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  1. Our pitching looks much improved so far. Maybe Tim Hudson is helping already. Can't wait to see our new guy (and my neighbor) Jack Reynolds pitch. Coaches think he is destined for MLB.
  2. Agree. It's a shame how far our women's program has fallen since the days of Joe Ciampi. Time for some changes.
  3. Another hard on my 82 year old heart win. I thought after our good start I could relax a little. Should have known better. The crowd noise was deafening.
  4. I have a grandson at Duke so glad they won for him.
  5. Great game to be at but this bunch is really hard on my 82 year old heart, It was exciting being part of the deafening crowd. Thrilled to beat the. Way to go good tigers.
  6. We are not in disagreement.I just found the optimism vs. pessimism interesting. I for sure am not down on Pearl,
  7. The trend for Pearl is not up this year so far unless you just look at at Ws vs. Ls considering the quality of oponents among the Ws and Ls. Look at how we have struggled in some of our Ws.
  8. So what does that have to do with our "happiness" of our FB vs. BB future.? Would you be just as happy for us to be just among the 66 in BB as compared to top 25 in FB following blowouts to bama and Florida?
  9. True but I was just trying to draw the difference in optimism vs. pessimism of the future by some posters here.
  10. I like the optimism here for our BB program but find it ironic it doesn't extend to FB. If we had lost back to back FB games in blowouts to bama and Florida this board would explode.
  11. It clearly has to do with the ongoing discussion.
  12. I'm not an insider but sadly I think you are right
  13. Me too. We just had a bad off night. Can't wait to get them in Auburn. Got my tickets.
  14. I didn't call you a dog as something personal. Saying a "guilty dog barks" is a common expression which anyone with common sense knows. But I certainly never accused you of having that and you still can't back up your original accusation. And if you look at this thread you fired the first shot by calling me out personally and inferring I am a hypocrite. So you DID personally insult me first. If you don't like my responses don't pick a fight. You always lose.
  15. Yep as usual you make statements you can't back up. Talk about are a classic.
  16. Ah a guilty dog barks. Shows how stupid and in left field you are. Tell me when the last time I posted in a political forum.
  17. I'm afraid of that too but hopefully it's because I hate for bama to be our first loss.
  18. I agree but there are just some posters here who have a habit of derailing threads and some mods allow it and others don't.
  19. It was a packed house. Great considering threatening weather was coming. Bulldogs all bark few biscuits😀
  20. Personally glad for the time change. I was reluctant to go at 5 but now plan to go.
  21. Me too. But boy reading this thread you might not guess we are ranked #5. I think that's high but time will tell. It's fun again this year to be at the arena for a game and hear the crown get into it. last night was another nail biter but a W.
  22. Condridge Holloway of UT should be on that list. But as far as AU QBs are concerned my top two would be Pat Sullivan and cam Newton. Lots of good ones not far behind going all the way back to Lloyd Nix on our '57 NC team.