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  1. "Apparently" but I wish Pearl would say something specific. But it may be a privacy issue. Just hope he gets OK even if he doesn't play any more this year. With our record and no post season play it's not worth the risk.
  2. Does anyone KNOW what's going on with Powell. He has now been out since Jan.6. Is it just the concussion or is there more. Kind of strange Pearl dosen't say anything, unless I missed it.
  3. Be careful. We have a guy who is apparently pretty good at that during home visits.
  4. With Fulmer there I doubt it. He had a taste of Garner a long time ago,
  5. Most folks have forgot but when Garner first left AU for UT he called some AU players wanting them to transfer. Against the rules at that time and unethical. I wrote Coach Fulmer about it and got a nice letter back thanking me and he put a stop to it. I still have his letter.
  6. Welcome to the banned from where free speech/opinions are not allowed.😀
  7. I've been to Philly a few times when it nice and enjoyed the history. Unfortunately it has become another a big city with problems like this: Philadelphia police arrest 2 in killing of Temple U grad, 25, who was walking his dog | Fox News
  8. I lived for many years in Huntsville. It is also different from rural Alabama and is a booming city right now. They just announced it as the home of the new Space Command HQ I have no problem with Texas. Spent a lot of time in Clear Lake during my years with NASA. But I had rather live most any place in Alabama than anywhere in New England. To each his own but a lot more people are moving out of states like Mass. than are moving in. Did you do NROTC at Auburn? I did
  9. Please don't come back. I love my state where I was born and grew up. I've lived all over the country and glad to be happily retired in Auburn, Alabama.
  10. I have the same question and haven't seen an answer.
  11. When I saw the thread title I thought it was going to be about Rodney Garner, one of the best bagmen. Considering that he was canned at UT and GA I was surprised AU ever hired him.
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