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  1. Thanks. Appreciate our PM discussion today.
  2. This should have put an end to all this stuff but it won'. It's just laughable to see the left defending the credibility of Buzzfeed vs. that of the Mueller team when it suits them. A little research shows that Jason Leopold of Buzzfeed has a history of shoddy journalism.
  3. My mistake. It was on CNN. Here is an article referring to it.
  4. Proud Tiger

    Take That Pelosi

    LOL. Thanks for trying to get back on topic with a little humor.
  5. Proud Tiger

    Take That Pelosi

    Great pic of you with your best mewl.
  6. Proud Tiger

    Take That Pelosi

    No it seems you are just here for personal insults. Why not follow your advice to others and do it in PMs? The thread is hijacked isn't it?
  7. OK. One of the churches I like right now is the Church of the Highlands. It started in Mt. Brook and has spread. There are two in Auburn/Opelika now and another under construction. My only problem with them is they are so big. With my hearing loss ( I wear aids now) I have trouble understanding the sermon in a large setting. I do like the fact that they pay cash for everything. No debt.
  8. I didn't mean to start a fight. Sorry if it came across that way.
  9. Proud Tiger

    Take That Pelosi

    The mewlings are mating today. Here's to you.
  10. Proud Tiger

    Take That Pelosi

    Some posters have little to do so they post while at work and derail threads.
  11. Sorry I can't. Just saw a replay of it somewhere last night.
  12. He seems confused. He said on MSNBC that he couldn't corroborate what he wrote. In any event why would anyone believe Cohen about anything at this point. It would be great of Mueller would wrap up his whole investigation so all the speculation can stop.
  13. Thanks for pointing that out.
  14. You may be right but the BuzzFeed guy who wrote the article says he has nothing to back up his article. Funny how some folks will bash Buzzfeed when it don't suit them but love it when it is something negative about Trump.
  15. Proud Tiger

    Take That Pelosi

    And one smart ass loves another one.