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  1. UCF, Cincinnati, and Houston going to Big 12.
  2. It's a done deal Pac-12 releases statement, ‘surprised,’ ‘disappointed’ after USC, UCLA bolt for Big Ten - al.com
  3. I think we are already in trouble for the foreseeable future. Call me a pessimist but I can't see us doing better than 8-4 in the next 5 years. Sure hope I'm bad wrong.
  4. But at Auburn isn't that the job of the AD. So maybe we need to get a more capable AD.
  5. I agree for the most part but those of us who donate to TUF are supporting athletics. I have given over $50,000 to TUF over many years.
  6. All the wheels just came off tonight. Anemic pitching and hitting. One Arky player (Stovall) got 5 hits and we only got 4. Appropriately, the sunset over Omaha tonight was a beautiful orange and blue.
  7. Sure looked like one questionable and one bad call. Sure blew a good opportunity.
  8. And someone is hilariously hypocritical (not talking about you).
  9. That's likely a hello and goodbye IMHO. I see little reason to expect the OL to be any better this year and no matter who is the QB he will be running for his life just like Nix did. Hope I'm wrong.
  10. You referring to the poster who regularly insinuates other posters are stupid?
  11. My wife is an OSU grad so we were divided tonight. Thanks for your comment.
  12. I hate a house divided like I have tonight. My OSU grad wife is a bit disappointed but I'm sure happy. She will pull hard for us in Omaha.
  13. Game time weather tonight in Corvalis is 64deg with slight chance of rain and low wind. A little cooler tomorrow night at 55 deg.
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