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  1. Thank you. Titan's response will be interesting since he is deleting all my responses to his last post.
  2. Right. Clapper and Brennan have now openly said there was attempted interference by both Russia and China for years. So that begs the question why they, Obama, Biden, Holder, Lynch,, didn't acknowledge it and do something to stop it before the last election. Now the Dems act like it's the first time it ever happened.
  3. With all the attention now focused on the Mueller report many have forgot about the internal investigation by DOJ/FBI IG Horowitz. His report is likely to expose some of the internal corruption by top officials. Should be interesting.
  4. Democrats......the test results are back and.....Donald Trump is your daddy.
  5. DKW.....I didn't read all the links but anyone who hasn't had his head up his butt knows Sen. Schitt dug himself a hole months ago and now can't admit he was wrong/lying (reminds me of a few here). He said several times he had evidence of collusion but hasn't provided any. You can bet if he had any he would surely provide it now.
  6. This advice from a Dem seems to be good.
  7. 1. I think it proved that the Russians did meddle but maybe I missed it that they were favoring Trump. But it shouldn't have taken two years and $125M to find that out. It has been know for a long time that the Russians were "meddling" in our elections. 2. I sure agree we need to stop it but I assume we have been trying and haven't succeeded.
  8. Well boy you implied it was THE Mueller report not the Barr summary. call it what you want but I don't think you can call the Barr summary a report.
  9. This is not the report but a summary by Barr which everyone on the planet has heard about by now.
  10. How do you know Mueller didn't since you haven't even seen his report? In any case not bringing any charges is by definition exoneration. Remember "innocent until proven guilty?" Well you obviously can't be proven guilty of anything unless you are charged with something. Just a desperate narrative by haters who can't stand the Mueller findings as we know them now.
  11. The Barr summary clearly says NO collusion and NO evidence of anything else. So what specifically is he NOT exonerated of except such crap as Dems like Sen. Schitt continue to whine about. He has said over and over he had evidence of collusion but hasn't provided any.
  12. Mueller says no collusion by Trump but there is plenty of other collusion.
  13. Note he said practicing. I don't think he ever got beyond practice.
  14. If you want to push homie's button mention Dr. John Christy of UAH also: