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  1. If anyone needs, it's on ESPN2; my guide says 30 for 30.
  2. SECN showed it. You must have caught the very end where she comes back at him about it. He blatantly made contact with her shoulder beforehand.
  3. Tempers flaring. I watched it a few times, she deliberately didn't have her hand up to give him five, anyways. Still, he went a little too far by putting hands on her like that,
  4. In the congratulatory "high-five" line after the game, the UF coach had his hand up to give five to Fagan and nudged her shoulder instead of giving her "five".
  5. Looked like a tacky ending with the UF coach's behavior. Jeez o' pete.
  6. Amazing. Great job, ladies.
  7. You da man! Appreciate all the effort! Here's to Auburn recruiting class '17, and all you '18 targets, we'll be seein ya!
  8. He's quoting Cubelic there though... heh
  9. I will say, if it does come to light that Helfrich completely helped developed Mariota into the player he has become, I can deal with Helfrich as a play-caller. We need someone that can keep our QBs (read: Stidham, then Woody) hungry and developing as the QBs we all think they can become.
  10. I've watched Oregon quite religiously the past 10 years (wife is a die hard Oregon grad). I don't particularly care to see Helfrich in the O&B. He simply always seems lost.
  11. Probably because of his cancer, he wants a chance to coach with his son. Didn't know his son coached with cincy. Would you happen to know what position his son coach? Already been mentioned multiple times in this thread alone... GA at Cincy. ...and because Google must be so hard for you to figure out:
  12. looked like every other bald eagle on the planet.