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  1. Special Counsel Mueller's Team

    Good post and a fair analysis.
  2. Special Counsel Mueller's Team

    Off topic. Start a new thread if you wish to discuss it.
  3. Special Counsel Mueller's Team

    Millions of taxpayer's money has already been spent since congressional committees, special counsel, etc,. since last year nad to my knowledge NOT ONE violation of the law by anyone in the current administration has been found. Can the Trump haters here tell me one? Even major DEM Chuck Schumer said today the Dems have no one but themselves for losing the election.
  4. Meet Mueller's team, full of lawyers who gave $$ to Hillary now investigating the Trump team. Lots of money being spent for results that will not be credible because of politics. Kind of like the fox being let inside the chicken house. One side will like the results, the other won't and nothing will happen. Just like the FBI/Comey in the Hillary e-mail investigation. Not to even mention Mueller's long timeclose relationship with Comey who may have violated the law by giving classified info to the NYT.
  5. This Morning's Tweetstorm by POTUS

    Ok thanks. Guess I'm just one of those who didn't recognize the "retort" and my name was by the whole post. Other posters may think it is all mine too. A fake post.
  6. This Morning's Tweetstorm by POTUS

    Titan.....your post above 5 hours ago in not quotable for some reason. In any event it looks like you have pasted one of my posts to someone else's since I made no such post as the first part on July 23.
  7. This Morning's Tweetstorm by POTUS

    i never dreamed when Trump was elected that the liberals would have diarrhea that has continued for months.
  8. the only other word he knows is "iriony."
  9. This Morning's Tweetstorm by POTUS

    Maybe he woke up to reality like a lot of other Americans who voted for him.
  10. Women burn burqas and men shave beards....

    With ISIS now on the run, I wish we could somehow eliminate the little prick in North Korea.
  11. Political Over-the-Top

    I have known Mo for several years. I was on a small advisory group for him on space program matters.issues when he first ran for congress. He is an OK guy but I haven't decided who I am going to vote for yet.
  12. This Morning's Tweetstorm by POTUS

    Keep it up Pres. Trump. The Dems/haters are reading every word you say and it's driving them nuts. I love it.
  13. Some a--holes twitter some post all day on message boards