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  1. A sexual harrassment catch all thread.

    Add another well known person.
  2. Moore Acuser and FBI Bias

    I didn't write the article just posted as other posters here so often do. If you don't like it write the author Fred Fleitz and tell him he is ignorant. It's almost happy hour in Auburn and I am off to enjoy a nice evening. Do the same. War Eagle!!
  3. I don't think everyone......only TUF donors.
  4. Mueller Becomes the Accused

    Trump's lawyers go on offense. This could get interesting and seeing it all play out will make for a good drama series.
  5. Moore Acuser and FBI Bias

    So you don'tt like FOX. I guess you are more a fan of WaPO and their fake news.
  6. Moore Acuser and FBI Bias

    There is nothing to argue about. I told you about ACTUAL e-mails. If you don't want to accept them as fact so be it. Maybe another opinion will help. If you don't like his, send him a letter.
  7. Moore Acuser and FBI Bias

    Oh geez I'm not going to do your research for you. If you haven't seen the e-mails released this week (independent of the Mueller investigation) then you are in the dark. Also note......the Mueller charges have NOTHING to do with election interference by Russia. They may very well have to do with questionable or even criminal actions by individuals aside from the election.
  8. Moore Acuser and FBI Bias

    The e-mails are pretty clear and speak for themselves. FOX didn't make them up, just reported the facts........which you don't like to hear. It's funny you ignore actual e-mails released by the FBI but speak of "POSSIBLE" transgressions by foreign entities. Mueller has spent a ton of money and hasn't found ANY related to election interference.
  9. A sexual harrassment catch all thread.

    Mike Tirico's turn in the barrell But then there is this. Who would have thought?
  10. Moore Acuser and FBI Bias

    Did he actively try to stop any of them except Trump?
  11. A sexual harrassment catch all thread.

    Oh I love this one. A former Chief Judge on the liberal U. S. Court of Appeals is accused by a bunch of women.
  12. A sexual harrassment catch all thread.

    Al Franken dragging out his departure. Was his strategy to hope Roy Moore won and was seated and then say if Moore was there he too would stay? Schumer doesn't seem to be pushing him to leave.
  13. The Real Collusion

    More and more it is looking like any Russian collusion in the last election was a nit while the more serious collusion was in our own government, particularly by the DOJ/FBI under Obama. If all this is true some heads need to roll.......right into a jail cell.
  14. A sexual harrassment catch all thread.

    And then there is this. While lately we have focused on politicians and celebrities this is much worse IMO. It has become an everyday occurrence in Alabama and elsewhere. No excuse for sexual predator teachers in the classroom. And in a high % of cases it seems to be female teachers.