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  1. Athletic Dept. reports $9.7M loss. No wonder Gen. Burgess was sent over there to oversee things. Auburn athletics reports $9.7 million loss in 2021 - al.com
  2. Info on Ohio State NIL deals. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out with the other major football schools. maybe this can be a thread to post any info that is made public. I would bet those who get lots of deals will publicize it while others won't. Ohio State: 220 Buckeyes earned nearly $3 million in NIL deals in 6 months (msn.com)
  3. By that measure there is a ton of posters here that fit.
  4. My first cousin was Barkley's coach at Leeds High school.
  5. Happy time at Toomers after todays' big win over Kentucky.
  6. Prayers lifted again for Kristi and the Malzahn family
  7. I understand but that comment isn't normal for Tigerbelle to my knowledge. Me...AE'59
  8. Here at the top of this link are some pics of Henley. You can click on some of them and get more info. One of my favorites is him saying "I have a better chance of outrunning Usain Bolt than Clemson beating Auburn." terry henley auburn at DuckDuckGo
  9. I think if they ever write one the title should be "Hee Haw Henley."😀
  10. I saw Connie run that one back. I remember it like it was yesterday. Many years after he did it, I won a Trivia game by answering the question "what Auburn player returned a punt for 80 yards against its hated rival.?" Nobody would play with me after that.😀
  11. We have had lots of good QB-WR combos but for me Sullivan to Beasley was the best. I hope everyone has read the book about Beasley.
  12. As anybody really cares Lil" Nicky wades into politics. I bet Joe Manchin and the voters of WV could care less. College Football World Reacts To The Nick Saban News (msn.com)
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