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  1. Jeff Sessions hates him some Andrew McCabe

    Funny that all the Trump and Session critics ignore some facts. 1. mc Total baloney. I guess the Trump/Sessions detractors want to ignore some basic facts. 1 McCabe violated the Hatch Act. 2. He leaked the false dossier and some sensitive/confidential info to the NYT 3. He lied under oath. 4. And last, but certainly not least, the FBI's own IG and Office of professional Responsibility recommended to Session that he be fired. It's sad to see a career guy go down like that but he brought it on himself.
  2. Hillary Blame Game Continues

    Quote of the day.........this lady said " my husband didn't convince me to vote for Trump, Bill Clinton's wife did."
  3. Florida Bridge Collapse - Builders, your thoughts?

    This isn't good.
  4. Back on the OP topic, I guess the sanctions just imposed on Russia won't make his "boss" happy.
  5. Obama Campaign hired Fusion GPS in 2012

    And you resort to name calling of anyone who disagrees with you. Webster defines ignoramus as an "utterly ignorant person." Not a nice thing to call ANYONE unless you presume to be perfect. And once more I try to tell you the whole thing was intended as a little jab at Tex. Have you lost all sense of humor?
  6. Obama Campaign hired Fusion GPS in 2012

    I understand what it means. I don't understand your application of it. But so be it nothing is going to change. Besides I was just doing a friendly jab at Tex which YOU don't get. Not arguing further. Good night.
  7. Florida Bridge Collapse - Builders, your thoughts?

    More evidence, but not yet conclusive, that something went wrong with the stress testing. Still wondering how the crane cable breaking played a role. Also still just amazed they were alllowing traffic to go thru at the time.
  8. Obama Campaign hired Fusion GPS in 2012

    It's hard because IMHO you aren't consistent. When I refer back to Obama or Clinton you call it "whataboutism
  9. Obama Campaign hired Fusion GPS in 2012

    Ken Starr? uh oh there's a "whataboutism." Sic him Titan
  10. You must experience a lot of ire here
  11. Florida Bridge Collapse - Builders, your thoughts?

    Only new thing now is a big crane had a cable connected to the bridge. The cable snapped and the bridge collapsed. Don't know if the crane was somehow part of the stress test going on or not. Four confirmed dead as I type this.
  12. Florida Bridge Collapse - Builders, your thoughts?

    They were doing stress tests when it collapsed. I was a new design of some sort. My GUESS is either bad stress analysis during the design or a flaw in the concrete that fractured during the stress tests. I'm really surprised they were letting cars go under while the tests were being conducted.
  13. That's one of your posts that doesn't even deserve an answer. And as usual you didn't answer my simple question. As a mod try to set a better example.
  14. This a bit surprising, at least to me but I guess CNN wants a better Trump hater