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  1. I agree. Well stated.
  2. As I said to each his own. I agree with most of what you say. But if it were all settled and the females Paid off, why wouldn't O'Reilly just let it go now and not bother defending himself at this point in time. I just have no more reason to believe his accuser(s) at this point in time than I do him. So I will go with innocent until proven guilty and paying someone off is not the same as admission of guilt or conviction in a court.
  3. OReilly has issued a statement saying that "it is disheartening that he and Fox part ways due to completely unfounded claims. But that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye live with today." To each his own but I'm going to go with O'Reilly until some woman brings charges and a trial is held. The one woman who has come forward in public is very strange. She describes stuff that happened during lunch, etc. If all she says is true why did she keep going back to lunches over a period of time?
  4. I guess he is so different than most politicians whose comments today are different from the past. Pelosi said some time ago she was for building the wall. And as we well know Obama said if the Syrians crossed his redline it would change his calculus. Only problem he obviously never took calculus. I could go on but I think these make my point.
  5. I guess I just usually find the good in people and then am saddened when their bad side surfaces.
  6. True. I didn't say I had faith in his character. But I have also seen a lot of cases where women have made accusations against men that were very exaggerated. Here is maybe a good example. But as you say celebrities like O'Reilly have to be more careful and march to a different standard
  7. True. I just thought that with all the negative hand grenades being thrown at him Trump may have slipped a bit. But a poll today said that 96% of his original voters still supported him. Also a lot of polls show his approval ratings way down. But the professional and respected Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll shows his favorability at 51%
  8. If the trial transcript is accurate he is more like a pervert which just makes me wonder about it all.
  9. According to a Washington Post (not exactly a friend of Trump) poll, if the election were held now Trump would still win, even the popular vote. I'm a bit surprised but glad that seems to be the case.
  10. Interesting reading. More details of the FBI activities during the past election. For sure a tangled web of politics was going on in Washington. The NYT article is long but well worth reading to anyone interested in what was going on.
  11. The Foy auditorium was only half full to hear Maxine Waters Friday night. And even then the attendees were from all over the state. It was a non event. Her whole speech was to "impeach Trump." Free speech is her right as well but she won't find much sympathy for impeaching Trump in Auburn. Not sure why the young Democrats couldn't have found a more appropriate speaker fot their cause.
  12. True
  13. But that doesn't even compare to the accolades give to JFK, Camelot was tainted and he an eternal flame at Arlington. And He had multiple affairs in the White House of all places. I am not aware of any woman claiming to have actual sex with O'Reilly. Anyhow it is what it is. just the signs of the times, and the media covering what it wants to.
  14. I hear you but disagree somewhat, The POTUS should set the moral standard for the country, O'Reilly is a nit compared to the POTUS The POTUS does a lot oc criticism of opponents too. His next book may be called "Killing O'Reilly
  15. Why do guys like O[Reilly get fired but renowned womanizing presidents like JFK and Bill Clinton. i know, I know but it is hypocritical and a double standard.