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  1. Griping here doesn't do any good. Send AD Greene an e-mail. athletic_director@auburn.edu
  2. No, no, it's all Gus' offense. can't you read the posts
  3. I wasn't relying on an "insider." I was relying on my own eyes.
  4. i totally disagree. If you ever went to practice you could see. Franklin just sat on the sideline slinging insults to the players. I never saw him actually get on the field and teach. Our DC, Rhodes, was right the opposite and it got results.
  5. Wish I could answer. Sorry no one who knows is responding.
  6. A former Auburn great has died. https://auburntigers.com/news/2020/10/14/football-two-time-auburn-american-ken-rice-passes-away.aspx?fbclid=IwAR3EIz85d6lDBabyAwCP6hAsla0
  7. My kind of guy. I have several other kinds too and my neighborhood is a virtual arsenal. What do you normally carry?
  8. I too have a Glock 19 and hopefully enough ammo to last for awhile. I carry it almost everywhere these days because there are too many nuts out there.
  9. Looks like all our opinions about the offense should maybe be directed to Morris. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2020/10/what-gus-malzahn-is-doing-now-that-hes-no-longer-the-playcaller.html
  10. As Brad pointed out earlier it is a state by state decision and they overrule the SEC.
  11. Auburn has been allowing only around 19,000, mostly students. But Saturday during the rain they packed up under the upper deck seats and in the concession area walkways defeating the distance effort. The stands might as well have been full.
  12. We can analyze it forever. I'm for sure not a coach but I do think when you can only score two offensive TDs in the last 7 quarters there is just something fundamentally wrong overall........coaches/players, etc.
  13. Why/how is Gus ruining him. Bo went to some OB coach during the off season and now Morris is his OC. everybody wanted Gus to quit being the OC and now that Morris is the guy let's blame him. Bo is obviously frustrated with the play calling. Read his lips as he comes off the field sometime.
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