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  1. Yea, 3 players testing positive. Tons of players from other programs testing positive as well (as expected). Unfortunately, I believe it's all too soon.
  2. This whole thread is self-righteous...
  3. 100 yard pick 6 in the IB. Amazing moment in Iron Bowl history.
  4. FYI, Mr. Shivers gets to the endzone before the helmet hits the ground. We love the Worm. Beast Worm.
  5. I was confused about what the problem was as well. WeaglWeaglWDE broke it down perfectly. They stopped to review, we had the team out, they blew the whistle, we snapped, Carlson killed it. Boom.
  6. By all means, please grace us with your godly presence...
  7. Didn't they JUST write an article about how JG is "all in" and a true Auburn man? I'm just playing devil's advocate here. If I were in JG's shoes, I'm not sure what I'd do.
  8. At least he misses long, where they can't be picked. I think he'll get it sorted.
  9. So every team fanbase that ever existed should be upset all the time? That's just not enjoyable... why be a fan period?
  10. Think they're just saying... if we run Boobie into the ground like Gus has done in the past.