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  1. Proud Tiger

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    Bet you have done that before with a Senator haven't you?😀
  2. Proud Tiger

    anyone interested in a hillary debate?

    Poor Hillary doesn't seem to know when to go away and quit making a fool of herself. Now she has the gall to criticize Trump in meeting with Putin after she was a miserable failure as SOS. She seems to have forgot the embarrassing moment when she gave Putin the infamous "help" button. I think all she can remember is losing the election.
  3. Proud Tiger

    Are They Coming Home?

    LOL. Who knows but if Hillary is his opponent he will.
  4. Proud Tiger

    Are They Coming Home?

    So carry on with your hate then for 2 more years if it makes you feel better. To each his own.
  5. Proud Tiger

    Dems Snub Feinstein

    That was my point, not that I liked de Leon. But I sure hope they keep loving on Hillary and she runs again in 2020. I would actually make a contribution if she did since it would be worth it to see her go ape again when she lost.
  6. Proud Tiger

    Are They Coming Home?

    Guess you didn't see all those who showed up the next day to support him. of course you wouldn't have unless you watched FOX News. Not to mention he got a signed agreement from all NATO members to up their ante to the 2% per member minimum. Before the meeting, the only large members doing that were the U.S. and England were. Get over your HTS and you will at least have less stress.
  7. Proud Tiger

    Dems Snub Feinstein

    Wow, if this is happening to the establishment in California maybe the Dems are waking up and there is reason to hope.
  8. Proud Tiger

    Mark my word... FWIW is another opinions piece supporting your belief.
  9. Proud Tiger

    Are They Coming Home?

    My back is dry and I am very happy he is my POTUS. Other countries look up to us again because of his strong leadership. They know he means business and calls a spade a spade.
  10. Proud Tiger

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    Spoken like a guy with a bad case of HTS who can't debate without name calling.
  11. I hope your spelling improves before school starts back. But maybe you have had to much booze.😀
  12. I wouldn't touch that one with a ten foot pole.
  13. Heck yeah if they could get that dude up again
  14. Proud Tiger

    Strzok hearing

    Would you recognize it if you saw it?
  15. Dang Nola you must be gaining weight. You used to eat homies lunch now you are eating his and elle's dinner as well.