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  1. How dare you question all the experts here
  2. You kind of nailed it. For some reason the team just didn't appeared to be ready to play. That falls on coaches and players to different degrees. But we know where the buck stops.
  3. Just for fun, how would you grade us at his point in every major area, i.e., O, D, OL,DL, LB, RB, etc.
  4. I wonder what folks would be saying here if we had lost yesterday. I'm not ready to give up on Harsin but wish he was a little more active during the game. He shows little emotion and just seems to be there. Personally I like the kind of guy like the Ga. State coach when it comes to emotion. He was really into it with his players and they responded. But to each his own. But right or wrong all this all this is going to be a negative for our FB program. Hope I'm wrong. Time will tell.
  5. But we haven't played this Ole Miss team. So I ask again, what should our game plan be.....just run the ball? That's pretty much motherhood. a game plan has to include O and D.
  6. So you really are "lost" (Sorry I couldn't resist).
  7. I won't be surprised if we are underdogs to Ole Sissy
  8. I guess life is just hard for crotch crickets.😀
  9. Just when I thought I had heard the worst BS ever here I am now amazed to see anyone blame our D problems on Bo.
  10. That would mean some drunk corndogs. One night game there for me was enough.
  11. I don't think giving up 302 passing yards is OK. That's going to get you beat by a good team most of the time.
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