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  1. Jaylin needs to take ALL of Danjel's minutes.
  2. Serious question...does Okoro take us from worst to first in the SEC???
  3. There is Samir's signature 1-on-1 guard play. At least he drew the foul though.
  4. This is what I've been thinking too. It's not like they're that bad a shooting in warm ups...something in their head is causing them to tense up or something when taking big shots in the game.
  5. Jaylin Williams is already showing some tenacity out there. I like how he attacked the basket.
  6. Danjel can't hit a wide open 3. Devan's was at least close to going in.
  7. That was actually a well-run offensive play by us...let's do that more!!!
  8. Can Jvon or Samir please drive inside and dish it to Wiley or Anfernee? Please.....
  9. I knew Samir wasn't going to pass the ball right when he got it.
  10. Anfernee needs to keep his block attempts in check. He's become a little careless when trying to block shots. I'm glad he didn't draw a foul on that last possession by UT.
  11. Dumb 3 pointer by Purifoy...not a very open look.