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  1. What a s***ty outing last night! What ever happened to them having tired pitchers after their game against MSU earlier in the day?
  2. Maybe we can use their depth against both of them in that case. This may go to extra innings...hope these players tire themselves out!
  3. Who is the Canadian guy we could potentially get who I've heard mentioned before?
  4. I know it's double elimination, but how exactly does double elimination work?
  5. What will happen if we lose to Florida today/tomorrow?
  6. Leave it to us to screw up a bases loaded situation with one out...damn
  7. What's up with baseball coaches moving into AD roles? Same happened to John Cohen at Mississippi State. Are they really more passionate about being an AD versus a SEC baseball coach? Maybe there's something I'm missing.
  8. Oh, I didn't even realize he pitched against Bama too.
  9. Casey's last start since Tennessee was against LSU right? I didn't watch the game, how was good outing?
  10. It feels good to take the series in a solid fashion. Let's go for the sweep today! Anyone have a guess on who will pitch?
  11. Mize has been scratched from the lineup today. David Daniel will pitch today with tomorrow's pitcher TBA.
  12. Well s***. This isn't good. I'm getting a gut feeling we may not see Mize again this season.
  13. Yeah, from a national seed to bubble team if we continue the slump this weekend. I don't know what needs to happen, but we have the talent to sweep Ole Miss and that's what needs to happen. Surely our guys are motivated to turn this around.