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  1. FWIW looks like AU/Greene is all in. Auburn preparing to help players ‘make some money’ when Alabama NIL law goes into effect - al.com
  2. There seem to be comments about pro athletes mixed in with college athletes. I took the OP to be about Auburn/college players.
  3. You nailed it. Some people don't have a clue but think they know everything. Thank you for your service from an old Navy guy,
  4. It's rare that a thread here of any length doesn't get off track. That's Ok but the usual "perfect" posters are often the first ones to whine. Not talking about you but I bet you can guess. Oh well lot of folks got a laugh and there are always sourpusses.
  5. I'm not a coach but I bet the majority of them would have called for a bunt in these circumstances. But hindsight is great😀
  6. That's what I thought. The LSU coach played the right odds and Dean didn't. Makes you wonder why in a game tied in the top of the 9th.
  7. AU doubled to start 7th. We didn't try to bunt her over for some reason. LSU opened the bottom of the 7th with a double and then bunted her over. So......poor decision by AU coach? Yes IMHO. Softball vs LSU on 5/7/2021 - Box Score - Auburn University Athletics (auburntigers.com)
  8. I went to Ensley High so I guess we were HS rivals😀 I remember Mike Neel and Jimmy Sidle from Banks.
  9. We were sitting close together.
  10. How many were at the AU-bama game in 1972? It is one of my all time favorites. Wish I had a video of Bear after the 2nd blocked punt. (1) Facebook
  11. Thank you for cleaning up the thread.
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