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  1. Critics have criticized Trump for hugging a child in NC today while visiting to assess the hurricane damage. The sickness of Trump haters is beyond words.
  2. Feinstein now refusing to turn over Ford's letter her to the Judiciary Committee. I think she knows now she is getting blemished as much as anyone in all this. She has become the face of the Dem resistance, the purpose of which is obvious to any open minded person. At this point in time the Dems are in a box. If Kavanaugh provided absolute proof of his innocence not one Dem would vote for him.
  3. Proud Tiger

    Trump Getting Involved Early in Hurricane Florence

    So far it looks like things are going very well in the response and recovery efforts in NC and SC. Trump visiting hard hit sites today.
  4. News.....The Judiciary Committee is now telling Ford they are willing to send a team to her and will do it openly or privately. Seems to me the committee is bending over backword to accommodate her. If she refuses this then the confirmation process should proceed IMO.
  5. One woman's opinion: "If you're going to make this accusation but not willing to subject yourself to questions then you should suffer the consequences of filing a complaint." -----Judge Janine Pirro
  6. Thanks. Glad you see that too.
  7. Are Soros fingerprints on this mess?
  8. I'm sometimes slow but I think I got it. Whenever you disagree with me it's a failure on my part. With that finding I move on.
  9. LMAO. You can never concede you are wrong about anything.. Please point out my failure in the thread ......which I started and has been a good discussion but is now becoming smack.
  10. No it wasn't. Both you and CNN said she was going to testify when all she said was she was willing......which she is now backtracking on even that.
  11. I disagree. If Feinstein couldn't verify she was telling the truth why throw this turd in the punchbowl to start with? Answer....because it offered a great opportunity to taint Kavanaugh and delay confirmation. Politics at it's worse. And as far as your opinion of FOX that's Ok but you made a false post from CNN earlier in this thread thread that neither you or CNN corrected.
  12. Bombshell.......Feinstein says she can't verify Ford's allegations are entirely true.
  13. That's fine and I respect that but why pounce on others who feel differently.
  14. Of course it does. It places the comment in context with ALL of what Kavanaugh was saying. But believe what you want too and I will continue to do the same.
  15. Warren slammed for editing Kavanaugh video. Typical of her dishonesty.