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  1. SphyNxXx

    Jalen hurts transferring

    I have no connections whatsoever however I did read somewhere that cracks are starting to form at UAT. It sounds like all of the 5 star egos are starting to fester. It also sounded like Kirby was the glue that held everything together. The players loved him but aren’t too fond of their new D coach.
  2. SphyNxXx

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition

    Missed that!
  3. SphyNxXx

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition

    We I’ve heard he is holding out for KState, his alma mater.
  4. SphyNxXx

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition

    I was just thinking the same. He doesn’t look like his usual maniac self. I wonder if something is up.
  5. SphyNxXx

    Mullen opening practice

    I read something the other day explaining his paranoia. I’m pretty sure it was on a different forum than this but anyways it was from a high school coach that had some previous connections with Gus. He said that in 2013 and 2014 Gus had an open door policy for high school coaches. They were allowed to attend practices, check out playbooks, etc. Gus has always had a special place for high school football. At some point later in 2014, Gus found out that a high school (I think in AL) was running his exact offense and plays even with the same play calls/relay system (how they signal plays to the offense). After that he went into freak out mode and locked everything down.
  6. SphyNxXx

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    I heard recently that his redshirt blunder isn’t as bad as it sounds. Supposedly one of the games in question he was only put in for 1 special teams play and that play resulted in a dead ball penalty. Coaches pulled him immediately and thought it didn’t count against him because the play never started but the NCAA counted it.
  7. SphyNxXx

    Honest statement and take it for what its worth

    I think the fired ship has sailed for the year. However........there is some rising smoke that GA Tech might be pursuing him. With Bryant dodging to Mizzou, I’m starting to wonder.
  8. SphyNxXx

    Is it just me...

    According to Tate, Gus’s motivation is championships and personal pride, not money. The big salary and buyout was all Sexton.
  9. SphyNxXx

    Is it just me...

    Jay Tate is reporting that the ludicrous contract modification reported was never intended to be accepted but rather a mechanism to run Gus off. Unfortunately Gus was open to it because he doesn’t care about the money and it left us in the stalemate we are in.
  10. SphyNxXx

    Malzahn meets with Green today

    Being reported by Marcello that Gus’s agency has been told to start looking for a new gig for him. Wondering if the wheels are turning for a mutual parting of ways to save face.
  11. SphyNxXx

    Chip Lindsey

    Some new whispers: If Gus is retained, there might be some hesitation from the board to hire Freeze due to past transgressions. If so, another possibility is for Gus to hire Bobby Bentley from USCe. In that scenario, he would probably be the QB coach but Gus would be the play caller like his first year. Nothing is concrete though.
  12. SphyNxXx

    Secondary school

    I’m pulling for Washington State this year. Also pulling for UAB.
  13. SphyNxXx

    Hill accepts Schwartz's race challenge

    I just saw an info graphic where Schwartz has the 2nd highest yards per route in the SEC, only behind Judy at Bammer.
  14. SphyNxXx

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    I read somewhere else that Venables has been holding out for Snyder to retire at his alma mater KSU.
  15. SphyNxXx

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    Kiffin or Seth Littrell. Agree with at least interviewing the guy from UCF. i previously would have said Kiffin is too reckless but I recently read an article by him where he confesses that he had too much success at an early age and his ego got out of control. He says that he is now humbled back down to earth and has learned from his mistakes.