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  1. SphyNxXx

    Secondary school

    I’m pulling for Washington State this year. Also pulling for UAB.
  2. SphyNxXx

    Hill accepts Schwartz's race challenge

    I just saw an info graphic where Schwartz has the 2nd highest yards per route in the SEC, only behind Judy at Bammer.
  3. SphyNxXx

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    I read somewhere else that Venables has been holding out for Snyder to retire at his alma mater KSU.
  4. SphyNxXx

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    Kiffin or Seth Littrell. Agree with at least interviewing the guy from UCF. i previously would have said Kiffin is too reckless but I recently read an article by him where he confesses that he had too much success at an early age and his ego got out of control. He says that he is now humbled back down to earth and has learned from his mistakes.
  5. SphyNxXx

    Will Stidham be back next year... Revisited

    Grad transfer out west
  6. SphyNxXx

    turning offense around

    Not exactly. Southern Miss had a top 10 defense.
  7. SphyNxXx

    Harold Morrow

    Probably so. There not much to Maplesville. I think the town population is only around 800-900. They are a 1A high school equavelant to UAT. The entire community rallies around the football program.
  8. SphyNxXx

    Brad Lester ?‍♂️

    From what I read on another board, he recorded a video of a boy using the bathroom because he thought the noises he was making was funny. Bad thing was he had already got in trouble previously for trying to take pictures of female students under their desks. He had been terminated from his job as a substitute teacher.
  9. SphyNxXx

    Hugh Freeze

    Just read on Twitter that the SEC offices blocked Missouri from hiring Freeze. Be interesting to see if they allow little Nicky.
  10. SphyNxXx

    Demographic Curiosity

    34 Male Calera, AL Graduated from AUM in 2005
  11. SphyNxXx

    Will Hastings

    I wouldn't worry about him being a former walk-on. They said on TV that Baker Mayfield was originally a walk-on too.
  12. SphyNxXx

    Well... just because

    I like 2 and 3 the best.
  13. SphyNxXx

    Jacobs stepping down

    One thing I can add is that unlike some deferred benefits plans, the RSA plan requires members to contribute a good bit towards it. I worked for 7.5 years with the state and when I left, it was mandatory to contribute 7.5% of your gross income toward RSA. RSA payments are calculated based on your average annual income over the last 5 years of employment in conjunction with your contributions.
  14. SphyNxXx

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    My wife used to work as a cashier at a construction/hardware store when we were dating and she dealt with her share of sexually rude and harassing comments. The cashiers were somewhat isolated from customers on a platform so she never was touched inappropately but inappropriate comments weren't uncommon. One guy got so dirty on the phone with her that it scared her and she had to get guys to walk her to her car after her shift. Her female coworker even had a customer stalk her.
  15. SphyNxXx

    Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    A few pics from our neighborhood in Calera.