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  1. Now being reported Quan Bray was with him too. Over 200 lbs in the vehicle.
  2. He also got arrested for simple assault after the game. Must have been high on nose candy or something. It’s almost like The Hangover.
  3. Did anybody see the video of Beckham Jr giving wads of cash to players after the game on live tv? 😂
  4. Apparently one LSU coach said in practice this past week that Oklahoma was the 5th best team they played this year.
  5. That one had me calling livid. Felt like the refs were sending signals that UAT had an extra player...
  6. Anybody remember the video game Mutant League Football? That play looked like something from that game!
  7. On the topic, saw on another board where Steele has supposedly said if Gus stays, he leaves. Don’t know how true it is.
  8. Saban said it was Tua’s last series and they were practicing the 2 min offense when he got hurt.
  9. Just saw on Facebook that Tua’s injury is similar to Bo Jackson’s.
  10. I live in Shelby County now, however when I worked in Montgomery my favorite was Green Papaya in Coliseum Blvd. Joes Italian is good. So is Bertolone’s in Calera, which is owned by the family that originally started Joes. Twisted Root on Rocky Ridge Road is awesome for a burger place. Their original location was featured on Diners Drive-In’s and Dives. I’ve only been once but I really enjoyed Bricktops on 280 in Mountain Brook. Eli’s Jerusalem Grill on 280 is good too.
  11. I was a student at AUM when George W Bush came to speak there. I remember things were getting crazy the last school day before he came. I was told they would have snipers and Secret Service agents manned in certain well placed classrooms.
  12. It’s just a screen name I’ve used in various forums since the early 2000s. The way I first started using it was it was a character’s name from a really old role-playing wrestling site I used to visit back when I was a young teen. I was trying to come up with a screen name on a forum and it was all I could think of lol.
  13. I still believe that if we win out and LSU wins out, we backdoor in to #4. Many of the others ahead of us will play each other giving us a lane to move up. Our ridiculous SOS will give us points, especially if we have 3 wins over top 10 teams (Oregon, UAT, UGA).
  14. UAT would only have 1 SEC loss in that scenario whereas we would have 2. Missy St isn’t beating UAT.
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