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  1. Just read an interview with Finley and he was talking about the transition to the Harsin offense. He said it will be more uptempo than we saw under Bobo.
  2. Sorry, Albert. Didn’t realize at first the question was if AU was keeping his commitment or not. On a side note, I didn’t realize at first that I knew his mom. I’ve actually known her since we were pretty young and we graduated together.
  3. I know his mom and she’s been posting all kinds of AU stuff recently. Would floor me if he flipped.
  4. This is where I was seeing it. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/auburn-football/auburn-insider-updates-the-tigers-search-for-a-new-offensive-coordinator/?fbclid=IwAR0-RCowyKWqMtAZ1zJvobMDQQdZClteIsvO_krdUxAjgAQmygZ1GuZ0jnQ
  5. Being reported that Dilly is the lead candidate.
  6. Saw one article speculating Leach to OU
  7. I’m not connected in any way. It’s being reported on other boards and seems to have originated from Auburn Undercover.
  8. Rumors coming out that the son of Pete Carroll is our top candidate.
  9. Didn’t know this but they were saying last night that BoBo grew up an AU fan. Only went to UGA because AU was on probation.
  10. Twitter has been lit up with angry UCF fans. They felt their QB was handicapped too in play calls. I think it was their worst passing stats in years.
  11. There are some Twitter rumblings that the USC deal is becoming a distraction in Happy Valley. Supposedly students are organizing a protest at the game Saturday. Said they will wear orange and be quiet during the game.
  12. I like his stance on the 2 minute drills and backup player time.
  13. UT and Okie have officially announced they are withdrawing from B12
  14. I just saw on Facebook he is claiming UA is doing it too.
  15. Saw one report from a sports beat writer said that his source told him that Tennessee was handing out money to on campus recruits in McDonalds bags.
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