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  1. What electorial crisis are we in? It worked perfectly.
  2. Weak by any standard. Even Obama himself NEVER acknowledged it and the fact Obama knew was NEVE discussed in the debates. So much for his touted transparency.
  3. Just one study but this may be typical of the effect of raising the minimum wage to high.
  4. The question in the OP has now been answered.....YES. And this top Dem on the House Intelligence Committee thinks Obama should have done more to stop Russia's meddling.
  5. I have known David for many years, going back to WEN days. I consider him a long time friend and respect his views. I will let him answer for himself.
  6. Univ. of Delaware prof fired for her ridiculous comments about Otto Wambier. Thanks to this school for setting an example that free speech comes with responsibility and sometimes consequences. She apparently has not got the brain to consider how her comments must make Otto's family feel during this time of grief for them.
  7. Welcome to the barrel Bernie. Looks like you are just part of the Washington swamp after all.
  8. David...knowing you lean to being a Dem makes me appreciate you posting this. It is refreshing to see someone posting with an open mind to the truth and not trying to spin it to suit their biases..
  9. How do you think Trump or Congress can punish Russia anymore than the sanctions they have already levied?
  10. I guess my point was not Trump having it both way? BUT IF what he says the CIA told him re. Obama is true what do you think? Seems to me if what he says is true Obama seemingly hurt the Dems by keeping quiet way before the election.
  11. ^^^^^ this didn't get much media attention and no responses here.
  12. Trump says in an interview that the CIA gave Obama info regarding Russian hacking/interference well before the election. IF true, it deserves looking into does it not?
  13. I hope you saw my posts ain the thread about the beach, breakfast, etc. We just got home today and I looked at the board for the first time since Thursday morrning. I see that my posts to you Salty, etc., have been deleted. I guess fun (nice) posts are allowed by Titan. Looks like the whole thread was deleted. I hope you had a nice week in PC. I haven't been to PC in a long time. The Hangout was the favorite spot when I was in high school and at AU.


    1. GiveEmElle


      I saw it. I'm still at the beach but so ready to be home. I've barely been home at all this month. My daughters were in dance competitions. Most of her dances placed in the top ten. One more dance tomorrow and we are done.

    2. Proud Tiger

      Proud Tiger

      ??? Did you read my PM to you?

  14. Start with George Zoros.