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  1. I just saw on Facebook he is claiming UA is doing it too.
  2. Saw one report from a sports beat writer said that his source told him that Tennessee was handing out money to on campus recruits in McDonalds bags.
  3. Multiple sources reporting that Napier has emerged as the front runner.
  4. The guy from Costal Carolina is interesting. I’ve been intrigued with them this year.
  5. One interview with someone connected indicated that the ones in charge would prefer a coach that will keep Steele as DC. Apparently multiple top candidates have worked with Steele before.
  6. SDS reporting it too with statement from Greene https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/auburn-football/gus-malzahn-auburn-tigers-fired-coach-2020/?fbclid=IwAR1oIeK47JBU49b904YA0LOGsCuvTmywVgPwCkORe9iP8lkAR_0ol8sTEYM
  7. TBH, we get frustrated with his coaching quite often but I believe he does a lot of good Kingdom building off the field with his players.
  8. Now being reported Quan Bray was with him too. Over 200 lbs in the vehicle.
  9. He also got arrested for simple assault after the game. Must have been high on nose candy or something. It’s almost like The Hangover.
  10. Did anybody see the video of Beckham Jr giving wads of cash to players after the game on live tv? 😂
  11. Apparently one LSU coach said in practice this past week that Oklahoma was the 5th best team they played this year.
  12. That one had me calling livid. Felt like the refs were sending signals that UAT had an extra player...
  13. Anybody remember the video game Mutant League Football? That play looked like something from that game!
  14. On the topic, saw on another board where Steele has supposedly said if Gus stays, he leaves. Don’t know how true it is.
  15. Saban said it was Tua’s last series and they were practicing the 2 min offense when he got hurt.
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