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  1. Proud Tiger


    It's beginning to look like in Broward county it's not the vote that counts but who counts the vote.
  2. Proud Tiger

    Dems Criticizing Dems

    Glad to see more moderate Dems criticizing their liberal NY brethren.
  3. Proud Tiger

    White House revokes Jim Acosta's press pass

    Another reporter's opinion...."Acosta needs to realize he's there to ask questions not make accusations".......Michael Goodwin, NY Post Good point.
  4. Proud Tiger

    White House revokes Jim Acosta's press pass

    True but I get a boat load of crap from some here for doing the same thing if it's from FoxNews
  5. Proud Tiger

    White House revokes Jim Acosta's press pass

    Wow....FoxNews is OK when you agree with them?
  6. Proud Tiger

    White House revokes Jim Acosta's press pass

    An unlikely critic of CNN lawsuit.
  7. Proud Tiger

    Monica Really Tells All

    Wow, I thought Monica's tryst with Bill was a one time shot (excuse the pun) but now she shares more in vivid detail. This isn't going to sit well with Hillary and if I was Monica I wouldn't go walking by myself anytime soon. If Hillary does try to run in 2020 you can bet she is going to get confronted with this big time.
  8. Proud Tiger

    Trump even more unhinged after midterms

    Hard to pick a single one but you just have to consider the source and remember they are all blanks
  9. Actually it would be funny as heck if Hillary runs and don't even win as the Dem's nominee. It would be interesting to see who she would blame for that.
  10. Proud Tiger


    Judge offers compromise in turning down Scott lawsuit. Seems reasonable on the surface.
  11. Proud Tiger


    Parkland school shooter registered to vote while in jail. Who let the Dems in ? 😈
  12. Proud Tiger

    No, you are not entitled to your opinion

    Uh oh that's not good. Aren't all of them in Fla. filling filling out "intent" ballots?😜
  13. I soooooo hope she runs again and Trump kicks her butt.
  14. Proud Tiger

    Here We Go With the Dems

    This is what we can expect from the Dem House, nothing but crappy waste of taxpayer money desperately trying to screw Trump in any way possible. No other agenda is apparent.