is also assuming Wiley can get more comfortable in the paint.
  3. We get Okoro, Flanigan, Jones, Johnson, and Akingbola. Cooper might come in after the fall semester too I believe, if he does indeed commit to us. I definitely see Akingbola as a good replacement for Horace. For the others, I'm not so sure how they fit in, but I know the coaching staff will use them to their full potential. Our program is nearly to the point where we're reloading, not rebuilding. Going forward, I first want to get Bruce a hefty new contract, which I trust AD Greene will make a priority as well. I expect Wiley, Harper, and Chuma to all be back. Chuma might not make it back until SEC play however. We'll see. This season was historic and will go down as the first building block in so many great things to come. I'm excited to see how the players evolve going forward.
  4. Yeah, this is a bitter moment that is going to be emphasized in college basketball history...just look at articles by ESPN and the cover of the NY Post. People are definitely consoling with Auburn and our viewpoint on the matter. All UVA can say is 'well, that's just how it goes sometimes'. I mean, sure, but there's a bigger storyline to address here.
  5. I saw that too which begs the question why they couldn't find officials with no ties to the SEC or ACC for the title game. I know officials work across conferences (I believe), but I know there are some West coast refs that don't have affiliations. **** that ref man. I hope he feels great seeing all these articles about his call. Hint hint, if people are talking about how you called the game and writing articles about it, you're not a good referee.
  6. This is the hardest loss to swallow that I've experienced. Damn
  7. No business even getting close to fouling there.
  8. I'm proud of the team, but ****. To.lose by such a dumb decision. It makes me sick.
  9. I got the UA Final Four Polo from the Team Shop. Now it says all that's left are XL's.
  10. Alabama's basketball program is the last thing on my mind.
  11. It's going to happen. We pretty much need to hand him a blank check. Accomplishing what CBP has done in 5 years is heads and shoulders above any CGM has done with our football program.
  12. That showing at Toomer's last night was impressive. It helps that it was a Saturday night . I bet SkyBar was a blast light night also.
  13. I would absolutely do this! Why should we be hesitant to completely buy in to a coach who is doing things with our program that have either never been done, or only done once before.
  14. I really hope the AD sits down with him after this season during the typical 'season review' that all coaches go through and let's him know that Auburn wants to do whatever it takes to keep him happy here for a long long time. Let him know that we're committed to his vision, and listen to anything he advises on in order to make the program elite.