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  1. Great Day for Sessions

    I don't recall which board was being referred to but it some small board looking at the deal. As I say maybe more will surface soon but it seemed to be a big deal in the new last night resulting from the release yesterday of some FBI papers, the same ones showing Comey was working on writing his conclusions about the Hillary e-mail fiasco BEFORE the FBI even interviewed her. Anyhow I can't add anything else now. I had cataract surgery this morning so I have patch on one eye and the other is blurry.
  2. Great Day for Sessions

    I don't have an update link but it was all over the news last night following the release of new documents by the FBI. It first surfaced last August in the Assange stuff in this link: But the newly released papers clearly show he was on a board that approved the sale and has had some questionable association with the Clinton Foundation. Maybe more wwill surface shortly.
  3. I have expressed many times that a man we should all fear is Soros. He is bent on destroying our form of gov't. He has a history of influencing other country's economies. He is pure evil.
  4. Weinstein & Miramax: EVERYBODY KNEW....

    Funny how you and others don't like "whataboutisms" now but didn't have a problem using them re. Bush when Obama was Pres. FWIW, another said I would vote for anybody with an R after his name. That is certainly not the case. I am an Independent and vote for people in both parties. I an definitely not a party guy. For each POTUS in his time I think Harry Truman was the best POTUS in modern times.
  5. Weinstein & Miramax: EVERYBODY KNEW....

    I guess I'm not aware of 'So many" scattered throughout his life. Help me out. But again even when referring to the tape you say "implies." I respect your opinions and I agree Trump has a big ego but I can tell you some posters here do also.
  6. Weinstein & Miramax: EVERYBODY KNEW....

    The key word is "allegation." Other than the bus thing which hardly qualifies as sexual assault, what sexual assault has been proven or even formally brought forward? He has many women employees. Has any ever accused him of anything?
  7. Great Day for Sessions

    We would all like to see the truth about the Russian stuff but doubtful we will considering the news about Mueller's involvement in Hillary's uranium deal and donations to the Clinton Foundation. He should now do the honorable thing and resign.
  8. Great Day for Sessions

    What lies has Sessions told? If you refer to the case with Franken awhile back any body would clearly see Sessions misunderstood the question. He later admitted such and corrected his answer. Did you even watch today's testimony. Sessions was very careful in answering the questions often for them to be repeated/clarified so that didn't happen again. Tell me anything he said today that is a lie. I know Jeff personally. He is an honorable man so it's not amazing that I like him. he almost got fired for doing the righ thing in excusing himself from any Russian investigation.
  9. The military gets it. They voted by a good margin for Trump and would if the election were held today. They don't mess around on message boards. They see reality and know Trump cares about them. They see he is putting money where his mouth is by making a big increase in the DOD budget for new ships. planes, and updated equipment across the board. They also know he cares about them in getting good medical care. Carrry on Trump haters......make my day!!!
  10. Weinstein & Miramax: EVERYBODY KNEW....

    Maybe not t you but it does to me. Trump didn't do it in my house, Clinton did. And yeah some don't like whataboutism because it shows examples they don't like and then they have to crank up the spin machine.
  11. Great Day for Sessions

    He told no lies Franken...I mean Tex
  12. Great Day for Sessions

    It was great day in Congressional testimony today for Jeff Sessions. Hr took off the gloves and stood his groung with some a-hole senators. I'm really proud of him.
  13. Obama didn't call Gen. John Kelley when his son was killed in Afghanistan. It's what is in a Presidents heart that matters when he meets caskets at the airport and only he knows that. Hillary had the gall to meet caskets of the guys killed in Benghazi.