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  1. Zeek,,,,prayers lifted for you, your Mom, and whole family. Keep the faith and put it in God's hands.
  2. Thanks a lot. Very inspiring. I have been to the Church of The Highlands in both Opelika an Auburn. Enjoyed both. Very positive ministry.
  3. AUsince72.........thank you so much for sharing this. Just know that you have been a very effective witness to someone on this Sunday morning as I post.......ME.
  4. Can't they already? c Can't they line up with say 4 RBs or 3 WRs and run one off before the snap?
  5. But if the QB sees 12 men on D and snaps the ball right away then the D gets penalized. Am I missing something?
  6. Congrats and my prayer for a long and happy marriage. Maybe she will straighten you out (jk)😀
  7. I would love to see your story and I'm sure others would too. Please post it!!
  8. You are so right. It's a shame to see people so full of hate and without any faith. Wish I could sit with you and hear how you have changed. It's just sad some people see things differently than someone else but can't tolerate it. it's kind of like this picture. Some people see a bird right away and others a goat when actually most people will see both.
  9. Prayers lifted for them.
  10. You are one of the nasty people full of hate I was thinking of. I could say lots more but I will keep it civil and not stoop to your level which you fully exhibit here as well as in the Political Forums. Looks like a few others agree about the Political Forums. AU since72.......sorry this had to get into your thread which is about something far more important.
  11. I have ticket stubs to every game in 1957 when we won the NC. I wrote the sports column for The Plainsman that year and have a scrapbook that was in the Athletic Museum for awhile.
  12. I wish this kind of attitude could be found in the Political Forums where some people are full of hate and often plain nasty to each other and anyone who don't agree with them. My prayers for you continue my Auburn brother. AU '59.
  13. If you have ever been around him he is a jerk when he has too much to drink.
  14. I'm glad to see a former AU football coach and Auburn man win the runoff today