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  1. Rhett Lashlee and UConn vs Holy Cross

    I watched some of this game last night. Ended up being a good game in the 2nd half. The UConn offense looked very similar to AU's post Nick Marshall. The only difference I saw was they threw the ball more than at AU but that was probably out of necessity. Several passes under 10 yards and fake QB runs after a handoff. Makes me curious how much our offense will change tomorrow under Lindsey.
  2. Wow. May have dodged a bullet on Kendal Briles

    Unless you're a meh backup then you're butt's gone to free up a scholarship and Saban is praised as a disciplinarian. I don't have a problem with a coach handling minor issues like alcohol related arrests, possession of weed, etc. When they start getting involved in crimes that causes harm to others like rape or domestic violence, its gone too far.
  3. Concerning the Rhett calling plays note, there is rumor on other boards that Gus took the play calling from Rhett during the middle of the Ole Miss game for some reason. Also said that Gus did the offensive game planning for Vandy and UGA.
  4. AU opens as a road dog at Ole Miss

    Ok....so Arky beats Ole Miss. Then we beat Arky by 53. Now we are predicted to lose to Ole Miss....
  5. LSU head coach

    That is what I've read on other boards. Herman is holding out for Texas and Jimbo is staying but at FSU.
  6. Did you know?

    I know we were tough on Gus at the beginning of the season with the disappointing losses, but the team is noticeably improving.
  7. Odds to win the SEC (Week 5)

    Under Sumlin, A&M is usually good for a couple late season drops.
  8. Gus's future

    I would only say fire him if he loses the team and it spirals out of control. If the O hobbles along and looks pitiful, fire Lashlee and bring in Briles.
  9. Naming a Starting QB at Auburn

    Just caught some interesting info. In a video interview Brandon Marcello from 247 is saying that the reason the QB battle is dragging out is JF3 has made a big late push against White. He said that he expects JF3 to be declared the starter against Clemson.
  10. Bammer, SEC QB Competition

    I was just reading about their QB competition on SEC Rant and they are struggling too. Apparently Barnett is out of the race and has become a turnover machine in the fall camp. Said it is between a true freshman and Bateman with Bateman likely "starting" against USC and the freshman battling it out with him in the game.
  11. Laremy Tunsil - Ole Miss violations

    Whether or not Ole Miss committed the infractions, stepdad is a horrible person. Dude deserved the beat down Tunsil gave him.
  12. Bammer, Cam Robinson arrested - Charges DROPPED

    FWIW, an article on 24/7 says that evidence was thrown out due to unconstitutional search by officer. DAs remarks sounds crooked though.
  13. He has grounds for the suit. The school had no policy in place for reporting sexual harassment accusations, meaning he technically didn't violate any institutional rules.
  14. What song?

    Killswitch Engage does a good cover of this song. Devil You Know also does q good cover of Eye of the Tiger that is more energetic
  15. Missouri -fallout from potential boycott

    I wouldn't want to hire any of these crybabies when they graduate.