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  1. He hasn't come close to paying it off. I have no idea why. I often wonder why AU doesn't go back to court and have him arrested for non-payment and get gag order on him.
  2. Played RB and DB in HS football and catcher in baseball. My Dad played catcher in AA baseball for the Atlanta Crackers.. I wrote the sports column for the Plainsman in 1957 when we won the NC. I got to know all the coaches and players and learned a lot from them. Since those days it has been mainly learning from attending AU practices and being a student of the game.
  3. Go corndogs. Beat the hell out of bammer.
  4. I hate the boo birds but just like here it's different strokes for different folks. As far as leaving early.......I very, very rarely leave early and always for a good reason, but you buy a ticket it doesn't say you have to stay the whole game.
  5. Yeah you seem to have forgot a lot when it comes to facts. Tell you what....I'll bet you $1000 I can arrange lunch in Huntsville with Stallworth, back up what I claim, and we will see if he thinks I'm racist. You on? Put up or shut up!!!
  6. And why don't you tell what that awful slur was and the fact that you were in Madison at the time and I offered to arrange lunch with you and introduce you to some prominent black friends in Huntsville, including three time Super Bowl player John Stallworth, who would vouch I'm far from being racist. Oh and don't forget to tell how I helped John start a minority owned business that became a huge success. And please note that I gave prominently black college Alabama A&M $10,000.
  7. Why don't you tell the whole story and stop whining?
  8. We need a thread for this?
  9. Great post and advice Mikey. Period!!!
  10. Golf....hope you have a blessed birthday filed with joy and fun. WDE!!!!!
  11. LMAO. The OP just says he got in for a few sacks not that he did anything great. I think that is a good thing for him just to get on the field in front of a big crowd his first year.
  12. Nobody makes you read it do they? Looks like others find it OK.
  13. I understand. I was fortunate to be in school when we won the SEC (even beat KY) with Coach Eaves. The team was called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.