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  1. I’ve been suspecting this for a while now.
  2. I hear some rumor mill stuff the other day that originated from students about him. As many of you know his kids are students at AU. Supposedly one of their friends said when we had the last search we were poised to hire Freeze. Maybe the recommendation from the search committee? Not sure. Whatever the case Green sandbagged the hiring and locked it up on background checks to the point that Freeze pulled out and Green got his man, Harsin. If that’s true I’d be surprised this time if it’s not Freeze.
  3. I have a feeling Harsin is about to run his 2QB system. I saw an article the other day where he did it in Boise. One pass oriented QB and one running oriented. If one gets the hot hand they play more.
  4. Reported that Phil Knight wants Oregon in SEC or BIG 10
  5. IMO UCF is a sleeping giant with all of this alignment. They are one of the biggest schools in America and have a lot of potential.
  6. TAMU about to get death penalty then.
  7. I know that was the innuendo during the investigation but I thought the investigation cleared him?
  8. Just read an interview with Finley and he was talking about the transition to the Harsin offense. He said it will be more uptempo than we saw under Bobo.
  9. This is where I was seeing it. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/auburn-football/auburn-insider-updates-the-tigers-search-for-a-new-offensive-coordinator/?fbclid=IwAR0-RCowyKWqMtAZ1zJvobMDQQdZClteIsvO_krdUxAjgAQmygZ1GuZ0jnQ
  10. Being reported that Dilly is the lead candidate.
  11. Saw one article speculating Leach to OU
  12. I’m not connected in any way. It’s being reported on other boards and seems to have originated from Auburn Undercover.
  13. Rumors coming out that the son of Pete Carroll is our top candidate.
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