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  1. I love Bruce and started doing so day 1, when he flew into the airport. I wish our administration wouldn't be such drama queens over this investigation. Auburn needs Bruce!!!
  2. Replacing Person

    It looks like we're already seeing improvements without Person on the bench...we all the sudden know how to play defense again...
  3. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Can we stop with BOOM stuff?
  4. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Guys, isn't it obvious?! Gus got the lead so he's calling off the dogs
  5. Norfolk State- Season Opener

    I hope so. He's been dealing with a lot.
  6. Pearl's Job in Jeopardy

    I've been impressed by Leath so far.
  7. Auburn Loses Exhibition

    I'm not sure how to process this. Maybe it's a rude wake up call to the team. That's the best I can hope for. Poor defensive play could make this all come crashing down.
  8. Wiley and Purifoy

    This is what I'm hoping for. For the sake of the players, I wish the NCAA would fast track a decision for the specific individuals involved if that's at all possible
  9. Wiley and Purifoy

    Person better not step about foot on Auburn's campus. And I still support the idea of taking all signs of him down in the arena.
  10. next Head Coach

    We have Gus figured out. We can't pull off an upset or beat an evenly matched team anymore. Yesterday's win was not impressive for any of us.
  11. next Head Coach

    The first person I would reach out to is David Shaw and sweet talk his wife about the benefits of living in Auburn. Stanford had proven to put out pretty good coaches as we see in Harbough at UM and Derek Mason at Vandy. I've gone a little cold on Mason as Vanderbilt's season has played out. I think they get a few of their easy wins early, but they have struggled in SEC play.
  12. Weekly Presser - Arkansas

    Ya know, we let them of the hook... But it won't happen again. We're going to hold a lead like we did against UGA in 2013 and FSU in the NC, and Bama the next year... Oh wait
  13. Eligibility

    We'ren't there reports that the athletics department was able to determine who the players are who were involved in the investigation?
  14. next Head Coach

    Of course I am.
  15. next Head Coach

    He took over a program with a little disarray and seemingly has them trending in the right direction. That's also a difficult program to run due to the setting (keeping players focused and out of trouble).